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Old 01-08-2005, 04:47 PM
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Family fuck fest

Family fuck fest

so it was late at night about 11.30pm I heard dad & mum fucking mum wasnt exactly a quiet person in the sack, so I thought this would be a great time to see some fucking action so I went to ther room and found that the door was unlocked so I pushed it open & there I saw mum riding dad, she had her nightie up to her back so I got a great view of her sexy arse, I dropped my pants and stepped out of them, dad saw me in the door way he pulled her arse cheeks apart so I saw her pretty anus staring at me, dad motioned for me to come over to her (mum didnt know that dad and I had been fucking katie & dad didnt know that me and -mum had a few fuck sessions ourselves.

I pulled my shirt off and walked over to her bouncing arse, I reached to her arse & grabbed hold of her arse and she was very startled by this but my dad took hold of her and held her still, mum then looked at why dad was doing this but she saw a very large smile on his face that was when she knew that it was ok with him as well so she figured what the hell & turned around and she uttered the magical words 'Go ahead & Fuck my arse sweetie' that was all I needed so I spat on my hand and wanked my cock with my spit lubed hand to get it all wet, when I was sufficently lubed up I pushed my cock deep into her sexy arse, so mum was now getting her first double penetration and she was loving it within minutes she was having her first orgasm of the night and she was being very loud about it, it was then that katie walked into the room to investigate (I had left the door wide open so she had no trouble at all walking in) I turned my head and noticed that katie was standing there with her pajama pants around her ankles and her fingers in her pussy (she was totally into watching the show we were putting on) I told mum to turn around and look at the sight behind us, mum was totally taken back by seeing her daughter frigging her pussy, dad just smiled at her and told katie to pull her top off and come over to us which she did and in 5 seconds she was totally naked and standing by us.

Dad told her to sit on his face which she didnt hesitate to do, I pulled mum up a little so katie could sit on dads face, katie then straddled dads face and started to lap his tongue at her sexy pussy, it was then that I reached passed mum and leaned forward and gave katie a long and lingering kiss, i then pulled off her and I then pushed mum towards katie and told them to kiss which they reluctantly did, it was a very sexy site I can tell you!!!!, I then just proceeded to fuck her arse harder and faster, mum was screaming into katies mouth as I pounded her arse.

Both dad & I were ready to cum so we pulled out and had katie and mum lie down together & we wanked ourselves to climax & shot our cum all over the faces, katie & mum kissed again they ran there tongues around each other swapping the spunk that was in there mouths, it was a very sexy site to say the least !!, we all lay down and fell asleep.
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