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Old 09-02-2009, 12:53 PM
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My Slutty Wife and The Underwear Only Party

Wife’s Underwear Only Party

As you probably know from my picture posts, my wife has become the blowjob / cum / gangbang slut at the store where she works. She has screwed a few of the guys who work there, and even invites them over for group sex at the house. In fact, she does so when I have interviews or big projects, and does the sluttiest things imaginable (except anal) to wish me good luck. That was just to make sure everyone is familiar with my wife. If you want to see more, check her pics out.

Now to her latest endeavor.

I got a text from Rebecca while I was out playing golf. This happens a lot, but usually it’s the standard, “What’s for dinner? / What time will you be home?” type texts. I expected one like that, so when my phone started vibrating, I told the guy I was golfing with to check my phone, because I was about to hit my tee shot. I stopped mid-swing after hearing my golf partner scream, “Holy fuck that’s hot!” I had to see the text, and when I did, my golf day was ruined. It was a picture message, asking if we could go to a party that Jeremy from work was having, an “Underwear Only” party. The picture was awesome. It was Rebecca, topless on her knees with one set of balls in her mouth, and a cock in each hand. How could I say no to a party invite, when it comes with a picture of my wife servicing three guys? What a slut. The picture was taken in the men’s room at work.

When I get home, the details of the party are revealed. We arrive at the party about 45 minutes after it started, because I had to invite my golf buddy to the house, because he couldn’t stop talking about the pic that he saw. He wanted to meet my wife, and I’m sure he knew he was going to get blown. We got dressed separately, so I didn’t see her outfit until we got to the car. I really wondered what sort of underwear she had found to wear, because her outfit was a bit revealing, but not as revealing as a lot of her clothes. We walked into the party, and not really surprised, we saw about 15 or so people, all in their underwear, and not much else. I looked around, and there was only one other girl there, Amy. Amy is pretty hot, one of those small built girls with nicely proportioned breasts. She was wearing a pair of sheer black panties (which allowed you to see her clit) and a sheer black camisole. All in all, pretty hot, and almost all the guys already there were sporting wood from her. As the rules for the party stated, we started to strip to our underwear, putting our clothes in a provided paper bag. That’s where the surprise came in.

Rebecca had decided to dress in her normal style, commando. She stripped off her little skirt, and her little black tank top, revealing her gorgeous shaved pussy lips. She did have a bra on, and kept that. I really like that look, and she knew that she would be driving me crazy with the bra and nothing else. We couldn’t wait for everyone to see her. From the look of her pussy, she was already excited by the thought.

We joined the party as if nothing was different. Amy noticed right away, but Rebecca’s mind was on the cocks that sprang up when she came in. Before her first drink was gone, she had pulled three dicks out of their boxers, and was teasing each one. Amy got a little jealous of the attention, so she took her cami off, revealing not much more than she showed with it on. She looked good too. Amy was way into her drinks, and was feeling no inhibitions. She joined Rebecca in teasing the cocks. I soon discovered that Rebecca had set this whole party up so that she could service a bunch of cocks. Amy was a late addition, and Rebecca didn’t even know she would be there.

All of the guys dicks, mine included were out and waiting in line for Rebecca to suck. She didn’t disappoint and set up sort of a blowjob assembly line. Amy wasn’t about to be left out of the attention, so she started sucking too. It was the start of a great party.

I took Amy to the other room, and got her on the bed. We got locked into a 69, and soon both of us were too hot to just keep sucking and tonguing. We started fucking bareback, and Jeremy walked in. Immediately, Amy had his cock in her mouth. After Jeremy and I both filled her with cum after about a half hour, Jeremy looked at me, and said, “Rebecca wants you in the other room. You really have to see it.” I go out there, leaving Amy to service Jeremy’s big hard dick again.

In the living room, Rebecca is on the floor, on her hands and knees, straddling one of the stock boys from work. He’s fucking her pussy. Behind her, I see another guy from the party, and I get confused because it looks like he’s fucking her ass. I got closer, and realized that he was stretching her pussy with his dick too. Never have I heard Rebecca moan like that. Her back was holding a pool of cum and her hair was matted with it. She still had four guys in front of her and was working on sucking each of their dicks in turn. My little slut had six cocks at her disposal, and was loving it.

Before the end of the night, all fifteen guys stuffed her pussy at some point. Rebecca spent the whole night with cocks in her mouth. Amy had sex with three guys, and only sucked off five or six. We wrote “#2 Slut” on her ass and “Cocksucker in Training” on her stomach with a black sharpie. Rebecca got “Super Slut” written on her chest, and “Cocksucker” on her stomach. We also wrote “Gangbang Whore” on her ass, and “Need More Cocks -----à” on her thighs. We all left the party then, and Rebecca talked Amy into trading her, the see thru camisole for her tank top, just for the night. Jeremy, Amy, Rebecca and I went to a few bars, and the writing pretty much said it all. Amy ended up stripping to her underwear again, and sucked me and Jeremy off in the second bar. Rebecca did much more than that.

Rebecca sucked any cock that asked. Anyone who saw the writing on her body (and her big nipples sticking out in that see thru shirt) called her a slut or whore, and she was lifting her skirt for almost everybody. Rebecca ended up sucking 10 or 11 guys in the first bar, and then we had to leave. In the second, she sat on the edge of our table and spread her legs. Jeremy and I watched as Rebecca sucked off another dozen guys. The hottest part was when they came in her mouth, she would drip the cum out into a lager glass. When she was done sucking, the glass was three quarters full, and she drank it while playing with Amy’s tits. She nursed the glass of cum, drinking it like a beer.

With a cummy kiss to Amy, Rebecca told us that it was time for bed. She was pretty worn out, but still sucked me on the drive home.

A couple that we hang out with is coming over this weekend to play some gambling type / TorD style games. I hope there’s a lot to write about, and hopefully some new pics.
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