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11-01-2001, 05:35 PM
OK, all you aspiring Erotica writers. The gauntlet has been tossed down! Here is the Challenge:

You MUST use the following words:
-deprecate (no, no, not defecate!!!) or deprecation

You may NOT use the following words:
-pussy, cunt, twat
-cock, prick, dick
-asshole, anus

Story must be contained in ONE post only

The story must include one sexual encounter

After there are five submissions posted, you can vote on your favorite. Those who have submitted have a vote worth 10 points. Those who don't submit have a vote worth 1 point.

The Contest will run during the month of November, and the winner announced on Nov 30th.

The winner will receive 30 minutes free cybersex phone call from their choice of Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford, Ashley Judd, Ben Afleck, Tom Cruise, or Jack Nicholson. (Well, thats what I think the winner should receive, but I'm a powerless peon!)

11-01-2001, 05:52 PM
Joanna Angel was a stud magnet. Former beauty queen, she had incredible green eyes and sandy blonde hair that seemed to float down to her shoulders. When she smiled, men could think of nothing but wanting to taste those lush, wet lips and explore the mouth behind her perfect white teeth.

Entering the Super Market, Joanna was preoccupied. Her divorce would be final in two days, and she was experiencing both the depression of failure as well as the exhilaration of freedom. She'd struggled with the shock when her husband had announced his intentions to divorce her. However, when she had interrupted him at the office the next day and found him with his manhood buried deeply inside a bent over Mandy Smith, daughter to a couple who were their friends, it served as a catharsis and every feeling of guilt or desire for reconciliation vanished. In exchange for not informing the police, Joanna received an extremely favorable settlement.

She needed to pick up a few items for a celebratory dinner she was having with her boss that evening. He had been kind to her these past ninety days, and though she had not allowed him to make love to her, she knew that day after tomorrow she would let him have her body. She had become increasingly aroused thinking about letting him ravage her.

As she browsed through the produce section daydreaming of vague sexual thoughts, her reverie was broken as a crash sounded behind her. Spinning, she saw a young man standing over a broken crate of fruit.

"Damn it, you stupid idiot" an older man yelled. He began berating the young man, offering choice depracations and insults. He was apparently the manager. He angrily stomped off.

Joanna felt sorry for the young man, and helped him in picking up the fruit. He quietly thanked her as she squatted on the floor reaching for the scattered peaches.

And then she became aware that the young man was no longer picking up the fruit. She looked up into his sky blue eyes and noticed that he was looking towards the floor. Looking down, she gasped for without thinking, she had exposed her panties to the man. Worse yet, in her daydreaming she had become aroused, and the sign of her arousal was evident in the wetness that made her panties almost transparent.

"Wow" the man whispered as Joanna prepared to stand up. But the raw sexual tone of his voice froze her. She studied his face, allowing his eyes to feast upon her panties between her spread thighs as she felt waves of sexual heat through her loins.

And then he looked into her eyes. "S-Sorry, Ma'am." he said as he blushed.

Softly, she whispered "That's all right." and she slowly stood. Picking up several last pieces of fruit, she said "Where do you want these". He was carrying the full case and looked around. "Well, I'll have to take them in the back."

Smiling, Joanna said "Lead on, then!"

As she followed the young man through the metal swinging doors, her eyes were fastened on his ass. What was WRONG with her, she thought. She was so horny, she was acting like a slut. She'd just put the fruit down and leave. Yeah, she would do that.

Through another set of doors into a quiet back area the young man led her. Setting the case on a table, he said "Thank You, Ma'am."

Joanna didn't say anything. She felt so horny she could hardly stand it. Could she really go through with the fantasy in her mind. Thoughts of leaving fled her mind.

"Do you have any yogurt?" she asked unexpectedly.

The young man stammered and then taking her over an aisle in the back walked into a cooler and came back with a container of strawberry yogurt.

"Here, consider it my Thank You for your help."

Joanna didn't say a word. She turned and walked to the door into the area and flicked the lock down.

Turning, she said "Did you know that yogurt is VERY good for a woman's skin?"

His eyes bugged out as the gorgeous woman unbuttoned her dress, and pulled it down to her waist. Turning, she said "Please unsnap my bra".

The young man swallowed nervously, but fumbled with her bra catch, making her smile. When her bra snapped open, she pulled it off and turned around, exposing her breasts to his eyes.

Laughing, she cupped and lifted her breasts saying "And don't you even THINK that these are fake!"

Opening the Yogurt she scooped out a dollop and put it on one nipple. She repeated the process and the man looked from one beautiful tit to the other.

"Now, I need some help. First, the yogurt must be massage into the flesh. Then it needs to be removed. usually the best way is to lick it off."

Joanna felt incredibly horny as she watched the young man reach forward. She groaned as he massaged her tender tits, and when he bent over and suckled it, she felt like crying out with joy. The feeling of the sticky yogurt helped intensify the lurid feeling of lust that were pounding through her. The action of sucking her breasts galvanized the young man.

Less than a minute later, Joanna had been stripped naked and laid flat on a large crate covered by a packing blanket. Her ankles were beside her head, her body bent double and the young mans enormous instrument was plowing her furrow, causing her to sob uncontrollably as his pistoning shaft stroked her deeply. His balls were banging between her bottom cheeks as she felt her orgasm wash over her.

With the vigor of youth, the young man continued to invade the wetness of her widespread body. His mouth covered her, and he kissed her deeply and wetly. What he lacked in technique, he was making up in enthusiasm.

Joanna couldn't remember when she'd felt to randy, nor when she'd felt so much like a female. Again, she felt the rush of orgasm rush over her as she groaned up into the mans mouth, his tongue ravaging inside her mouth.

She was beginning to feel out of control, a prisoner beneath the pounding man. She was moaning and groaning, her body aching from the pounding and the repeated orgasms.

Finally as her body once again began contracting tightly around his thrusting member, she heard him begin to grunt and she felt liquid warmth spreading inside her hotly sucking inner chamber.

They lay there for five minutes, their bodies wetly joined. Finally, he slid out of her and they quietly dressed. She kissed him and whispered "Next time you spill some groceries, give me a call."

Walking out of the store, Joanna could feel his sperm lewdly dripping down her thigh. She only smiled, knowing that she was not going to let her divorce cause her grief.

The End

11-17-2001, 12:59 PM
<sigh> Well, so much for a challenge! :( Lots of folks read the challenge, but no one wants to play. Oh well! Enjoy the site anyway!

11-17-2001, 03:56 PM
I think its an excellent idea! I'll try to drum up some further interest and publicity!

11-18-2001, 02:34 AM
As she strolled into her yoga class, Jasmine was thinking less about stretching and more about the man-child she had encountered the night before. He was 5'10", young with sandy brown hair and full, lickable lips,totally smoochable. She had made brief eye contact with him when she and her girl friend entered the place they always went on Thursday nights to get frozen yogurt. Jasmine sat so she could gaze upon his beauty and yet appear to be talking to her friend. She would steal small glances and when he noticed she would dart her eyes as if she were not studying him. How coy.... She felt naked the moment thir eyes met. She realized she felt that familiar tingle. She felt hot, flushed so she licked her cone. She looked up and he was watching her. The knowledge that he was also studying her caused Jasmine to intensify her attention to her cone. She licked it ever so softly in one continuous stroke around the entire circumference. She looked up to see that he was watching intently. He smiled. She pursed her lips into a small O and gently sucked the tip of the cone. Then she used her tongue to run long lines up the cone towards its peak, again and again. She began to be more bold in her observations. She wanted him to know, she knew, he was watching. She licked and sucked her cone, and the heat and friction began to send little dribbles of yogurt running down from the top and spilling over onto the cone. This she lapped up hungrilly, all the while staring into his glacier-like eyes. She continued her show, not only for him, but for her as well. This was not about self deprecation, she was bold and in control. Her licking increased by necessity as the thick trail began to flow more than dribble. He smiled as she hurried to contend with all of the goo that overflowed its cone. At last she gained control with one final suck as she took a bite of the crunchy cone and smiled. He smiled and mouthed the words "Thank You". Jasmine and her friend cleaned up their table, and as she headed out of the store, she took one last peek at the sandy haired boy, who had turned a trip to the yogurt shoppe into a catharsis for a 30 something year old. As she left the store she felt a surge of power. She felt vibrant, sexy and alive for the first time in a long while.
As she began to stretch she looked in the mirror and saw herself through his glacier-like eyes and giggled. Maybe she did not need those fake breasts she had thought would make her feel atractive afterall, maybe she should just stop in and get a yogurt after class. ;) Be gentle this was my first time.....

11-18-2001, 10:31 PM

Well done! <standing and aplauding> I was watching for those keywords and you did a great job. Bravo! Magnifico!


11-18-2001, 10:45 PM
Thanks!<blushing> I am very new at this but am sure I will catch on quick. This story was fun to start with and has been enough to have my hubby ban me from going to TCBY!:p

11-27-2001, 12:56 PM
"Darling, you look amazing" you whispered to me, as they were bringing out the typical work function dessert, yogurt parfait. The office dinner had gone on as usual, you had accompanied me unwillingly because you loathe my colleages and use every chance you can to deprecate them and their pathetic attempts to stay on my good side. Secretly, I don't mind that a few of the executives have crushes on me, but I think it makes you a little jealous. But, as you say, I can't help it that I manage to conjure up lolita-esque fantasies in their heads, I'm good at my job even though I am only 26 years old and they are all in their forties.

"You look so amazing that I think I am going to have to touch you" you said as you slipped your hand under the laboriously laid table (nothing fake at my office do, all silver service and fine linen that hangs to the floor in luxurious gathers) Underneath the table, you found my knee, and with a slight gesture, spread open my silk stockinged legs. You continued up my mid thigh where you reached the stocking tops, and first with one leg and then the other you unhooked the suspenders and sarted rolling them down.

No one saw as you oh so descreetly slipped underneath the generous folds of the table cloth.
I was very excited by this stage and my breasts, in their demi-cups felt heavy and aroused. As the nipples were free, they pressed against the silken fabric of my dress. I'm sure that was what made Adrian, one of the partners of the firm, stop when he went passed the table. I always thought Adrian was one of the more intense men in the company, and had I not been so involved in our own love affair, I'm sure something would have started with him. He stood at the edge of the table and started talking about all the successes the company had had that year, never once taking his eyes from my breasts.

In the meantime, you had rolled the stockings all the way down each leg and had somehow managed to tie my ankes to the chair legs with them. I was now stuck in that position with you between my legs, and Adrian trying to start up a serious conversation.

You started to run your finger over my panties and it was such a soft and sensuous feeling, it made me damp instantly. I blushed, and Adrian thought it was because he had his eyes on me. I think this gave him the idea that he was having some success with me (and not just the company!!)

You slipped your finger underneath the edge of my panties, and I started trembling. Adrian, started to get excited and he moved around to the side of the table so that he was blocking everyone elses view of me. He reached out his hand to pour himself a glass of wine, and somehow managed to brush his hands over my breast, resulting in even more taut nipples.

You must have taken one of the beautiful silver fruit knives down under the table with you, because the next think I knew, something cold had been slipped under the side of my panties and in a swift flick of the wrist, my nether regions were exposed to you. You wasted no time at all in burying your head between my legs and lapping at me with small, gentle licks. Almost teasing me, just as I like it at the beginning.

I was flush. My cheeks were pink and Adrian thought it was because of him. He knealed on the banquette seat and looked me straight in the eye. I waited for him to say something but he was silent. Instead, he reached forward and pushed down the low cut neckline of my dress so that my nipples were fully exposed to him. He took one between his fingers and started to fondle it. I probably should have said something. But you were driving me wild down there, I didn't want you to stop, and had I opened my mouth you would have known what Adrian was doing to me and you would have taken me home in a jealous rage.

The demi-bra was doing it's job of pushing my breasts up, I think Adrian's daydreams of my perky lolita like breasts were finally coming to fruition. I could tell all this by what was happening to his trousers.

I was beside myself, you were lapping and sucking me as only you know how, and there was sexy Adrian, the boss, fondling me. As I gave no retaliation he bowed his head and started sucking on my right breast, as he lowered his head he could see the chair legs, and saw how my ankles were tied to them. He understood immediately what was happening.

He whispered in my ear. "Unless you want me to yell out to everyone what is going on here, I suggest you describe to me what is happening below the table, while I suckle you."

So, I obliged in a whisper.
"Now he is putting a finger inside me" I moaned. This caused Adrian to start nibbling on me, which aroused me more and more. Adrian moved his hand to his groin and started to give himself pleasure. His hand became oh so agitated when I whispered to him that you were using your other hand to insert a finger into my other hole.

That was too much for me, you know I love it there, and what with all the sucking in both my nether regions and on my two sensitve breasts I exploded. Adrian covered my mouth with his hand while I writhed with the pleasure of this catharsis that I so obviously needed.

Finally Adrian, got up from the banquette, and backing away from the table offered up a formal "Good evening". I noticed a wet patch appear at his groin, but decided not to mention it, merely saying "Good evenig Adrian, thank you for such a lovely function, we will have to organise the same for next year.

11-27-2001, 02:41 PM
You have inspired me! I just found this thread its awesome!

Great idea Thamuss!

All three of you have written wild erotic stories. I hope mine can compete ....


11-27-2001, 03:11 PM

Amy knew she needed a catharsis, it was time for a real cleansing of her soul. In the park she found a secluded picnic table away from prying eyes - not to deprecate the intentions of the public at large - it was just that Amy loved solitude. No fake expressions or facial masks required to hide her inner thoughts here. Pulling out and devouring her yogurt ice cream cone, she settled in to contemplate life. Amy needed a romantic spark, something to intensify her blooming sexual drive. An avid Pixies Place user, Amy came to realize that there were so many fascinating people out there! Nothing wild and crazy like the escapades of those Pixie-ites had ever happened to her in real life! A dose of introspection right now, she mused, is a very good thing.

She began a frank self evaluation. Well, lets see. Im 28 years old, and have a boyfriend who is wrapped up in advancing his career. That leaves too little time for an us to form, and become fully realized. I want an us not just an I. We have been together for four years, and I need to face it. The magic is gone!

Im 52 and 120 pounds and pretty attractive. Men always are commenting on my large breasts. Cupping her hands underneath each one, Amy laughed, yes, my big ole tits are great assets. Too bad they dont get the attention they are due. Feeling sheepish, Amy impulsively unsnapped her bra, and peered down the front of her own shirt. Yes her nipples were large, round and very excited right now! Amy quickly looked around, she was safe, still hidden from view. Why not? Amy thought. Amy began to toy with her nipples. This was fun!

The thought of doing something forbidden in a public place excited her even more. Oh, Im drenched, my panties are soaked. Unsnapping her jeans, Amy slid her right hand down and began to touch herself in earnest. Amy knew exactly where to go, her bud was already hard, and she quickly moved her hand to stimulate it just so. Four years, she thought, and that loser Mark still couldnt bring me off like this. Amy laid her head back, red hair glistening in the afternoon sun. Im cumming, Im cumming, Oh yes, OH YES . An orgasm ripped through Amy, causing her to shake uncontrollably. Amy realized she had shouted those last words out loud!

Suddenly, wild applause started from the bushes! Amys eyes flew open, there was the entire mens softball team from OMalleys Pub! Wild shouts and applause showered down on Amy, and her face turned as red as her hair. Amy scrambled, madly clothing herself as they came closer. Amy's jaw dropped in admiration at the leader.

A blond God strode forward and said That was amazing. Dont be embarrassed. You are our kind of woman! Our game just finished and we were taking this short cut to the Pub. Come join us! Amy was shocked at first, then smiled and laughed out loud. Sure, she exclaimed, why the hell not. As she walked away on his arm Amy thought, wait til my Pixie friends hear about this!!!

11-27-2001, 03:13 PM
I;guess;it's all in how you look at things.What is erotic to one,is
not erotic to another.When certain words have to be used;it
sounds;more to me like" dictation"then it does a challenge!
P.S.It sounds; like the rules; in elementry and High School.

11-29-2001, 01:58 PM
Darrnfate and Svelte70 what excellent jobs! It is so amazing what the imagination can stir up. Given the same cues we all headed in very different directions. That is what makes this place so much fun! Everyone is so different and entitled to their uniqueness! Great Job! :) Tootles! Lilith

11-29-2001, 02:32 PM
Lilith : You so immodestly left yourself off the list of folks who wrote so well! Take a bow girl, I loved "Jasmine" !

Lilith hit it right on the head, though this board is so much fun for reasons just like this. It's really the best answer to Irish. Imposed arbitrary rules make for intellectual challenges, to write a story within Thamuss' framework led to all these wonderful results!

Thamuss: Anytime you start another one, count me in!


11-29-2001, 03:41 PM
Life is an intellectual challenge!---Irish

11-30-2001, 01:15 PM
well... after reading the first 4 stories and noticing that this is the last day to submit I decided I might as well try my hand at writing.. This could be interesting since I have only wrote one bit of erotica before, (wich I will post under interactive today) and also due to the fact I had to look up deprecate in the dictionary LOL. So please feel free to offer some critisism afterwards.. I don't expect to top your submissions, but atleast this way you will have the required 5 stories.. happy reading..

12-01-2001, 12:45 AM
Renee awoke to the pounding of a hammer overhead. Quickly she buried her head in the pillow trying to recapture the dream she had been unwillingly yanked from. In her reoccurring dream she had been seduced by a dark headed stranger. She could remember every moment of what he had done to her in the dream, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't seem to conjure his face to mind. Finally giving up on her quest of reentering the Dream State, Renee rolled over to stare at the ceiling in loathing. "Damn," she said to herself. "I can't wait till that crew is done on the roof so I can finally see this dream to the end." AS she thought about the builders she started to relax, remembering that she thought the foreman was quite scrumptious. With the resigned thought of too bad hes married, she got up from her bed and padded into the bathroom.

As she started her bath she wondered what might happen if she found a way to subtly let him get a peek. She knew from what other lovers had told her that she had quite a bit to offer in the physical department. She was sorely tempted to leave the curtains and bathroom door open, but fear of deprecation kept her from being so bold. Oh well, she thought to herself. It still makes for a good fantasy.

After a shower that did nothing to relieve the tension caused by the catharsis of emotions running through her body, she put on the shortest robe she had. Bordering on sheer she thought to herself, I might not have the guts to make the first move, but he might as well be as aware of me as I am of him.

She walked into the kitchen and reached into to get herself a container of yogurt from the refrigerator. As she bent over she suddenly found callused hand travel up the back of her thigh. Spinning around she noticed her foreman setting at the table behind her. IN her reverie of thought, she had walked right by him and not noticed.

As she started to come out of her shock, she noticed with uncomfortable familiarity that this was the man in her dreams. Everything from well trimmed goatee, and work-roughened hands to the lustful parting of his smile and sensual predatoriness of his eyes. She found herself at a loss for words, as he looked her up and down, obviously seeing through the robe to the soft curves it failed to completely conceal. When his eyes came to rest on her breasts, she could tell by the slight frown of his brow, that he was wondering if they were fake. She could see the twinkle of appreciation in his eyes, which only intinsified the effect his scrutiny was having over her.

AS he continues to peruse, her body, she felt her body start to come to life. As he looked, her nipples started to tighten and a wave of desire caused dampness to seep from between her thighs.

He reached for her then paused. Coming out of her trance she noticed the sound of hammering again. As her eyes slowly opened, she groaned, burrowed her head back in her pillow and thought to herself, "Two more days and I can finally finish my dream."

I know probably too short, but I was running out of time and ideas.

12-01-2001, 12:12 PM
Legzup2paradise ~ What a great story! You must have been reading my mind! I had a naughty ;) dream last night and have still not recovered! Loved the story! Great fun this was......Tootles! Lilith

12-01-2001, 07:55 PM

Nice story. Thanks from all of us for extending yourself and trying something new! What a great story I loved it. :D

And after only 15 posts! Wow, let this be an inspiration for all those sad people that jump in here and just look. They can do it too!

I love your name, legzup2paradise. Its so descriptive, and I'm sure so true for your partner!!! Mmmm lost in my imagination.


12-02-2001, 12:38 AM
Thank you so much for all your positive feedback.. because of it I have decided to try my hand at writing more often. Glad you enjoyed the story...

LOL Darrenfate, not sure he would agree, since we are actually having our house worked on right now and the foreman is quite yummy. LOL anyway.. hope to shoot some more your way soon.. all pun intended.


12-02-2001, 01:21 AM

Attracted to construction guys, eh?

OMG, I forgot to tell you how handy I am. Here (grabbing a hammer) I know how to use this. In fact hammering is something I do very well!! Still dreamin of your legs!