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Old 11-03-2003, 03:09 AM
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korean assistant

I have been promising a naughty visit to your office for several weeks but it just wasn't working out. Well this evening was going to be the night. I had fixed myself up real nice, hair done, make up on and a simple lace bra and matching thong under a rain coat I keep just for occasions like this.

You had just finished working late in the office when I walked through your door, your cute little korean assistant Minn just smiled when I went in past her desk. She knew what I had in mind because I had phoned her earlier in the day to make sure that you would be in late this evening. I know how you hate
to work late and so I planned to make it well worth your while to stay in the office even longer.

I was so glad to see the look of surprise on your face when I walked into your office that I kissed you softly on the lips while I undid the belt on my coat and let it fall to the floor in a heap. You let out a big breath when I stepped back to reveal my scanty dress code and told me how surprised you are. I walked
up to you and pushed you back onto your big overstuffed office chair and knelt before you letting my hands roam all around your inner thighs and crotch. I was very eager to get your cock into my mouth as you were practically ready to burst out of your pants. As I pulled your swollen cock from your pants and caressed it softly I tell you that I am here to fuck and suck you right here and now in the office.

As I take your erection into my mouth I notice that your cock is all wet with sperm and your pubic hair is all damp and matted. I look you in the eye as I ask you who's the slut that you have been fucking. You freeze instantly as I have caught you in a moment of deception. I continue to tongue and suck on your erection while I keep looking at your eyes waiting for your response. You realize I know that you have been messing around and that I will not stop until you give me all the details.

My back is to the door and so I do not see that your pretty little Korean assistant is standing a few feet behind us watching my head bob up and down on your hard shaft while I demand to know who your lover is. She spoke so softly that I was completely caught off guard and I pulled my mouth off your cock to turn to look at her. "Your husband and I have been having an affair for a month now."

I was a little surprised because I keep you pretty tired with the regular fucking I need that I didn't think you would have much energy left for a second fuck toy. Minn looked rather arrogant at me on my knees with knowledge of what she just told me and I have to say I was more than a little pissed with this cunt at the moment. I stood up, and at 5' 8", I towered over her petite 4' 6" frame. I walked over to her and in one smooth motion I grabbed her dress with both hands and ripped and pulled at the same time.

Every button and snap broke free in that instant and Minn was standing there with nothing more than a shocked look and her bra and panties on. I hooked my fingers inside her bra and pulled her right into my face and I said in a loud clear voice; .....'If you want to keep this job bitch, then you better be prepared to get fucked by the 2 of us like you have never experienced before."

I tell you to clear off your desk, we need a place to examine our new little whore from top to bottom. "Now you little asian slut, lay down on this desk and let me examine your pussy." I pulled the chair close by so I could sit down and slide my face right into her cunt. I told you that I need to see if you really fucked her and so I proceeded to eat and lick her pussy. I could really taste alot of cum and I knew that you had dumped a big load in her cunt. I smiled at you as I told you that you did good, Minn is dripping wet.

" Ok asian ass.......I want you to suck my hubby while I finish licking your pussy clean, but don't make him cum yet, we need to fuck him too." Minn is moaning and slurping on your hard cock as I look up at you and wink, I love seeing you with another woman, I am so lucky to have a sexy stud husband that makes me cum several times a day. I notice that Minn's pussy lips are all swollen and red from the fresh fucking and my sucking her off. I have eaten all of your cum from her creampie when I decide that I need some attention.

For the next 30 minutes, we alternate between Minn sucking my nipples and your cock and me sitting on her pretty young face. She is covered in pussy glaze and is speechless as she hears us talk. You tell me that all you had to do was buy her a rose and take her out for dinner once and that she sucked you off in the car on the way home. I could see that Minn was a slut that was begging for sexual attention and I intended to give her more that she could handle. "Look how she just does anything I want hun, what a fucked up slut!"

"Minn dear, could you please lick my ass babe? I really like having my asshole rimmed by a woman and then I want you to kiss my husband." She was such a trooper while I instructed her how to make love to my asshole with her mouth, kissing, licking and sucking on my tight bunghole. I watch you as you kneel behind her and thrust your cock completely inside her in one hard push. "Fuck that young cunt baby, she likes your cock!"

"That's it Minn, see how you like to get fucked by my husband? You should have stayed away from my man bitch, because now you are going to get treated like the fuck toy that you are. We are going to use and abuse every inch of your body for our pleasure." I pull her away from my ass and kiss her soft lips...mmm she tastes good, I have really coated her with
my ass flavour.

"Honey, why don't you kiss your lover's ass and get her comfortable". Your eyes are all bright and you smile with eager anticipation of the coming playtime with Minn. I hold her sweet face in my hands while I talk to her and you explore and tease her tight little ass.

"My hubby really likes to fuck ass, he probably didn't tell you that when he took you out to dinner. So I am telling you now, it'll be uncomfortable for a while because his cock is very thick but you will learn to relax and enjoy it." You are all ready to initiate your girlfriend into the world of sodomy so I instruct her to lay on her back on the desk and bring her knees to her chest. You really like to see her bottom spread open for you and I whisper at you; "She is ready...fuck her tight asian ass baby....make me proud"

Minn's eyes search my face for some compassion; "Please Karen, he's too big.....I can't do this.....nnnnoooo.....!!!!!" You have penetrated her ass with the head of your cock...mmm my pussy twitches in jealousy, this lucky bitch is getting your big cock.

While I hold her face in my hands again I talk to you while looking at her eyes. "Oh yes honey, get inside her, take her now, force your big hard cock inside her ass...yesss!!!" I am now straddling her face so that her moans and screams are muffled by my dripping cunt.

You have stretched her tight ass open with your entire cock. You settle into a steady rythym of anal pounding while she is moaning into my twitching cunny. I kiss you and talk dirty to you while you try to hold back just a little longer until I cum all over her face.
"That's it asian bitch, take my hubby up your ass, give him an anal fuck he will never forget!"

Minn's soft little hands are playing with my ass, she has a finger up my ass and I have reached down to frig her little clitty while she eats my sloppy pussy. You can't hold back any longer and are grunting your last thrusts into her exquisite ass while we
whisper to each other that we love each other.

Minn is next to start a violent shake in her thighs, her orgasm has taken over her senses and this sends me over the edge too as I grind into her hungry mouth one last time. "Don't move cunt, I'm not finished yet!" I bark. I grab the office chair and half sit-half fall into it. Then I slide the chair up to the desk and push my
hungry mouth up against her swollen half open anus ... mmmm...anal creampie....

"Lick all of your husband's nasty cum from my dirty asshole you redheaded whore!" @
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