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When he began to gently suck her pussy lips and nibble on her erect clit, she couldn't take it anymore and clamped her legs around his head. Her moaning got louder as his tongue drove her over the edge. 'Oohh yes my love. I'm going to cum' and began to shake violently as she pulled his head tighter to her crotch, 'Oh, Tim, I'm cumming, I'm cumming'. Her body spasmed as her orgasm hit her and she let out a loud moan, bucking her hips tighter on his mouth 'Aaahhh'. Tim sucked her until she let go of his head, then licked his way up to her mouth, kissing her passionately, both tasting her pussy in each other's mouths.

Stacey could feel Tim's hard prick rubbing between her legs. 'Make love to me, Tim. Put your prick in my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside me'. She kissed him, reached down, grabbed his hard shaft, and placed it at her opening, feeling the hardness throbbing in her hand as Tim kissed her deeply. Then she pushed the head of his prick past her swollen lips and into her hole, feeling his prick slide into her. 'Don't stop, Tim. Push your prick in deep. Oohh yes lover, push deeper, cum inside me' she whimpered as Tim buried his prick deep in her.

She held him tightly against her sweating body and squeezed her pussy, gripping his prick like a vice inside her. The sensations in her pussy were incredible as his prick filled her, and when it rubbed against her clit, jolts of ecstasy shot through her. She held him close, locking her legs around him as he slid deeper into her pussy, moaning with each thrust. He filled her completely and with each movement, came closer to another orgasm. 'Move faster, Tim. You feel so good inside me. Make me cum with you inside me'. He thrust his prick into her pussy, faster and faster, as he felt his orgasm building up in his testicles. Stacey felt his prick swelling inside her, her pussy tightened around him as he moaned. 'Oohh. Oohh Stacey, I going to cum'.

'Aaahhhh yesss. Cum inside me, Tim. I want to feel your sperm in me' she moaned and she reached the brink of her own orgasm. When his prick spasmed and the first jet of sperm hit the back of her womb her orgasm hit her. Tim felt the sperm churn up his shaft and spurt deep inside, as jet after jet of hot sperm entered her pussy and she tightened the grip around his shaft. She had never felt anything like it and could feel his cum shooting into her. Clamping her legs tighter around his hips and holding him to her body, she shook and saw stars, as wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her.

Tim felt her pussy relax and she loosened the grip of her legs around his hips then kissed him deeply. 'Oh, Tim, that was so wonderful. I have never felt such an intense orgasm before. Thank you my love' she whispered and they held their embrace as Tim's prick began to soften inside her. They kissed deeply again and when his prick slipped from her pussy, held her in his arms.

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you moved with me like a single heart beat'

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