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Old 05-18-2010, 06:10 PM
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I wrote this from start to finish with just a quick read over for obvious mistakes in two hours this afternoon, so please excuse the errors.

Gym class was finally over. Tanner sat on the bench in the locker room packing his stuff away into his duffel. He packed slowly, letting everyone clear out, in a hurry to get home as this was the last class of the day. He stunk of sweat, he always held off on a shower till he got home.

He had seen Bianney in class today. She looked amazing as always. He was astonished at how someone could always look so perfect at all times. Her wavy dark hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail, her hair flowing out of the rubber band into a long full main that reach her shoulder blades. She wore a white t-shirt, just one size too small. Her flat stomach and full chest on display for him and everyone else to see as the girls ran laps around the football field while the boys ran sprints on the field. Her tight nylon shorts were just loose enough to keep it from being lewd, but not by much.

Tanner could see every curve in his head clearly. He had felt all of those curves dozens of times. They had been together for four months now. Their relationship had grown physical in just a week’s time and he had been happy. He was allowed access to all of her with his hands and his tongue. But his cock was not allowed anywhere below the waist. This wasn’t too bad as she would jerk him off after some urging, but her facial expression showed her distaste for the act. She wouldn’t even take his cock into her mouth. Tanner could never figure it out. She loved cumming, but when it came time to reciprocate, she was not interested.

Unfortunately, even light touches were now out of the question. She had come to him Monday morning and informed him that she was mad at him and he needed to apologize. He had asked what he had done, but her response of ‘If you don’t know then you are a worse boyfriend than I thought’ had only confused him more. They hadn’t spoken in four days.
Tanner had been left to his own devices for pleasure since Monday and he was aching for a good release. Mulling Bianney’s curves over in his head wasn’t helping as he sat. His cock was beginning to wake and he did not want to walk thru the school to his car with what would be an obvious erection. Tanner threw what he could in his bag and walked swiftly towards the parking lot. He knew he could be home in eight minutes, then he could sit back in his bedroom and rub a few out to some internet porn, God bless the internet.

Tanner had his car in sight. He was just eight short minutes away.

“You ready?” a familiar voice said from his left just as he hit the unlock button on the remote for his car.

Tanner looked left and his heart fell. Alivia was walking towards his car, her sweet and always inviting smile on. He had promised to take Alivia home last night after her Dad had said he needed her car to drive to work this morning. Taking Alivia home would take at least fifteen minutes, then probably another ten back to his house. He was probably thirty minutes away from some relief at best. Tanner could not express how ready he was right now.

Tanner waved her in and they both settled in. He started the car and began the journey towards her house. He drove aggressively, trying to shave a few seconds off the travel time.

“What’s wrong with you?” Alivia asked.

“I don’t feel good, ok?” Tanner responded thru grit teeth.

“Was it something I did?”

Tanner took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. His balls were beginning to ache and every movement made the nylon of his workout shorts rub on just the right spot on the head of his cock.

“I had forgotten I was driving you home today. I wanted to go on and get home.” His response was level and almost kind, he was sure she would buy it and let it go.

She didn’t, and she wouldn’t.

“Why, what’s at home?”

Tanner groaned as quietly as he could.

“I just wanted to get home, ok?” Tanner’s stress was showing in his voice now. He was still thinking about Bianney’s body and his cock was not going back to sleep now. He prayed silently that she wouldn’t see it thru his shorts.

“Just need some alone time at home?” Her voice was almost a laugh.

Tanner nodded his head.

“Saw Bianney out there today didn’t you?”

Tanner looked at her with wide eyes. How did she know?

“I saw you watching her. And I know about you guy’s fight. I bet she has been leaving you high and dry since your date Saturday night.”

“How?” Tanner could only get out the one syllable. He was checkmated at this point, he could barely think and Alivia had come with her a game on.

“I work the library during last period. The windows look right out to the football field. I watched you running sprints nearly the whole period. I also saw you watching her as she bounced around the track. She is teasing you and everybody else.” Alivia was smiling that beautiful smile as she described what she saw.

Tanner gulped. He had just a minute or two to go. He could probably escape fairly unscathed if he could just get her out of the car and he could just go home.

“I bet you were thinking you could run home and beat your cock. You completely forgot about me while you were watching Bianney’s perfect little tits and ass jiggle around that track. I bet you’re hard and aching right now. I bet you want me to just jump out of this car so you can run home.”

Tanner was pulling in Alivia’s driveway by now, but he knew he was a long way away from relief.

“Park up close to the garage door, leave the engine running.” Alivia was still smiling at him, but she looked like a cat with a trapped mouse.

Tanner did as he was told. Alivia took off her seatbelt and leaned over to Tanner’s ear.

“Your hard right now, aren’t you?” Her voice was a soft whisper, her lips just millimeters from his ear.

Tanner nodded and whispered.

“You want to jerk off?”

Again, Tanner just nodded.

“Then do it for me.”

And the trap was set, she had him and he knew it.

“Here?” Tanner’s voice cracked. She was going to make him do it, but he had to try to squirm away.

“Yes, right here. Come on, take it out and stroke it for me.”

Her fingers were brushing the head sending shockwaves thru him.

“You know you want to, you can jerk off right now or you can wait till you get home.”

Tanner felt his seatbelt go loose and pull back. He gave in. He slid his shorts down just enough and pulled his cock out. Alivia leaned back with her back against the passenger side door.

Tanner had his cock out and was jerking it furiously. He wanted to cum as quickly as possible if for nothing than to just relieve the pressure.

“Slow down, I don’t want you to cum too soon.”

Tanner slowed some, but not by much. He had his eyes closed, thinking of those beautiful curves. He wanted to fuck Bianney so bad, why didn’t she see that?

“Tanner, over here.”

He opened his eyes and looked over at Alivia. He finally really looked at her. They had been friends since Kindergarten. They had always gone to the same schools and had been in the same class more than a few times. She was pretty. She had an oval face capped with red curls. Her smile was broad, hugged by high cheeks. She was shorter than his 5’ 10”, about 5’ 4”. She had curvy hips and handful breast. She was the girl next door.

Alivia had her shirt pulled up. She was massaging her breast while she held her shirt with her chin. She was moaning low as she watched Tanner’s hand run up and down his seven inch cock.

“You like watching me play with them?” She was using a tone more seductive than anything he had ever heard since he discovered internet porn four years ago.

He nodded as his hormones jumped up another level.

“Here, I’ll help you get off good.”

Alivia pulled her shirt over her head. She shook her hair down, pulling it behind her. This made her round breast stand out, her hard nipples pointing right at Tanner. She licked her index fingers and thumbs and slid them to her nipples. She cupped her breast and pulled at her nipples, her eyes closing as she moaned.

Tanner was spellbound by the show she was putting on for him. Bianney would never do anything like this.

Alivia moved her hands down her body, her palms running across her just slightly poochy stomach. She undid her shorts and unzipped them. She folded the cloth open, showing her teeny yellow panties to Tanner. She worked her right hand under while her left moved back up to her breast. She was moaning loudly in moments. Tanner could swear he could hear her fingers working in and out.

Tanner groaned, he was finally reaching the point of no return. His balls were on the redline and were ready to burst like steam engine boiler.

“I’m close.” He creaked in almost a whine.

“Me too.” She groaned, her breath coming in pants.

Tanner watched in fascination as her back began to arch and her right hand jumped around in her pants.

She called out, “OH, OH, OH, CUMMING!!!!”

Her eyes pressed closed tightly as he back arched hard against the door. Her breast looked fantastic like that and Tanner knew he wanted to see it again.

Tanner peaked just and Alivia opened her eyes. His head fell back against the head rest and he came with a growl. He jerked his cock quickly and roughly as his seed shot from the tip. He sprayed the first load up on his shirt, the second landed across the center console, a little tiny dab landing on Alivia’s calf, she felt herself quake as it landed, the third made it only three inches above his cock before falling back down on his hand, the fourth and following spurts dribbled out, running down the length of his cock.

He slowed and finally stopped, his breathing coming back to normal.

“Better?” She asked, the double entendre obvious.
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