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erotic51 07-18-2002 03:41 PM

The Lovers
Stacey looked at herself in the full length mirror as she stepped out of the shower and admired her naked body, running her hands through her long wet hair, feeling it's cleanness. Glancing at her bra lying on the bed, trying to decide whether she would wear it, she gently squeezed her round breasts deciding that she would. Looking down, she rubbed her hand against her soft pubic mound, enjoying the feeling of touching herself, and moved her hand around to her round hard arse. Turning around, she sized up her buttock in the mirror, her body tingling as she ran her hand over her arse cheeks. She took one last look at herself in the mirror, went over to her vanity and lightly sprayed perfume over her body, finished dressing and went downstairs, saying goodbye to her flatmate. Closing the front door behind her, her heart began to pound in anticipation.

As Tim opened the door, she fell into his arms, offering her half open mouth for him to kiss. She started to suck his tongue as he parted his lips and opened his mouth fully to her probing. Then moving her hands, stroking his bare chest, she found his nipples and gently squeezed them until they hardened under her fingers, as Tim began to stroke her back. As he moved around to her sides, gently caressing her, Stacey could feel the temperature in her body rising, her flesh shuddering with pleasure.

Her breathing deepened as she kissed him passionately and he continued stroking, slowly bringing his hand around to her stomach as she shifted her body to give him access. He gently kissed her neck and licked her ears, as her breathing increased. She moaned and felt a warm tingling between her legs as he moved his hands up her body, running his fingers in circles, getting closer to her breasts and nipples.

'Oohh Yes' she whispered as he slowly ran his hand up over the fabric, cupping her firm breast in his palm. She sighed and pulled his lips to hers, sucking his tongue and probing his mouth as he continued to massage and squeeze her nipples with his fingers through the thin fabric of her shirt. He moved one hand down and pulled it out of her jeans, then as he reached under her shirt, touching her bare skin, Stacey moaned and shuddered as ripples of pleasure ran up her spine. Slowly running his fingers up under her bra and touching the underside of her bare breasts, Stacey took in a deep breath, feeling her crotch getting wet as his warm hand fondled her breasts. They firmed in his hand and her nipples became erect and hard as he gently squeezed them.

'You can take my shirt off if you want' she whispered, moving to allow him to pull the shirt over her head. Kissing her, he reached around, undid the clasp of her bra and gazed at her round breasts as they fell free. 'They're beautiful' he whispered, holding them both in the palms of his hands, feeling the firmness as he gently squeezed them. Stacey smiled and pulled him to her mouth, probing with her tongue, and tracing her fingertips over his back, sending a shiver through him that made him draw his breath in sharply. 'Oohh, Stacey' he murmured, lowering his head, sucking on her ear lobe.

Then moving his lips down her neck towards her breasts, he sucked a nipple into his warm mouth, and Stacey moaned with pleasure, pulling his head tight to her chest. 'That feels so nice' she moaned, closing her eyes, savouring the warm sensation of his mouth sucking her nipples. Tim continued to kiss and suck her breasts, slowly moving his hands over her stomach. The perfume intoxicated him as he nibbled on the nipples, hardening between his lips. Stroking her stomach and moving his hands down to the top of her jeans, he ran his tongue down to her waist, kissing and licking lightly as her muscles flinched in pleasure.

Dropping to his knees, caressing her thighs, he ran his hand lightly over the crotch and kissed her through the denim fabric. 'Undo them, I want to feel your fingers down there. I want to feel your tongue and mouth on my wetness' she whimpered as he held the zipper and pulled it down, exposing her white panties. Stacey moaned with excitement and panted, 'Take them down, Tim. I want to feel you against my skin' she whispered, and as Tim ran his hand around to her arse, she moved her hips, pushing into his mouth. Continuing to run his hands over her thighs, he licked and kissed the bare skin as he pushed her tight fitting jeans down over her hips and past the knees.

Slowly Stacey lifted one leg at a time, as he slipped the jeans over her ankles and felt his warm breath on her mound as he explored her through the wetting fabric. 'Oohh Tim, that feel so good. Kiss me, lick my pussy. Your making me so wet. Oohh Tim, please, don't stop'. She arched her back as his tongue licked the top of her thighs and flicked across her mound. 'Oohh yess' she moaned holding his head and pulling it hard against her. Tim hooked the panties in his fingers, gently pulling them down her trembling legs, kissing her thighs as he slid them off her feet, exposing her nakedness to his gaze.

Stacey gasped when his fingers touched her smooth shaved mound, the lips swelling as he ran his hand between her legs and his fingers touched her clitoris. She moaned with pleasure when he parted her lips, running his fingers through the wetness. Opening her legs to give her lover access, he gently rubbed her clit, slipping his middle finger into her wet pussy, and she shuddered with pleasure as he probed her wetness. Tim moved up to kiss her on the lips and she held his face to hers, running her hand down to his crotch, squeezing the bulge in his pants, feeling his hardness.

He moaned as she moved her hand to his belt, undid it, pulled his zipper down and reached into his pants, gently wrapping her hand around his hard prick. She squeezed Tim's hardness while he moved his finger in her pussy and they both moaned with pleasure, experiencing the touches of mutual pleasure. Releasing his prick and sliding to her knees, she pulled his pants down, nibbling at his thighs as his manhood sprang from his pants. Her eyes half closed as she gazed at the erect prick, standing straight and hard in front of her face. Tim shuddered with pleasure, when she wrapped her hands around the head, slowly stroking until a large drop of precum seeped out, and buried her face into his crotch. (continued)

erotic51 07-18-2002 03:42 PM


Still groaning, he lifted her up to his eager mouth and kissed her hard, breaking the kiss, to suck her ear lobe and Stacey panted, fighting for air, as waves of pleasure flowed over her. Parting for a moment, they stood facing each other, gazing at each others naked body, his prick throbbing from her touch and the aroma of her flowing juices filling the air. 'You are so beautiful, Stacey' he said, and they held each other close, her hard nipples pressing against his chest, as she pushed her crotch against his hard prick.

Sinking to the floor in a passionate embrace, and laying down facing each other, they continued the pleasure of mutual masturbation, moaning as they neared their orgasms. 'Oohh yes, that feels so good, Tim' Stacey whimpered 'You're going to make me cum on you fingers. Push them in deeper lover, take me over the edge' Tim sighed and they masturbated each other with passion. Stacey's hips bucked as Tim rubbed her clit and she clamped her legs shut on his hand as her orgasm hit her.

'Oh, Tim, I'm cumming' her whole body shuddered and shook in pleasure as she began her orgasm. He kept his fingers inside her, pressing against the soft ripples, rubbing his thumb over her hard clitoris as she spasmed and shook. She arched her back high, stiffened, and with a loud moan, collapsed. 'Aaaahhhh, yesss, my lover'. When she released his hand, she rolled Tim onto his back and slowly stroked his throbbing prick with her hand, moving it up and down in a slow rhythm.

'Keep stroking Stacey. Hold me tighter, pump my juices out. I'm going to cum on your hand'. Cupping his balls in one hand and gently squeezing them, she stroked his hard prick. 'I'm going to cum, Stacey. I'm going to cum'. His prick erupting, as Stacey watched him spasm in her hand, and spurted jet, after jet, of hot sperm onto his belly and over her hand. When Tim had stopped, she pulled his cum covered body to her and kissed her spent lover's mouth, spreading his sperm into her soft skin, and they kissed and caressed each other until their breathing slowly returned to normal.

'That was wonderful' Tim whispered, tenderly kissing her neck. Stacey smiled, feeling his seed dry on her stomach as they kissed and caressed each other, feeling the warmth between them. Tim massaged her arse and thighs sending shivers through her body as she stroked his chest and stomach, making him shudder. She ran her hand down to his hardening manhood, and began to slowly stroke, then kissed her way down his chest, sucking the hard nipples in her mouth. Tim watched as Stacey moved her tongue across his hips to his stomach, stopping just above the head of his hardness, and he moaned with pleasure as she licked her way down past his hard prick.

'Oohh Stacey' he whimpered as she kissed his balls, licking the length of his shaft. When she got to the head, she tenderly kissed the tip, licking a drop of his cum into her mouth, rolling it around her tongue. 'Mmmmm' she moaned, wanting to taste more of his hot, thick sperm. She looked up at him, whispering 'I want to taste you in my mouth. Cum in my mouth my lover. Let me drink from your prick' and wrapped her lips around the head, lowering her mouth on his shaft, sucking it in deeply.

Enjoying the sensations of her sucking his stiffness and her tongue running around the head, Tim moaned as she moved up and down on his hard prick. He watched Stacey's head move up and down on his throbbing manhood, sending shivers through his body making him shudder. She savoured the texture of soft skin over a solid, hard prick, as Tim's prick oozed creamy semen, filling her mouth. Stacey wanted more, she wanted to feel it running down her throat, filling her mouth, spurting on her face and breasts.

She caressed his balls and lightly touched his arse with her finger tips, as she eagerly sucked his rock hard prick. Licking down the length, she moved down, running her tongue around his balls and to his arse, leaving a trail of precum and salvia. Moaning, as she gently inserted her finger into the opening, probing deep for his gland, Tim knew that he would not last long. Stacey moved her mouth back to his prick, sucked him in, closing her lips tightly around the swelling head. She could feel it get bigger and harder in her mouth and Tim moaned louder as she sucked and moved her finger in his arse.

He felt his orgasm building and his body started to shake, 'Oohh, Stacey, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Oohh yess. Aaahhh'. She began to suck Tim's prick harder, moving her head faster, squeezing his balls and massaging the inside of his arse as he began shooting his thick hot sperm into her mouth. The first jet of cum hit the back of her throat and fell onto her tongue, but before she could swallow, another jet of sperm shot into her mouth. Stacey began to swallow as Tim's prick spurted another stream of cum between her hungry lips, filling her mouth.

She savoured every drop until he stopped, then sucked his prick until it started to soften in her mouth. Stroking his prick one more time, and sucking the last drop of sperm from the tip, Stacey looked into Tim's eyes 'Mmmm what a heavenly taste'. Panting and still shaking from his orgasm, Tim caressed her head and brought her mouth to his, kissing her, sharing his seed as they kissed deeply. He could taste his sperm on her tongue as she probed the inside of his mouth, letting the last drops move between them. 'I've never felt such an intense climax. It was so good. Thank you'.

He slowly kissed his way to her breasts and sucked her nipples, alternating, back and forth and running his hand down to her wet, hot pussy, inserting a finger. He followed his hand, kissing and licking her breasts, her stomach and onto her pubic mound, as she spread her legs, exposing herself to his eager lips. Tim kissed, licked and worked his way down, gently sucking her clit as she raised her hips to meet his mouth. Then he sucked his way to the opening of her beautiful pussy. Her juices flowed freely while he spread her lips with his fingers, and extended his tongue into her wet tunnel.

Stacey grabbed the back of his head, 'Oohh yes, lick me, Tim, lick my pussy. Aaahhh that feels so good' she moaned, thrusting her pussy up to his mouth. He raised her legs, giving him deeper access and thrust his tongue in and out of her, sucking on her lips before moving back to her clitoris. Stacey could feel the orgasm growing in her pussy as Tim's tongue started to drive into her. (continued)

erotic51 07-18-2002 03:44 PM


When he began to gently suck her pussy lips and nibble on her erect clit, she couldn't take it anymore and clamped her legs around his head. Her moaning got louder as his tongue drove her over the edge. 'Oohh yes my love. I'm going to cum' and began to shake violently as she pulled his head tighter to her crotch, 'Oh, Tim, I'm cumming, I'm cumming'. Her body spasmed as her orgasm hit her and she let out a loud moan, bucking her hips tighter on his mouth 'Aaahhh'. Tim sucked her until she let go of his head, then licked his way up to her mouth, kissing her passionately, both tasting her pussy in each other's mouths.

Stacey could feel Tim's hard prick rubbing between her legs. 'Make love to me, Tim. Put your prick in my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside me'. She kissed him, reached down, grabbed his hard shaft, and placed it at her opening, feeling the hardness throbbing in her hand as Tim kissed her deeply. Then she pushed the head of his prick past her swollen lips and into her hole, feeling his prick slide into her. 'Don't stop, Tim. Push your prick in deep. Oohh yes lover, push deeper, cum inside me' she whimpered as Tim buried his prick deep in her.

She held him tightly against her sweating body and squeezed her pussy, gripping his prick like a vice inside her. The sensations in her pussy were incredible as his prick filled her, and when it rubbed against her clit, jolts of ecstasy shot through her. She held him close, locking her legs around him as he slid deeper into her pussy, moaning with each thrust. He filled her completely and with each movement, came closer to another orgasm. 'Move faster, Tim. You feel so good inside me. Make me cum with you inside me'. He thrust his prick into her pussy, faster and faster, as he felt his orgasm building up in his testicles. Stacey felt his prick swelling inside her, her pussy tightened around him as he moaned. 'Oohh. Oohh Stacey, I going to cum'.

'Aaahhhh yesss. Cum inside me, Tim. I want to feel your sperm in me' she moaned and she reached the brink of her own orgasm. When his prick spasmed and the first jet of sperm hit the back of her womb her orgasm hit her. Tim felt the sperm churn up his shaft and spurt deep inside, as jet after jet of hot sperm entered her pussy and she tightened the grip around his shaft. She had never felt anything like it and could feel his cum shooting into her. Clamping her legs tighter around his hips and holding him to her body, she shook and saw stars, as wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her.

Tim felt her pussy relax and she loosened the grip of her legs around his hips then kissed him deeply. 'Oh, Tim, that was so wonderful. I have never felt such an intense orgasm before. Thank you my love' she whispered and they held their embrace as Tim's prick began to soften inside her. They kissed deeply again and when his prick slipped from her pussy, held her in his arms.

erotic51 :)


jjjjbo 07-19-2002 01:13 PM

very well told!

erotic51 07-21-2002 08:51 AM

jjjjbo - I do try to make the stories as real as possible and they are. Thanks again for your comments.

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