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Movie Night

Movie Night

I plopped down on the couch next to him. I heard the movie begin playing on the TV but my eyes were locked on him. I snuggled against his side, pressing my head against his chest and listened to his heart beating. His breath cascaded down my left cheek in soft, slow wisps. I sighed happily; there was nowhere in the world I would rather be. I smiled as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me tighter against him. I sighed when he lightly kissed my forehead.

The movie continued to play as I became increasingly turned on just by breathing him in. I toyed with his ear, softly tracing its outer edge with my fingertips. He tilted his head back as I lazily grazed my fingers down his throat and barely brushed my lips against the side of his neck. I grinned as my fingertips found his right nipple and traced around it. I slowly bent my head down and played with his other nipple with my tongue. His arm gripped me tighter. Without a word, I slid myself into his lap until I straddled him. His eyes were closed, enjoying my touches.

I softly placed my hands on his cheeks and pressed my lips against his. Feeling a little braver, I parted his lips with my tongue. In an instant, I felt like I had to have him right now. Our tongues caressed one another as they explored. I could feel his cock getting harder between my legs. I pressed my breasts against his bare chest and already I could feel my nipples harden. His hands slid up my sides, under his shirt that I wore when I slept. We broke our hungry kiss as he pulled the shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor.

He slid down farther onto the couch as he cupped my breasts in his hands. He massaged and kneaded them with his thumbs occasionally teasing over each nipple. I smiled at him as I climbed up his body to position them by his face. Immediately, his arms wrapped around my back to pull my breasts to his face. I smiled down at him while he sucked and nipped. Every now and then, one of his hands would cup and play with the breast that wasn’t occupying his mouth. My God, he was so good at what he does!

I shivered as his hand left my breast and slid down my side. It came to rest at my hip and I sighed happily. I ran my fingers through his hair, scratching at his scalp the way I knew he liked. His hand reached around to grab my ass playfully and then continued on down my cheek, sliding under the silky fabric of my panties. His fingertips reached my slit which was already warm and wet. He teased my lips, tracing their edges before slipping a finger between them. I moaned softly when I felt him just barely touch my clit as he slid his fingers up and down my slit.

He carefully explored my dripping pussy, only inserting the tip of one finger inside. Being the devil that I am, I rocked back causing his finger to slide all the way in. He released the grip on my taut nipple with his mouth and grinned up at me. He slowly slid his finger out only to thrust two fingers back inside me. I gasped with surprise and pleasure. His eyes locked on my breasts as they rocked back and forth while he continued to ram his fingers deep inside my pussy. My muscles clenched tightly around his fingers as I kept rocking back into his hand to drive him deeper. As suddenly as it began, he stopped.

I didn’t mind…I had been waiting for my turn to tease him. As he inserted his thumbs into the top of my panties at my hips and began to pull them off, I placed my hands on his tummy and began to stroke towards his growing cock. My panties landed beside the couch just as I began to unbutton his pants. His hands appeared and again began to fondle my breasts. I pulled down his zipper and “accidentally on purpose” let my thumb slide down his hard dick under his underwear. His body twitched slightly. I smiled to myself as I tugged on his waistband. He lifted his hips as I pulled them off of him, taking the underwear with them.

His cock stood erect and throbbing. I could feel the juices from my soaked pussy beginning to stream down my thighs. I bent down and placed a trail of kisses down his abdomen. My hands rubbed up and down his thighs, stopping just short of touching his balls. I stole a quick glance up at his face. He looked so relaxed and happy. He shivered as I placed my index finger on the tip of his cock and slowly traveled down his shaft. I locked my eyes onto his as I gripped his dick and took the head into my mouth. He took a deep breath as I slid my lips down his hard shaft. I took him in as far as I could. I tightened my lips as I began to slide him back out. When I reached his head, I massaged under it with my tongue.

I slid my hand up and down his shaft slowly as I continued to suck and lick his cock. My other hand slid up between his legs and began to gently massage his balls. I licked harder at his tip before tightening my lips and ramming him into my mouth. As quickly as I could, I slid him in and out on my mouth, taking him deeply. His hips rocked up to meet me and I could taste a hint of his pre cum. I lapped it up hungrily. I could sense that he was getting close. I did one final lick up the underside of his cock before I started lapping and sucking his balls. He moaned deep in his throat.

I climbed up against his chest, my dripping pussy hovering just over his cock. I reached between my legs and grasped his dick. I ran the head of it slowly up and down my slickened slit. I shivered with excitement. I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, arching my back as I did. It felt so good! The way his cock filled and stretched me turned me on even more.

My legs pumped me up and down his shaft as his hips rocked up and down with me. I went slowly, enjoying how he felt inside me. He placed one of his thumbs against my clit and slowly rubbed at it. I began to ride him faster as he rubbed harder and faster at my clit. My pussy muscles clenched at his cock until I finally shuddered, panting as my muscles quivered. I closed my eyes as my body continued to shake.

I felt him sit up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he stood up with his dick still inside me. I immediately wrapped my legs around him as he started to carry me down the hall towards our bedroom. About halfway there, he stopped. He pushed my back against the wall and began pounding into me. I moaned loudly as I tightened my grip around him with my legs. His breathing became heavy as he continued to thrust deep inside me. The wall felt cold against my back. His hands gripped tightly on my hips, pulling me even harder onto his dick. In a flash, he carried me down the hall and laid me on the edge of the bed. He gripped my throat tightly as he continued to pound into me. It felt so good!

Silently he stopped, pulling his cock out. With a fierce strength, he flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my ass into the air. His hand wound tightly in my hair and pulled my head back in the same instant as he drove himself into my pussy. I loved the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. I also loved how I could feel his balls slapping against my skin. I pushed back against him each time he thrust. My muscles screamed, aching for release. With a loud moan, I felt the warmth of his cum shoot inside my pussy. Feeling his throbbing cock planted deep inside me sent me over the edge. I screamed as I reveled in the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. Our bodies glistened with sweat and quivered with pleasure.

He slowly pulled out of my pussy and lay beside me. He pulled me against his chest as I continued to shiver. His long, warm sigh washed over me as I draped a leg over his hip. His softly kissed my forehead before we drifted off to sleep.
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