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It’s Always the Quiet Ones

Part 1: The Shy Guy & The Nice Girl

It had been a slow year for me and I was tired of being by myself. I had done my part to be the good boy. I listened to my parents while I was in college, I partied very little, I received only high marks, and I finished in 3-1/2 years. I did all that was asked of me. After school I got myself a cushy little job with a great Insurance Firm and had been working my ass off. But now here I was, I had money, a nice place but damn I was lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few dates in college, but no one wanted to date a guy who cancelled dates all the time to study.

So, that was it I made the decision to leave my nerdy ways. I was buying new clothes like mad trying to update my styles. I was making plans to go out every Friday and Saturday night till I fell head over heels in love with someone. Yeah so much for plans, lets see I sat, I drank, I sat, I drank, I chit-chatted a little now and again. Frankly let me just say that I kept putting the pole in the water and the fish I caught were not worth keeping. So after about a month of this (I give up easy), I put myself back into work and said heck with it. And that is where this story really begins.

She worked down the hall from me, her name was Devon. She was the nice looking but quiet and conservative accountant. I saw her in the hall all the time; we passed and always said hi, but nothing more. She was attractive in her business suits with their knee length skirts. I always managed to get her to smile when we passed and it was always the face of a pleasant pretty girl that looked up. However the thought never crossed my mind to think of this girl as a possibility of anything other than professional.

It was late one Friday night and I thought I was the only one still working; everyone else had lives after all. I went down to the copier and stopped before rounding the corner when I heard it running. I peaked around and saw it was Devon, but only a loose reality of the girl I saw every day. Her hair was down and I had never noticed what a glistening shade of red it was. She had her jacket of and was only in a sleeveless blouse. I had to look twice because I was shocked to see what appeared to be the edge of tattoo on her shoulder. I just took her in, thinking to myself that this girl looked better to me than any woman I had ever glanced in my steady diet of porno magazines. She had a great set of buns that her jacket usually left to the imagination. As I continued down I was noticing her fantastic legs, still encased in there slightly opaque pantyhose. Suddenly I heard her clear her throat and I had to jerk my eyes back up off of her legs.

“Hiya, Dan”, she said, with a cockeyed grin held steady on her face.

“Hello Devon, sorry didn’t know anyone else was here”, I rushed out of my mouth as I turned to flee into my office.

“Wait a minute, from the looks of the papers in your hand, I think you needed to make a copy”.

“Oh it can wait till Monday”, I explained, now needing to run to a shelter any shelter.

She then started to approach me, I didn’t know what to do but I held my ground. I thought I would begin to whimper as she stopped in front of me and took the paper from my hands. My eyes couldn’t help but drift down to the front of her smooth blouse as I saw she must have removed her bra at some point because her nipples were quite prominent in a get to know you pose.

“Here, I’ll copy these for you”, she taunted me, as she turned and walked, no strutted to the copier leaving me with empty hands and reflections of legs and ass in my eyes.

She stood over the copier and inserts my papers into it. “How many would you like today” she asked me.

“Just two”, I stammered.

She copied my papers and here I was still just standing by the corner, I am quite sure my mouth was agape but who knows. She was humming with the machine as its green light was reflecting across her blouse like a broken disco light. Her hips were swaying back and forth with the swipe of the copier. She glanced back at me with one eye and gave me the sweetest little wink. I almost fell backwards, if I would have blinked I would have missed it but my god was this girl coming on to me?

The copier stopped and she collected all my sheets and headed back to me. She put them in my hands that had not left their outright position from before. I gazed at her face and eyes as if I couldn’t function without them. I gave to her my thanks and she turned away. Disappointed at the end of the encounter but not surprised I too turned to leave.

As I turned I heard her say “Dan”.

I turned, probably much too quickly, and said “Yes, Devon”.

“I believe from what people tell me about you that you have no plans for tomorrow night, do you?” she asked.

At first I thought about being standoffish and saying it was none of her business, but instead utter something like “No, I don’t”.

“Good” she said flippantly, “Then I’ll see you at my house at 7:00 and we’ll do something, wear something really casual, Okay”. With that she turned and walked away.

I just stood there in amazement. I turned and went back to my office not knowing what to think. Laying my head on my desk I started to murmur to myself. I shut off my computer and left the office. The entire drive home was like being underwater. When I got home I stripped of my clothes and jumped in the shower. I lathered my body up and closed my eyes. As my hand reached my member, it immediately gripped and I began to stroke it with such force as I hadn’t used in a long time. I exploded onto the shower wall in minutes and just stood under the shower letting the chlorine smell take over the tub as I shook my head trying to understand the evening.

Next: (Bare with me it gets real good)

Part 2: The Shy Guy and The Surprise

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Part 2: The Shy Guy and The Surprise

It was the longest Saturday of my life. I did things around the house but had no thoughts whatsoever but of Devon. I went to the store, the mall, just did anything to be doing something to pass time. It came to 6:30 and I jumped into the shower and cleaned up. I put my favorite pair of jeans and opted for a long-sleeve t-shirt.

I drove across town and pulled up in front of her house. She had a nice little house with a large yard keeping her away from the neighbors. I looked over the house without getting out of my car, but everything was dark. I opened the door and stepped out the car trying my best to stride up to the door. I stopped, held my breathe and gave the door a big knock. I waited anxiously hobbling back and forth on my feet. The door opened slowly but I saw no one. Like an idiot who hadn’t seen a thousand horror movies, I stuck my head in the door and said “ Hello”. Around the door came Devon, unlike anything I have ever seen. She was clad in a black latex halter, and black latex pants and with the longest spiked boots I’ve ever seen.

Devon grabbed my shirt and pulled me in the dark room. She slammed the door shut and put a finger to my lips. “This is the only time I will let you talk. I know just what you need to loosen you up Dan, and if you let me have you until tomorrow I can guarantee that when you leave this house you will be a changed man. Tell me yes or no now, and with yes I will not allow you to speak to me again or make any kind of noise unless I give you permission. However if the answer is no you may leave the house now and go back to you quiet little life. So danny boy which is it.”

I don’t remember even thinking about it but my lips worked on their own accord and whispered “Yes”.

With that she didn’t say anything, she just took my hand in hers and led me to a door in the house. She opened the door and there were stairs going down with candles lit along the railing attempting with much success to give the house a gothic feel. I followed her creaking body down the stairs, being led like a sad puppy to the kennel. We arrived at the bottom of the stairs and it was too dark to notice anything for certain in the room as the candles cast shadows creating crouching demons in every crack and crevice. She pulled me to the left and told me to back against the wall and to spread my legs apart. I wanted to resist at the least hesitate, but my feet slid apart as if grease had been put on their soles. She knelt in front of me and placed something around each ankle. Then she stood up took each hand and place them near my head, each one place in a slot giving of an audible click. I looked from side to side and could see my hands were inside some kind of padded wrist locks, all kinds of thoughts began to race through my head. What did she have planned for me, was I safe, is she one of those crazy people, what?

Suddenly as if answer to my question if felt cold metal against my stomach. I looked down feeling quite alarmed to see Devon starting to cut my pants with a pair scissors. “Relax, lover” she said snappingly, not stopping to cut while she glanced up at me. She cut down one leg, then the other and stripped my pants and boxers from my body. She then cut my shirt and removed it. It was cool and my I felt my sack come close to my body, but my penis seemed to be thinking on its own as I felt it grow.

“Mmmm, much better I think, and I see that you are feeling good yourself”, she slyly whispered.

“I guess”, I replied. No sooner had I spoken and she had turned around and grabbed what looked like a leather strap from a table and struck it across my chest.

“I told you no talking, understand” she commanded of me.

I was stunned, never had I been struck in my life. The memory of the strike was throbbing on my chest and I could already feel the skid rising in what I was sure was going to be a giant welt. I looked up at her and she was glaring at me. She turned away from me and as she was leaving over her shoulder she said, “ Just for that you have forced me to leave you hanging here for awhile, I’ll be back down when I felt you will no longer disobey me”.

With that she trudged up the stairs.


Part 3: The Shy guy learns what he’s missed.

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omg....... I think ....I know....I am gonna dig this story......so hot...hurry;)

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It sounds like skip has a secret spy cam set up at Lilith's house... ;)
Can't wait for part three!

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Part 3: The Shy guy learns what he’s missed.

I stood there unbelieving, shackled like a convict; this is what I had been waiting for all day? I ran this question in my head over and over for what seemed like an eternity. Just as time ticked by and I started to get worried and cry out, I heard the click of her boot coming down the stairs again. She rounded the corner and looked me over. “You are ready to be good now”, she said lovingly to me. It was not a question so I did not answer her. She walked over to me and began to pace back and forth in front of me. It was if she was thinking what to do with me, but I had the feeling it was a game and she knew exactly what she would do with me.

She stopped right in front of me looked me in the eyes and began to tap a coiled whip against my chest. I could hear the leather coils creaking in her grip as she bounced it off my sternum. Quite unexpectedly she dropped to her knees and grabbed the base of my member with her free hand. “Hmmm”, she said, “Lets begin”.

She wasted no time and took the head of my penis in her mouth. I sucked in a large breath as her very warm lips wrapped around my swelling mushroom. Her tongue was flicking the tip of my penis with lightening speed as she began to give me suction. I was becoming fully erect at an amazing pace as her mouth worked on my head. Her hand began to squeeze at the base with more pressure and I could feel the circulation being stopped. Then two things happened, first she let go of my penis with her hand and took the whole thing in her mouth with one gulp. At the same time, she reared back her hand and struck the side of my ass with the coiled whip with a loud whap. She then bobbed out to the head and then back down again, and again the whip came. I didn’t know whether to cry out in pleasure or pain. She continued on pulling her head out, then taking me in and hitting me with the whip.

I wanted to feel angry, violated or something like that, but my body had other ideas. I could feel the head of my member swelling, pulsing from her rhythmic sucking. I knew that no matter how surprised or shocked I was by this that I was going to cum like a faucet. She must have sensed my readiness because she stopped bobbing out and took me back full in her mouth and began to hit me with the coils repeatedly.

“Whap, whap, whap”, filled the basement with echoes. I could feel her tongue working under my penis giving me a sensation of tingles climbing to my wounded ass. My already clenched ass suddenly pulled itself tighter as I began to unload straight down Devon’s throat. As I was cumming she pulled her head back, swallowed hard and presented her tongue for more of my deposit. She reached up her hand and began to pump, no that not right, she milked my penis for what was left. She pulled and squeezed easing down milky white drops of my fluid onto the tip of her magic mouth muscle.

Quite finished and sensitive I was released. She stood up, leaving her mouth open so I could see my juice sitting on her tongue. She reached up a hand to her halter and released the hooks. Her breasts popped free, they were milky white with pink/brown nipples that were grippingly getting harder before my eyes. She pointed at me with one finger, touched the tip of my nose then took her finger and dipped it into her punch bowl of a tongue. I saw the semen begin to drip down her finger and she lowered her hand to her newly exposed breasts. The finger hooked and I was bewildered as she began to coat her nipple with my natural lotion. She put her head back as if this were giving its own invisible pleasure. She returned her finger to her mouth and proceeded to go through the ritual again for the second breast.

Dropping her hands she then made a dramatic swallow as she once again held me in her gaze. I could see the glistening moisture still on her lips. She then pulled my face close to hers and kissed me on the lips with a light tap. First I wanted to be repulsed, I would have to taste my own excretions, and the thought had always repulsed me. Then I licked my lips on instinct and tasted the sweet/salty taste that makes some women cringe and others beg for more. She smiled approvingly at me and brought her lips up to mine and parted my lips with her tongue and forced it into my mouth. Surprising me again I found that she had not swallowed the load she had no her tongue as she pushed it from her tongue to mine. She began to flick my tongue like a school girl making out for the first time. I found that with her frenching me I had no choice but to swallow the gift she had given me. She heard me swallow and pulled herself away, but only for effect. She was almost giggling at me, “I knew you would like it Dan”, she touted at me.

“We are just beginning your lessons Dan, but now I am need of some relief, I think that its time for you to give me something I desire”

She then began to stride up to me lifting one of her cum dripping nipples towards my mouth…

To be continued…

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Part 4: Now I knew She Was A Bad Girl

My lips opened on there own accord. I took her nipple in my mouth and tasted myself along with a soft aftertaste of what I guessed was latex. She told me to suck it hard so I started sucking like a baby kitten at his momma. She pulled the first nipple out of my mouth and inserted the second and I started working on that one too. She was moaning and when I looked at her face her head was back with her teeth barred in a most evil grin. My seeing her face caused me to stop and she quickly glanced down at me.

“Do you mean to tell me that I get you off in such amazing style, and you don’t want to take the time to work on me”, she slurred at me, “I don’t think so”.

With that she turned around and I thought she was going to leave me hanging here again. She strode about 2 steps then turned on her heels. She stared at me, and without dropping her eyes from me she reached over and pulled something from a table. I couldn’t see what she had grabbed but it looked like short stick. Once again I was slightly scared as she walked back towards me. She reached up and unhooked my hands and instructed me to get down on my knees.

I plopped down on my knees not even daring to rub my wrists that had been in the shackles. She started walking around me, tapping the stick in her hand. She started to hum a tune as her heels click to some unknown beat. She stopped at my head and pushed her thighs against my cheeks and I felt the tip of the stick, which felt like leather rub up and down my back. Then suddenly I heard raise it and she brought it down on my right ass cheek and there was a laudable slap. I jumped ever so slightly and when I did she brought it down again.

“Now”, she said, “I am going to have you flip over on your back. Then I am going to sit on your face while you bring me to 2, no make that 3 orgasms since you jumped, and if you fail to please me I will be using this on your thighs.” She said as she was tapping the strap against my ass. “Now, on to the floor with you, Danny boy.”

I rolled over on to my back, my throbbing ass cheek cringing as it hit the floor. I looked up and saw her standing there grinning down at me. She stepped back for a moment and undid an unseen clip and her pants fell to the floor leaving only her boots. She clicked over to me and straddled my body letting her crop drag over my body. She drug it up my legs, then to my inner thighs then used it push my spent member to the opposite side. A little giggle escaped her as she moved my penis. She continued to walk to the sides of my body until she was right over my head. She slowly crouched till she was just inches from my face. She stopped there but I could see and smell her arousing sweet spot. She had just a tuft of downy hair sitting right about her hood cover clit, but it was the smell that started my member hardening again. It was intoxicating, there is no other smell in the world like it, you breathe it in and it just brings lustful feelings to the surface.

Almost without control my tongue shot out of my mouth and my head lifted up just slightly to get a taste. Apparently she agreed with my movements because she dropped herself onto my chest and pushed her slit to my lips. Even in my limited experience I had been taught by one date of mine how to lick a girl to pleasure. So I pulled out my knowledge and let it rip. I started licking her lips from her clit to her sweet puckering hole. Up then down again and again my tongue moved, sometimes slipping deeper between the lips and getting some drops of juice for my effort. She was already beginning to moan a little and her hips were uncontrollably starting to rock ever so slightly. I opened my eyes to see her bringing one of her glistening nipples up to her own mouth for a taste. This only got me going more. I thought it was time to let it out of its home. I stopped my movement and took my tongue and lightly freed her already stiff clit from its warm cover. She shivered as I took it between my lips lightly giving it pressure.

Now she was into it, I started sucking on it while flicking it with my tongue. She must have been plenty ready because I could feel her stiffen as an early and unexpected orgasm shook her. Her body became uncontrollable and I did everything I could to maintain my grip on her button as her hips thrashed back and forth on my face. As she got louder and louder her hand rose in the air and she brought the riding crop down on my side. I jumped but with the jump I just shoved my face and tongue deeper into her causing her to whip me with each thrust of her hips. Her hips rode my face like a bucking pony, and I felt like one to as welts began to rise up on my outer thighs and buttocks.

She looked down at me and grinned, the grin told me one thing, she was not done with me…

To be continued…

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done......well almost.....another installment (or 6) and I should be completely satisfied:p

I just love a good boy/girl/whip story:p

Could you teleport here and make it a bedtime story????;)

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Uhmmmm errrrr....can't think, can't breathe.......

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Part 5

Devon rose up off my face and sat down next to me as her breath came quickly. She looked me in the eyes and I could see the wicked grin was still on her face. I gasped as she reached down and took hold of my semi-hard member.

“I’m not near done with this Dan”, she said, “Get up and come with me”.

I stood up and she took my hand and guided me to a room off of this one. She turned on the light in the room was nothing but a four-poster bed that’s posts seemed to be mounted to the ceiling. The bed was covered with black sheets which looked to be satin and in the middle of the bed laid as black as the sheets a coiled whip.

She told be to stand next to the bed. I moved towards the bed and she laid down on her back and with one hand grabbed the whip.

“Stand here between my legs”, she ordered.

I took my place between her legs my hands down at there sides awaiting what was to come. Suddenly she sat up took the whip and flipped it to the side and slung it around me catching it in her other hand. She took grip of the whip with both hands, pulled herself to the edge of the bed and pulled me up against the bed. My penis was just fractions from her saliva covered slit. She pulled on the whip again and I poked at her entrance.

“Put you hands on my ankles and put them on your shoulders”, she hissed, “I want you to put you prick inside me but do not thrust, I will control the speed with my whip”.

So I took her ankles and slowly slid them up my chest and until they rested near my shoulders. She then moved down a little closer to me and wiggled her hips until I slipped inside her. The feeling was fantastic, the head of my member was still sensitive from the amazing sucking it had taken. The whip tightened around my ass and she pulled my whole length into her with a quick tug. She gasped as it went in but she did not let up on the pulling as if she were trying to pull my entire body into her. She let the slack up and I took it to mean she wanted me to back out. I slid out of her extremely lubricated slit. I was almost halfway out when she tugged hard jerking me forward back into her. She gave a soft scream this time and I was given the evil grin. Again and again it went on like this, she wanted it hard and pushed hard. I was getting tingling sensations every time she pulled on me and I could feel the head of my penis pulsing as it went deep.

“I knew you were a dirty fucker Danny-Boy. I just knew it”, she said through clenched teeth.

I or should I say she made me keep pounding her. We had been going for what seemed like half an hour, but I am sure it was no more than 5 minutes when I felt her ankles start to shake. Then I felt it her muscles clamped down around my penis as her vagina began to throb and she pulled me into her with all her grip. She started a guttural scream as she panted and moved her hips up and down as she could. It must have been a powerful orgasm because I could see she had bitten down on her lip as she whipped her head back and forth on the bed….

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Beam me up in your direction, I'd like to hear the rest of the story in person :p

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Part 6

I felt a slight slacking in the whip, but not enough to let me slip out of her. Her eyes were still closed and her chest was pumping rapidly as she came down from her shivering orgasm. I just stood there waiting to be told what to do. She looked up at me and smiled, not a smile of loving, an evil wicked grin. The grin told me she wasn’t near done with me. She let go of one side of the whip and it fell to the floor and told me to back up against the wall. I walked backwards and stood with my bare ass touching the wall. She rolled up and sat on the edge of the bed for a minute.

“I think its time to clean you up” she explained while leering at me, “follow me”.

She walked out the door and went down a hallway once again lit with candles along the wall. She stopped at a door and opened it. It was more brightly lit than the other rooms and it was a type of bathroom. It was a rather large room with a shower curtain at one end and mirrors everywhere. The ceiling and walls even past the curtain were covered with mirrors and once again I began to worry what was to happen to me although I will admit the apprehension was laced with small amounts of pleasure. She looked back at me and then whipped open the shower curtain. It was a very large shower stall more than 8 feet by 8 feet. There were shower heads on 3 sides and there was a pair of shackles hanging down from the center shower head.

“Walk up and put your hands up by the cuffs”, she ordered me.

I walked up to the wall and put my palms on the wall. She walked to either side of me and clasped my hands into the loops. She then walked behind me and patted my legs apart getting me to spread them quite far apart. She began to tisk at me and I heard her walk away. I just stood there half bent over legs spread, naked in a shower stall wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. I heard her coming back in and looked back at her. She had removed all her clothing and had something in her hand that I could not see from my view.

“Please look only at the wall Dan. I am going to wash you and myself and then make this ass of yours look more presentable to me.” She told me with authority.

I heard the shower head on my right go on, but I just stared straight ahead. I could hear her getting wet next to me and the urge to see her showering was too great and I began to turn my head. However this is what she was waiting for. My head did not get to move an inch when I felt a paddle come down on my ass hard.

“I told you to look only at the wall”, she said half chuckling at me.

I kept my face straight forward feeling my ass tingling from the hit. Surprisingly I also felt my cock get harder and I shook my head in disbelief of myself.

“Smack, smack” went the paddle since I had moved my head. The second hit making me move slightly forward because of the stinging it was giving me. I could hear her wet feet padding behind me tisking me again. I felt her hand stroke my ass feeling the heat from her slaps. She reached over me now and turned on the shower head I was positioned under. Warm water began to cascade over me and it gave me cooling relief as it rolled across my throbbing ass. Devon took her hand and rubbed water into my hair as she placed the paddle up against my butt. I felt her reach over and grab a bottle of something and she began to wash my hair like I was a child. The suds were running all over me and I moved my head to avoid it getting in my eyes.

With my head movement she immediately backed away and gave me 3 hard whacks with her paddle.

“I can see you like that Danny-boy, but your ass is now the nice ruby red shade I so like”.

With that she dropped the paddle to the ground and came up behind me and reached up to grab a bar of soap off the wall. She began to sud me up from top to bottom and as she lathered me she would rub her body against mine getting it soapy as well. She worked my back, my butt, and my legs till I'm sure I was covered in soap. Then unexpectedly I felt her reach up and release my hands.

She then spoke, “I am going to put my hands against this wall Dan and I want you to wash me just like I did you. You will pay special attention to my ass and get it very clean. You will then rinse it off, then squat down and clean it out with your tongue. Then once you get it nice and soaked with you saliva you will take your hard prick and gently place it in my ass and I will fuck you with my tight hole”.

She walked over to the wall and put her hands on it and pointed her ass out at me. I took the bar of soap and walked over to her and began to wash her. I lathered her front, back everywhere especially running my fingers between her cheeks all the way down to her clit. She was slightly bucking along with my hands and I could tell she was getting worked up. I dropped the soap and began to rinse her off; she was quickly shoving her ass out. After I rinsed her off I squatted down behind her and began to lick at her ass. She was shaking back and forth telling me to stick my tongue in. I obliged her actually enjoying myself in this taboo venture. I was getting it plenty wet and getting very into it when she told me to stand up and get ready. I stood up and she bent over farther showing me a wonderful view of her puckering hole. I came up to her and place the head of my member at her entrance. I expected a lot of resistance but I forgot whom I was with. Devon gave her hips a quick wiggle and my head plopped in.

I had never felt anything like this in my life; it was so different and tight. She let out a deep moan and one of her hands quickly dropped down as she began to rub herself. She thrust her ass back and I entered her fully.

“Pump me Dan, it wont take me long, so pump me and fill me with your cum, now”, She told me through bated breath.

I began to pump her, the saliva providing the lubrication we needed. Her hands were pumping rapidly under her and her moans were coming fast and often. I grabbed her hips and began to pull into her hard and she seemed to like it as she pushed against me harder with every thrust. It was not long as we stood there pumping and moaning and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. The feeling was more intense than any I had ever known but I was forcing myself to try and hold back. Just as I knew I would blow my wad she began to come. She cried out almost screaming calling me names telling my go harder, faster as she began to shake. Her shaking was more than I could take and I felt my head swell and then explode its juice into her. I kept pumping and I could feel it keep pumping out as she had shutter after shutter on me.

We started slowing and I could feel myself almost immediately going soft. She pulled her self away from me and she dropped to the floor against the wall the water from the shower running down on her and she just looked up at me once again with the evil grin.

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ummm...oh my...
<~~~~ searching online now for plans to renovate her bathroom...wonder what the contractor will say when I ask about having the cuffs installed;)

love this hot sexy tale;)

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very lovly story. now im waiting fo rhte next esp

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<<<Applause>>>> <<<Standing Ovation>>>

VERY Good... more than once I could easily visualize being there.. I am certainly hoping that you will quench my desire to read more... and soon :)

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A very good story....and for the idea of trying this out at home....:) txgrneyes

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Skip......your such a tease........very erotic story.....

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That was AMAZING!!!!! I'm such a dom wannabe! Keep it cumming Skip!

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Oh my!!!!! Skip - great thread ..... wonderful storytelling!!!! Please don't say the story's over. :) j

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Nic says it all!!

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After the shower we had both dried off and she had walked Dan to the little bedroom she had used before and told him to lie down and rest. She closed and locked the door behind herself and he was so spent he just dropped down on the sheet-less bed and instantly drifted off into a deep sleep.

Dan woke up lying on his side and the feeling of hands rubbing his chest. The room was pitch black and he could not see anything, but he could feel the breasts pushed up against his back. He started to speak but a finger quickly went to his lips and he was shushed. He could feel Devon was naked behind him and her hands were rubbing all over his freshly washed body.

“This is our quiet and gentle time Dan, before morning when I will teach you some more”. She whispered in his ear.

Her hands kept up their roaming over his nipples up and down over his chest. She was being gentle; Dan thought this was such a different person from the one earlier. She pulled herself closer to him and felt her legs come entwined with his own and felt her small hands wrap around his semi-soft member. She gave it some playful tugs and he could feel himself becoming almost instantly hard. She kept this up and then pulled on his face with the other hand and kissed him full on the mouth. This was not the evil type of kiss from before this was the first-date-so-glad-to-have-been-around you type of kiss. Dan kissed her back deeply and she pulled on his shoulder forcing him gently to his back. She quickly straddled him never breaking the kiss. Devon positioned herself just above his penis the crack of her cheeks just touching it feeling its warmth. The kissing kept going on and on, the kind of kissing you do when you are a teenager and it is the best feeling thing you know how to do. But this was not all Devon knew how to do and she did only what she wanted and right now she wanted to ride.

Devon broke the kiss and reached her hand back and place Dan’s hardened member at her entrance. She let him go and arched her back pushing down taking all of him into her with one long push. A giant breath escaped her as she felt his full cock in her and she just sat there taking it all in. She couldn’t see Dan because of the darkness but this was not really for his benefit this time. She began to rock and she had already decided she wasn’t going to take it slow, because he didn’t know that she had already fingered herself to the edge just before she had come in. So she rode and rocked thrusting her legs back and forth as hard as she could know that her climax was shortcoming. She could hear Dan grunting beneath her and she knew he was enjoying what she was doing to him. As a shudder began to enter her she changed her pace and began to pound up and down on his shaft as it fluidly moved in and out of her soaking wetness. It took no more than 3 pumps this way and a first orgasm shot through her. It shot from her knees until it got to her nipples and she felt them harden quickly till they were sticking out at full attention. Devon did not stop moving though and as she pounced on him bouncing harder and harder each time she rose off of him. As she felt herself cumming again she began to slow down as she knew now that she was scaring him, but she did not want him to cum this time so she stopped and sat there with him in her.

Devon knew she needed to maintain control so she leaned forward gave him a little kiss on the lips and teased, “I’ll see you in the morning, sleep well”. With that she hopped off of Dan, left him lying there, went out the door and locked it behind herself.

08-29-2002, 01:05 PM
ahhh yes, more to your wonderful story .... can't wait to read even more! jjjjbo

08-29-2002, 01:11 PM
Devon is such a BITCH!!!!!! I love her!!!!! :D:D:p

Prophet Reality
08-29-2002, 03:08 PM
Very good story skip. can't wait to read more. And wouldn't mind letting a certain Demoness do this to me either. :D

08-29-2002, 06:02 PM
Mmmmmmm......your story is telling me that your such a tease...

Hot story........mmmm.....fact or fiction!!!!!

08-29-2002, 08:32 PM
Part 8

Dan wasn’t sure how to react now, here he was lying on his back in a strange bed, no light to see by with the most raging, throbbing hard-on he had ever had in his life. So he did what any blue blooded American boy would do, he would jerk it. He reached down with his right-hand (no stranger tonight) and gripped it the way he knew best to achieve the end he wanted. His member was still wonderfully covered in Devon’s juices which were better than any lube you could get out of a bottle. He started to pull and tug the best way he knew how and closed his eyes and did an amazing thing. Dan started imagining Devon sucking on him remembering how she twisted his nipples and hurt him with her strap. He was breathing heavily knowing that it would not take him long to spurt his spoo all over himself.

Suddenly the door burst open and indirect lights came on all around the room. Dan looked up and there stood Devon once again dressed in her latex outfit and with her crop back in her hand.

“I knew you would dare do that without me. After all the pleasure and experience I have given you, you would rather fuck your hand than wait to have my lovely body on you. Now you are going to learn what real punishment is all about.” Devon spoke at him through clenched teeth. “Stand up now and follow me, look only at my ass and do not speak again until I specifically say you may”.

He stood up bumping his penis against his hand as he did. He took his eyes and placed them directly on her smooth shiny ass and walked forward. She led him back into the original room but she had moved new things into it. The candles where once again burning and in the center of the room was a small red velvet sitting couch just like you see in old movies. She walked to the waist high back of the couch and stopped just past it and turned around quickly.

“Bend over this and place your hands down on the couch and do not move nor say anything”. She said.

Dan did as he was told and noticed himself doing these things with less and less trepidation every time. Maybe she knew what she was talking about and he really did like what was happening to him. That thought quickly left him as he was almost lifted off the floor when something very large slammed into his ass with an audible “Whack”.

He mustered the courage and turned his head around and standing there with the most wicked evil smirk he had ever seen stood Devon. In her hand she held a long black wooden paddle about 3 feet long. There were many oblong shaped holes carved in it seeming to make some sort of a pattern. Just then she caught his eyes and the grin turned into a scowl and her paddle hand moved with lightening speed and hit his ass. Just as he was turning his head, Dan noticed the skill with which Devon wielded her instrument as she pulled back at the last second giving Dan the best sting she could.

Dan let out a muffled “oomph”, with that hit and he heard Devon chuckle slightly. Then came another hit, then another, each one sending echoes through the room with the skin smacking noise. Dan felt himself beneath him still hard and the head of his cock gently rubbing against the velvet of the couch. He managed to shuffle himself up against the edge of the fabric a little more with each hit she gave him.

“I can see you being a bad boy there Danny, I always new you were the bad type”, she told him as she was breathing quite heavily.

Another whap was given him and this time Dan’s entire shaft rubbed the couch in front of him and that was just too much for him. He began to bob up and down as his milky fluid began to shoot all over the couch. He heard Devon laugh a good hard laugh and she gave him one final giant swat as he continued to cum. Dan dropped his hands and fell on his face on the couch, his feet slightly leaving the floor as he did so. His cum dripped down from his now softening cock and Devon continued to laugh. So here he was, messy, spoo covered and bent all the way over in this woman’s house and not really sure if he wanted to leave anymore. Then she spoke to him.

“Dan, Dan, you are finally learning what things are all about. I just knew you would love this but you have a few more lessons to learn yet. Now with you ass stuck up in the air like that I can see no better time to teach you something else new. Lets just say open you up to something new”…..and she began to giggle.

08-29-2002, 08:50 PM
Bravo Bravo!!!!! Take a bow Skip.. you really should. :) Very good.. I can hardly wait for the next addition... hugs...

08-29-2002, 08:57 PM
STO ... thanks for pointing me to the new section to the story. Great. Really enjoyed it.

08-29-2002, 09:06 PM
.....let me just catch my breath;) spankins!!!!yummy:p more more more!!!!

08-30-2002, 04:55 AM
Skip Skip SKIp dont stop dont stop i love it !!!! You have us ladies hooked :-)

08-31-2002, 09:10 PM
Very orgasmic story skip!!!

09-03-2002, 10:42 AM
Part 9

Devon stood there with her hand on Dan’s ass tapping her fingers as if it where her favorite table. She was looking around the room ready to take the next step with Dan but waiting till she caught her breathe from the smacking she had just given. She looked down at him to see if what he was up to and it was just as she thought he was still staring straight ahead at the couch. He was finally learning to just trust in her control and wasn’t even moving to clean himself while his semen still ran down the couch.

Devon’s eyes found what she was looking for, something to take Dan to the next level. She had found in her past that what can truly change a person is to wear something or have something on you that make you to almost constantly think about and be reminded of sex. She left Dan to lean there and went to the little table in the corner and picked up a little purple box. Inside the box was something of her own invention (with a little help from an engineer she knew), and she had been waiting for just the right person to try it out on. She walked out of the room into the shower and Dan heard the shower come on but he did not move. After about 10 minutes Devon came out of the shower.

“Go in the shower and get yourself cleaned up” she told him, “and don’t doddle, I don’t like to be kept waiting”.

He stood up and walked past her to the shower, his eyes downcast, but out of the corner of his eyes he couldn’t help but notice her smiling face as she looked him over.

“What a great shade of red your ass is now Danny-boy, just the way you should like it” She teased as he walked by.

Dan walked into the shower and turned it on. The water came out nice and hot but he had to turn it down a notch because when the stream of hot water hit his newly christened buttocks it stung too bad. He lathered up and washed himself and he began to think about the past day and night and all that he had learned. He was asking himself questions about if he truly liked this or not, was this kind of thing what he wanted. Surprisingly his internal answer seemed to be yes. In the past his dreams had been towards stronger women that could guide him around the bedroom and take him to places he wanted to go. So he supposed that Devon is exactly what he needed. He noticed that he had stopped washing and was starting to get hard again. He quickly hurried to rinse off as to not be punished again if he took to long.

After he emerged from the shower only one candle was burning and it was near the stairs and under it hung a note which just said to Go Upstairs and Turn Right. He did as he was instructed. When he turned right a hallway went in that direction and all the doors along it were closed except the one at the end. He walked that way and came into what he assumed was the master bedroom. On the bed sat Devon and she was dressed somewhat casually in a short sleeve white sweater and a long linen green skirt. She was sitting leaning back on her hands with her legs crossed tapping her outer leg with seeming impatience. On the bed next to her where the clothes he had worn here and on top of the clothes was a little purple box.

“I’ve a present for you Dan, then you will get dressed and you are going to take me to get something to eat and then shopping. When we are out in public you may talk to me about anything but you may not discuss sex or anything that has happened here. I may talk about it, but that is because I am in charge and I like to keep you at the ready…which brings us to your present”.

She picked up the box and handed it to Dan. He opened it and did not know what was in it even after he had seen it. It was a black latex ring with a small bulge at one end of it.

“Put it on Dan”, Devon asked. “It is a cock-ring, but no ordinary one; it is of my own invention. The bulge on it contains a little electronic device that allows me to do two things with it with my little remote that I will keep in my pocket. Let’s just call it my little reminder. My remote can tighten it a little or give it a little vibration to keep you in line, but first come over here and let me make it easier for you to slip it on”.

He walked close to her and she sat up took the cock-ring in one hand and his cock in the other. She looked up at him as she opened up her mouth and took him into her mouth. She sucked him into her mouth as far as she could take him which was almost to the base. His head immediately went back and he made a closed mouth groan. She pumped her hand along his shaft as her mouth went up and down making his cock good and wet. Devon let his cock pop out of her mouth and reached up with the other hand and slid the cock-ring down to the base of his cock. The bubble on the side rested right between his testicles and it felt snug along his member.

“Let’s just test this thing out before we go” she told him just before she took him back in her mouth.

She began to work her mouth rapidly back and forth, her tongue tracing the underside of his cock. Her teeth would sometimes bump against his head when she pulled back and he found that he liked it as an awaking feeling. He knew that it may take a while this time to get if since it would be his 4th time in less than 24 hours. Suddenly that all changed just as she was taking him all in her mouth he felt the cock ring go off. His testicles started to vibrate and he had never felt anything like this in his life. She continued to suck in his cock and he felt his sack pull up and she looked up at him knowing what it was doing to him. Then without warning an orgasm ripped through him and his dick began to pump its fluid into her mouth. Devon sucked down every drop as he stood there legs shaking, balls vibrating and her smiling with a mouth full of cock.

The vibrator stopped and Devon released his cock from her mouth and licked the small amount of semen off her bottom lip. Dan just stood there stunned once again breathing rapidly trying to settle down from another amazing orgasm. Devon stood up and patted Dan on his sore ass.

“I like the look in your eyes when I do that Dan. Do you know what it tells me? Just I’ve always thought about men, suck them off like that and they will jump off a cliff for you. But enough for now, time to take you out into the wild Dan, leave that thing on and get your clothes on cause frankly that did nothing to appease my appetite. I’m still hungry.”

09-03-2002, 11:43 AM
Wonderful story so far, skipthisone!!!!! I especially liked this last part...... Keep it up! :D

09-03-2002, 02:12 PM
:p;) Yummy story;):p

09-03-2002, 03:05 PM
Part 10

Devon and Dan went out to eat at a casual place and ate and talked almost like old friends. Dan found her easy to talk to and didn’t know if this was because of how the basement had changed him or if it was just her. Devon thought Dan had loosened up considerably and was acting very open in their talking. The dinner went off without anything even slightly sexual happening and Dan began to think that wearing this ring around his cock wasn’t bad at all since Devon wasn’t using it anyway.

They left the restaurant with Devon opening the passenger door for Dan then going around to her side. Regardless of anything Dan thought, Devon was definitely still in charge here. She then drove to the mall to go shopping. They parked the car and as they were walking to the door, Devon took Dan’s hand and looked at him lovingly. Dan couldn’t help but smile he was honestly enjoying himself and somehow felt that this might even be a fun time shopping.

Devon went to many specialty clothing stores buying something here and something there. Always trying things on and coming out to let Dan get a look at them before she bought. Dan was actually having a good time and enjoyed waiting for her. After a few hours of this Devon decided it was time to get something for under all these clothes. Devon took Dan’s hand and led him to the lingerie store. Dan felt kind of weird for coming into this store and was almost afraid to look around. Just as he was down casting his eyes he felt a squeeze around his member. He jumped slightly and looked up to see Devon standing there shaking her head.

“I thought we had gotten over the shyness Dan, now I think you will have to be punished again.” Devon said.

“Yes ma’am”, was all Dan could say, to which Devon seemed very pleased.

Dan looked up at her and she beckoned him to her with a finger. Dan began to walk to her and looked her in the eye as she did so. Suddenly she must have hit the button again because his testicles vibrated and his cock was quickly coming to attention. She took his hand and began to look around the store. She started putting things in his hands, some thong panties here, a low cut bra there, sometimes silky things that Dan didn’t know the name of. Dan wasn’t even looking at what he was carrying around he just kept his eyes on her getting the occasional squeeze from her ring from time to time. She snaked her way through the store until she was at the back and there she paused.

“Come on you are going to help try these on this time” she said the evil grin returning to her face.

Dan was unsure what to think he looked over to one of the salesgirls and all she did was smile at him and turn around. He found no help there. Devon took his arm and gave him a quick jerk with the vibe in punishment or approval he knew not which. They went in to one of the fitting rooms and it was cozy for the two of them and mirrors where on all 3 sides. Devon immediately began to take off her clothes and turned her back to him. She stopped once down to her bra and panties and turned around.

“Now you sexy man off with your clothes” she said.

Dan didn’t know what to do, he hadn’t expected this, but he was also learning not to question her. He slowly undid the button of his pants and then took off his shirt. Devon just leaned against the glass and watched him, the grin never leaving her face. He took off his pants and socks and stood there in his boxers, which were getting tighter by the moment.

“Keep going Danny-boy I want to see the goods and how they are coming along. Besides this is your final lesson and after this you will be the man I need you to be.”

He looked at her and then slipped his boxer off over his stiff cock and stepped out of them. She looked him over and fingered her remote and the vibrations and squeezing started again. She kept staring at him the whole time as she bent down and blow a burst of air across his penis as she passed it as she picked up his clothes. She then looked over at the bench and picked up all but two pieces of the clothing she had brought in. Dan didn’t know what was going on but he was getting a little shaken since she picked up his clothes. She then leaned up to him and whispered in his ear.

“Ill be right next door, but I want you to try this set I left for you on”, and with that she kissed him on the sheet and went out the curtain.

Dan didn’t know what to do as he looked down at the two dark red pieces of undergarments she had left him. Wasn’t this going to far, he asked himself, but it was already over in his mind he realized he would try them on without complaint. He picked up the first piece, a pair of bikini panties with lace around the edges. He shrugged and lifted his leg and began to pull them up. Just as he got the second leg in the vibe went off again and he was startled. He pulled them up feeling like he had too now knowing she was probably watching. Next he picked up the second piece and it was a silky tank top kind of thing and he pulled it on. It was very tight and very short on him just going to midway down his abdomen. Then he just stood there not knowing what to do. After waiting what seemed like 10 minutes and not hearing a sound he began to quietly call out Devon’s name but received no response.

“What the hell am I going to do now” he said to himself. But decided to sit down and wait for awhile thinking it was just all part of this final lesson.

After what Dan assumed was another 20 minutes he poked his head out and noticed no one anywhere around. Other women had come and gone from the other rooms but every time he had called out he just got back giggles and one woman who called him a freak for trying on women’s clothes. He was now getting worried that she had left him here and without any clothes but the red outfit he was wearing. He waited a few more minutes and decided he had to do something so he kept watch out the curtain and saw that he could see the sales counter from where he was. He would just wait until he saw a sales lady then run out there and he would ask her to buy him some clothes or something. Then he thought about it and remembered he had no wallet it was in his pants.

Dan stayed in the fitting room for another 15 minutes thinking through his options which were very few. Suddenly he just got up and walked straight to the counter. He would just talk one of the Sales-ladies into getting him some clothes or something. As he reached the sales counter an older woman shopping in the store gave a big start and headed directly out of the store. He looked over to the applause of the two salesladies standing at the counter.

“Excellent choice sir, you have good taste”, on of them said.

I began to ask them if one of them could please go buy me some clothes and I’d repay them or something. But they just shook their heads and handed me a bag from under the counter. I looked in it and there were my clothes and a folded note on top of it.

“We were only supposed to give this to you if you came out in under an hour and you just made it”, the salesgirl said.

He thanked her and ducked back in the fitting room leaving there giggles behind. He got in the room and pulled out the note and it read…

”Dan, see I’m not a complete bitch I did leave you your clothes but with a few rules. 1st you must keep the sexy little under things on that I bought you…yes I’ve already paid for them, I just knew they were you. 2nd you only have enough money in your wallet for cab fare to my house so you must come immediately. 3rd when you get to my house the rules have changed, I want the new Dan to show up at my house, the confident, strapping Dan who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it. So sexy man, seeya in just a bit.


Well that explained a few things, this was just the final lesson and Dan actually found himself a little angry. So Dan pulled on his clothes throwing his boxers in the bag and putting it in the trash can as he left the fitting room. As he walked past the sales-counter he called out a thanks and kept walking. Then one of the salesgirls called out to him. He turned and she thrust a piece of paper into his hand turned and walked away.

“Now what”, Dan said to himself. He unfolded the paper and it said “Shellie 555-8967”. “What the hell” he again said to no one. Not in all his life had someone given him their number. Shaking his head and putting the paper in his pocket Dan strode out of the mall with the biggest grin on his face he had ever had in his entire life.

09-03-2002, 03:14 PM
OMG this story is such a tease just like you sexy man!!!!

09-03-2002, 03:14 PM
Excellent story, Skip!! Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next installment!!:D

09-05-2002, 01:11 AM
great story

absofuckingloutly amazing

keep up the good work

such a great imagination

i'm stunned

09-05-2002, 02:15 PM
love it! love it! love it! :) jjjjbo

09-14-2002, 07:48 AM
Spanking stuff is normally not my thing. But you have managed to change my mind in your case. Congrats, Skip! Great thing!

09-17-2002, 11:01 AM
Dan hopped out of the cab at Devon’s house and as soon as it pulled away he adjusted the panties he had on as they rode up into a place he wasn’t used to. He looked at his car and then at the house and with little thought strode up to the door. He got ready to knock but then pulled his hand away. This time he would do things a little different, he would do it his way…he didn’t even know he had a way until just then.

Dan reached down and grasped the door knob and I turned freely in his hand and he pushed the door open. The house was still dark and the candles along the walls were still lit. Dan grinned to himself at Devon’s confidence in him that he would come back. He closed the door and decided right then what he would do. He slipped of his shoes and other clothes right there at the door, leaving only the thong on. He looked down and the thoughts of what he would do had caused his cock to come sticking out of the little panties. He just left his clothes there and began to stride through the house. He peaked in one door then another but he knew where she was, downstairs. He opened the basement door and slunk down the candlelit stairwell silently. When he got to the bottom he peaked around the corner and saw Devon lying on her back there on the Velvet couch looking through a magazine and it seemed she had not heard him come in. She was wearing nothing and in fact it was the first time Dan had ever seen her completely naked. He took a moment and looked at her curves and felt his cock throb against the silky undies. He was horny as hell and needed to get off now, it was time to take something he wanted. He looked around and wondered how to go about “waking” her up and then realized it was all around him.

Dan moved over to her as she flipped a page and just as he was sure she realized he was here he let it drop. He had grabbed a candle off of the wall and began to dump a few drops of wax on her back. She jumped slightly and dropped her magazine on the floor. She whipped her head back and looked up at Dan with a wicked grin on her face. “Damn”, Dan thought, this is just what she wanted me to do. Dan was not ready to give her control of this though. He put the thought out of his mind and dripped a long stream of wax down her back and onto one of her ass cheeks.

Devon let out a long “Oooooo”, and she laid her head back down on the arm of the couch. He gave her a couple more drops as she squirmed but decided this was a time to fill his needs and here he was getting her off. He blew out the candle and dropped it too the floor. He came up beside her on the couch and slapped his hand across her ass as he passed.

“You have been very bad, miss Devon”, Dan scolded her as he draped his fingers across her back. He was walking around her towards until his cock was right in front of her face.

“I need some lube Miss Devon, take this in your mouth and get it good and wet will you”, he said to her a new hint of evil riding his voice.

She didn’t even look up; she just moved herself forward and sucked the head of his cock right into her mouth. Dan reached up and grabbed the back of her head and held himself in her as he felt her tongue begin to dart around. She moved her head around on his cock as Dan had to through back his head as the good vibrations were sent up his body. This was not what he wanted and pulled out of her mouth with a plop. Devon looked up at him wantonly as her tongue traces her lips as if begging for more.

“Back up and hang your ass over the edge of the couch” Dan ordered her. The power was surging through him like an uncontrollable fire. She raised her ass into the air and Dan walked behind her, shedding the little panties as he walked. He reached up and grabbed her hair and at the same instant placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her now dripping pussy. He pushed into her rather roughly but with her saliva mixed with her flowing juices it slid in with no problems. Dan pulled back on her hair as she let out a long moan and he began to thrust into her hard. She was immensely enjoying herself and began to call out louder and louder with each of Dan’s increasingly hard thrusts. Each smack of her ass meeting his thighs reverberated around the room as the flickering candles made their shadows dance this lovely dance on all the walls. Dan kept pumping harder and harder and new he would not take long in this state. Then surprising him he felt Devon begin to cum. She began to buck her ass up and down as he pumped into her. That was too much for him and he began to explode inside her, her walls tightening and clenching around him. He pumped and came until his legs began to shake and he found that he needed to sit down right then or he would fall.

Dan gave one last pump and then pulled out of her and sat next to her on the couch. She turned around to his face and kissed him deeply. He returned her kiss and for the first time since him being there he smiled with her.

“Thank you Dan that was just what I had in mind” she whispered to him.

Dan looked at her and had to laugh…She had been in control of him the whole time and even when he thought he was the one, it was all just to her end.

“You are a sultry evil bitch”, he told her. “Don’t ever stop”.

The End

09-17-2002, 11:31 AM
Very well done STO ..... great story!!!! j

09-17-2002, 02:30 PM
Skip~ You weave a great tale..... kept me wanting more. I enjoyed the control/power issues and you letting us in on Dan's transformation. Good job!;)

Coach Knight
09-17-2002, 05:10 PM
STO -- Good stuff. I may have to hire you to write.


09-17-2002, 07:59 PM
The END??????????? <stomping my feet pouting> Oh no.. tell me it isn't so... :( Such a great story.. but I really don't want it to come to an end..

Applause Skip... you kept me completely on the edge of my seat :)

09-22-2002, 12:27 AM

09-28-2002, 10:47 AM
Since this waas mentioned in a another thread recently, I thought I'd bump it so people could find it easier;)

09-28-2002, 03:19 PM
I found it!
(Thanks for the move, Lilith.)
Skip, your story is as delightful as it is devilish!

09-28-2002, 03:26 PM
Just found it and read the whole thing, jeez all hornied up and nowhere to go....Skip, best ever story, thank you

09-28-2002, 04:42 PM
Oh wow, wonderful story thank you so much Skip!!!!!!!!!

10-08-2002, 12:44 PM
jjjbo - Takes one to know one

Lilith - would be surprised if you could put down the whip to be taken

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Indulgence - Seek and you shall find....fuck and you shall moan

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BTW for those who care.....I have begun to write Devon a new story...look for it by the end of the week.

10-08-2002, 01:23 PM
*waiting on pins and needles*mmmmmmm not as unpleasant as I thought it might be ... but hurry all the same;)

11-01-2002, 10:38 AM
dropping by, German Steve urged me ... :)
who stole all your smilies? :confused:


great story, dense athmosphere, no lengthes, turns me really on! That wicked lady, wow! :).. Nice imagination Dan manages to tame her in the next story.

If you stop mixing up telling from 1st person /3rd person perspective, it will be perfect.

Waiting for your next story ..... shivering with with anticippp....pation! YUM! :)

Sea Chelle
11-08-2002, 12:38 AM
Groans appreciatively....damn...i know this story has been here for awhile but I just barely got all the way through it. Makes me wanna run about and by laytex clothes and spike heels and a whip....then run back out and find some sweet shy lil thing to turn into my sex slave... Grins wickedly...In my next life I wanna be Devon...

Great story skip, from every perspective ;)

Oh, and I loved finding the kink, Its what prompted me to go in search of this one.

11-24-2002, 03:40 PM

12-07-2002, 09:39 PM
~~~~Swoons~~~~ This is the first chance I've had to read this all the way through and it's got me heading to the shower to take care of a few.....ahem...issues. Incredible Skip

12-27-2002, 04:34 PM
Lilith - Pins and Needles are your fave

Dice - New perspective for ya.....look up from your ankles and say Awwwww :D

Sea Chelle - From one to another, thanks

TxSweet - Thanks!!!

DG - Better late than never...thanks!

03-18-2003, 03:09 PM
A Devon streak has struck me over the last few weeks and I have written 3 more parts to this story. Is anyone interested in more?

03-18-2003, 05:34 PM
yes please

03-19-2003, 04:43 AM
Ohhhh skip im so excited I cant wait for more of this story *Grins*

04-02-2003, 10:40 PM
Very interested in more from you skip!

I've read from beginning to end and over again.....it just keeps getting better everytime.

Do go on.........

04-03-2003, 08:34 AM
Sorry to say, but this is the conclusion here.

04-06-2003, 05:13 AM
Wonderfully told from start to finish. It was like a journey.

Thanks for the good read.

08-22-2003, 09:34 AM
Shyabusa ~ Thanks!!