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Ponder the scenario:

It's early Friday evening, the weekend looms and you are going to meet your intended after a long and hard week. The weekend looms and you have made arrangements to meet at a given time and point. Your late (and not for the first time).

What do you say, what can your excuse possible be that may rescue this dire situation? After all, you are horny as hell and ready for some action between the sheets, but knowing being late, will kill of any erotic adventures that you might have thoughts about.

What you might send, as a text message, to your loved one, be it your partner, wife/husband or lover.

This is what I sent, and it worked a treat.

'Nice and mellow on a sunny afternoon, waiting for a bus to take me beyond nice and mellow on a sunny afternoon.'

What would you send?
'Our bodied entwined with sweat and heat
you moved with me like a single heart beat'

I have re written most of the following titles and have a few new, yet to be posted, ones.

Drop me a line if your interested in a copy.

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