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05-01-2020, 11:57 AM
We'd been to a ball. We'd had an excellent dinner, danced together, smooched and, finally it was time to go home.

We went in his old car, what Americans might call a jalopy, what the English might call a heap, what the French might call a bagnole. On the way he stopped at the side of the road, dark, in a pull-off. He leaned in for a kiss – and what soon became what is known as a French kiss. I responded; I was enthusiastic. It was good! Ere long his hands were on my chest and feeling my breasts – which I liked.

However, problem - for both of us. I was wearing a long dress and it was tight across my ample chest. No question of his hands getting inside the dress! Just not physically possible, and I was not going to even attempt to undo it in the confines of a small car at 3 in the morning! More kissing, fondling outside the dress, and then home.

We met, dated and after quite some time I worked in a large city while my beau was a student. After visits to movies, opera, plays we would sit in his old car – jalopy – and make out. The trouble was that I lived in the city in an apartment with another girl-friend and I did not want him coming in there when she might be there too.

I was somewhat innocent as was he. When he put his hand up my skirt I kept my legs firmly closed! After one of these necking sessions he said he wanted my panties. Now why would a fellow want a pair of his girl's panties? Anyway, after 2 or 3 requests I gave in and slipped them off in the car and handed them over. Going back to the apartment pantieless was rather nice, I thought.

Time passed. Eventually on an evening when my girl-friend was out we were in my apartment and he got his hand inside my panties (I did have some on!), stroked my hairy cunt a bit. Wow! It was nice. I felt for him, found his cock, all hard inside his trousers.

“Here, let me help,” he said, unzipping. In a moment he had his cock out, pointing at the ceiling. To one who had never seen this it was awesome! He pressed himself against me, kissed me passionately, stood back and said, “Hold it! Like this!” He guided my hand onto his cock. I marvelled at its hardness; I wanted to look at it.

“Here,” he said. He took hold of my hand and, while I held his cock, he moved my hand up the shaft and down. I'm amazed that I can slide my hand up and down without letting go.

“Let me lie down.” So he reclined on to the sofa. He pulled me towards him and said, “Just hold me again, about here in the middle.”

I held his cock a little nervously but he envelopped my hand with his and gently motioned it up and down the shaft a couple of times. I got the idea: this gave him pleasure! He let go.

“That's really good, “ he breathed. “I just want you keep doing that for a bit.”

So I did, ever the innocent. 'A bit' was not for long because without warning he gasped and a spurt of thick white fluid leaped from his cock.

“What have I done!” I exclaimed, relinquishing the member, as it continued to shake and pulse out more fluid. He grabbed it and continued the up and down motion while his cock continued to spill its juice. After a time he slowed his motion and stopped. Of course, because he was stll clothed the juice had spilled on to his clothes!

“That was just so good. I'd like more next time.”

Soon after, he left, and I was feeling somewhat horny.

Now, I did know about girls masturbating. A good girl friend, while we were out at a cafe one day and having a drink, sudenly asked me if I'd ever diddled myself. I fessed up and said no. She went on: did I know what to do? Well, no, not really.

“How do mean 'not really'? Look, I'll show you,” and she got a piece of paper and drew the outline of a cunt and said, “You see this little thing up here, at the top? That's your clit, and all you've got to do is massage it and it'll give you immense pleasure. Takes some time to cum, but just keep going until you have this wonderful sensation which completely takes over. It's wonderful!” And before I could say anything else she said , “Drink up, let's go back to my place!” She lived in an apartment not far away. We ups and offs and she explains it's better to talk in more detail when there are no other distractions around. We were at her apartment where she told me her parents were out for the day.

“To resume where I left off......come with me.” She led me into the sitting room. “OK, you just sit there and watch and I'll show you what I was talking about.”

In a jiffy she upped her skirt, whipped off her panties and opened her legs. I saw her slit through the bush surrounding it.

“Look here,” she said, pointing. “This is the spot.” She pushed open her lips and showed me her clit which she then touched. “See, this is what you do. You can massage it, gently – or roughly if you prefer – or you can massage around it like this.” She then demonstrated, rubbing her clit with her middle finger for a few moments.

“Now, give me your hand and you can feel me!” Somewhat surprised by her openness I extended my hand which she guided towards her cunt. She manipulated me so that I could feel her clit, glistening pink and, to my surprise, quite firm. She took my thumb, rubbed her clit with it moving it up and down, and sighing.

“This is so good, especially with you touching me. I've never had another girl do this to me. Just keep on rubbing.” I did! I was interested to see what happened next.

“Stop a moment; I need to lie down.” She led me to a sofa, lay down, legs apart, waiting for me to resume. I hesitated, reluctant to carry on with another girl but with more verbal encouragement I resumed stroking her clit. She gasped: “Oh yes, that's really nice. Go on rubbing, keep at it, you're doing well! You'll make me cum!”

Her cunt was wet, my fingers slipped easily over her clit and I explored around it, massaging firmly now. Between my own legs I could feel dampness and with her gasping and panting I was becoming quite aroused. After a little of this she was panting and gasping for air, gripping a cushion, eyes closed, moaning, suddenly holding my hand forcefully and rubbing herself with it till she came with a cry, almost a sobbing. She held my hand against her vulva, still, then a gentle caressing, then she released me and relaxed.

I sank back onto the sofa; I was amazed at what I had done, what my friend experienced. I sat there, still feeling horny but not quite sure what to do or say. Should I experiment right there? She was my tutor, could help. She'd shown me what pleasure she'd had. This could be mine too.

Moments, even minutes passed, then she pulled down her skirt. “That was fabulous. I really appreciated you doing that for me. My first time with a girl. I bet you're feeling that you ought to try it too, but you're not sure. Yes?”

“Yeah, you're right.”
“OK then. It'll be your first time so you can do it and I'll just let you go on.”

“Mm, OK.”

“To be comfortable you need to take off your panties first.”

I slid them off and she could see they were wet.

“Right, lie back and just slide your hand down to your cunt and feel for your clit, as I showed you.”

My hand brushed through my own hairs, felt the top of my opening, slipped further down into the dampness then reached that spot she had shown, my clit, quite firm, wet. Immediately I could feel excitement, a territory never yet explored. I moved my finger around, across it, caressed it up and down: such pleasure! I gasped! She sighed too, watching.

“Here, let me help a bit.”

Her hand was on top of mine; she guided 2 of my fingers over the clit in any direction, beside it, then slightly downwards and gently pushed my fingers just into my cunt, then out again and they worked at my clit and I could feel more pleasure, desire, a building up to I didn't know what, a need for some release. She lifted my hand away and replaced it with her own fingers, rubbing, sliding, pushing, pulling and I moaned and sobbed and thrust myself at her hand wantonly and then I shouted as a great release washed over me. I clasped my legs on her hand, wanted no more movement. Eventually I relaxed; she withdrew her hand, sank back onto the couch, even caressed herself again for a few moments.

“ Pretty good! Isn't it?”


“Don't worry, you'll soon become addicted! I do this every day, at least once. You can do it several times a day if you want.”

Later, I went home. I tried it out - and she was not wrong!

So after my boy had left - I was still too shy to let him feel me – I rubbed myself, all wet I was, and I could feel the horniness building, my hips writhed and I squeezed one of my tits, and I reached my peak, felt my cunt pulsing as I came.

Exhausted, I lay on my bed, legs splayed, gradually relaxing. I thought that the next time I met my boy friend I must let him feel me and do to me what I'd just done.