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William and Camilla

This was written in the combined efforts of both myself and my boyfriend.

It was a long drive but William knew it was worth it. The most beautiful girl in the world, Camilla, was waiting for him. Their separation due to his job seemed interminable. He couldn’t wait to take her in his arms and show her how much he missed her.

He felt a knot in his stomach as he walked up to the door. He calmed his breath as he reached up to knock. Then she opened the door. A vision of loveliness that left him speechless. He took her in his arm and held her tightly. Reveling in the closeness with her.

Camilla couldn’t help but smile. Her man would be in her arms this evening after a wait that seemed like forever but was really only a few days. A glimmer of sadness emerged when she thought to herself, “He lives so far away...I wish he could always be with me.” That sadness was erased when she heard a knock on her apartment door. A shiver swept throughout her body as she ran to the door. “It’s him!,” her mind screamed.

Shaking with excitement, she flung open the door and embraced her love. She drew in a deep breath, noting all his wonderful scents from his cologne to his shampoo. A flood of happy memories invaded her mind. She loved him so much. The way he was holding her in his arms ensured that he loved her just as much in return.

William bent back to gaze into her entrancing eyes before bending down to exchange a kiss with her. A broad grin grew on his face as he looked at her. He loved when she ran her fingers through his hair and it drove him wild. He noticed her nipples standing out against him and pulled her closer. As she naughtily crept her knee up she noticed he began to swell against her. He moved his hands slowly up and down her back. Caressing her sides. Moving down to tease her wonderful bottom by gently dancing his fingertips all around.

He kissed across her cheek to her neck. Sucking her neck, dragging his canines gently along. His hands continued to move slowly up and down her body, back and sides.

Her dark eyes locked onto his. A fiery passion and longing burned deep within them. She couldn’t break her gaze as a smile appeared. She slowly swept her fingers through his dark hair, pressing against him. Knowing full well what she was doing, she teasingly slipped her knee between his legs and crept it up his thigh. This miniscule amount of caressing between their bodies sent waves of wanting throughout Camilla’s body. His smile revealed that he noted her erect nipples pressing against his chest.

Putting a hand to his chest, she slowly backed him toward the bed. The back of his knees bumped into the edge of it. Without pausing, Camilla shoved him into a sitting position. “Wait here,” she said softly yet demandingly. She sprang across the room and disappeared into an adjoining room. She smiled to herself as she slipped into a pair of black lace panties and pulled on the red lace shirt adorned with a black satin ribbon. With the thin straps and V cut top, the shirt playfully exposed just enough of her cleavage.

As he sat there on the bed, his smile broadened. He knew she had something special in mind when she acted like that. His heart raced with anticipation of what her surprise would be. When she appeared his breath caught. His eyes traced her body, along the lace panties and across her cleavage. The sight of her made him swell even more.

He was afraid his heart would jump out of his chest as she posed in the doorframe. Every inch of her just screamed sexiness. His manhood swelled to full and began to throb. He could tell she was turned on; he could almost smell the juices flowing from her. He noticed a small wet spot appear on her panties and grinned even harder. His mind was on fire from the show leaving him without the capacity for rational thought.

Standing inside the frame of the door, she rested a hand on her hip and arched her back. Camilla knew that her stance would provide a tantalizing silhouette. After a few seconds, she saw his head do a double take before his eyes traced up and down her body. She could only imagine his hard cock throbbing, striving to be released. The mere thought of it made her pussy quiver and an almost instantaneous feeling of wetness ensued

Gliding towards him with the movements of a feline, she straddled his lap with her long legs bent alongside of his hips. Camilla’s breasts were posed purposely a few inches from his face. She closed her eyes and tilted her head towards the ceiling as she playfully slipped one of the straps of her shirt off her shoulder. Her left breast was completely revealed as she slowly pressed her lips against his hard cock. She would feel him pulsing through both his pants and her now damp panties. God she wanted him inside her…but she wasn’t done toying with him just yet.

He waited with anticipation as she began to stalk across the floor, like a lioness on the prowl. He was almost incapable of action as she straddled him. He stared as in a stupor as she playfully exposed herself. He could feel her wetness pressed against him and moved his hips forward to meet her. He could feel the wetness seep through his pants and it made him throb all the more. Just when he regained some of his control he leaned forward to kiss her exposed left breast but she put her hands on his shoulders and stopped him. His hands had reacted automatically and had grasped her sides and caressed her up to her arms.

He pulled her nipple deeply into his mouth, suckling it. He pulled it deeply and sucked harder. He squeezed it between his lips and prodded the tip with his tongue. He bit a little harder as she began to grind her hips against him. She let out a small gasp when he squeezed her so. When she suddenly slipped away he was dumbfounded. He began to grin again as he watched her talented way of exposing him. A small gasp escaped him as she brought his throbbing member out.

She sighed as she felt his breath across her breast. Resting a hand on his shoulder, she cradled his head with her other arm, forcing his mouth to her begging nipple. Soft moans escaped her as he had his will with it. She rode up and down with a little more violence, pressing harder against his dick. Suddenly, she slipped between his legs, pushing his legs apart forcefully. Without a word, Camilla lowered her face to his waistband and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans with her skilled teeth.

Slipping her fingertips into the top of his pants, she slid them off his body, exposing his delectable hard cock. Surrounded in silence, she teased a single fingertip down the length of his shaft. When she reached his balls, she gently massaged them, gazing at his face. Her expression was one of pure seduction. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue between his balls, up his shaft, and across the head before taking him into her mouth. Her lips were firm as she sucked on the head while flittering the tip of her tongue across it. While her mouth encircled his cock, her hands ran up and down both his inner thighs.

His hands balled into fists wrapping up in the sheets as she handled him. He was only able to catch her gaze for a moment before she took him away. Her expression of beautiful seduction sent veins of fire throughout his brain. Her every touch sent electricity through his body. She knew how sensitive his balls were and loved to take advantage of it. Her awe inspiring skill with her mouth never ceased to amaze him, but nothing mattered now but his love for her and the way she was making him feel.

Camilla took one final powerful lick across his head and slipped her hands up his abdomen, under his shirt, and across his chest. Raising his arms above his head, she slipped his shirt off and threw it carelessly to the floor. She leaned down and kissed his chest before holding his face gently in her hands. Her thumbs caressed his cheeks as she kissed his lips passionately, her tongue twisting itself around his. She broke their kiss only long enough to slip her own shirt from her body. She began to grind her hips into his, enjoying the feeling of his now exposed cock even closer to her pussy

Beaming, Camilla stood up and faced away from him. She was sure to stand just out of his reach. She slipped her hands down her sides and paused at the top of her panties. Glancing over her shoulder, she blew a kiss to her man waiting eagerly behind her. She slid the black lace down over her hips, freeing her ass from its confinement. Sure that his eyes were glued to her, she followed her panties to the floor, bending over to give him a full sight. Before standing again, she eased two fingers between her pussy lips and splayed them apart. His twitching cock ensured that he liked what he saw.

"Camilla, you little tease" he said as she moved up his body "I’ll remember that next time when it’s my turn to be in control." As she took his face in her hands he placed his hands on her hips. He savored their kiss, massaging her tongue with his, entwining them between their mouths. He beamed as she removed her shirt, loving the sight of her exposed flesh. The feeling of her soaked lace against his cock made him move his hips against hers, meeting her grind for grind, pressing himself into her sensitive flesh. His hands pulled up her back and rubbed her hard nipples against his firm hairy chest, pressing them together. As she leaned her head back and moaned he kissed her throat and licked her neck and collarbone.

He loved how she teased him, always out of reach making the payoff all the richer. As her hands moved to her waistband he gently licked his lips then was caught by her gaze. He was lost in those deep brown pools of seduction. He barely saw her sexy round ass as she uncovered it for him. When her pussy was exposed to him he felt his heart pound even harder, his hands were shaking in anticipation. As she stretched herself for his view he could feel all his blood rush to his cock, pounding in time with his heart, aching for her, begging for her attention. He noticed his throat was dry and wished she could see herself through his eyes, the unbelievable beauty she showed him.

In one swift motion, Camilla shoved him down onto the bed. She reached under the pillow and her hand appeared with a pair of handcuffs in them. She latched them to his right wrist before securing the chain to the bars of the headboard. Guiding his left arm, she latched the other cuff to his other wrist. She climbed on top of him, placing his face just below her dripping pussy. She lowered herself just enough so that the tip of his tongue could tease her clit and get a taste of her juices. Her hips rocked slowly back and forth with the motion of his tongue. Her hands fondled her breasts without her thinking of it.

He rolled back with her as she moved to cuff him. He resisted playfully as she pulled his arms to the headboard. As she positioned herself over him he leaned forward to get a taste of her. He savored her juices and spent a moment gazing at her, loving the sight. Then he gently blew over her lips and clit, teasing them with his breath before he touched them. Then he teased her just with the tip of his tongue. Tracing up and down her lips, circling her opening, circling her clit. He couldn’t quite reach far enough to slide his tongue inside her so he was content to gently massage her clit. She let out a soft moan as she felt him and began to play with her breasts. As the pleasure washed over her she sank lower and he tasted more freely.

Sliding her body down his, she stopped with her pussy positioned over his erect cock. Reaching between her thighs, she grabbed his rock hard dick. With a devilish little grin and a wink, she forced herself down onto him. She took in his entire length, letting out a loud moan as she felt him inside her. Again and again, she jolted herself down onto his cock. Her pussy gripped it tightly, selfishly

With all the anticipation built up inside her, she knew she would orgasm soon. Already she could feel the muscles in her body beginning to tighten. Riding him with intensity, she bit at her lower lip to keep silent. She wanted to feel him thrusting inside her, harder…faster…deeper. As if reading her mind, he provided all that she was longing for. With him still inside, Camilla bent over and nibbled at his throat. Her sharp teeth grazed carefully along his jugular before inflicting a more powerful bite. She began to ride back as hard as she could against his cock. Her body was beginning to feel as if thousands of tiny lightning bolts were striking all over her.

Hearing his breath quicken, she knew he was getting close to cumming. She was on the edge herself. Every muscle in her body was tense. She rode him faster until she felt his hot cum shoot deep into her pussy. A massive orgasm swept over her and Camilla screamed with pleasure. Her pussy clenched and unclenched his pulsing cock. Her hips gyrated uncontrollably as her fingernails dug into his shoulders. Her body was covered in sweat as she shook with the intensity of cumming. Gasping for breath, she fell against his chest, listening to his heart beating wildly.

He grinned again as she moved down position herself over him. Her wink gave him butterflies in his stomach but not for long; as she forced him inside her he was in Heaven. He moved his hips to meet hers. Pressing up in time to her thrusts. Relishing her pussy's velvety vise-like grip on his cock. He felt his balls begin to contract, starting to get close. He violently bucked his hips against her as he came, filling her completely. The waves of passion broke over them leaving him breathless and his heart was racing.

With little effort, she reached a hand up and released the cuffs from his wrists. She sighed happily as his arms wrapped around her, pulling her close. His breath drifting across her damp body made her shiver. He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. Still inside her, Camilla whispered “I love you” as they fell asleep, their bodies joined as one.

William awoke a few hours later to behold the heavenly creature nestled on his chest. As he took a few seconds to admire her and watch her breathe he could feel his love for her swelling in his chest. Moments like this were what kept him going through their seemingly long separations: her weight pressing on him, his powerful arms wrapped around her, her hair tickling his sides, the warmth of her satiny soft skin against his, the soft scent of her hair and the powerful aroma of their lovemaking and the warm moistness of their union. As he thought of that he felt a stirring in his loins. He bent down and brushed aside her hair to kiss her forehead. He whispered "I love you" in her ear.

Since the day she had told him she loved him she became the only woman in the world to him. She became like the center of his world, his sun rose and fell in her eyes. All he wanted to do was please her and make her happy. He knew that she was rarely sated with only one and he knew it was his turn to show her the depth of his passion for her. A devilish smile crept across his face as he chose an idea...

He slowly rolled on top of her and gently kissed her to wake her up. He pressed his hips against her as she slowly stirred from sleep. He gently rubbed the tip of his nose against hers and gazed into her sleepy eyes. When he was sure she was awake he withdrew from her and backed off the bed. With a wink he sauntered into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He had a devilish smile on his lips as he returned to scoop her up in his arms. He was strongly built and loved to display his strength for her. Her weight feeling as little as a feather to him he carried her to the bathroom and set her on her feet in her large shower.

The water was of perfect temperature as he joined her, not to hot nor not hot enough. At first he just held her beneath the warm spray, soaking in the water. He pulled her close and kissed her, one of his legs easing between hers to press against her. His hands ran up and down her wet slick back, caressing her from her neck to her bum. With one last kiss on her neck where it met her shoulder, he backed away and took the showerhead in his hands.

He started to playfully spray her, eliciting a small giggle from her. Spraying her hair, her body, her legs, getting her entirely wet. Then he began to wash her. Taking her soap in his hands he massaged and caressed her entire body, starting with her neck. He slowly drew his soapy hands along her touching every square inch of her but carefully avoiding her most sensitive areas. He traced down her arms to her fingertips, across her chest above then below her quivering breasts, up and down her sides and all along her back. He knelt before her as he worked down, focusing for a little on her sexy ass he kneaded harder there, squeezing as well as caressing her. Then he moved down the back and sides of her legs, still caressing firmly, making sure to touch all of her. When he finally had washed her toes he started back up. He encouraged her to separate her legs for him as he ran his hands up their insides. As he neared her more sensitive area she let out a small moan.

Camilla leaned against the shower wall as William directed the spray of the showerhead in a circling motion over each breast. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, the warm water was aimed up to trickle down her exposed throat. The water traveled down over her breasts, across her stomach, and spilled down her legs. She sensed that William had positioned himself on the floor of the tub and was now barely caressing between her legs. She lifted one leg up and to the side, resting her foot on the lip of the tub. William’s plan was falling right into place.

The water spray tickled and teased Camilla’s fully exposed clit. She sighed heavily and toyed lazily with her very erect nipples. Changing the showerhead to the pulse selection, William allowed the water to hit her clit full force. The sensation caught Camilla off guard and with a sudden jolt, her hips rocked back and forth with a soft, pleasant orgasm.

Knowing that she was capable of a much more earth-shattering orgasm, William inserted a single finger into her still throbbing pussy. He carefully and slowly eased it in and out of her, slipping it in as deep as he could then back out again. Feeling her relax, he added another finger, watching as her pussy stretched around them both. Soft moans kept escaping Camilla’s throat. When William suddenly stopped, she glanced down at him and saw him bring his fingers to his lips, then lick her juices from them. She smiled as he slipped three fingers back inside her. After he thrust into her a few times, Camilla reached down and grabbed his wrist. She guided his hand towards her mouth and slowly lapped at his fingers, indulging herself in her own taste.

Camilla could see that William was rock hard yet she dared not toy with him just yet. Thinking about what she could do to him, she was surprised when he grasped her hips and forced her to sit. Without a word, he shoved her legs into a bent position and forced them against her chest. Quickly, he bent his head over her pussy and began sucking in her lips, darting his tongue between them. Camilla softly rocked her hips up towards him. His tongue grazed her clit one moment then shot inside of her the next. The sensation of his tongue going wild between her legs caused her to moan loudly one moment and whimper the next.

William would still not allow her to cum. He still had a few things on his mind that he wanted to accomplish first. Before she knew what was happening, Camilla was turned over and placed on her knees. Quickly, William thrust his cock deep into her pussy. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her onto him forcefully. Camilla felt her breasts bouncy as their bodies slapped together. She could feel his balls smacking against her and became even more turned on. She rode back onto him as hard as she could, both of them going wild with expectation. When she felt herself on the brink, she found herself repositioned yet again.

William turned her on her back and held her down onto the tub floor. The streaming water glistened on Camilla’s body as it ran off of her. He rammed his dick as hard as he could back into her. Without stopping the intensity, he pumped feverishly into her already tightening hole. Staring intently into his eyes, Camilla said in a straight voice “I want you to cum inside me...right now.” Her words provided the trigger that she had hoped for. Wrapping her legs around William’s body to take him in deeper, she felt his hot load explode deep inside her. Feeling the pulsing of the hot cum within, Camilla screamed as her body was blanketed by the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She could still feel her pussy contracting around his ever-hard cock. Without a word or withdrawing from her body, William picked Camilla up and carried her back to the body, falling asleep in each others arms, still nestled deep within her warm wetness.
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