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Old 11-17-2003, 11:38 PM
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The Sluts of St. Helens

I’m posting the start of a story for a dear friend of mine, White Noise, whom many of you know. Unfortunately White can’t get online often so he asked if I would post this for him. He is hoping that anyone stopping by who has the itch to write will join in and contribute. You can write from the perspective of any of the girls or any of the men they hope to gain some points with.

My name is Ronny Kingsmead. I go to school at St. Helens High. I have shortish brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes, olive skin (thanks to my mother who was Latino), stand about 5’5’, weigh 51 kilos and I’m the ‘unofficial’ ring-leader of a group called, behind our backs of course, ‘The Sluts of St. Helens’. I can see your horrified looks but we don’t really mind – because, well, we probably are. The story I’m going to tell you is just going to confirm the tag. Do I think I’m a slut? Or that my friends are sluts? HHHMM…well maybe just a little.

Sitting opposite me during our lunch period this fine, sunny day is my best friend, Trisha Appleby. On her left is Jo Casey, these two girls are so similar it is scary. Both have long blonde hair, big pale blue eyes, fair skin that has been lightly tanned over the summer months and great figures thanks to good genetics and years of playing sport. Jo is slightly taller and slightly curvier than Trish but I think that is due to Jo being 6 months older. Both of these 2 girls come from a top-drawer gene pool. Jo is the quietest of the group. She doesn’t deserve the title “slut” at all, she is still a virgin. Jo hasn’t even played with a dick – or so she has us believe – but there is a whisper along the school grapevine that maybe that isn’t quiet true.

We have heard that Jo might have helped Mark Russell bust his nut at a party a few weeks ago. By what means we don’t know but the story was lent more substance when we caught her talking with Mark on their own during a free period a week or so ago. Jo says Mark is just a guy she likes talking to but maybe there is something lurking in his pants that she also fancies? I like Jo, I also like the idea of seeing her thrash around wildly, long blonde hair flying while Mark has his way with her. Watching her perky little tits bounce up and down and her tight, toned ass being slapped while she rides the “Mark Machine”. I’m sure it is because she’s the quiet one I think these thoughts and not because I’m bi or gay. After all, it’s always the quiet ones.

Which brings me to Trish. She is the baby of her family; she has an older brother, Wil who is just about to turn 18 and an older sister, Laura, who is 22. Wil has his father’s good looks but not his father’s sensible haircut. He’s into surfing and snowboarding and I seem to recall him once telling me that he was planning on working in the snowfields this winter. I don’t really remember, I was too busy thinking about sucking his prick. All the girls in the group think he is a total hottie. Come to think of it, Trisha’s Dad is a bit of a spunk as well, for an old guy. One of the girls once said that if all the famous people were removed from the Earth and she had to have sex with a much older man, she’d fuck Mr. Appleby. The rest of us agreed much to Trish’s horror.

Laura, Trish’s sister, works as a dental nurse and models part-time, swimwear and underwear mostly. She is engaged to a sportsman who looks in pretty good shape. I met him once; a body that had been sculpted by days in the gym that made me think very naughty things. Laura is stunning; you can see in her what Trish will turn into. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a firm body that has men suffering whiplash every time she walks pass them. She is a stunner and she knows it. I remember I caught my Dad checking her out when she came to pick Trish up from my house one afternoon. Can’t say I blame him, she was wearing pants that hugged her butt so tightly you could see every twitch of her perfect ass. You could also tell that she had been wearing a thong because there were no visible panty lines. Either that or she wasn’t wearing underwear. And with a bottom that men would kill to eat off, who would blame her if she went commando? I must admit, it was good to see Dad checking her out, it meant he was still active downstairs. My mother had left him, us, when I was 12 and my younger brother was 9. Of the group, I am the only one from a broken home (although I think Charlie’s parents are a little rocky).

Charlene Maples, or Charlie as we call her, is probably the visual reason we get our name. She dresses like a tart and loves the attention she receives. Charlie is, it is safe to say, the embodiment of what people like to term ‘a slut’. As a group we know that if Charlie is flirting with a guy, by the end of the night, that guy will be a little lighter on his feet. Charlie will report back to us within 24 hours about his cock, it’s length, width, whether he came a lot or a little, how she made him cum and how long it took her to bring him to climax. I never tire of her stories, they always make me wet and cause me to daydream in class.

Charlie is also the queen when it comes to intercourse. Since she lost her virginity at the end of last year she had slept with 4 more guys bringing her total to 5 fucks – which is all they were. A few of the guys at school called her ‘the bike’but I think she plays up to that and makes them think she is easy and has just about fucked every guy in school. As it turns out, Charlie has only had sex with 3 guys from school. The other 2 came in the form of a guy from another school and some bloke who picked her up at the beach one day. Trish was with her that day and swears that the guy was in his twenties but I guess when he saw Charlie in her skimpy black bikini he probably wasn’t too worried about her age.

Charlie maintains he was the best fuck she’s had so far. An hour of raunch that ended with 15 minutes (longer than any guy at this school could last for) of carnal, animal sex where he did her in a couple of positions she’d never even dreamed of. All topped off with a thick cock that she had gagged on when she tried to blow him and had hurt her tight pussy as much as it had pleasured it. Charlie said she was bloody glad he hadn’t been the one to de-flower her. Still, Charlie is only 16 and her snatch has hardly been worked in over the course of her short life. So, while she maintains this dude was huge, it is more likely that he had a nice, normal sized cock but had shown Charlie how it can be used like she hadn’t experienced before. So, while the title ‘the bike’ isn’t quite accurate, it is fair to say that Charlie is no longer in possession of a halo and certainly doesn’t mind pulling and sucking cock when the opportunity presents itself. She was just a little more careful about ‘going all the way’. Charlie has shoulder length black hair, black eyes, a sexy smile and the second biggest pair of tits in the group. The biggest rack belongs to, in my opinion, the ugliest member of our group.

Don’t get me wrong, Mel O’Connor wasn’t a bag-on-the-head horror movie, her strawberry-blonde hair looks great and she has green eyes that always sparkle with mischief (especially when being checked out by a guy) but she is part of a group where each member is good looking. In the case of Trish and Jo, very good looking. What Mel does have that the rest of us don’t, however, is a big set of jugs. And Mel makes sure that everyone can see them by wearing the tightest T-shirts and sweaters she can. Today she is shameless, a white T-shirt that is clearly 2 sizes too small and I’m surprised she actually bothered with the bra. But there is one thing teenage boys love - tits.

One time, a few months back, we were all drinking at Charlie’s house and, after 3 or 4 shots we were all a little tipsy. I looked Mel in the eye and said ‘Mel, those are great tits’. We all laughed but then I said ‘can we see them?’ Without batting an eyelid Mel whips off her top and shows the rest of us her impressive bust. Big but still very firm – the joys of 16 – with large brown nipples which were standing erect indicating that Mel was somewhat turned on by parading her puppies. We later found out they are 36D, enough to make a 16 year old boy cream his pants. Mel also is a player, courtesy of those impressive globes of hers. A lot of horny boys want a piece of Mel and Mel is happy to accommodate. She’s a couple of roots behind Charlie (and equal with me – but I don’t share that, except with Trish) and plans to catch Charlie by year’s end.

But Charlie, Mel and Jo are really bit players in the tale I want to tell. I just need to give you the background so you understand what goes on in this group. You probably think that Charlie and Mel teen mothers in waiting. You are probably scratching your head wondering how Jo is involved in a crowd like this. Well, every group has a misfit, in our case you probably think that Trish is a bit high brow for us as well. You’d be wrong. Trish is probably the biggest slut of us all. I think the reason I keep picturing Jo as a sexual dynamo is because she and Trish are so similar. What the other girls don’t know is that Trish would put them to shame, she just doesn’t boast about it.

When you look at Trish you see this pure, golden haired child. A real beauty queen who does no wrong in the eyes of her parents. Gets good marks, plays her chosen sports well. Is popular, although moving in a questionable crowd. It is because of those things people don’t see her as she really is and Trish doesn’t really want it to be known. Just like she wouldn’t want it known that she has had a different cock filling her pretty mouth over the last 4 weekends. Two different guys last Saturday alone. Trish has just graduated from swallowing cum to letting guy’s unload onto her face and she loves it. I know this because she tells me all about it. How big or small the guy is, whether he cums a lot or a little, what the jizz tastes like and if it is thick and creamy or fluid and milky. Trish has become the blow-job queen.

At first I didn’t think Trish was slutty. Like most others I considered Charlie and Mel to be the more out there of the group, especially in the last 7-8 months. I don’t include myself here even though I lost my virginity guy who still lives 5 houses down from me, my Dad and my brother. I have since screwed a couple of other guys, one from school here and a guy I met on holidays a few months back on the Spring Break.

Like Trish though, I love to suck cock, to pull cock, to see a guy spurt cum everywhere, to feel a guy cum in my mouth. I love the feeling of it and the power of it. Make no mistake, oral sex is powerful, certainly more powerful than a simple hand-job, hell a guy can give himself one of those, and possibly more powerful than fucking. But I digress, I was discussing Trish.

One day, the same day when Charlie had proclaimed that she would fuck Trisha’s Dad and we agreed, Mel had said she’d love to know if the Appleby men were well hung as well as handsome. We looked at Trish who said, “how would I know?” A red rag to a bull. I suggested that she find out for us since she was living under the same roof as them. She just stared at us like we were retarded. She wasn’t going to check out her father and brother’s crotches, that was gross. We all laughed and kept making fun of her about it but eventually we moved on.

The following week Trish came up to me and said, “they are”. I looked at her blankly and she proceeded to tell me how she had “walked in” on both her brother and then later her father as they were getting out of the shower to check out the family jewels. Trish even told me that Wil had been semi-aroused and that seeing her brother in this state had kind of turned her on. I was shocked, not only had Trish found out, she had confessed that it had turned her on. It was kinky and totally unexpected and I felt a dampness between my legs almost immediately. I also got the feeling that maybe there was a side to Trish that none of us knew about.

Over the coming weeks I had probed Trish and had found out that she had been a real quiet achiever. A couple of fucks but her cock sucking was matched only by my own performances. There were a few guys from school but no one had believed their stories about being on the receiving end of a blowjob from Trish Appleby. Trish might move with the sluts of St. Helens but she was too much of a goody two-shoes and too snobby to allow a dick in her mouth. There were guys from her sporting clubs, friends of Wil’s and even the odd stranger here and there. Trish told me that she liked older guys, which I did as well, and loved big cock – what girl doesn’t? Her tales blew my mind and totally turned me on.

The story of her sucking off one of Wil’s mates in the front seat of a car at the drive-in while another guy sat in the back watching them and jerking off had turned me on so much that I had to go to the toilets later that day to finger myself. She had no fear when it came to sex, especially oral sex. That fearlessness, coupled with my own love of cock, prompted me to issue Trish the blowjob challenge. It was only open to Trish and I, the other girls wouldn’t stand a chance despite what they thought of themselves. A three-month time frame, the girl who has sucked the most cock in three months will be the undisputed bj queen. A points system was in place, 1 point for guys at school – considered easy targets, 3 points for people outside of school and 10 points if you managed to get video footage of the act. Not that we didn’t trust each other’s word but rather it added some extra spice to the contest.
"Yes I did go to him,
but completely against my will,
and yes he did things to me,
things of which I dream of still,"

-Cowboy Junkies "Black-eyed Man"
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The contest had started out pretty tame. We both picked up pretty easy points by blowing a couple of boys at school. And when I say tame I mean tame. The longest I had a cock in my mouth for was about 5 minutes before the guy came. High school boys have no staying power!

The contest did take a turn though about 3 weeks in. Trish, god bless her, helped me land a job at a department store in the clothing section - men's fashions. It was a good job, paid well and allowed both Trish and I to perve on the men that came in. I think this place was where Trish developed her taste for older men as everyday I worked there at least one good looking man came in to try something on.

One day we were both on the same shift, late night shopping, after school. This nice looking guy came in and Trish was onto him in a flash. Smiling and nodding at suggestions he made, offering a few ideas herself. Touching his arms and moving in close to him, allowing her breasts to rub against him every now and then. She was flirting and he was flirting back. She looked over to me and winked and I smiled back and then went to the counter to serve some less good looking guys.

A few minutes later, after the last of the guys had been served, I turned back to see how Trish was going. Both the guy and her were gone. Now while Trish had a wild side just taking off while at work wasn't really her style. I pulled a face at this development wondering why she would do that. A guy came up and asked for some assistance so I tended to him, helping him select a belt for his new pants.

I continued to help out some more fashion victims when I saw Trish come out from changing room area wiping around her mouth and licking her lips. The guy was right behind her with a contented look on his face. Trish saw me and grinned and then held up 6 fingers. The dirty slut had blown the guy in the changerooms. They walked over to the counter where I was standing.

"I think you'll look really nice in those sir. Would you maybe like a belt to go with it?" Trish asked beaming.

I stood and sized up the guy and nodded.

"Yeah, I think I will buy that belt" he agreed

Trish rang up the sale and then handed over the goods.

"Thank you sir, CUM again anytime" she placed emphasis on the word cum.

Once he was out of earshot she turned to me.

"You slut" I laughed

"Rack up 3 points please Miss Ronny, and believe me it was my pleasure"

"Nice 6 incher then?" I asked smiling

"Oh yeah, it felt so big in my mouth. It is so nice to have a decent sized cock to work. And I think he left a satisified customer"

"With your mouth I don't doubt that we'll see him again. You'd go back for seconds then?"

"God yes, and thirds and fourths. He was good looking too. A nice bonus to go with the cock"

We laughed and then I spotted a guy coming in. He looked pretty tasty. Not as good as the guy that had just spotted Trish 3 points but I liked what I saw. Looked in his early 20s, shortish brown hair and a nice build. His jeans were a little on the baggy side so it was hard to tell what he was packing but he walked with a confidence that only came with a sizeable meat pole.

Two could play this game.
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More Store Fun

I couldn’t believe that Trish had had the audacity to suck some bloke off in the changing room. Even worse, we’d only been competing for 24 hours and she was already ahead. That just didn’t sit well with me. I had to give the little slut a bit of a challenge.

I eyed the customer who had just walked in minutes before. He’d do just fine I thought, watching him make his way into the fitting room area.

Trish was touching up her lipstick at the sales counter.

“Two can play at this game Miss Trish,” I said smirking at her over my shoulder, as I sauntered over to the dressing room

I walked into the fitting room area relieved to see that it was completely empty except for the guy I’d set my eyes on. Looking under the fitting room door I could see that he had slid off his shoes, and his pants were dropped to his ankles.
Well it’s now or never I said to myself as I stuck my key into the lock, and opened the dressing room door. I stepped in.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” he asked in an alarmed voice.

“I…I thought it was empty, I am so sorry,” I mumbled, dropping my key at his feet.

“I’ll get this and get out of your way,” I said, kneeling down in front of him.

I picked up my key, and then looked up at him. I could tell by the look in his eyes that having me on my knees in front of him like this turned him on. I slid my hands up his thighs, hooked my fingers around the waistband of his boxers, and shimmied them down his legs.

“You don’t mind if I suck your cock while I’m down here?” I asked, smiling up at him. He really wasn’t bad looking at all. He had a nice size cock, about 5 inches.

“Are you serious? Um…go right ahead” he muttered. I couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction.

I placed his already hardening cock in my mouth and started to suck on it. As I milked the head with my mouth it immediately started to grow and stiffen. I cupped his ass in my hands and pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock deeper into my throat. I heard him gasp, and felt him place his hands on the top of my head. I relaxed my grip on his ass, and slowly dragged my mouth up his cock to the tip. I stopped a moment at the top, and felt the warm dripping sensation of his precum on my tongue.

“Oh that’s right, suck it, suck my cock,” I heard the young man grunt, and he pushed my head back down on his cock. I opened my mouth wider, opened my throat and again started to suck on his meat.

Just then I heard the door open to the changing room open, and then shut.

“Jesus Christ, do any of you knock?”

I opened my eyes, my mouth still filled with cock, to see Trish smiling down at me.

“You’ve been in hear an awfully long time Ronnie. I figured you might need some help getting him off,” she said talking to me, but looking at the bloke whose cock I was sucking.

I let the guy’s dick slip from my mouth and into my hand. I started to jack him off.

“I’m doing just fine by myself, Trish, but thanks for asking,” I said, giving her my sweetest smile. I couldn’t believe the audacity of the slut. To just waltz right in, and think she could take the guy I was working over.

“What about you sweetie, do you think you’d like me to suck your cock too?” she said to the guy. I watched her arch her back, sticking her huge tits out, as she curled her finger in her hair. God she was a natural at this.

“Are you serious? Hell yeah, I want you to suck me off. I want both of you too,” he said grabbing my head, and pushing his hips into my face. His hard dick poked my face.

Trish knelt down beside me, and lowered her head between the guy’s legs. As I worked my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. I watched Trish snake her tongue around his balls. I felt his muscle twitch in response to the pleasure he was receiving.

As I sucked on his cock, Trish glided her tongue up his balls to the base. She started to lick up and down whatever bit of cock I didn’t have in my mouth at the moment.

I let his cock pop out of my mouth handing it off to Trish. I too wanted to taste his balls. Trish hungrily took his dick in her hand, and let out a little moan as she placed it in her mouth. As I licked down his cock I could hear Trish making sucking noises as she shamelessly let him fuck her mouth. From above I could here the guy grunt and whisper “Yes..oh yes…that’s it”.

My tongue reached down to his balls. I licked over every inch of his sack, delighting in the taste of his skin, and the texture of his sack, so soft, covered with light peach fuzz. I began to suck on his balls and I could feel his seed stirring inside. He was close to quickening.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum,” he said.

I felt him tug on my hair it. He wanted my head over by Trish’s, at the head of his cock. He withdrew his cock from Trish’s mouth and as he did white cum shot from his dick, and landed right across Trish’s cheek.

I laughed knowing she’d just cleaned up from a cum bath and was going to have to do it yet again. But then a shot of white stickiness hit me in the face, right across the eye. I had to close my eyes, and was surprised to feel a light splattering across the rest of my face. And then the smoothness of the head of his cock was wiped across my lips, over my cheek and my chin.

“Well, there we go,” said Trish, “3 points for you and 3 points for me.”

I couldn’t believe Trish, one, bringing up the contest right in front of the guy, and two, trying to steal my points.

“What?! You’re crazy!” I said, “I did all the work. Just because you come in at the last minute and let him spray you in the face, doesn’t mean you get the points.”

“Well you weren’t getting the job done,” said Trish.

“Whatever,” I said, knowing full well that she was just jealous I had snagged the guy before she had the chance to.

“I’ve an idea. Whoever has the most cum on their face gets the points. Alright?”

Trish considered my proposition for a moment. She must have felt confident that her face was more cum soaked than mine because she agreed. I must admit when she agreed I was a little bit worried that despite the stickiness all over my face that she had caught more of this guy’s seed.

“So come on guy, tell us who has more of your cum on their face.” I said.

“Damn,” he said shaking his head, “You girls are crazy.”

“Never mind that,” said Trish, “Just tell us.”

So he placed one hand under each of our chins and turned our faces one way and then the other.

“She does,” he said, pointing to me.

“Whatever. Points are yours I guess. I don’t really need them anyways.” She said standing up to her feet. I watched her wipe the cum off her face with her finger, and then lick her finger clean.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said, pulling the guy in for a kiss.

“And no hard feelings right Ronnie?” she said, leaning down. I felt her tongue slid across my chin, up my cheek, across my lips and over my eye; cleaning my face of cum.

I couldn’t help but forgive her. After all I might have tried to do the same thing.

“No hard feelings Trish.”

With that she let herself out of the changing room.

I turned to the young bloke and said, “So are you going to buy those pants?”

“Um..Um…yeah” He said, nodding to the pants he never had a chance to try on.

“Meet me out front and I’ll ring them up,” I said, smirking to myself as I left the dressing room.

As I walked to the sales desk I could already see Trish checking out our customers looking for the next set of points she was going to score.
"Yes I did go to him,
but completely against my will,
and yes he did things to me,
things of which I dream of still,"

-Cowboy Junkies "Black-eyed Man"
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I finished cleaning up and followed the luckiest guy in the store out to the counter. As both of us had been showing this guy what customer service was all about, a line about 4 deep had formed at the sales counter. Jason, the only guy working on the floor with us, shot us a stare that said 'where the fuck have you two been?' I smiled back at him and rung up the sale (and the three points I had just received).

The rest of the night went without incident, I think both Trish and I had decided that we had pushed our luck enough for one evening.

We closed up and headed home.

"That was good fun" Trish giggled as we walked

"Yeah," I smiled, "did the see the look on that guy's face when you walked in? He couldn't believe his luck!"

"I know, maybe we should talk to management about bonus', you know, for bringing in more customers?"

We both laughed, partly at the joke and partly at the fact that neither of us cared about a bonus, the taste of cum and the hardness of a cock in our 16 year old mouths was reward enough.

"Did you plan this at all Trish?" I asked

"Tonight you mean?" Trish responded


"Sorta. I mean, lots of cute guys come in all the time. Some nice older looking guys looking to get off. If I was a guy I'd want to face fuck me" Trish said matter-of-factly

"True," I mused, "I wonder what it is like having your dick sucked?"

"Dunno, but guy's seem to love it. Must feel good"

"Or maybe you and I are just bj queens who do it well" I responded

"Yeah, that's probably it. God you looked hot when I walked in on you two. On your knees, his balls resting on you chin. You looked like you were having a ball - pardon the pun" Trish grinned

"I was. God Trish, I love sucking cock, I really do. I'm horny just thinking about it. What do you think of Jason?"

"You planning on getting cheap points huh?" Trish enquired

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I see the way Jason looks you up and down. He can't take his eyes off your ass when you walk away from the counter, "Trish laughed, "I can't believe you haven't noticed"

I thought about it. It had never really occurred to me that Jason might fancy me.

Hmmm, looks like another 3 points could be coming quicker than I thought.
It is so hard to look cool walking down a hill!
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I said my goodbyes to Trish and mused on our conversation. I realised that the reason I hadn't picked up on any vibes from Jason was probably due to the fact that I wasn't really all that attracted to him. I mean, he was a nice enough guy and cute enough, but he just didn't have that 'I have to get into your pants' kinda look. Besides, he was the same age as us. I smiled and thought that I might keep Jason in reserve in case the contest got close. I also made a mental note to start flirting with him a lot more, just for the fun of it.

I had hatched a plan that I needed to take care of. Trish walking in on me in the change room was the final straw. She showed that she had no fear and had no issue with pushing the envelope. So, I had to raise the bar another notch. And I had the perfect target in mind.

I rang Jo.

"Hey Ronny, what's up?" Jo asked, even at this early stage of her life she had an amazingly sexy phone voice

"Not heaps, just got home from work, you know" actually Jo didn't.

Her parents didn't want their little girl working in shopping malls or flipping burgers at the local fast food joint. Those jobs were below her. That was the main difference between Trisha and Jo. Trish's parents made her work. The value of learning how to make your way in the world, and the importance of earning a dollar and earning your own way. Jo's parents would look after her until she could find a suitable partner that would take over. I felt a bit sorry for Jo as she would never really find fulfilment this way. I think that was part of the reason she ran with 'The Sluts'. Still, what Jo wanted, Jo got.

Hence my call.

"Yeah. Work sucks" Jo said, hardly understanding whether it did or it didn't

"It has it's advantages," I replied, my thoughts quickly returning to the image of myself and Trish having a hot and sticky load dumped on our faces no more than 3 hours ago. My pussy came straight to life, "say, can I ask a favour?"

"Sure, shoot"

"Are you still able to borrow your dad's camcorder?"

I knew full well that she could. Even it she wasn't supposed to, all she would have to do would be to say pretty please and flutter her eyelids. Daddy's little girl could do no wrong. Besides, we had borrowed the camcorder when we went on school camp last year. That thought remindered me of the prank Trish and I had played on Jo.

We had 'borrowed' the camera without Jo's knowledge after the day's activities. Jo had considered herself to be a bit of a filmaker and had videoed anything and everything in sight. I suggested to Trish that we tape over the day's filming and replace it with something more 'interesting'

We found a quiet place and I had Trish film me playing with myself. I told her to zoom in so that there were extreme close-ups of my tight, pink pussy. I had gotten so turned on by it. Turned on because Trish was also watching me in what had been, until then, a very private thing. Trish had been transfixed by the act. I remembered seeing her unconsiously touch herself briefly while she filmed. That single, split-second act had made me cum explosively. I screamed loudly, my head tilting backwards as I pushed my fingers deep inside myself, feeling my juices, feeling myself from the inside. I came so loudly that we had to quickly hide as a teacher had heard me orgasm.

Later that night I had heard slow, gentle rustling and peered over towards the sound. The dorm had only been light by a half moon but I could still tell that Trish had be pleasuring herself. The small moan confirmed it and I went back to sleep knowing she had been thinking of me while she had explored herself.

"Yeah, I guess so" Jo said, breaking my train of thought. My panties were very damp now.


"So, what are we doing with it? Not planing any jokes are you?" it was uncanny how Jo had seemed to be reading my mind

"No, no. But, um," I stuttered, the borrowing wasn't going to involve Jo, "I kind of need you to give it to me"


"I need it" I tried to keep the answers short

"For what? I don't know whether I should just hand over my Dad's camcorder you know?" Jo made her case

"Look Jo, I really need it and I promise nothing will happen to it. I'll show you what I did with it when I return it. It is a surprise"

Damn right it was going to be a surprise, when Jo saw it she was going to squeal.

"I'll find out OK, I'll tell you tomorrow at school. But Ronny, you have to promise me that nothing will happen to it. My Dad will kill me if he knows I gave it to someone else"

Hardly, I thought.

"I promise JC, cross my heart and hope to die"

"Alright, not a sratch" Jo said

"I hear ya, you have my word OK?" I responded

"I talk to you tomorrow Ronny" Jo hung up and I just got my thanks and goodbyes in.

This was going to be great. The thought of it, coupled with my other dirty thoughts during the call with JC, had got me hot and wet. I pulled my pants and underwear off and lay down on the bed, spreading my legs wide so that I could access my seether with both hands.

And there I stayed for 10 minutes, feverishly working my clit and pussy for all I was worth. Enjoying the wetness of my pussy lips and the swelling, sensitive love nub. I removed one hand to explore my body, feeling my taunt stomach and smallish breats under my shirt. Teasing the erect nipples and enjoying the sensation that came with pinching them.

I came intensly and stifled the moan, knowing that my brother could hear through the paper-thin wall that separted our bedrooms.

If I could pull this one out, it was going to be great!
It is so hard to look cool walking down a hill!
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The next day, after school, I rang Trsiha's.

"Hello" it was Trisha's mother, dammit.

"Hi Mrs. Appleby, it's Ronnie" I said as innocently as I could

"Hi Ronnie, how are you?" Mrs. Appleby was making small talk so I played along. It gave me sometime to think.

"Not too bad thank-you," I always tried to be nice to Trish's parents because I knew that they didn't think too much of Charlie and Mel - 3 strikes and they might just tell Trish to steer clear of us, "how about yourself?"

"I can't complain, no-one would listen anyway"

I wish I had a dollar for everytime she said that, it was Trish's mum's favourite saying.

"Yeah. Say, could I speak to..." Mrs. Appleby cut me off

"Trish isn't in at the moment"

"That's fine, I actually wanted to speak to Will please" I said

"Oh, really?" Mrs. Appleby had been thrown by this curveball

"Yeah, I wanted to ask him about snowboarding" I didn't know if that was going to fly or not but it was the best, and least suss, thing I could come up with at short notice.

"Um, yes, no problem. Just a moment" she didn't seem too convinced by this explaination but she put the phone down and went to get him.

Will picked up the phone after what seemed like an age. My heart was pumping hard in my chest. I knew I had to talk some shit with him about snowboarding in case his mother was hanging around. After about 4 or 5 minutes of boring conversation (although Will seemed to enjoy talking about boards and costs and the best runs in the mountains) I decided to get straight to the point.

"Will, is your mother nearby?" I said, breathing heavily

"Um, nope. Why?" Will asked

"I wanted to ask you something but I didn't want your mum to overhear your answer."

"Right" Will suddenly seemed a little unsure

It was now or never, after speaking with Charlie at school I had half the plan in place. I knew I could rely on Charlie, she was keen to find out if the story was true.

"Will, do you think I'm pretty?" I enquired

"Ah, yeah I guess so"

A typical response from a boy who is cornered by a question he doesn't really want to answer. So, I decided to play up to his ego.

"I think you're pretty hot, so does Charlene, you know Charlene don't you?" I asked, knowing full well Will would know Charlie, everyone who meets her remembers her because of the way she dresses.

"Yeah, I know her" Will still seemed a little unsure of himself but there also was an underlying eagerness to see where I was going with this.

"Yeah, we both think you're hot stuff. And we'd like to show you what we think. You interested?" I put on the most sexy voice I could muster. I mean, shit, I was basically asking my best friend's older brother if he was interested in a threesome.

"Show? In what way?" Will enquired. Fuck, teenaged boys were so dense at times.

I tried not to let my frustration show through, "ah, you know, you, me, Charlene, somewhere private, no clothes, you catching my drift?"

Will laughed. This wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was now unsure whether this had been such a great idea. Maybe he'd tell Trish.

"Shit yeah, I'd love to fuck you two stupid. I'll make you beg and beg"

That also came as a shock, but it was a nice one. Hearing him talk so rough to me turned me on straight away.

"Is that right big boy?" I teased

"Damn straight" Will said confidently

"Think you can handle the two of us?"

"When you see what I got in my pants I'll ask you if you think you can handle me! Now where and when?"

I had already discussed this with Charlie and she had told me that her parents were out this Friday night "...trying to patch up a fight they had last weekend..." so we'd have her house available until at least 10pm that night. I suspected that Will wouldn't last too long. After all, how many 17 year olds could hold their load if two horny, naked girls were all over them?

"Charlene's place, 20 Lowons Road, about 7.30-8 o'clock Friday night?"

"Yeah, no problem. Tell Charlene to get her pussy ready for the fuck of her life," Will stated, "oh and Ronnie?"


"Make sure your pussy is shaved" Will hung up

I was breathless and damp between my thighs. God he had turned me on. The thought of him and his big cock (according to his own sister), me and Charlie screwing, while I taped the whole thing to show his kid sister was too much to stand.

I raced to the bathroom to finger my dripping cunt. And then after that, I had to shave.
It is so hard to look cool walking down a hill!
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Before I knew it Friday night had arrived, and Charlie and I were sitting in her living room. I made Charlene swear that she wouldn’t tell Trish about this. We were a month and a ½ into our contest and we were both tied with points. Now I still intended to suck as much cock as I could in the next 6 weeks, but I knew that Trish was going to be tough competition. Though I planned on keeping up with her cum guzzling, I intended to win the challenge with this tape of her brother and I.

“Charlie, now remember…you need to hold the camera, and make sure you get the blow job on tape. No getting distracted.”

“Ronnie I know…we’ve been through this a million times”, she said rolling her eyes at me. Just then the doorbell rang and we both jumped up, knowing that it must be Will.

I giggled as I watched Charlie struggle for a second trying to adjust her skimpy outfit. True to her slutty reputation, Charlie was dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a very short and very tight mini skirt. In fact, it was so tight that I could see the outline of her thong. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that hugged her huge tits, and no bra. The nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“Here’s the camcorder, take that. I’ll get the door”

I open the door, and my stomach did a flip-flop. There stood Will looking as hot as ever. His blonde hair was kind of tousled, and he was wearing a very sexy smirk.

“Hey” he said nodding to me. I blushed in spite of myself as his eyes scanned over every inch of my body. Judging by the widening of his smile, I figured he liked my little outfit. I was just wearing a small spaghetti strap top, a pair of very tiny gym shorts that said ‘Bitch’ on the ass, and a g-string underneath.

“Hi Will, come on in.” I said leaving the door open, and walking into the living room.

Will followed me into the living room, where Charlie was standing.

“Hey Charlie, you’re looking real good tonight,” Will said as his eyes wandered up Charlene’s bare legs, over her crotch and stomach, and rested on her tits.

“Thanks Will, you really think so?” Charlie asked, twirling her dark hair around her finger.

Will was so busy staring at Charlene’s tits that he didn’t see the camcorder that she held in her hand.

“Will, can I get ya somethin’…a drink maybe?” Charlene asked.

“Yeah… you girls can get busy, and start giving me that fuck you promised,” Will said laughing.

“Not a problem,” I said, “There’s just one thing you need to know before we start. Charlie here is going to video tape me sucking you off.”

“What for?” asked Will.

“I just want to have a little memento of the occasion. You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to suck you’re dick.” I said, trying my hardest to sound real convincing. It really wasn’t a total lie. I had often thought about what it’d be like to screw around with Will. He was after all, pretty hot.

“That’s fine, it’s not like I care whose gonna see me getting sucked by a hottie like yourself. Charlie, go ahead and tape it. Now Ronnie, get on your knees and get to work.” Will pushed down on my shoulders and my legs buckled, so I was kneeling in front of him as he stood in the living room.

I was a little surprised that he agreed to let us tape him, but then again you’d be hard pressed to find a guy who said no when the reward was Charlie and I.

I undid the button and zipper to his jeans, and let them drop to the floor. I then slid his boxers down. I was shocked at what I saw. I heard Charlie gasp, and knew that she was just as shocked as I was. Will was HUGE! He was an easy 4 or 5 inches soft!

“Oh shit, your sister was right, you’ve a huge cock,” I said in amazement.

Will laughed, ”Did she say that? Well that explains why she keeps ‘accidentally’ walking in on me in the bathroom”.

Will then slid his hands behind my head, and grabbed two handfuls of my hair, and pushed my face into his crotch.

I grabbed his semi-hard member in my hands and flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue. I felt Will’s cock grow stiffer in my hand, and I tightened my grip.

“Come on Ronnie, put my fucking dick in your mouth,” I couldn’t help but smile at the lust the dripped from his every word. I opened my mouth, and Will pushed his hips forward, plunging his dick deeply down my throat.

I gagged on Will’s cock as he furiously pumped it in and out of my mouth. I was annoyed at myself for it, I thought I was better than that, but in my defense he was a good 7 or 8 inches fully hard.

“That’s right Ronnie, I told you were going to have a hard time handling me. That’s right baby, gag on my cock”. As I heard Will speak to me like this I realized that rather than being disappointed that I was having a hard time deep throating him, he was getting turned on by it. He liked that I was choking on his cock. Boys! Go figure! The shit they like is crazy!

“Oh god…I’m gonna cum…Oh here it is…swallow Ronnie, drink my cum”

I felt Will’s cock stiffen even more in my mouth and then felt his warm liquid splash against my tongue and trickle down my throat. As he came, he continued to fuck my mouth, smearing his own juices all over his cock. Despite how hard I tried to swallow, his cum dribbled out the sides of my mouth.

“Look at her” Will said nodding to Charlie. I let his now limp cock slip from my mouth, a web of cum trailing from the tip of his cock to my lips, and turned to look at Charlie.

Charlene had the camera in front of her face and pointed at us as I expected. What I didn’t expect was to see was that she had slid her little skirt up to her hips, and was rubbing her pussy. The little slut had been masturbating while she watched me suck Will’s cock. Her arousal was evident by the swollenness of her cunt, which was peeking out the sides of her panties.

“Jesus Charlene, can’t you control yourself?” I asked.

“Looks to me like you want some of my dick for yourself. Huh girl?” asked Will.

“Yes,” said Charlie, still rubbing her pussy in front of us.

“Well go ahead, and lift that skirt up, step out of those panties. Good…good” said Will, as he watched Charlene put the camcorder down on a nearby chair and undressed.

“Now walk over to the side of the coach, and bend over the arm. “HHMM…that’s good. Now wiggle your ass for me.”

I have to admit it was damn hot to see Charlene bent over the arm of the couch, just itching for a fuck. I turned to look at Will, and my jaw dropped to see that he was already grasping another hard-on. The kid didn’t last long before he came, but oh my, did he rebound well.

Still on my knees I watched as Will walked over behind Charlene. He dropped to his knees, lowered his head between her straddled legs and began to lick her pussy. Immediately Charlene started to pant and moan softly.

“HHMM…Charlene your pussy tastes so sweet”, Will said as he got up off the floor. He then stood behind Charlene, but rather than sticking his massive cock into her, he slid his fingers into her dripping snatch. He was sliding them in and out furiously, giving Charlene the finger-fucking of her life.

“You like that Charlie?”

“Oh god…yes Will”

“You want my cock”

“Yes…Yes…I want your cock”

“Say please, and I will give it to you” Will said laughing.

God I can’t tell you how wet my pussy was watching Will tease Charlene in this manner. Charlene always bragged about the way she get guys to do whatever she wanted just by wiggling her ass or shaking her tits at them. I liked seeing her beg for it. I bet it was sure bringing her ego down a notch.

Will had stopped fingering her and had his cock poised at the entrance of her pussy, just waiting for her to mutter the magic word.

I didn’t want to miss this, so I ran over to the couch and plopped myself down on the couch. In front of me was Charlene bent over the couch, her head hanging down, her lush dark hair pouring all over the cushions. Will was behind her, and all I could see of him was from the waist up. I quickly slid my shorts and g-string off, and opened my legs to give Will a nice look at my freshly shaven cunt.

“Please Will, please fuck me” Charlene begged. And then Will did it, he thrust his full eight inches into Charlie. As he bucked forward, Charlie screamed.

“Oh God…you’re so big…Oh god…Oh…Oh…I can’t stand it..” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Charlene, one of THE sluttiest girls in our group was saying she couldn’t handles Will’s cock inside her.

“Owe…Oh my God…Owe…God...” As Will fucked Charlie, I fingered myself, wanting so bad to be feeling Will inside me.

“Will” He didn’t hear me, but Charlie did, her head snapped up, and she looked at me as Will fucked her from behind.

“Will,..I want you to fuck me too,” I said, and pouted at him. Charlene gave me a dirty look.

“Well get your ass over here, and bend over the couch” Will said smiling down at me.

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I jumped up from the couch and leaned over the arm right next to Charlie.

And then I felt Will behind me. The fat head of his cock pressed against my opening, and I moaned in anticipation of feeling him inside me.

“You want that Ronnie? You’re going to have to beg for it too.”

Ug. I can’t believe that little weasel wanted me to beg for his dick. It made me want to be on my knees in front of him, sucking him off again. I should have made him beg for the pleasure of my mouth.

“Do you want my cock or not Ronnie?” He said as he rubbed it around my pussy.

I couldn’t take it anymore I wanted Will to have me.

“Please Will”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me,” I begged.

And then he was inside me. I could feel every inch filling my tight pussy and stretching it more than I had ever been stretched before. He pulled his thick cock out until just the head was inside and then thrust it in again, hard and deep. I moved my hips wildly as his cock fucked me hard, and as my clit rubbed against the arm of the coach.

“ Oh Will…Don’t stop. I’m gonna cum…I’m cumming..Oh GOD!” My body exploded in orgasm, wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure washed over me. As I became aware of my surroundings I felt a soft, warm sprinkle on my ass, and looked over my shoulder to see Will spraying is cum over Charlene’s ass and mine.

“Jesus Ronnie, when you called last night I was certain you were full of shit. I never thought you girls would go through with this.” Will said as he pulled up his boxers and pants.

“Whelp, thanks girls. You live up to your reputations nicely. I should get going…gotta meet up with the guys. Shit they are never going to believe this.”

And just like that he was gone. Charlie and I were resituating our clothes, when I remembered the camera.

I walked over to the chair ad picked it up.

“Oh my God Charlie…You left this running” I said with a laugh. “We’ve got our whole little fuck fest with Will on tape. Trish is going to be so pissed. Not only am I going to be the blowjob queen, but am going to win by having sucked off her brother. The footage of us fucking him is just an added bonus that will help us rub it in! I can’t wait to see her face when we show her the tape.”

“Ya know Ronnie, I think when she sees the tape she’s going to be jealous that she didn’t get to suck and fuck her brother,” said Charlene, plopping down on the coach.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I was giddy at the thought of winning the contest.

“Knowing Trish, you’re probably right, but hell, could you blame her?” I said laughing. “Now lets watch this tape and see what kind of footage we got.”
"Yes I did go to him,
but completely against my will,
and yes he did things to me,
things of which I dream of still,"

-Cowboy Junkies "Black-eyed Man"
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I had to hand it to Charlie, she had done some very good work with the camcorder. She had gotten very clear, and at times, graphic footage of me smoking Will's pole. Even though it had only finished an hour ago I kinda wished Will was still around. He had cum quickly when I blew him but he had given me and Charlie one hell of a seeing to afterwards, bent over the couch.

"Fuck that is a big cock" Charlie said matter-of-factly, not in the slightest concerned that it was my mouth, indeed face, that Will's dick was currently fucking.

We were at the part where Will was about to blow his load into my mouth and down my throat. I was transfixed, watching myself suck Trish's big brother's cock. I could tell the moment Will shot his load as I had forced as much of him as I could down my throat. The bulk of his cock had disappeared into my hungry mouth.

I felt horny all over again. I wanted that cock all over again.

"You suck cock well Ronnie" Charlie informed me

"Thanks" I wasn't really paying attention. I was watching the screen and thinking about his cock. About what we had just done.

"Shit, that has made me so fucking horny again. You know any guys that would come over here quick smart?" Charlie asked

I didn't take my eyes off the screen. I watched as Will pulled his limp cock from my mouth, a trail of cum linked the tip of his prick with my partly opened mouth.

I so love big cock.

The screen now went a little off focus, a result of Charlie putting it down on the chair. All we could now see was Will's ass pumping hard as he slammed Charlie over the couch.

That wasn't as hot as the blow job footage.

We turned it off.

"So," Charlie said turning to me, "what was all this about?"

"What do you care, you got a root outta it?" I retorted, suddenly defensive.

"C'mon Ronnie, what gives? I mean, hell, you had me video you sucking Will's cock"

Charlie had me cornered.

I took a breath.

"OK, look, Trish and I have a, um, shall we say, game going..."

Charlene raised her eyebrows at me.

I sighed, might as well just come out and say it.

"The girl that blows the most cock in three months wins" I finished

Charlie's eyes widened, "why the hell didn't I get a gig?"

God love Charlene, instead of quizzing me on it, she just wanted to know why she didn't get to play as well.

"No offence C, but you wouldn't stand a chance against me and Trish"

"Bullshit" Charlie said, somewhat put out.

I outlined what Trish and I had been doing to her and my reasons for taping my bj on Will.

It is fair to say, Charlene was suitability impressed.

"So what does the loser have to do?" Charlie asked me when I finished.

I didn't say anything. I'd never really thought about it.

"I don't know" I said.

"I think that it should be put to the group, let them decide. I have a few ideas" Charlie informed me.

I bet she did too and I bet they were hot, sexy ideas. At least I hoped they were.

A very good plan with numerous possibilities.
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So the day had finally come to end the BJ challenge and tally up the points. All of us, the sluts of St. Helen, Trish, Jo, Charlie, Mel, and I were there, were in Charlie’s living room. Her parents were again gone for the weekend.

“Okay, Ladies” Charlie said standing up. As she stood her skirt slid up and she wiggled it back down to mid-thigh, her large tits jiggling as she did so. “We’re here because unknown to you all, Trish and Ronnie have been competing in a little challenge.”

That kinda perked the girls up; we really were a rather competitive bunch. I saw them sit up at attention.

“Our job ladies, is first to determine how the winner shall be rewarded and the loser shall be punished. Then we must judge the competition.”

“So what exactly was the challenge?” Mel asked.

“Well, the two sluts over there had decided to see who could suck the most dick in 3 months time,” Charlie said nodding in our direction.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Jo. I laughed thinking we had offended her modest sensibilities.

“You ponies!” sneered Mel. And though she was acting like she thought we were big whores I could tell she was really pissed that she hadn’t been invited to take part in the challenge.

“Oh come off it Mel, we all know what a cocksucker you are, so don’t play innocent,” said Trish laughing.

“Shut-up Trish” was Mel retort, and I could tell she was rankled now. I smirked thinking how stupid Trish was to piss off one of the judges right before she was going to lose our little bet.

“So Ladies, what is the reward and punishment?” asked Charlie.

“I think,” said Mel, and evil grin spreading across her face, “that the loser should be spanked. Spanked hard by each of us.”

“I LOVE it!” shrieked Jo. “We all get to smack the loser’s bare ass 10 times.”

“And the winner gets to apply 20 spanks,” said Charlie. “Everyone agree?” There were nods and ‘Ayes” from the entire group.

“Now,” asked Charlie, “What about the reward for the winner?”

“I know,” said Jo “ the winner gets a nice licking from the loser.”

I laughed as Charlie’s jaw dropped in response to Jo’s suggestion. I guess Jo wasn’t as innocent as she liked to pretend. Charlie’s shocked expression quickly turned into a sardonic smile.

“Oh God Jo, it’s perfect”. Mel shook her head in agreement and so it was decided upon.

“Okay Ladies, lets’ start tallying up those points,” instructed Charlie. Trish and I walked to our purses and pulled out the notepads where we had been keeping track of the guys we blew. As we were walking back to the circle, Trish said under her breath, “Better get that ass and that tongue ready darlin” before sitting down. I gave her a dirty look.

“Okay Trish, start giving us the list of your victims,” said Charlie with a laugh. She had a pen and paper in hand, ready to tally points.

“Well let’s see, I started by sucking off two boys at school, 2 points there. Then I sucked of a guy in the dressing room of work, for 3 points. And pretty soon the word got around town a bit that not only could you get a nice pair a pants at the store put also a blowjob. Pretty soon blokes were coming in and asking for them”.

“She’s not lying either,” I laughed. “Look I’ve spent so much time on my knees there, that I’ve got rug burn.”

“Yeah, Ronnie and I pretty much split the demand, each sucking off like, 3 guys a week, for six weeks straight. So that puts me at what? 23 points?”

“Yeah. Ronnie what about you then?”

“Well I have the same number of points. I had two boys at school to start with, and 7 in the dressing room at work.”

“Well right now you two are tied. Trish, who else do you have?’” asked our score keeper.

“Um, well I blew 6 more guys at school. About half the football team in fact. I started by sucking off the Matt, the captain, and ended up having the opportunity to suck off 5 of Matt’s friends. So six points there. Oh and then I sucked off Mr. Wilson.”

A gasped reverberated around the room.

“Shut up! You did not!” Jo said. I have to admit I was finding it had to believe myself. See Mr. Wilson was the gym coach.

“ I did too. It happened that he walked in after I had sucked off Todd. He didn’t see anything. But as I was about to leave he asked to see me in his office. He started lecturing me on inappropriate behavior. I tried to act all innocent, and said I didn’t know what he was talking about. That’s when he pointed out that I had Todd’s cum in my hair. I guess I didn’t clean myself up as much as I thought. And he said he’d heard rumors that I was quite the little cocksucker. He threatened to call my parents, and of course I begged him not to. So we worked out a little arrangement instead.”

“Oh my god Trish, you are such a whore!” exclaimed Jo. I think her sensibilities were truly offended. We would never look at Mr. Wilson the same again.

Trish smiled a huge grin. “Yeah…a whore with 32 points”.

“What do you 32 points?” asked Charlene. “Mr. Wilson was at school. That’s only worth 1 point”.

“Bullshit” said Trish. “He is a man at school and definitely should be worth 3.”

Pretty soon a heated debate ensued with Mel agreeing with Charlie and Jo agreeing with Trish.

“Oh just give her the 2 points Charlie”. I finally said. I had to admit it took some balls to suck off a teacher and Mr. Wilson at that. He really wasn’t the most attractive guy. Trish had earned the 3 points.

“Fine. Any more points Trish?” Charlie asked.

“Nope that’s it,”

“Okay, Ronnie?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, I had 4 guys at school.”

“Who?” Trish asked.

“Well if you must know some of Will’s friends. Derek, James, Rob, and Mick.”

“Okay, 27 points Ronnie, anyone else?” I know it was mean but I wanted to toy with Trish for a little.

“I don’t think so”. Before I could even say another word Trish started in on me.

“Hah. I knew it; I knew you could not compete with me. I told you you had better be ready.”

“Wait, Ronnie I thought you had one more person. Actually I’m sure you had won more person, as I was there, and I taped it’.

Trish choked on her laugh.

“Oh that’s right Charlie, I almost forgot about that,” I said. I got up, grabbed the tape out of my purse, turned the TV on and placed the tape in the VCR. It started immediately and you could see me on my knees in front of Will.

“Oh my god, is that who I think it is? Shit that’s Will, Trish”. Mel yelled with delight.

“I…I can’t believe you Ronnie…” For once in her life I think Trish was actually speechless.

“God, he is huge Trish!” Jo stammered.

“Yeah it looked like he was a hard suck, and I can tell you first hand that he was a hard fuck to”, Charlie said with a laugh.

“You fucked him too? You slut!”

“Watch and wait and see for yourself Trish”.

The girls watched transfixed as I gave Will a pretty awesome blowjob. Then the camera was placed down on the seat of a chair but you could still see Will having Charlie as he bent her over the couch. As we watched Charlene was giggling like a virgin schoolgirl.

“Oh shut up Charlene. Don’t act so coy; you’re a whore and we know all know it. I can’t believe you two fucked my brother.

“I can,” said Jo, “He is so hot!”

“Well I think that concludes our little challenge. Ronnie wins with a total of 38 points. Trish, strip. And assume the position over the arm of the coach”

Trish couldn’t hide her irritation. You could see her seething. She pulled her shirt up over her head. Next she unhooked the back of her bra, releasing her large tits from their holder. She wiggled out of her shorts and slid off her thong. I smiled as I saw her exposed pussy. She had shaved it all except for a little strip in the middle. She walked over to the couch, her chin held high, trying to maintain her dignity.

“I get to give the first set,” said Mel. She walked up to the bent over bottom of Trish and immediately smacked her ass hard, not giving Trish any time to prepare herself.


With each hard spank Trish jumped a bit. She was biting her lip trying not to cry out.

“9….and 10. Okay, I’m done with her. Whose next?”

“I am” Charlene said. She walked up to Trish’s sore red bottom and began to massage and rub the tender skin. You could physically see Trish relax a bit. Just as the tension released from her body Charlie spanked her. …SMACK….SMACK. Trish gasped. Over and over again Charlene slapped her butt.

Jo spanked Trish next, and she was much nicer about it then the other girls were. Jo spanked her once on the ass, as once on the pussy, alternating between the two. Trish seemed to enjoy this a bit more. She didn’t flinch with the spanks, and her face was flushed.

Mel I think was still mad at Trish for her earlier comment because she sat on the couch Trish was leaning over, and pulled and pinched on Trish’s nipples as Jo lightly spanked her. Mel seemed determine to make Trish uncomfortable.

Then it was my turn. I walked behind her and I have to admit I found the site of Trish displayed like this very arousing. Her plump ass was sticking straight up in the air. It was red from her punishment, but I also noticed that her pussy was swollen, and glistening with wetness. I slid my finger into her plump softness.

“Oh my Trish, it looks to me like you’ve been enjoying this”

She parted her lips to respond to me, and I wiggled my finger inside of her. Her response instead was a soft moan. I worked Trish with my finger until she was panting hard and squirming in pleasure. And then… SMACK… I spanked her pretty ass. I simultaneously fingered her and spanked her. But soon her 20 spanks were dispersed, and before she had a chance to cum on my hand. Oh well that was the price of losing. I figured she’d just have to satisfy herself later.

I laid down on the love seat, and pulled up my skirt, and slid of my panties. Trish, holding her sore bottom in her hands, walked over and knelt between my legs. She lowered her mouth onto my pussy and slid her tongue from my hole to my clit.

“HHHMM, from the taste of you Ronnie, I can tell I wasn’t the only getting turned on by my spankings.” I blushed but had no response because she was right. She resumed her licking, sliding her tongue into every intimate crevice between my legs. My hips began to move and I reached my hands down and curled my fingers in her hair as I pushed her head into me. She began to suck my clit, and I lost it. An earth shattering orgasm exploded inside of me. I began scream.

“I’m cumming. Oh God! I cumming!”

As my eyes fluttered open I saw Trish smiling up at me. She pointed her finger at the other couch, and to my surprise I saw Jo between Charlene’s legs, eating her out. Charlie meanwhile was fingering Mel, as Mel caressed her tits.

“Looks like were not the only sluts in St. Helen,” I said.

Trish laughed. “Nope. And it looks like they could rival us. I’m thinking they might be ready for a challenge themselves.”

That year, our last year at school Trish and I found out that they were indeed up for a few challenges.
"Yes I did go to him,
but completely against my will,
and yes he did things to me,
things of which I dream of still,"

-Cowboy Junkies "Black-eyed Man"
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WOW stroke, stroke, hot story, stroke, stroke, well written and oh so erotic, hmmmm, kept me up n stroking
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