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Old 10-13-2008, 01:04 PM
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Ask Me And I Might

Stephanie is a gorgeous geordie (English northerner) blonde, slim, long blonde hair, long legs with an insatiable appetite for sex. There was a works do coming up with lots of different departments having been invited at the US airline we worked for.This was a perfect chance for Steph to tease and flirt as she had heard that the security contract staff were going to be there and she loved hunky fit well muscled asian guys. The night arrived and she was dressed to tease, short black figure hugging cocktail dress, six inch black heels and no bra or knickers. Although most people there new we were an item we still entered the party separately so Steph could mingle and chat with her friends and I could sort some action out for later.
I met a friend call Assim Ali who was a young well muscled dark skinned turkish guy and began to hint that Steph was up for a threesome later and maybe more and did he have any mates? pointing to the contract security boys drinking at the bar.He smiled and said definitely!! I casually wandered over to Steph and she just came out and said " we have been a bit boring lately why don't we arrange some fun", my cock began to twitch in anticipation has I replied "what have you got in mind", she had a little sly look in her eye and put on her little girl voice as she said "why don't you invite Assim around for some fun so I can enjoy two cocks". The evening drew to a close and i was horny as fuck having watched Steph flirting and dancing with the security boys and being groped and fondled on the dance floor. On our way home i texted Assim our address and when we got home she was gagging for some fun.
An hour later Assim knocked on our door and I invited him in to the lounge, I poured a couple of scotch's to calm us down, Steph was already enjoying a glass of wine wine in her bedroom preparing herself for her night. I put on some music and Assim and I chatted, mostly reassuring each other that we where ok with the situation after all we where fun loving adults and pervy colleagues.
After a short while Steph breezed into the room, when I said she was in her room preparing herself I didn't know what she was doing, she was certainly not getting dressed because all she was wearing was black stockings,suspenders and matching black bra in fact Assim and I where over dressed for the occasion. Steph stood in front of the sofa, glass in one hand and the other hand on her hip in a brazenly husky voice she said "well boys who's up for a fuck?" Assim advanced towards her hesitantly almost in unison with myself, Steph giggled with nerves and excitement has we both stood close to her, I stood to her right and began to kiss her passionately, after our snog she turned to Assim and kissed him as I watched their tongues wrestle. I cupped her bra-encased breast and caressed it gently with my other hand I awkwardly attempted to undo my own jeans, whilst Steph was locked in embrace with Assim I took the opportunity to get undressed rapidly, Assim had unhooked her bra and her small pert tits where on display, he was eagerly sucking and biting them. Steph glanced in my direction and smiled at my erect and painfully hard cock, she instructed Assim to get undressed and I resumed my position by her side and I eagerly began to chew on her tit. A now naked Assim (hung like a donkey)stood at her other side and began to squeeze and tease her free tit, Steph's breathing was slightly horse and labored, my free hand began to explore her pale white naked peach of an arse, my fingers eager to reach her cunt, my surprise was finding Assim's fingers already knuckle deep in Steph's neatly trimmed pussy, at least the reason for her heavy breathing was clear.
Steph dropped to her knees between us both, our brown hairy cocks stood to attention at her head height as if ready for inspection she grasped both of them tightly and smiled as she began to wank them, her mouth engulfed my cock and she began to suck gently, then she turned to Assim' s thick cock and gave him the same treatment. She pushed both our cocks together and like a true slut and attempted to suck both ends,I was eager for matters to move on and instructed Steph to kneel on the sofa, she parted her legs expectantly and I dropped to my knees. My fingers parted her cunt lips and my tongue began to lick and search her hole, poking my tongue in and out of her hole, my tongue slithered upwards to her anus where i licked her pinky brown ring and sucked and gently teased it, Assim stood on the sofa next to her, I watched excitedly has she sucked his cock,eagerly bobbing her head, swallowing his shaft, almost gagging, and covering his hairy brown ball bag with thick saliva.
Steph broke from our oral threesome and lay herself on the living room floor, she parted her legs to display her pussy,"fuck me" she pleaded, I looked at Assim and nodded,I watched as he knelt between her thighs and rubbed his thick brown cock on her pale white cunt lips and with one heaving movement of his hips he entered Steph fully, assisted by her ample lubrication. I watched transfixed as Steph fucked my mate, she was groaning loudly and deeply, scratching his back with her long red fingernails, his violent thrusting made her grunt and her tits quivered to each thrust. After some time they changed position and Steph got on her hands and knees doggie style, Assim mounted her from behind and her arse rippled with the impact. Assim was hammering her hard, his cock pistoning in and out of her wet cunt, her face was blush red and sweat was glistening on her forehead and down her back, she was now grunting deep and low with each thrust, her knuckles white through grasping the sofa and her whole body constantly jerking backwards and forwards with his thrusts, his hands had now gathered her long blonde hair in a pony tail and he was pulling it back hard and riding her like a horse, slapping her white arse hard..Assim withdrew from her, spraying her arse with thick globules of semen, I swiftly moved to take his position, Steph looked back at me with lusty expectation as my cock entered her arsehole, to say her pussy juices where flowing would be an understatement it was a tidal wave her body began to jerk and pulse in orgasm (she later told me the thought of having two men inside her within seconds made her cum harder). Assim watched has I fucked her from behind, her pinky brown arsehole was on display, My cock gently worked into her anus "Oh God.. yes... fuck my arse" she cried. My strokes were slow and long, her breathing had speeded up and she was softly grunting and hissing through gritted teeth, her anus began to slacken and widen and soon she was cumming in waves, flicking her hair from side to side and biting hard on the sofa. I began to spurt huge amounts of cum into her arse,as my thumb and fingers pounded in and out of her cunt,I withdrew from her arsehole and slumped on the sofa. Assim was also sat on the sofa, his cock throbbing proudly, he grabbed for his phone and began sending a text, a wide grin on his face. Steph hand now regained her composure and stood up, still panting and hands on her hips she looked at me smiling knowing I was up to something, Assim I said....has something to ask you? and at that point she turned to him and said i'm knackered but go on...' Ask me and I might'
Assim smiled and in a hopeful voice said...'Gangbang?'

The door bell rang and i got up, naked but wearing boxer shorts, i opened the door and smiled, no words were needed, they piled in, cans of larger and bottles of booze in hand. The light in the lounge was low but I could make out most of the security contract boys at the earlier party and a couple of guys I didn't know. They had arrived, about seven of them, they all knew what was on offer and had come round after the club they were in closed. The flat smelt of booze, semen and pussy. Steph had left us both earlier and had had a shower and on hearing the doorbell go had returned to us drinking a glass of wine and wearing a white towelling robe and her six inch black high heels. There was complete silence, Steph was by the kitchen doorway of the small flat,trembling and smiling nervously,she gulped back her wine till the glass was empty.There were soft sounds of larger cans being opened and the tinkle of glasses being passed around and drinks being poured.
A hand reached out taking hers, she went with the hand to the middle of the group, I stood back against the kitchen door. I saw a hand slide up her robe, somebody else stood close behind her with arms folded round her body, hands cupping her breasts, somebody held her long wet blonde hair, planting a long kiss on her lips. It seemed unhurried as if in slow motion as she was stripped of her robe, hands all over her body, her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed, her legs were apart and she was being groped felt and fingered.
I caught a glimpse of her when she was in the middle of them. A gap formed and two of them lifted her and laid her on a low coffee table, her high heels discarded and her legs parted, they spent some time looking at her and feeling her body, fingers probed her pussy and arsehole, her tits were squeezed, her nipples pulled and bitten, tongues licked every part of her, her immaculately red painted toes were being licked and sucked, I saw her head go from side to side her eyes taking in every face that was there. She did not struggle or resist anything. The first eager one, now stripped to the waist, his brown muscular body sweating, stepped between her legs pulled her by her thighs to the edge of the table dropped his trousers and with a thrust entered her, she yelped and while others played with her tits, kissed her or watched, he pumped her hard, her hands grabbing the sides of the coffee table, her head back and teeth gritted,... till with a jerk he pulled out and I saw his knob, glistening wet and dripping with spunk. One after another they fucked her, some slow and rhythmic,others fast and furious, she was made to lick hairy ball bags, suck cock and swallow cum after wanking them off,at one point she was sweating profusely and breathing really loud with her mouth being pumped with hard cock and her cunt being shafted from behind. One of the younger guys really got her moaning and panting hard, I recognised that lusty wanton look on her face as she thrust back up at him, she was still pushing when another guy that I didn't know flipped her onto her knees in a doggie position, and they continued,she was grunting and thrusting herself at him for all she had.
She was now bent over with her arse high up in the air. The sight of her positioned there, her wet curly hair resting on her back, her pale white body covered in sweat, her small pert tits red with groping and pulling and her nipples hard and puckered were almost too much for me,my cock was straining to get out of my boxershorts. He then guided his cock into her pinkybrown arsehole and she let out an almighty gasp, she said fuck me hard!! fuck my arsehole, to which he said no problem??!! I saw as he was furiously fucking her from behind grabbing her arse and playing with her tits whilst she was screaming 'fuck it' like a mad porn slut. She was bucking him and moving her whole body back towards him harder and harder as he was pumping away. After about 20 minutes(he had great staying power for a young lad) she said i want you to come with me, to whcih he said.. tell me when you are ready and i will come. I noticed by the way that her moans were getting more and more frequent and high pitched that she was close and when she told him they both grunted at the same time as he came in her arse and she came all over his massive cock!!
As soon as she regained her composure i shouted at her to suck him off..she turned around on the table and got his cock and put it in her mouth and sucked all the spunk and arse juices off him and licked him clean. She was knacked now and gave me that ...get them the fuck out of here look. After they had all left and Steph and i were soaking in the bath end to end she closed her eyes and let out a long satisified groan, smiling and looking at me she said next then....ask me and i might!!!
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Old 10-13-2008, 01:30 PM
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Ask Me And I Might - part 3

As from parts 1 and 2, Stephanie is a gorgeous, tall, slim geordie lass, (form the north of england) long legs,long blonde hair, small pert tits and very friendly and flirtatious, we are an item of sorts and we work for an US airline at London Heathrow.She has a high sex drive and is a always up for some kinky 'fun', as the previous encounters describe.
However, I don't always get my way, and some idea's she won't go for,but i always like to push the boundaries. On driving home one night Steph mentioned that a new part-time woman had transferred to her department and that her and all the other supvr's were chatting in the rest room and that they all thought she was a bit of a dyke, very touchy feely. She went on to say that Sonia was about 35, slim, quite tall, long brown curly hair and big busted, was divorced and a workaholic. I mentioned that I had meet her at check-in and thought she was very nice and pleasant, she had enormous tits, well manicured nails, a bit school teacher-ish, but ok...and shit hot at her job. I could tell that Steph didn't like her, and that she hoped she wouldn't have to work with her. On the motorway home my devious mind was working in overdrive and i knew i would have allot of persuading to do, my cock began to twitch and stiffen with anticipation.
Some weeks later, after we had both finished a late shift i met Steph for a coffee in the terminal we worked in.....i began rather sheepishly with.. You know when your feeling wicked you always say.. 'ASK ME AND I MIGHT?'...yeah..she she said smiling, ...go on. Well you know you love your pussy being licked and played with....and you have really sensitive nipples that love being sucked and bitten, about a women doing it to you instead of a man???..she looked at me dead pan with her eyebrows raised...errr..don't think so!!!!..she said...i'm not a lez......although i have thought about it a few times, just a fantasy..but nothing more.I said i know your not into women but you are addicted to having your pussy licked aren't you!!...she smiled....I don't know, she said, shaking her head... i'll have to think about it...i'd have to be blind drunk anyway!! With that thought percolating through both are minds I just needed the right opportunity to play it all out. The right situation came sooner than expected.
During the busy holiday season pressure at work was really stressful, Steph one evening over a few glasses of wine, began to tell me that she had worked with lezzy Sonia that evening and that she was really nice, friendly and chatty and that they got on like a house on fire.' We had a banter going all shift, laughing and mucking about, and when the all the staff had gone home we were alone in the office by the lockers, I casually mentioned that my neck was really stiff and that my feet were killing me, Sonia laughed and said she knew how i felt, and then said that that she was great at massage...she had taken a course at college a few years ago. Not giving it a second thought i said..go then, lets see how good you are! soon as i said it i new it was a bad idea, i was really uncomfortable and the whole of my body stiffened in dread. She walked over sat me down and gently pushed my head down and told me to kick off my shoes, she began kneading my shoulders and rubbing the nape of my neck gently with both her thumbs...i instantly relaxed, all the tension seem to drain away,she began to gently massage my scalp and forehead with her fingertips, my heart was thumping hard and i could feel myself getting wet. Sonia's fingers began to massage my temples, my head now pushed back and resting on her large soft breasts....she lent forward , her cheek brushing up to mine and asked me how I felt, i jerked forward awkwardly in embarrassment and said ' thanks that was great!! '...i could feel myself blushing and trembling with nerves, i stuttered that i must go as i was on an early shift tomorrow, and left.
Steph finished her wine and turned to me and said that she had a confession to make...she had been really confused about what had happened and would never have thought that she would get so turned on by a woman.
After talking more about how she felt , alot of coaxing and reassuring and persuading her to try and experiment further, we fucked like bunnies and she was wetter that she had been for along time.
About a week later, the weather was really foul with dropping temperatures and heavy snowfall, being at the airport, this meant many delays and lots of overtime. One late shift Steph called me to say that she would be stuck at work till the early hours as they had canx many flights due to snow and that they were rebooking lots of passengers in hotels. Most of the staff had gone home by 10pm and that left only a few supervisor's, the duty manager had asked that if possible could they stay at an airport hotel fully paid for so they could report to work much earlier to get the first flights out the next day. Steph wasn't happy but agreed, she told me that Sonia and a few others were ringing round to book rooms, but were struggling as all the airlines had booked most of them. I suddenly interrupted her and asked her if she was horny and up for some fun?? She giggled and said did I ever think of anything else!!...of course, I'm always horny, she said.
I reminded her of a night of lust at a Travelodge Motel near Reading on the M4 westbound, where we let a few doggers look through our window late one night as we put on a show, our room backed onto waste ground so it was a perfect set up. Steph cooed.....Oh yeah..i remember, ... but I said there was a twist.....can you get Sonia to share a room with you and see if all the kinky things we talked about might happen.......there was silence..
I'll call you back she said in a hurried voice. About half an hour later she booked, 301 backing onto the grass like before, Sonia was really surprised but was very keen, Steph's voice sounded nervous....if I back out will you be pisssed of?? She said in a soft voice.....don't worry..just go with the flow, if it doesn't pan out just make small talk and get some sleep......I'll be freezing my nuts off outside the window....leave a gap so I can see, I said laughing....see you in a hour . When I pulled up in the car park it was half empty, a dusting of snow on the was freezing outside...and pitch black...thank god I thought , no one can see me hanging about...I had a feeling that this was the worst idea I'd had for ages. Finding the room was easy, it was the only one with a light on and a gap in the curtains, negotiating the wet muddy grass was not so easy.
I texted Steph.....i'm outside..let the fun begin!!
I could see Steph had only turned on one bedside light so it was not so bright and they had obviously stopped off to get wine as I could see two open bottles. I could see Sonia with her back to me, looked like she had already had a shower as she had a towel wrapped round her, Steph was standing up drinking her wine, talking to her, they were both laughing. I sent Steph another text...time to play...take a shower and come out with just a towel and ask for a foot and shoulder massage!!. Two minutes later Steph picked her phone up...looked at the window and smiled, filled her empty glass up with wine and drunk it down in one. Steph walked into the bathroom and emerged 5 minutes later, towel wrapped under her arms, hair tied up...I can just make out she's asking Sonia for a massage as she bends her head from side to side and lifts her leg up and wiggles her toes. Steph pulls up a chair to the bed and Sonia takes hold of her foot and she takes it into her lap and looks at it and begins to massage her toes and arches, Steph's eyes close and her head drops back, Sonia starts to massage her way up her leg, looking at her the whole time to see if she wants more or if she should stop right now but Steph just grins at her, shifts her bum on the seat and lifts the other leg onto her lap and spreads them wide showing her neatly trimmed, damp pussy. Sonia now knows what Steph wants and she gets up from the bed and leans over to kiss her. Sonia takes her hand and pulls her up and gets her to sit on the table where she stands between her legs and undoes her towel. She slides the towel off from under Steph's arms and lets it falls to the floor. Sonia presses herself against her and then kisses her long and slow, their tongues eagerly exploring each others mouths.
Sonia's arms wrap around Steph's waist pulling her towards her, Steph slowly undoes Sonia's towel and lets it fall, their breasts pressing together ,their mouths meet again as they hold each other.
At this point I've got a raging hard on but its sooo cold I can't stop shivering....but its worth it, it's the most horny sight I'ver ever seen, better that any porn.
Sonia's hand reaches up and finds Steph's lovely pert tits and is rolling her nipples between her finger and thumb, they are as hard as bullets, I can see Steph let out a low throaty groan and closes her eyes, Sonia is slowly kissing down her neck whilst cupping her tits in her hands, her mouth finds Steph's hard nipples and is now softly chewing and sucking, gently blowing on her breasts to harden her nipples even more. Sonia now changes position so that Steph is kneeling on the floor while she sits on the table next to her, Steph leans closer to her and delicately runs her tongue down her belly and finds a small dark bushy patch of hair, she opens Sonia's legs wider and puts them over her shoulders and runs her tongue further down, parting her dark bushy pubic hair she finds her clit, she licks, sucks,nibbles on her like a woman possessed. Steph is now slowly licking the full length of Sonia's pussy, like a hungry girl at an ice cream, Sonia is talking to her and it seems she's telling her what to do, directing her, and Steph starts forcing her tongue into her now very wet and glistening cunt. Steph's head is bobbing in and out and she fucks her with her tongue. After about ten minutes they both go over to the bed and lie down, Steph is lying face down and Sonia is knelt between her wide open legs.....Sonia bends down and slowly massages and kneads Steph's soft curvy bum. I can see a supprised look on Steph's face as she turns and face's me, Sonia gently spreads her arse cheeks and begins to massage her hairy crack with her fingers, teasing her pinky brown arsehole with both her thumbs. Suddenly Sonia bends down and starts to lick and rim her arsehole, long slow strokes of her tongue sends Steph into meltdown, her head facing forward biting her bottom lip. Sonia is now gently pumping her thumb like a cock into Steph's arsehole in a slow rhythmic motion, her face concentrating on Steph's pale white arse cheeks wobbling, her own large heavy breasts swaying to and fro, her brown nipples puckered and stiff...Sonia\'s other hand is now pumping Steph\'s wet pussy, three fingers rapidly pistoning in and out..I can see Steph biting the pillow below her and bucking and grinding her hips with pleasure as she cums. They both swap positions and are now head to toe in a 69 position and are licking away ..... I am standing there thinking how I would love to fuck them both but I guess this was all about Steph exploring something new. Just then I\'m aware of how cold it really is and that the snow is just starting to fall again and as much as I want to continue watching its just too I leave them to it and wait till the next day to get all the horny details.
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