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Old 08-31-2012, 02:26 PM
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Mom belongs to Me

Mom belongs to me
by Cjcak 2012

As a young boy my parents divorced and Mom kept me with her. I didn't see my Dad much after that so Mom was the one person I learned to depend om.
As I grew older I learned how to manipulate her to get everything I wanted.
I remember at about the age of 16 I wanted one of those new ipods when they first came out. They were expensive and I knew she didn't have the money but I didn't care. I told her to get me one even if she had to steal it or fuck for it. Within a week I had one.
Like most single moms she worked a lot to support us and didn't have much time for daring even tho she was beautiful and sexy enough to attract most men. She was a bleach blond, 5'4" tall with nice big boobs. Like any mom and son that live together there are times one will see the other partly nude and we weren't an exception. I had seen her in panties and a bra but not totally nude and her body was nice for a lady of 36.
When I was 18 and two months away from graduating from High School when I decided I was going to fuck her.
Almost every day she would be the lady in my fantasy when I jerked off. As my Mother I knew she wouldn't go for it. She had taught me it was Incest and it wasn't right or legal. I started putting a plan in place that would get me into her panties and my hard cock in her.
About a week later I caught her sitting at the table so I sit doen with her. "Mom I have an issue with graduating I need some help with. They told me I won't Graduate unless I get my grades up on my Sex Ed class (I wasn't taking Sex Ed). I need someone to tutor me and answer some questions, do you think you can help me"?
"Well I'll help where I can but I never took Sex Ed classes. Everything I know I learned in the bedroom....or the back seat of a car".
"Mom you're perfect, you have experience and that's what I need". Getting up I kissed her on the forehead and told her I needed to go to the store before it closed and we could talk when I got back.
I did this to give her time to think about it and my plan was working, I wanted to make Mom to horny to resist my advances. I did need to get some Condoms. She had fallen into my trap and wouldn't get out, I would fuck her soon.
"Hi, I'm home" I call out as I walked into the living room.
"I'm in here" she answered from the kitchen,
"Come in here where it's more comfortable" I said as I dimmed the lights and sit on the couch.
"Mom there are 3 things I need help with and they are "The Female Sex Drive", "Oral Sex Between Couples" and "Anal Sex" so can we discuss the sex drive first"?
"Who do you think has a better sex drive, Men or Women"?
"Your Father and I were young when we got married . At first his drive was a lot better than mine and as we got older it was hard for his to keep up with mine. That is one reason for our divorce."
"But how did the divorce help you? You seldom Date anyone."
"I know I don't date much and I wish I could but I can and do pleasure myself which he didn't like for me to do".
"So are you saying a younger man and an older woman is more sexually comparable, like your age and my age"?
"LOL, yes if you put it like that".
"OK, now Do you think oral sex by a man on a woman should be part of fucking....I'm sorry I should have said intercourse"?
"Saying fucking is OK, yes I think it should be, that was another reason for the divorce he wouldn't do it.".
"What made you think you would like it"?
"OK it's a little personal but I'll tell you. One night your Dad was gone somewhere and I was horny so I went out and found a young man. In the process of fucking he went down on me and I knew from then on I wanted it to be a part of my life".
"Do women like to suck and swallow"?
"I don't know about others but I like it most of the time".
"What do you mean most of the time"?
"First the cock must be clean and safe and second it must be big enough to enjoy. Your Dad's could have been bigger but he shot big loads which I? liked".
"OK Mom what do you think about anal sex".
"I really can't say, I never had a man ask me for it".
"Let's say you did, if a man wanted it would you give it and do you think you would enjoy it".
"Let's say if I'm horny enough I'll do anything a man ask of me".
I had been asking her leading questions and got good information about her. The trap was tightening around her and the next question would spring my trap. I knew if I could fuck her once she would belong to me and I could fuck her whenever I wanted her.
I saw she was scrumming around in her chair and most likely as horny as I was so I pressed on.
"Mom what I'm hearing from you is that a younger man with a big cock that loves giving you oral sex was here with now you would fuck him. Am I right"?
"I'm so horny now I guess I would".
I stood up walking over to her I held my hands out and said "Come fuck me"
As she took my hands and was getting up she said "But you are my son". Our bodies and lips melted together and as we kissed she let me feel every part of her body. I led her to my room.

Mom was a good cocksucker and swallowed every drop of my first hot load. She was surprised at the size of my cock and said it was bigger than Dad's. She seemed to go wild with lust when I told her someday I was going to fuck her throat. She enjoyed my tongue and lips as they pleasured her clit and she showed me with a strong orgasm.
When my cock entered Moms cunt the first time it felt so good to be inside of her. I was bareback and she didn't ask about the Condoms. After at least an hour of great fucking in many different positions I was laying between her legs missionary style and when I cum in her for the first but not the last time. When she felt me ridging up to cum her legs wrapped around me pulled me in deep. We Frenched kissed while my cock drained my big hot load into her.
Later I took hner virgin ass for the first time after making her tongue fuck mine. That night she was so hot and horny we fucked many times.
Now Mother's body belongs to me.
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