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Old 05-07-2010, 01:09 PM
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An Invitation

After being a member of an adult site for over 3 years, one gets used to an e-catcall that gets thrown their way. Sure, they are always flattering…who wouldn’t want someone thinking that they are sexy and desirable? That’s why I thought nothing of another member’s message awaiting me in my inbox…until tonight anyway.

I signed into my account like I did pretty much nightly. A popup window alerted me to another new message. This was a regular occurrence for the past month. I began expecting a message from him every night that I signed on. He never failed to disappoint. He was always very cordial and well-spoken in his messages. My past reminded me to always be leery of men who seemed “too nice” or “pretty much perfect.” It was hard to keep myself reigned in.

Tonight was different. Granted, I still had the expected message waiting for me. Tonight however, it was more than his usual “How are you doing today?” preceding details of his day and hopes that I would get back in touch soon. At the end of his email, he was hinting that he would like to meet me in person. I was actually surprised to see him as “Signed On” at the bottom of the screen. I slowly traced my lips, thinking of my next move. With a slightly nervous smile to myself, I sent him a message with my instant messenger screen name and waited to see what happened next. Within a few minutes, a screen popped up on my computer. I smiled, knowing it was him even before he introduced himself.

We talked every night from then on. I felt like I learned a lot about him and, at the same time, knew nothing about him. He never wavered from his gentlemanly online etiquette. After a month of these conversations he finally said “You know, I think it is time that we meet.” I panicked a little. Sure he was great online but actually meeting him face to face? I teased him, saying how was I supposed to know he wasn’t some sort of serial killer. He replied with, “Lol, I guess that’s just something you’ll have to take my word on…just give me some time to hide the bodies before you come over ok?” I laughed and told him to have a good night, letting him know that I looked forward to talking to him tomorrow.

Work had been tedious. I walked through the front door, dropping my purse and kicking off my high heels in the entry way. I flopped down into the computer chair, checking my email as I normally did after work. I recognized his screen name from the adult site. His email was simply called “An Invitation.” I shrugged and opened the email from him. I was a little mystified when the email only contained a time, location, and motel room number. My first thought was “He couldn’t be serious…” I minimized the window and sat back in my chair. I tapped the chair arms, thinking to myself before opening the screen again, rereading his email. A little part of me was thinking that going would be a death trap. The bigger part of me, the adventurous part, told me to go for it. I sat tapping my foot, thinking there was no way I was just going to show up at some stranger’s motel room. I glanced at the clock – it was time to make a decision if I was going to go at all. With a flutter in my stomach, I ran to my bedroom, looking like a clothing cyclone.

I glanced at myself in the mirror before gathering up my purse and car keys. The way my red lace top showed just enough of my bust to be teasing to the eye and the way my short black skirt outlined my hips and ass made me smile. My red lips and red heels complemented my top perfectly. I wasn’t sure what I was in for tonight but I was going to go into it looking good. A few more moments of messing with my hair and I was off. I was actually shaking with excitement as I unlocked my car and got in. I gripped the paper I had written the information on, driving toward the motel he had chosen.

I parked out in front of the room. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, none of them near the room number he had given me. I thought that was odd, then I thought maybe I had gotten there a little early or he was running late. I decided to knock on the door. I got out of the car, locking it behind me. I walked the short distance to the room, my heels clicking on the concrete. Reaching up to knock on the door, I realized that the metal security bar had been used to prop the door ajar. “What in the world?” I thought. He had to be here if he left the room unlocked. I stepped into the room, finding it dark and empty. “Hello?” I called nervously. There was no answer, no sound at all in fact.

I reached along the wall, searching for a light to illuminate the room and possibly anyone in it. The lights flicked on and my eyes flew wide at what was sitting in the middle of the room. I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought back to one of our conversations. He told me that he was going to get me a Sybian just for the hell of it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would mean that seriously. I backed up to the door and closed it tightly, slightly embarrassed to have the sex machine sitting in the middle of the room. I walked around it, looking for him to be hiding in the bathroom. It was dark and empty. Maybe he meant for me to have some fun alone?

I walked slowly back over to the Sybian. The cock attached to the machine seemed so large…and inviting. I toyed with the controls, testing what each one did. I stood up and walked slowly around the room, debating what I should do. I kept glancing at the Sybian, getting myself more and more excited with the possibilities that it offered. The digital clock on the table let me know that I had been here for about 30 minutes with no sign of him. Surely this was a surprise that he had cooked up for me to enjoy by myself. Perhaps he was afraid of scaring me off by being too forward. I sighed deeply and decided that I should, for once, just let myself go and enjoy.

I stripped off my shirt, tossing it onto the bed garnished with a green and mauve comforter. I kicked out of my heels and quickly slipped out of my skirt and black thong. I stood naked next to the machine, shivering with excitement yet still nervous. My pussy was so wet by now that I just couldn’t resist the temptation anymore. I straddled the Sybian and slowly lowered myself onto the flesh-toned dick. I felt it stretching me as it slowly pushed farther and farther into my slick pussy. I quivered with pleasure, sliding my hands down over my breasts, tummy, and abdomen. My hands found the knobs, turning them slightly until the machine buzzed to life. I moaned deep in my throat as I rocked my hips against the moving dick. I closed my eyes and found the knobs again, cranking them to a higher intensity.

I bit my lower lip, holding it hostage between my teeth to cage the screams of pleasure that were trying to escape. My hips thrashed with the Sybian buzzing angrily between my legs. I felt my pussy clenching tightly onto the cock that rocked and thrust inside me. Within minutes, my body jolted as my juices streamed down the Sybian under me, cascading down my inner thighs. With my eyes still closed, I reached down to turn off the machine. Before I realized anyone else was in the room, a blindfold appeared over my eyes. Roughened hands gently grasped my wrists, preventing me from turning down the controls. I smiled to myself, knowing that he was finally here…and I didn’t mind a bit. His hands disappeared from my wrists and slowly slid down over my shoulder blades down my back to my ass. I felt something hard, warm, and throbbing against me. I grinned as I felt the head of his dick slowly exploring down to bury itself in my ass. He slowly pressed himself deeper inside me as the Sybian continued to buzz.

His arms wrapped around me, kneading my breasts and pinching at my hard nipples. I felt his dick moving in and out of my ass, his balls slapping against me softly from behind. His fingertips caressed down my sides before he locked his hands on my hips. His thrusts grew more powerful and I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming again. With a sudden burst of intensity from the Sybian and him driving himself madly into my tight ass, I was propelled into a powerful orgasm. All the muscles in my body went rigid before I slumped forward, quivering as the cock continued to plunge into my ass. After a few moments, I heard him moan deeply and felt his hot cum shoot into my ass. He plunged himself in deeply a few more times before his dick slid out of me.

The Sybian stopped its rumbling as I panted and sat up. I started to remove the blindfold to see this wonderful man’s face. Before I could pull the material from my eyes, his hands pressed over mine, stopping me. I felt the heat of his body leaving where it was pressed against mine. A moment later, I heard the door open and close, the click of it as he left. I pulled the blindfold from my eyes, squinting slightly. He was gone. Who was he really? What did he look or sound like? Perhaps I would just have to wait for another invitation…
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