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Old 07-22-2005, 02:27 PM
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My Sister Holly

My father was raised in the backwoods surrounding our small southern town and was an avid hunter and backwoods man. When he married my mother, it didn't surprise any one that he took her back there to live. It wasn't long until I, Douglas Boyd, was born and then five years later my sister Holly came along. When I was old enough, I helped my father to hunt game for our family. Over the years, I grew to be just as good of a hunter and backwoods man as him. Even though we had electricity and running water, dad still made his living trapping and selling furs. The store keeper in town, Mr. Parker, knew of a place that would buy as many furs as he could bring in. Mind you, dad didn't make a lot of money, but he made enough to buy the store bought items that we needed. The rest of our food was either crops that we raised or game that we hunted. Mom home schooled us and made what clothes she could. Holly and I thought that we were the two luckiest kids in the world.

One day when I was about twenty and Holly around fifteen, dad and mom made the monthly trip into town for supplies. We ususally went with them but, this time we stayed home. The trip usually lasted half the day, so when they had not returned by two, I started to worry. It was about four that evening when the sheriff came by to tell us that our parents had been killed in a car crash. It was then left up to me to raise my sister. Neither she nor I wanted to leave our backwoods home so, I took up where dad left off. The whole town was neither surprise to see that I was following in our fathers footsteps nor that we had decided to stay in the family's backwoods cabin. Holly and I were now the only family that we had left. I watched as over the next five years my sister went from a little girl (in my eyes) to a sexual desirable woman.

Now twenty, she stood about five foot five, brown eyes, and dark brown hair that she wore in a braid that hung half way down her back. I had always assumed that when she was old enough, she would want to go to town to live but, I was proven wrong. I guess that since our parents had died there, she didn't want anything to do with town. Since she rarely went anywhere, she took to wearing her clothes cut off with no undergarments of any kind. Her shorts were so short that they barely covered her nice round ass or her pubic hair. It was all her cut off shirt could do to covered her perfect 28D breasts. Thanks to her helping me do the outside chores, they were firm and she had no need of a bra. When I was not around the house, and she had her chores finished, she would lay out naked so that every inch of her skin was the same beautiful golden brown. I knew this because there had been a few occassions when I would come home early and found her still laying out. I had to keep reminding myself that she was my sister and not one of the whores at the brothel that I would visit on my trips to town. For some reason, she never did tried to conseal her body from me.

Like I said, I had to keep reminding myself that she was my sister. There had been times when I thought I had caught her staring at me. I'm now twenty-five, about five foot eight, short black hair, brown eyes like those of Holly's, and well endowed with a thick, seven inch cock. Several times I would find myself jacking off in the shower, thinking about my sister. It was getting harder and harder not to make a move on her. Damn! What I wouldn't give to fuck her. I knew that she wasn't a virgin because on the few occassions we had went to socal gatherings, I had seen her making out with some of the boys from town. I even watched a few times, jacking off in the shadows, wishing that it was me fucking her.

I had went into town for supplies one day. While there, I made my usual stop at the brothel, only to find that the law had finally shut it down. Man was that the shits. Here I had spent a whole month up in the woods with my gergous sister, fighting off the urge to fuck her, and now I was unable to satisfy myself. "Shit," I thought as I pulled up in front of Mr. Parker's store, "now what am I gonna do." I looked down at the furs that I was about to sell. Now that the brothel was closed, all I would be doing was selling them and purchasing our monthly supplies. I would be back at home nearly two hours sooner than usual.

My mind was other places when I pulled up to the cabin. I didn't even notice the other truck in the yard. "You're home early," Holly said as I got out of truck. Lying I said, "Town wasn't as crowded as usual." Hearing the front screen door slam, I looked up at the porch and saw Sara and Alice, two of Holly's friends from town. Even though we had never went to public school, we had made friends at the town socials. "Hello Alice. Hello Sara," I said to them. "Hello, Doug," they answered together, smiling and giggling as they did. You would never have guessed that they were twenty like Holly because of their girlish ways. "Well Sara," Alice said, "shall we be going." Still giggling, Sara added, "We'll come back in a couple of weeks to visit, Holly." My sister and I said "good-bye" and waved as they left.

All during supper, every time Holly would look at me, she would smile and giggle. "What is so funny," I finally asked her. "So town wasn't as crowded huh," she said. "Yeah," I slowly replied, placing my plate in the sink. "It didn't have nothing to do with the brothel being closed did it," she asked as she placed her plate on top of mine. I was shock by her question. How did my sister know that I visited the brothel and that it was closed? Finally finding my voice I tried to ask several questions at once. "How did... Who told... When have... How?!" Holly was now hysterical with laughter. "Sara and Alice," she finally managed to get out. "I should have known," I thought to myself, "they live in town and would have seen the truck at the brothel when I visited it." Holly was now in tears from laughing so hard. "Alright," I said, "so you found out how I use to spend my days in town." I put a heavy emphasis on "use to". I walked away from her and headed into the living room where I sat down on the couch.

I watched her as she walked over and stood directly in front of me. Pulling up her cut off shirt, she revealed those beautiful tits of hers. Staring down at me, she seriously asked, "So, are you finally gonna do what you've been wanting to do for sometime now and fuck me. Come on Doug. I've watched you in the shower placing with that big, thick dick of yours, calling out my name when you cum. What I wouldn't do to have it stuck up my hot, wet pussy." I didn't need any more prompting. The fact that we were brother and sister went right out the window.

It didn't take me long to remove her shirt and shorts. Laying her down on the bear skin that dad had made, I passionately and deeply kissed my sister. I then made my way down her neck and chest. I began to suck my sisters tits as I played with her clit. I had her squirming and moaning in no time at all. "Oh Doug," she moaned. Damn it was nice hearing my sister call my name as I played with her. I kissed my way down Holly's stomach and to her naturally kept pussy. Some of the brothel whores had kept theirs shaved and I didn't like it. I preferred the natural look like Holly had.

Reaching her perfect pussy, I slowly lick at her clit, savoring the taste of my sister. Her moaning and squirming increased as I slowly quicken my tongues pace. "Oh, Doug. Doug. Oh, fuck yeah Doug," she called out. "Oh yeah big brother. That's it. That's it. Eat your little sister's pussy." I had to hold her pelvis down just to keep her pussy at my face. After she orgaismed at least three times, I kissed my way back up her stomach and to those perfect breasts of hers. Again I sucked and fondled them. Smiling at me she said, "Now it's my turn to please you brother."

After Holly removed my clothes, I laid back on the rug. She kissed me deeply before licking her way down my stomach to my rock hard seven inches. Damn, I was so turned on by her. My sister's mouth felt so good on my dick. Apparently her time with the boys from town had been well spent because she proceeded to give me the best blow job I've ever had. After getting my cock wet, she began to relentless suck as her head moved up and down on it, moaning enthusiastically as she did. I don't know if it was because I wanted to fuck her so bad, because she was so good, or because I was so horny but, I shot a huge load in her mouth. To my surprise, my sister swallowed every drop.

Wiping the corners of her mouth she said, "Damn it, brother, you taste good. Not to mention the fact that you shot the biggest load I've ever swallowed. Not bad for an old fart." "Watch it sis," I said, grabbing my dick, "or you won't be getting this stuck in you." "MMM," she cooed, "I guess that I'd better behave then." I thought that I would have been spent for the night but, after wathcing my sister swallow my cum and seeing her naked body, I was rock hard again.

Holly laid down on her back and spread her legs wide. With her finger, she coaxed me to her, saying, "Come on big brother. Here is the pussy that you've been wanting. Come fuck the hell out of your little sister's pussy." I crawled on top of her and stuck every last one of my seven inches in her, listening to her moan as I did. "Damn, Sis," I said, "those other guys must have been small because you're so fucking tight." With my hips, I slowly fucked my sister's tight pussy, pushing in hard and deep as I did. "MMM Yes, Doug. Yes," she moaned, "Fuck me brother. Fuck me." "Oh shit, Holly," I said, "Damn it, sis. Oh why didn't I fuck you sooner." For several minutes I slowly fucked my sister. "Let me ride you, brother," Holly begged. "Let me ride you."

Pulling out of her, I rolled over onto my back. Sis sucked my cock for a few minutes, tasting herself on me before straddleing me. Oh damn did she feel tighter this way. I reached up and massaged her breasts as she rode me. I couldn't believe it, not only was I playing my sister's tits but, I had my dick deep in her. From the look on her face and the mulitple orgaisms she was having, it was easy to tell that she was defianately enjoying herself. I let her ride until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Flipping her over, I fucked her doggie style. I pounded my dick into my sister as hard and as fast as I could. Many nights I had dreamt of fucking her like this and now I was. Oh, damn did it feel good to fuck the hell out of Holly. I could feel the need to cum growing again but, I knew that I didn't need to cum in my own sister. Just when I felt the need over take me, I pulled out of Holly and watched as stream after stream shoot out of my cock and all over her back. Collapsing next to her I said, "Oh shit, sis, what would mom and dad say if they had seen that?" Smiling down at me she said, "Well, I don't know what they would say but, I say that we don't stop. That was the best fuck I've ever had big brother." She laid down on her stomach next to me.
After regaining my strength, I found a towel and wiped my sperm off her back. That was the first of many times I fucked my own sister.
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