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on the below link i came across a story about an obese female money lender who was so fat she suffered greatly. I always wanted to write a story of her but in modern terms. I've tried to do it as if she's a modern day financial businesswoman thats obese but with the same problems health wise as her. Its quite a lot in it, so i'm taking it as a day in her life, this is the first part.


It was now 11.45pm and she wrinced out her mouth after brushing them with mouth wash spitting the contents into a bowl and passing to her servant. Help me get undressed she orders. Certainly Ms Cheung, her servant Jenny agrees. Ms Cheung stands up from her computer desk, owwwwwwwww, she squeals, ohhhhhhhhh dead leg owwwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhh, massage it for me it's my left one, ohhhhhhhhh, this is the second time today' she whimpered.

The thoughts of massaging Ms Cheungs legs was something that Jenny didn't enjoy, thankfully Ms Cheungs suit trousers was hiding the flab she would have to touch. After 10 minutes massaging, ''Try and get up now Ms Cheung, perhaps get up slowly I'll help you up. Slowly Ms Cheung rises from her chair, screaming with some pain on her knee joints, she rests both her hands on her desk momentarily to try catch her breath. ''Here, this will help'', struggling to support Ms Cheung, Jenny turns on an oxygen tank and puts the mask up to Ms Cheungs face to help her breathe.

After a few moments Ms Cheungs wheezing had reduced, ''Now Ms Cheung, try walking on your own to your bed''. Ms Cheungs bed was in the same room, it was only 5 metres away but every step was a proving to be a struggle recently. ''Oh my knees,'' she cried gasping hard as she moved. Every step was very slow, eventually after much puffing and panting she made it to her bed. She was sweating hard, get me a damp towel, she demanded. Ms Cheung sat on her specially made bed until Jenny came back with a damp towel. Now wipe my face demanded Ms Cheung, I'm burning up!!.

It was now 12.15 am and Ms Cheung was still not in bed. Jenny unbuttons Ms Cheungs pants, ''I'm going to need you to stand up again Ms Cheung so as your pants will come off''. "You should of done it when I was standing'' whined Ms Cheung, slowly standing up, she grinds her teeth fighting the pain in her knees, now hurry up''. Jenny guides the suit pants down to Ms Cheungs ankles, ''Now can you raise your feet'' she asks?

"What do you think?'', snarls Ms Cheung crying with the pain. ''Ok, maybe a night dress will be easier to put on, as Jenny moves away trying not to look at Ms cheungs huge fat legs''. ''If you sit down again, raise your feet and wriggle your pants fully off''. ''No!, scretches Ms Cheung, I pay you well to do it so you do!"'.

Jenny takes a large silk night dress specially taylored for her like all of her clothes, which were mainly expensive business suits. ''Can you lift your legs please?'' Slowly Ms Cheung lifts one leg at a time allowing Jenny remove the suit trousers and stockings. "Do my toe nails need to be varnished?'' quizzed Ms Cheung? No, lied Jenny, she didn't want to touch them.

Jenny then unbuttoned Ms Cheungs suit jacket and blouse removing them revealling a huge abundance of flabby flesh. She helped Ms Cheung with the night dress over her head and put her slippers on. ''Now when you stand up Ms Cheung the night dress will fall down all the way'.

Ms Cheung gets up and puffing and panting around to the side of her bed, she scowls Jenny '' Pull back my sheets, this should have been done, what time is it?. ''Oh sorry Ms Cheung, its 12.45am''. She quickly make her way around Ms Cheungs massive frame and pulls back the sheets on Ms Cheungs bed'.

'Help me get my feet in demands Ms cheung''. As she takes a lying down position she assists Ms Cheung get her feet into the bed and covers Ms Cheung. Ms Cheung attaches another oxygen mask to her face and turns on an oxygen tank, beside her was a spare oxygen tank. ''Turn on my bedside light and turn off the main one'' she ordered. 'Will do good night Ms Cheung, try and get some sleep tonight?. ''Make sure to be checking on me on the tv monitor every 15 minutes and check in on me every 45 minutes. check the intercom now thats its on, I don't want a repeat of last nite where ye turned it off and I'd to wait until Sarah came in to check on me to get water. Jenny checked the intercom was on and left the room without a thanks or good night from Ms Cheung.

Ms Cheung is a morbidly obese wealthy financial executive, whose weight was causing her great pain all the time, the pain would never let up, despite all of her vast wealth she could never buy a decent nights sleep. Ms Cheung started off in the financial business in her late teens and now 42 build up a huge financial business empire. As a young woman she was always on the plump side, even at a young age exercise and sports didn't interest here. Her love of fine food and expensive wine caused her 6 foot frame had grown to a massive 385 pounds. Even her great wealth and best of medical care could not ease the pain she was constantly under.

It was now 1 am and Ms Cheung had barely slept 10 minutes. Her back was killing her and she felt herself wheezing hard as a result of the pain, turning up the amount of oxygen in take she thought it would help but it didn't.

The night nurses intercom went off at 1.05am. What does the pig want now she grunted, putting on her slippers and dressing gown, she takes a short walk, knocks on Ms Cheungs bedroom door and enters.

Her home was huge mansion, however such was her huge weight she could no longer go upstairs, her specialised stair lift could no longer support her. Until the elevator is installed she had to sleep in a down stairs on suite bedroom.

At night inside her house she had a nurse and two night servants at her disposal. For them if Ms Cheung didn't get a full nights sleep neither did they. She also had a specialised chef from Japan who was live in who done all of her cooking. She had to do nothing herself others done it for her.

During the day she had 6 servants, each working in shifts of 3, one group in the early morning to late afternoon, the others late afternoon until late night when the night servants kicked in.

What's the problem now Ms Cheung yawned Sarah Lee her night nurse. She could just see Ms Cheungs big round head popping over the bed covers and her huge frame covered in blanket like a joint hill. My back is at me whined Ms Cheung and I can't breath I had to increase the amount of oxygen coming from my tank.

Grabbing the oxygen mask off Ms Cheungs fat little hands Sarah jambs her finger into Ms Cheungs huge chest. She shouts "how many times has Doctor Park and I warned you not to adjust the oxygen intake,always the same with you, you've only yourself to blame that you are in constant pain, you are a disgrace!".

"I'm not paying you to shout at me but to help me" whined Ms Cheung. "For the last 20 odd years you kept this lifestyle of enjoying the fine things in life, do nothing yourself and thats why you're in bed awake at 1.05 begging for someone else to assist you when you should be able to do things for yourself!"
"Stop been so cruel, I pay you well, if you want to be fired, she puffed your going the right way." warned Ms Cheung. She threatened it so often Sarah Lee was not afraid to tell people what she thought of their lifestyles and even so with Ms Cheung who was paying her well. Ms Cheung though she often threatened to fire Sarah she never did. Being a successful businesswoman Ms Cheung had many enemies and no close friends.

Sarah and the servants was the nearest thing she had to friends. Though she hated the way Sarah spoke to her she knew she could trust her. "My back, my back, my back" she whined." "Shut up you big baby, roll over on your back and I'll give you a quick massage, honestly" growled Sarah. Letting off a big groan and fart Ms Cheung rolls over "sorry about that" she pants. Nodding her head in disapproval Sarah starts massaging her back. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", ooooooooooo, your hurting me, oh my goodness,".

"I'm meant to be hurting you!". acknowledged Sarah as she dug her hands and elbows into Ms Cheungs back. She was pissed off with this every night, and how Ms Cheung took all help for granted".

Grabbing her oxygen mask she puts it on her face to assist her breathing. ''Call Dr Park to come over, I'm in so much pain, my breathing is very heavy lying down, he should be staying here anyways I pay him enough!'', she wheezed ''Stop pounding my back so hard, its affecting my breathing''.

''Dr Park, will be here in the morning at 6am for your daily check up, you can wait till then''. Sarah enjoyed tormenting Ms Cheung like this, despite Ms Cheungs vast wealth but would not survive without the help of others, ''anyways'' continued Sarah ''he moved across the road especially, that's close enough, he has a family, you can't expect him to be at your side all the time.

"ahhh," Whimpered Ms Cheung, defenseless to the pounding her back was taking. ''Call Dr Park at once'', she cried. ''Picking up a phone with direct dial to Dr Parks house Sarah dials through ''Hello, Dr Park, I'm sorry about the early call, Ms Cheungs' back is killing her, yes I've given a massage, she's also finding it hard to breath when lying down, I'll ask her?" Covering the phone mouth piece Sarah asks ''Did you try taking some deep breaths?". Letting off another powerful fart, wiping her eyes in humiliation, taking a big gasp of air ''It's part of his contract to be at my side when I need it and I'll report him to the medical council for neglect if he doesn't get over here now''. She reaches out to increase the amount of oxygen supply from the tank but Sarah moves it away ''No, she is refusing to try as per usual, if you could come over please, ok, see you in a minute.'' Mimicking Ms Cheungs wimpering ''Dr Park be here in a minute ya poor baba''.

''Hello Ms Cheung, I want to listen to your chest and heart beat'', getting his stetoscope he listens to her back and chest. ''You may have another chest infection, which is unfortunate since your last one has just cleared up, you really really need to be listening to my advise and of your diet specialist, have you been able to sleep?''. He then goes and takes her temperature, ''mmmmmmmmmm, a little on the high side, it might be from the strain of moving,i'll check it again in the morning''.

''No'' she whimpered, ''Can you give me something for my back!''. ''Not if your going back on an antibiotic for your chest, may I suggest you purchase a specialised massage mattress top. It's electrical, it's quite expensive but it could help, unfortunately this is a result of your obesity, can you please sit up and see if you find it easier. Both Dr Park and Sarah help Ms Cheung sit up on the bed, he checks her heart rate and chest again. ''mmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps you'd sleep better sitting up or on a recliner chair, your breathing appears less heavy sitting up, you may have to do sleep this way if the mattress top doesn't work until your chest infection clears up''.

''I''d another dead leg tonite, my knees hurt when I walk''. ''I'll get stronger knee supports for you, you need to do your exercises and to keep moving them, otherwise they will weaken beyond use, I know your in pain with them but you have no other choice,I'll make an appointment for you with Dr Lee, he's the top knee specialist''. I'll sit at my computer that chair has a massager built into it. There was also a comfortable leather armchair but she was unable to sit in it the last year as she had great difficulty getting out of it. "How are your ankles, lift up your night dress'. '. She lifts up her night dress. Both ankles were heavily bandaged up to try and keep some swelling down. ''They still look very swollen to me, I'll ask Dr Lee, to look at them as well, have you been doing the exercises with them we told you to do?''.

''No, she hasn't'', snorts Sarah, ''For a woman thats rootless when it comes to money she treats medical and health advise with little regard''. Dr Park grunts in disgust. Apply some more of the anestetic spray to the ankles and apply more soothing gel, then bandage up a little tighter, if your not moving them while sitting down as told to do, the swelling will balloon when you walk, thus added to any pain your feeling in your knees and joints''.

It was now 2am.

''Let me see you walk to the chair alone and get up off the bed alone''. ''These inhalers aren't strong enough'' whined Ms Cheung taking three puffs of it, grunting and squelling with pain she stands up, holds onto her bedside locker for a brief moment and then slowly breathing heavy makes her way to her computer chair and sits down, taking another 3 puffs of her inhaler''. ''Thats quiet enough use of that inhaler, if you continue to abuse them like that i'll have to wean you off them, I'll be back for your 6 am daily check, please try and get some rest''.

"I want something to eat!" grabbing the phone from her desk, she dials to the servant quaters breathing heavily, "Bring me up some sushi with rice, and a large soda, I need something sugary for energy, she whined, taking two more puffs of her inhaler, then a few blasts from the oxygen tank.

Clinching her fist and grinding her teeth, Sarah stares angerly at the businesswoman. How she'd love to thump her "Firstly your dietician, doctor Park and I advised you against eating irregularily and badly, you refuse to do that, you were asked to take time out of work and do daily exercise both of which you refuse to do and hence why you'll need an army of servents with you tomorrow and everyday to get you to work and keep you functioning!, thats a full dinner meal you've ordered there, you were told to cut down and your not listening, you'd a big 4 course business lunch today, you'd a big dinner and i'd say if you walked over 100 steps today to burn it off, is a miracle''.

Flicking on her computer to check the world markets, she grimaces as she leans forward to turn on her computer then sits back in. ''Stop been so mean, ye get paid well for it'' she pants turning on a desk fan to cool her down.

Sarah stared in disgust at how obese her boss was and how little she was doing to change her lifestyle.

Another beautiful servant called Wendy arrives in with her meal and places it on front of her. ''Enjoy your meal Ms Cheung, can I get you anything else?''.

''My feet are sore, get some hot water and oils and bathe them and a double espresso''.

Certainly said Wendy storming out the thoughts of having to touch Ms Cheungs fat feet was making her sick. "Chubby wants a double espresso, she needs the energy after walking 5 metres to her desk" both servents started to laugh. "I've to bathe her disgusting feet, the taughts of that while she stuffs her fat face is disgusting, I feel sick!".

Wendy arrives in with the water and oils, with the water purposely at boiling point. "Can you rise your feet Ms Cheung" At this she puts a foot rest under her feet and removes her slippers. "Ahhhhhhhh" screamed the businesswoman as a mouthful of soda spills on her night dress. "Ahhhhhhh, its too hot, stop stop stop ahhhhhhh, I'm in enough pain without adding to it ahhhhh stop stop".

"The water shouldn't be that hot" lied Wendy pretending to put her hand into it, "No only feels luke warm" "We'll leave it so," screamed Ms Cheung, letting off another fart.

Ms Cheung scoffs down her meal, and starts reading up the markets and preparing for the business day ahead, not for the first time she begins to fall asleep. Sleep was not easy to come by for her so she took it where ever she could, thats why she scattered oxygen tanks around, even had one in the bathroom. Putting on her oxygen mask she starts to snore. However sleep only came at small periods at a time, she worried that she had enemies within the house and that they would cut off her oxygen supply while sleeping, so she couldn't sleep at ease all night.

At around 3.30am she wakes up, her bowels beginning to rattle, letting off a big fart, "Oh no," she goes |"oh no", grinding her teath and struggling to fight the pain she calls servants quaters.

"Come quick" she pleads "I really need to go to the toilet,i can't hold on" grabbing the desk with her hands trying to fight the pressure, squerming her big frame around in the chair". If she was to go to the toilet in the ensuite at any speed she'd need assistance.

A few seconds later Jenny and Wendy arrive trying to hold back their laughter "Quick!!" whines Ms Cheung, walking as fast as she could been supported by the two servants. taking deep gasps of air. "oh the sensation, my poor body, oh my goodness", she cried. We're nearly there sneared Jenny "Maybe some nappies might be an idea!"
Wendy could not hold the laugher back. "Thats right laugh, oh my goodness,i don't know if I can keep this pace up" she panted. "Making fun of me and I paying your wages, your as bad as the people on the streets who laugh and make comments, oh here at last."

The servents help her lift up her night dress and pull down her massive knickers, which both girls start tittering at.. As quick as she could Ms Cheung sits down on a specially built toilet and instantly into the toilet bowl goes some balistic rockets that make the two servants run out before the smell sickened them. ''oh my stomach, oh no there's more,'' she could feel the express train getting ready to leave and hit its destination. The two servants go into the bedroom and burst out laughing where Ms Cheung can't see them.

Gasping for breath "I need an inhaler, get me some water and some chocolate for some energy, oh my I'm exhaused, my feet are sore, quick, I can't catch my breath". Both put on some disposable masks to block out the stink. Wendy brings in some water and an inhaler, while Jenny goes and grabs her some chocolate.

Wendy turns on the air circulator to curb the smell she sprays some air freshener. "You should have tried using your walking aid, you may not have been waiting on us. "I pay ye to assist me,why should I be struggling on my own so that ye can be down in your rooms having a great time laughing at my misery, oh my goodness more water, give me a damp cloth for my forehead, I'm burning up".

Jenny puts a damp towel on Ms Cheungs forehead and holds Ms Cheungs nose tight as another amount of ballistics are fired from her rear." Oh my, I've cramp in my stomach from those mussells from dinner", letting off more explosions into the great while bowl and sweating profoundly. Grabbing the hand towel she begins wiping it around her huge hot face. "We told you, you didn't need a second helping!" Scolded Jenny. "Oh maybe someone gave Chef bad ones to sicken me I would not put it past anyone, get Sarah to give me something for my stomach" she cried wiping away some tears.
"Wake up Sarah, lard ass, is in pain again" groaned Jenny. "What time's it? yawned Sarah" "Its nearly 4am, its her stomach, she has cramps and some diarrera, either that or she eat an atomic bomb!".
"Won't put it past her",opening a cabinet she pulls out some tablets, "This should do it though I'm tempted to give her nothing!".
She enters the bathroom with Jen spraying air freshener about. Ms Cheung is still on the throne clinching her stomach. "It's not so bad now, i need something to settle my stomach, someone may have given chef bad mussels on purpose to sicken me!" she cried.
"Don't be stupid, you eat at least 20 of them, you eat a mountain of rice and chicken, as well as tonite you had sushi and rice. The more I think about it the more you do not deserve this for your tummy, you were told to watch your diet and instead you've gotten greeedier, your in this position by your own doing, your body can't take the abuse your giving it, your sweating gallons, you should be ashamed, so you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop your crying"

''Call Dr Park, someone maybe trying to poison me'', she gasped as one final ballistic round hit the bowel forcing the two servants and night nurse to momentarily walk out in disgust. ''No one is trying to poison you, maybe if you start making friends rather than enemies in the businessworld you might be able to sleep without wondering if someone will come and get you while you sleep or add laxative to your food''. Lifting a phone in the bathroom, she calls Dr Park again''.

''Sorry doctor, Ms Cheung asked me to call you,'" a slight pause ''I know, I know, listen she's after having a touch of diarrea and it caused her some cramps while she was on the toilet, she has no cramps at the moment, but she's worried that perhaps someone was trying to poison her. There's another short silence before Sarah goes through what Ms Cheung had eaten. ''Ok, thanks Doctor, will do, thank you, good nite''. She then hangs up.

'''Doctor Park says you haven't been poisoned because if you were you'd be 100 times worse, he said it's your system fighting back from over indulgance, he said as I did to take one of these to help settle your stomach''. She puts one in a glass of water and Ms Cheung then drinks it''.

''Ok, one of you is going to have to wash my bottom''. Ms Cheung was now unable to clean her own buttox, both servants look at each other, lets toss a coin, Wendy suggested

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I say heads says ''Jenny'', Wendy tosses a coin ''damn it's tails, great'', sighs Wendy.

''Ahhhhhhhh'', screams Ms Cheung my kidney and gall stones ''ohhhhhhhhh'', wiping tears from her eyes with the pain ''ohhhhhhhhhhh''. Are you about to pee Ms Cheung? asks Sarah. Crying again in pain, wheezing hard slowly she trails a sentence ''ohhhhh, what do you think, i'm about to put these kidney and gall stones hurt when I do, ohhhhh, ehhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh. Wiping her eyes, sweat dripping off her face, get me some more water and a hot towel, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh.''

I need to take a sample hold on a moment, Sarah opens her medical bag, and puts on some surgical gloves and takes out a sample bottle and forces it underneath Ms Cheung sitting on the throne, hurting her in the process. Wendy places the wet towel on Ms Cheungs forehead while she downs a litre of water, ''ahhhhhhhhhhhh, more water,ohhhhhh the pain and heat!''. Jenny starts fanning Ms Cheung with a hand towel to help her cool down. Eventually she begins to pee, her face reaching beetroot red colour. When she's finished, she begins wheezing uncontrollably. ''Take deep breaths Ms Cheung, for goodness sake'' scorns Sarah, taking the oxygen mask away from her, just to force her to try catch her breath but it was useless. ''oh for fuck sake'' jamming the mask into Ms Cheungs face ''Now, please take deep slow breaths, you are getting another chest infection, only yourself to blame''.

After 10 minutes she gets her breath back and takes off the mask. Wendy has her gloves and mask on, ''Ms Cheung, I need you to stand up to clean your behind ''awwwwwwwwww'' she wimpers ''can''t you see I'm in pain, suffering every minute of the day.

''Ms Cheung, stand up and let her clean your big ass, you know as well as anyone your prone to skin diseases and fungus if your body isn't clean and left sweaty, so either you get up, or we'll leave you sitting there helpless untill such time as your ready!''

Gasping and sighing she slowly gets to her feet, holding on to a side cabinet to help ease the pain and pressure ''hurry up, my legs are at me and the ulcers on my feet are killing me without my orthopedic shoes, ohhhhhhhhh, get me another wet towel and some more water and chocolate, oh the pain, the pain, the pain,I want something for my wheezy chest''. ''owwwwwwwwww, your digging your nails into me, stop, your hurting me''. She whined

''Oh sorry'' Ms Cheung, apologised Wendy insincerely. There you go all done. ''Before you sit down, do you want to sleep on the toilet or go back to your chair, it's 4.40am. ''I'm not suffering that long walk, I'll sleep on the toilet. ''Here drink more of this to help dissolve your gall and kidney stones''. ''I'm not drinking that, now it's horrible'' Ms Cheung pants as she slowly sits down, letting out a sigh as she struggles to stretch her fat legs out ''I want Water and a wet towel now'', she wheezes. ''No deal, no drinking this is no wet towel, no water now drink'', warns Sarah.

''Why, must you torment me all the time'',wiping her eyes then taking the drink, oh oh it's horrible, oh oh oh, oh, now give me some water the taste of that is awlful, call Dr Park and demand them to be removed''. Jenny passes her some water as she downs it in one. She then takes some candy from the cabinet beside her and eats it. ''DR PARK HAS TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU ARE IN NO CONDITION TO GO UNDER THE KNIFE, YOU'VE ABOUT 15 ALTOGETHER AND YOUR JUST GOING TO HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT, shouts Sarah. ''Now let me look at those feet'' she bends down and unbandages her ankles ''Still swollen and starts twisting them left and right, up and down to try loosen them up, she done it a little rougher than needed but she got a little pleasure from the screams from Ms Cheung. ''Ow ow ow, stop, stop, stop, your hurting me''. Reaching across for the oxygen mask Jenny moves it away ''I think your too dependent on this''. ''Give it to me, give it to me'' she gasped hard, eventually Jenny hands it over to her.

''We'll need Dr Park to remove those ulcers from your feet, they aren't going to go down alone''. Sarah then apply some strong smellingmuscle spray to the ankles and some antibiotic gel to the ankles to help ease down the swelling. All 3 leave the room momentarily until the smell goes down. Wendy and Jenny grab some blankets, and pillows.

"Here you go Ms Cheung, we don't want you getting a cold'' as they cover her with a blanket and add two pillows behind her head as well as a neck support. A few pillows were put under her feet to ease the pain.

"What about something for my chest'', she wheezes, ''Yes, I'm not forgetting'' grunts Sarah. Opening the top button of Ms Cheungs nite dress,she applies a chest rub to her massive chest area. ''Dr Park said he'll check you again when he comes in at 6, no wonder your sick, another night and you've gotten fuck all sleep, your own fault''.

''If you were under so much torture and pain and so many people out to get you, you'd struggle to sleep''. Whined Ms Cheung. ''You've brought it all on yourself, you were told 10 years ago to watch your lifestyle and you ignored it, so tough'', states Sarah matter of factly.

''Get me something for my back, and scratch it, it's beginning to itch in spots.'' Giving a chesty cough, she talks another drink of water and some more candy. ''Here I'll put these pillows behind you, but i'm not scratching your back, your due to get your skin sores redressed after your shower and scratching will make worse so put up and get some sleep''. She puts the mask over Ms Cheungs mouth and the they begin to walk out. She removes the mask in a panic, ''where are ye all going, one of ye will have to stay with me''. ''The tv monitor in your room?'' Jenny states in disgust, another night with no break she thought to herself.

''There's none here in the bathroom, ye are paid to assist me not to go skiving, i'm here covered in pain and all ye can think of doing now is abandoning me, I pay ye well''. Sighing up to the ceiling and letting off a deep breath ''Sorry Ms Cheung, of course, I'd be delighted to stay in here with you while you try and sleep''. I'll get you a coffee Jenny.

At 5.20 Wendy comes in with her coffee, ''sorry for the delay, my goodness how are you putting up with that snoring, it's awlful.'' ''I know'' says Jenny, ''She slept for 5 minutes took some candy and more water, then started snoring again, and now has been asleep for a massive 10 minutes''.

''The size of her'' states Wendy ''Look at how she can't bend her head downwards because of all the fatty chins''. ''I've an idea'' back in a second. After a few moments Wendy comes back with a small bowel of water''. ''This will make her think she's got more problems on her hands''.

Taking the bowl of water she dips Ms Cheungs finger into the bowel, then she hears Ms Cheung make a moaning sound in pain as she slowly begins to wake up.

Sleep wasn't easy for Ms Cheung, the pain never went away, the taste in her mouth of the dry oxygen going into her lungs to help her breath, the constant itch from skin issues within her folds of flab, the back pain, the knees and ankles, there was no escape from the suffering. She'd often dream she'd be at home and next thing everyone would be gone and she'd be left helpless with all of her oxygen tanks taken. This dream was different, she was at a meeting, just before someone was about to steal from her and run away when she felt a tingle on her hand, then the pain in her kidneys started again and a strange sensation in her knickers. Then a hand started smacking her hard on the face, harder on the face then necessary, ''Ms Cheung, Ms Cheung, wake up, you've had a bit of an accident'',it's then she recognised the dampness in her knickers and dressing gown.

''Ms Cheung you've had a bit of an accident, you went in your sleep'' advised Jenny. ''oh no, oh no, oh no'' she cried, Well it's near time for your shower anyways, so we can't leave you in this state, better get you ready for the shower ''oh no oh no, please let this not be happening'' wheezed Ms Cheung taking some more candy, letting off a chesty cough. ''Accidents happen, I'll get some shower towels. What Ms Cheung didn't see was the two servants laughing their heads off in the hallway.

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''Oh no,'' She wheezed, she could feel the dampness penetrate through her knickers and night dress. ''where are they'' letting off a chesty cough, taking a huge gulp of water,she would loved to have stood up and took her clothes off but the thoughts of moving and the pain encouraged her to put up with the dampness. She hits the intercom beside her, when Wendy comes in carrying some towels struggling to hold back laughter ''Are you ok Ms Cheung, we better get you out of those soiled clothes''.

Breaking into a chesty cough, Ms Cheung takes another gulp of water wiping her brow, eventually catching her breath to speak ''What kept you I've been sitting here in this uncomfortably and ye disappear, probably having a good laugh at my torment''.
''Ms Cheung we weren't laughing at you just doing the preparation for your shower''. ''Well it doesn't take two of you to do that!'' wheezes Ms Cheung taking an inhaler she takes two big puffs of it.''

''Sorry Ms Cheung for upsetting you, if you could stand up and we'll take these off you''. She attempts to stand up when ''ohhhhhhhhhhh'' she cries and sits straight back down on the toilet. ''ohhhhh I've a cramp in the right leg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, get Sarah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,'' wiping tears from her eyes, she tried to look down at her legs but all she could see was her huge stomach.

Wendy picks up a phone and calls Sarah ''Ms Cheung has got cramp in her right leg, ok thanks'' and hangs up. ''20 seconds later, Sarah arrives into the bathroom ''phewwwwwwwwwww, the smell, Ms Cheung had you a wet dream,'' bursting into laughter ''Was it Dr Park you were dreaming about, causing a great laugh between herself and Wendy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh the pain the pain, thats right laugh at me, don't forget I pay your wages'' whines Ms Cheung, her breathing sounding very deep. Sarah puts some spray on Ms Cheungs leg that stings so hard makes her scream, she takes the oxygen mask and attaches it to her face. Sarah then massages the leg and to loosen it up. She then takes Ms Cheungs left foot and starts moving it to stretch it out. She twists it a bit harder than she should just to make Ms Cheung squirm, which she done crying like a big baby, holding the gas mask tight to her face so as it won't fall off. Sarah then loosens up the right leg in the same fashion. When Sarah was finished Ms Cheung was exhausted and found herself sweating hard, ''Get me a damp towel'' she orders, taking a huge drink of water.

Jenny then arrives back into the room ''Where have you been'' shouts Ms Cheung which forces her into some chesty coughs, again having to take more water''. Wendy then comes back with a cold towel and start wiping Ms Cheungs forehead''. ''I think you'll find Jenny is entitled to a break even if it's for as little as 5 minutes'' snorts Sarah. ''Well I wish I got a break for 5 minutes from the pain and breathlessness'' whimpers Ms Cheung drinking more water.

"Can you stand up now Ms Cheung, at least try'' begs Sarah beginning to lose her patience. ''Give me a few more minutes'' pants Ms Cheung she could now get the smell of urine off her clothes however she'd put up with it just so as she won't have to move her huge body. ''Ms Cheung!'' warns Sarah, ''We have to take those clothes off you, they smell and you smell, if Dr Park sees you like this.

''I pay him good money too,'' cries Ms Cheung ''No one is to hear about this humiliation or everyone here is fired''. ''Oh cut them off, I'm not standing up for another while''. Sarah sighs in disguist ''Ok!''. She goes grabs a scissors, strategically cutting the nite dress and knickers off Ms Cheung, leaving her sitting on the toilet her huge body and its massive pockets of fat for everyone to see. She then puts on some surgical gloves and with a damp cloth cleans around Ms Cheungs legs to get rid of the awlful smell from her.

Ms Cheung can feel herself begin to sleep and puts the gas mask on. However sleep only lasted 3 minutes as she woke up coughing then. Taking some more gulps of water Jenny applies another cold towel to Ms Cheungs forehead ''It's 5.50 am Ms Cheung, we better help you into the shower, Dr Park will want to do your normal morning examinations and it's important your clean.'' Sarah then enters the room. ''UP'' she orders whipping some candy out of Ms Cheungs hand. ''I'm not allowed a bit of candy now'', she gasps hard slowly standing up clinching her teeth with the pain shooting through her, wheezing hard trying to catch her breath. ''Oh for fucks sake'' grunts Sarah jambing an oxygen tank mask into Ms Cheungs face, now take 3 deep breaths. Both Jenny and Sarah link her on each side and slowly help Ms Cheung walk towards the shower, she panted hard, her breathing was slow and wheezy, the pain shooting through her body, every step ached, beads of sweat pumping down her face. A specially built walk in shower was built for her, it had a seat in it so as she could sit down, the shower was only 6 metres from the toilet but every step felt like a marathon to Ms Cheung. After a painstaking 10 minutes she eventually makes it into the shower, slowly sitting down groaning hard from the pressure been put on her joints, she sits down, wheezing very hard, struggling to catch any breath, her face a bright red, she could feel her body burning up from the exertion. As per normal an oxygen tank was beside her and she attaches it to her face struggling to get her breathing as near to normal. Sarah hands her a litre of water which she downs in one. Sarah then takes Ms Cheung wrist to record her heartbeat after exercise. ''A cold towel Ms Cheung'' asks Jenny ''What do you think'' wheezes Ms Cheung. Sarah then gets towel and wipes Ms Cheungs face with it to try and cool her down.

Wendy then enters the shower, Sarah and Jenny leave. Wendy is wearing a waterproof pull over suit, so as she doesn't get wet while she is giving Ms Cheung a shower. The thoughts of having to touch Ms Cheungs folds of fat was something none of them enjoyed and tried to avoid at all times by trading favours.

She turns on the water, having it a little too hot forcing Ms Cheung to squeal in pain ''ahhhhhhhhhhhhh''bursting into a wheezy cough, turn the heat down you're burning me, I'm tired telling ye to check the temperature before turning it on, some day ye'll scald me and I'm under enough pain without that she whines. ''Oh sorry Ms Cheung, turning the temperature down to really cold''. ''Now thats too cold, no wonder I've a chest infection my staff trying to kill me,'' ''Oh crap I've accidently hit the wrong button,'' she lied as she put the temperature to the heat Ms Cheung liked. Showering Ms Cheung wasn't easy, between each layer of flab had to be carefully cleaned as advised by Dr Park to try and prevent her picking up skin diseases. Due to Ms Cheungs lack of mobility to do it properly she had to get assistance do it. She didn't even wash her own hair they made the servants do it too. ''ohhhhhhhh, you're digging your nails into me'' whines Ms Cheung. She always feared servants would hurt her in the shower ever since one servant attached clothes pegs to her body, causing her great pain, it wasn't until Dr Park spotted the cause of the pain half an hour later that she fired the servant. She now had mirrors in the shower room however she couldn't twist her head side by side easily. ''Don't pull so hard on my hair'', putting her hand on her back trying to ease the pain.

''OK Ms Cheung can you push up your legs for me, I need to clean your feet and their soles''. She slowly lifts up her right leg first but not very high, she struggled with the stress on her body even that task was causing ''mmmmmmmmmmmm'', she pants ''hurry up, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, there has to be an easier way for this. "Ok thanks Ms Cheung, now your other foot''. She barely lifts her foot 3 inches off the ground, with deep wheezy breaths struggling to keep her foot up ''hurry up!, I'm burning up here as she could feel herself sweating hard again'. ''Done, now stand up I need to clean your bottom''. ''Well hurry up''. Slowly she stands up letting off massive sighs ''Be quick,''. "I'll go as fast as I can!'' ''Ok done now Ms Cheung then sits down and demands a cold towel which is again applied to her face. Jenny then offers her some water which she downs in one. She has to slowly dry off all of Ms Cheungs body into every fold of fat.

At 6.50 she had Ms Cheung fully washed and dried. Jenny then hits the phone and Sarah and Wendy soon come in the shower room. Their shifts finish at 7am. Their next task was to get Ms Cheung into her bedroom for Dr Park to examine her.

"Ms Cheung Dr Park is waiting!'' advised Sarah. ''He can come in here whinges Ms Cheung''. ''Well, if he has to come in here, he'll know your unable to go to work and he'll advise your business your in no condition for working it's up to you, not only is Dr Park in there but your clothes are too, stay here and you'll be naked like a big baby all day until you are prepared to move, no moving, no going to work, no clothes and no food'', your choice threatened Sarah. "'You're only worried because your shift is near over and ye want to go and sneer me'', breaking into another bought of coughing.

''Get me some water'' pants Ms Cheung. Sarah goes and gets her some water which she again downs quickly. Jenny dampens a towel and wipes her face to help her cool down.

Grinding her teeth, taking deep wheezy breaths she slowly gets to her feet. ''oops we forgot to bring a knickers into you'', states Jenny trying to hold in the laughter. ''Too late now'' whines Ms Cheung as she slowly begins to walk supported by the two women into her bedroom. The walk it's self seemed to take an eternity for her, she found herself gasping harder and harder after each step, eventually she made it into her bedroom where Dr Park was waiting.