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07-16-2002, 10:15 PM
It all started innocently enough, I was playing dominoes online when she jumped in and we started playing a few games. We were fairly matched in skills, and wit, as comments passed back and forth. Pretty soon the comments became sexual in nature. The games ended as I had to go to work in the morning and I needed my sleep. But after our conversation I had to masturbate twice before I could finally go to sleep.

We played a few more times and eventually got on and had a nice voice chat. I found out she was in a not so happy relationship and she found out I was divorced. She sent me picture of her topless that I began masturbating too frequently. I even shared this with her telling her that I did at least three times a day and was always hard. The only thing that separated us was a few thousand miles.

Earlier in the year my sister passed away and I was unable to fly home for the funeral due to work. But I planned on going home soon and my conversations lead to this. I told her I would pay for her plane ticket, give her a place to stay, and my mom was real cool about my friends so food wasn’t a problem. She still seemed kind of unsure, so I told her to think about it. I told her that nothing had to happen between us, but I also told her that I would try as I found her attractive. But I would also respect her wishes if she said no.

Overtime as we got together online my thoughts of her turned more and more sexual in nature. I knew that I liked her personality, but I also knew I desired her in a more intimate way.

The time was almost here for me to fly home. I got online and told her that a round trip ticket was waiting for her, and all she had to do was pack her bags, show up, and go. The choice was in her hands. The worst that could happen was that she didn’t show, the best, well that would remain to be seen.

I flew home on a Friday night and her plane ticket was for Saturday afternoon. I got home, said most of my hellos that had to be said, and told everyone I was a little tired from the flight and jet lag so I was turning in early. The truth was I wanted to be wide-awake and ready for tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep right away as the anticipation was driving me nuts.

I woke up in the afternoon, with plenty of time to spare to shower shave and get a little spruced up. I told my Mom I needed to go out and drive, get some fresh air, and maybe find a few old friends to relax with before I started doing the family thing for the next couple of days.

I left with time to spare and drove to the airport. My foot kept creeping the speedometer higher and I arrived a little early. I parked the car, got out and headed inside to the airport. I still had a half an hour so I went to the airport bar to have a drink.

Time came for me to go to the gate and see if you had shown up, I was sweating like a pig, I tried to calm myself, but it was no use. I was on edge. I was sitting off to the side as they started letting passengers off the plane so I could get a view, without seeming like I was too excited. As the passengers started to thin out my hopes dropped, thinking you didn’t want to go. As I was just about to give up on you, out you came. You were wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans, and when you walked your hips swayed just the right amount. You had on a button flowery top that emphasized your breast so the were hidden just beneath the surface, but you could tell a treasure there. I instantly got hard and found it difficult to breathe.

I reached forward to take your hand and I pulled you close. I went to kiss you on the cheek and tell you I was glad you came. Some noise distracted you and you turned full into my lips. Our worlds meeting in that one spontaneous second, we kissed like we had been born to kiss each other, time stood still and my heart had stopped. I didn’t want to pull away but I did, very slowly, opening my eyes. We stood and stared at each other for a long minute. If anyone would have watched that scene and not knowing that we had just met for the first time face to face, they would have thought us long lost lovers. Maybe we were..

The next half an hour the world seemed to spin. I don’t remember us picking up your luggage, but the next thing I knew we were in the car driving away from the airport. You sat next to me in the large front seat and put your arms around me. I felt like the king of the world. It was strange having never met you face to face till now, but at the same time, feeling so comfortable with you.

During the drive back to my place, I kept thinking of how many different ways I wanted to make love to you. But I was in for a real surprise. During the drive I maintained a constant erection due to your presence. With your arms around me, you must have glanced down, the next thing I knew your were rubbing my cock through my pants. “Is this for me” you asked. I looked in to your eyes briefly, trying to concentrate on the road. “Only for you” I said.”Well I’m just going to have to see how it works”.

With no hesitation, you undid the button and zipper on my pants, fishing my penis out through my underwear was a challenge as it was hard as a diamond and my boxers having shifted. You went to town like this was your last meal and you were a starved women. After you took me all the way in a few times, you would back off the flick the head with your tongue. You reached underneath at the same time and started to play with my balls. As you leaned over to take me in your mouth again, your ass rose a little bit. I started rubbing it with one hand while trying to drive with a white-knuckle grip with the other. My rubbing you only served to increase your tempo on my dick. I was going to come soon and told you so. You only went faster. I screamed through clenched teeth that I was coming and you locked down on my shaft swallowing every drop.

You kept me in your mouth, thinking to keep milking me till I softened, but as I told you before during our net chats, I was almost always hard. You stopped for second, looked up at me, and smiled” I’m glad you didn’t exaggerate about this, "you said, keeping your hand on me "I hope everything you told me was true. Because if so, we are going to have some fun…