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Opens chat in a new window so you can continue to browse the site whilst you talk!

Choose any nickname you wish, leave the password field blank unless you have registered a nick (NB this is not your forums password!)


Chat login:




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Alternatively download our very own PixiesmIRC!!!! - Just install this package, run and chat away with lots of fun features. Many thanks to Madmax67 for this ;)

Click here to download

or Click here to download just the PixiesmIRC script (if you already have mIRC installed)


Mirc Help / Chat Help:

Java Chat Help:

Firstly, when you click Chat anywhere on the site a new window will pop-up - this is where you will be chatting. A window will then pop-up asking you to accept and install JIRC chat. Accept this and you should be able to chat away. If not read on....

If you are clicking on the Chat button anywhere on the site and you get a window pop-up but then nothing else happens you need to make sure you have JAVA installed on your machine. Since Windows XP was release Microsoft decided to no longer include their JAVA runner with Internet Explorer 6.

Currently you can download it from the following link:

Once downloaded double click on the downloaded file and install it. Once done you will need to restart your computer. Once done you should be able to chat with the rest of us!

Mirc Help:

You can also access Pixies-Place chat through any number of IRC programs, such as mIRC. Read on for those who want to try that.
For those that already know about IRC:
Channel: #pixies-place

How to install and setup MIRC so you can join the Pixies-place chatroom (or just download PixiesIRC above!)
(thanks to Airhog for this guide)

This guide will work for anyone running a pc. It probably wont work for mac users, sorry but I dont have a mac to go on.

1. You need to download mirc too your harddrive. You can get it from select download from the left hand menu, then select one of the links near you to download it. Save the file to your harddrive.

2. Find the file you just downloaded and run it. Let it install to the default directory.

3. Run the program. A box should come up with a guys face asking you to register, close that box

4. Go up too the file menu and selection options from it. This should bring up a box with lots of choices.

5. Select the Connect option in the left hand box. This is close to what your screen should look like. Go up too the Irc: network and select DynastyNet. In the box below it select DynastyNet: Random server, if it doesnt appear already.

6. Now fill in the other boxes. You do not have too supply your real name or your e-mail address. Those items can be looked up by other users on the server, so its a good idea if you do use a real e-mail address that your not worried about getting spam.

7. Once you have finished click on the connect box. A window should pop up asking you which channel to join. Type in #pixies-place and you should be connected.

8. Now you probably want to register your nickname so others can't use it. Type in this to register your nickname /msg nickserv register <password> <e-mail> Replace the password and e-mail and you nick should now be registered.

9. Now then, everytime you connect you will need to indentify yourself, and join the channel, but we can easily automate this. go back to the file menu, and select options once again. This time click on the pluis sign to bring up some more options. select the perform option.

10. Check the enable perform on connect box, then click on the add button. A box should pop up. Find the dynastynet from the list and click okay. The field under network should now read Dynastynet. IF not just select it from the list under network:

11. in the big box at the bottom type in the following on seperate lines.
/j #pixies-place
/msg nickserv identify <password>
Replace password with the password you used when identifing your nickname.

12. you should be all setup, try reconnecting to the sever to make sure. you should auto-join the channel. ALso look in the status window, it will near the top left hand corner of the mirc window, and say dynastynet. At the bottom it should say something like -NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized. If it says you password is rejected, then make sure you got you password correct in step 9.

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