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Old 03-07-2004, 10:22 PM
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His Little Freak

I should probably start at the beginning for any of this to make sense.

A few months ago, we got a new manager at work. He seemed pretty quiet, didn't talk to many people, simply did his job and went home. He was always helpful when asked, but didn't offer his assistance either. Other than his spectacular blue eyes, there wasn't anything very special about him at all.

One night, while sitting in the vault counting money before closing, he started talking to me. Asked me if I had a boyfriend and what people did for fun around here. Thinking that he was just curious and probably bored in a new place I made polite chit-chat with him. Night after night the conversations got longer and longer until things came to a real head.

I had been out the night before with a guy I was seeing and hadn't had time to cover the large hicki on my neck. That night the conversations over the piles of money were completely different. Now he wanted to know if it was a bite mark? Was I into that kind of stuff? Was I a "freak" in bed? Maybe it was the heat in that closed off space, maybe it was the privacy offered by the vault, maybe it was his southern accent that became more pronounced the more relaxed he got, but I openly answered his questions. Later that night he asked how old I was, I responded with the same question. He told me to guess. My estimate of 35 was only a little off, he was 32. I'm 22.

From that night on, when no one else was around, he'd refer to me as "his little freak". I don't consider myself a real freak in the bedroom. I'm 22 and really enjoy sex, usually getting off 2, 3 or even 4 times in a night with no problem. I have a particular soft spot for aggressive guys and love to be pushed around, but I had thought this was pretty tame stuff in comparisson with some of the things I had found on the internet.

Our conversations locked in the vault continued, getting longer and more in depth, until he started to allude to the two of us getting together. He was separated, and had a girlfriend, but she was still living more than 500 miles away and he was staying at a hotel up the street. I had no real boyfriend and he was simply lonely. He finally came right out and asked me for my phone number outside of work. I gave it to him, and then because of our schedules, didn't see him for 3 or 4 days.

I was driving home from a friend's house around midnight and my cell phone rang. I had been planning on going home, going to bed and sleeping in as late as possible and enjoying my coming day off. Aggravated, I answered the phone. It was my boss! He had just left work and wanted to know if I'd come by, nothing serious, just to see how comfortable we both were with the situtaion. I'm not sure if it was how tired I was, or maybe if it was just because sometimes I like a little trouble, but I agreed. He said he'd meet me at the back door of the hotel in an hour, he needed to shower.

I went home and freshened up. I put on a yellow halter top that showed off my (in my opinion) perfect 36 C breasts, drawing attention to the bar bells I have through both of my nipples. It also showed off my tan nicely, as well as the tattoo's that cover most of my back. While brushing my teeth and fixing my hair, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was doing this! Here I am, 22 going to meet up with a man who's not only 10 years older than me, but also my boss! I could lose my job for this, not to mention the reputation it would give me if anyone found out.

Driving over to the hotel I had millions of butterflies in my stomach. I thought deeply about what I was doing, trying to figure out why I was going to go through with it. All I could come up with was that it was his attitude more than anything that had drawn me in. He was incredibly sexy. So sure of himself, so confident to the point of being cocky. And I loved it.

He was waiting just where he had said he would be. I parked my car and walked up and said, "Hi." Feeling somewhat childish and foolish I followed him into the building and to the elevator. My hands were shaking. We walked into his hotel room and he offered me a seat on the couch, where he sat down very close to me. We talked and watched tv for a little while and I noticed his smell, it was intoxicating. He smelled like soap and clean laundry, like shaving cream and the slightest hint of after shave. They were the most simple and manly smells I could think of, all rolled up into one.

Finally, he turned me to look right at him and said, "You don't have to do this if you don't want to. I'd understand." I looked him right in the eye, took a deep breath and decided, I had not driven here just to watch tv. I had not been so careful getting ready to just sit and talk, so I answered him, "No, I'm ok with it."

"Good", he said and pulled me closer to him. His hands were incredibly strong and he lifted me without any trouble at all. His mouth met mine without warning. Even his tongue was strong! It had been forever since I had been in the company of a man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. I was like clay in his hands, his to do whatever he wanted with. I soon found myself laying down with him on top of me, the strings from my halter top flying by my face as he un-tied the knot with one hand. "Mmm.. Those are great!", he exclaimed after liberating my breasts from my shirt, and immediatly took as much of my left one in his mouth as he could while massaging my right. His hands and tongue were so skillful, playing gently across my nipples, flicking the barbells and then roughly attacking them again. I could have let him do that all night!

Eventually he stopped, and breathing hard into my ear said, "Well now that you've shown me what the local high-school kids do, think I could find out what you college girls are like?"

He was patronizing me! That asshole! Suddenly, I was incredibly angry with him, but rather than get up and leave, I did the opposite. In a breathy wisper, I said, "Sure, but only if you think that you can handle it." His blue eyes glittered and a huge smile spread across his face, turning him from a cocky narcissist into a warm and welcoming person whom I wanted nothing more than to please. I pushed him back against the arm of the couch and started my hand up the leg of his shorts.

My mind was racing. This is not the kind of thing I do! I'm not aggressive! I don't push men around! But part of me was really enjoying it. He must have noticed me second guessing myself and his eyes dulled and again he told me that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. I told him that no, I did want to do this. He laughed heartily at me, confusing me even further. Pouting like a child, I asked what that was for. Still chuckling to himself he said simply, "Once you get there, you're never going to want to leave. Just remember little girl, this is just for fun." My anger at him surged again and I almost jumped on him, trying to prove him wrong.

My hand climbed up his leg as I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears. I lifted myself up high enough to have my nipples right in front of his face. He licked and sucked them eagerly as my hand reached his balls. Perfectly smooth! Just shaved! What a lucky girl I was! I hate pubic hair, on myself or anyone else for that matter. My hand climbed higher still until I suddenly stopped kissing him.

"Holy shit!" I yelped.

He laughed again smiling from ear to ear. In my hand was the largest cock I had ever felt in my life. And it wasn't even completely hard yet! No wonder he was so sure of himself all the time! The man had all the money in the world and the most perfect cock any woman could ask for!

Lust, like nothing I had ever felt before overcame me. Almost frantically I started undoing his shorts. I was pleasantly surpised with a pair of boxers with smiley faces all over them, so at least he has a sense of humor. He stopped me breifly to pull my shirt all the way off and play with my tits some more. He loved them. His eyes danced over them as his hands played. With his mouth on them and his eyes closed, he was the picture of perfect bliss.

I pulled his huge cock from his boxers and started running my hands up and down it, basking in just how gorgeous it was.

"Now wait a second, that's hardly fair", he said, his southern accent flowing freely with his arousal. "What?!", I was starting to get angry again, who the hell was he to stand in the way of me playing with this marvelous toy in front of me! "You lost your shirt, I should at least lose my shorts and keep it even." Now it was my turn to laugh as he slid them off. "Now where were we? Oh yeah." And he took one of my tits in his hands and played absent mindedly as I kissed my way up one muscular thigh and then the other finally coming face to face with the monster itself.

He wasn't even half hard and had to be close to eight inches. I flicked the end with my tongue, knowing that my tongue ring must have peeked out at him by now. He let out a soft moan and just leaned back to watch the show. I've never been much of a show off, but I know I give decent head, and I wanted nothing more than to prove to this asshole that I wasn't just some innocent little girl he had run into at work.

I massaged his balls enjoying their smooth and soft texture againt my skin as I licked his dick. Up and down, around the head. I wrapped my tongue around it (as best as I could, with it being so thick and all) and ran it up and down. I put just the head in my mouth and massaged the underside of it with the jewlery in my mouth. This ellicited a gasp. My eyes flashed open and met his. My eyelids were heavy with lust, and I kept a sleepy eye contact with him as I continued to lick and suck all over the incredible length of his shaft.

Finally, I couldn't take my own teasing anymore. I slid as much of his monster in my mouth. It bumped against the roof of my mouth and I lowered my mouth down even further until my bottom lip touched his balls. I looked up to see what he thought of my effort. Smiling, he clapped a few times "Good girl! Good girl! I'm impressed! You're the first girl north of DC I've met who can do that!" I winked at him and went back to work. I sucked and sucked and sucked his cock. When my jaw got tired, he let me rest, taking a few minutes to play with my tits and kiss me. We changed positions over and over again. I was sitting, he was standing, He was laying down, I was sitting. Both of us on the floor. Finally he said, "Ok, enough games. On your knees, I'm going to cum like you wouldn't beleive."

He pushed me down on my knees and stood up in front of me, nearly waving my new wonderful toy in my face. I took it in my hands and then started sucking greedily at it again. "No, no, no. We need a plan." He stopped me and lifted my chin to look at my face. "With a piece of equipment this size, you get quite a show at the end. Too much for even a talented mouth like yours. When I'm ready, I'm going to pull it out of your mouth and cum all over your tits and maybe your face too, and you're going to love it." He spoke to me like a child, like a pet.

I had never let anyone cum on me. Never. I must have made a face because he grabbed a fistful of my hair and looked right at me again. "Did you hear me? You're going to suck me off, and then I'm going to cum on your tits and you're going to like it."

All at once I knew why I was here. This is why I drove over. So that this man, with all his strength and confidence could make me his.

He shoved my face at his cock and held that fistfull of hair almost painfully tight as I sucked him as deep and hard as I could manage. Finally, I felt his balls tighten in my hand and his cock became absolutely rock hard, it must have been nearly 10 inches! He yanked me away from him and with his free hand aimed his cock at me and came.

I was covered in it. All over my tits, in my hair, on my face. He released his hold on me and I leaned forward and gently licked the cum off his slowly softening cock. He softly petted my hair, as if to apologize for how rough he had pulled it earlier.

He kissed the top of my head and walked away for a minute and then came back with a damp towel. He cleaned me up a bit, tied my halter top back on, taking a second to pinch my nipples so he could see them stand out through the thin fabric.

We walked back to the elevator and while it slid down to the first floor he kissed me gently on the cheek. "Now, no telling anyone about this. We could lose our jobs, and I don't want to give up six figures." I agreed to not tell anyone (yeah right, what 22 year old girl doesn't tell her best friend about nights like that!) and he walked me out to my car.

"You're one amazing little girl, I hope you know that."
"You're pretty amazing yourself, big guy", I said and winked at him.
"There's a rule about the big guy. Once you're his, you can't let anyone else cum on you. You're mine now, my toy."

I knodded solemly and got in my car. He patted me on the head and wished me a safe drive home.

We've only had a few other adventures since then, and in between I've dated a few guys, but I've never let anyone else cum on me. I don't think I ever will.

I see my boss almost everyday at work. We exchange secret glances now and then that make me smile. I'm always looking forward to another chance to play with that enormous cock of his.

Some people complain that he's too quiet. That he isn't friendly enough. His girlfriend will occasionally call the store to talk to him. The other day, after taking her call, a friend of mine said to me, "She's a nice girl, I don't know what she could see in him, he can be such an asshole."

"Oh, I don't know. I suppose he has some redeeming qualities." I replied and smiled to myself.

If she only knew.
"when i sin, i sin real good when i sin, i sin for sure"-misfits
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