View Full Version : well, here is a challenge for everyone!!!

01-26-2002, 03:52 PM
take a fantasy off of the fantasy thread or out of your own mind(or that of a loved one) and write that fantasy, in any person, and make someones' dearest fantasy come true!!!!
I'll post one soon!

PS the fantasy thread is:



02-12-2002, 09:24 PM
I just heated the jacuzzi, and fired up the jets. I let my robe slilp off of me I am completely naked as it hits the floor. I slip into the warm water. I lay my head back and close my eyes and I start to play with my breasts, mmm, and then I put one finger inside of me. I am so relaxed, I don't see you come in. I feel you slide down beside me. I am pleasantly surprised, you are naked. You start to kiss me lightly on my face. I sit in your lap and put breasts in your face and you pull me close and kiss me. You slide your finger inside of me and I am sliding my hand up and down your hardness and we are kissing wildly. You turn me around with my back against your chest, you bend me over the side of the jacuzzi and place my wetness in front of a jet, you put your arms in front of me and hold my lips open and finger me while the jet massages my clit. You whisper in my ear "Lets get out", I get out you follow me. You pick up a towel and rub me dry, staring at my shoulders, as you dried each and every spot, you kissed each and every spot down my back, over my buttocks, underneath me while I spread my legs wide, up to my breasts. I took the towel from you and started at your shoulders and as I dried each and every spot, I kissed you on each and every spot as I dried you. I dried from your shoulders, down to your buttocks, up underneath you, and up to your hardness and up your chest to your mouth. You turn me around my back to you and you take the towel and put it between my legs and start rubbing gently. We go into the bedroom, you lay across the bed on your back and I straddle your stomach and rub my wetness on you. I rub my hands up and down your chest. You take my face in both hands and pull my lips close to yours. We sit up my legs inside of yours, you hold me close, I straddle one of your thighs, you raise your leg and let me rub on you. I take your head and place it in between my breasts, my legs tigthen. I run my fingernails up and down your back gently, while sitting facing you and straddling you, but your not inside of me. You lay me back on the bed, I lift my legs up high, you put your face between my legs and I put my hands on each side of your face and move your face, so that your tongue is thrusting in and out of me. You turned me over on my back and straddled my face, I opened my mouth and you slide inside, I put my lips tight around you, and rubbed you with my hands on each side at the same time, I slowly sucked you into my mouth until you were hitting the back of my throat. You push me back on the bed, I bring my knees to my shoulders , you take hold of my feet and press them to my shoulders, you kneel in front of me and rotate your hips as you thrust them inside of me. I lift my legs high, keeping them tightly squeezed together my knees near you shoulders, I hook my feet on you shoulders and open up by opening my legs into a V one on each side of you, to your deep penetration, we are rotating and thrusting in rhythm. You roll me over and put me on all fours and get behind me and start licking me gently up and down and in and out, I open up my cheeks, please baby, please, and you put your finger in, and lick me until I cum and then you open up my cheeks and as you slowly opened me up to your whole length and we both began to thrust harder and harder, you sit back, with you inside me and pulled me to you with my back facing you, you put your arms around me and put your fingers on my clit. You put your hands up to my breasts and pull me close to you kissing me on the neck and face. I lean forward on my arms, your legs are spread, I am sitting on you with my legs behind us and my arms in front of me sliding up and down, harder and faster, slow down, this is so good, slow, soft, gentle and then you thrust into me and thrust and thrust harder harder faster, oh oh oh oh oh we explode together