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05-01-2009, 01:40 PM
As a Junior in college, I was proud to be a member of the finest athletic dormitory on campus. This group of 40 young men won or placed high in nearly every intramural sport. We were one of the first "houses" on campus to begin wearing jerseys representing our house, with numbers and name on them. In the fall we won intramural football. During the playoffs, a group of coeds from one of the other dorms, who followed our team, surprised us by purchasing shirts of their own. The shirts were modeled after ours in fashion and color, but were adorned with the name "Hershey-ettes" across the front; a play on the name of our house - Hershey. They were a fun-loving group of girls and supported us at every event.

One of these girls was a little Jewish girl from Philadelphia. She was only about 5'2" tall. Her name was Ellen. She quickly became friends with the men of the dorm. You could find her playing Pinochle or Hearts with us or just hanging around. At first this was kind of nice. She had a nice enough personality, gave an exceptional back-rub and was petite enough to walk on your back to stretch it out. However, it seemed like she just wanted to be "one of the boys." This became annoying. There were those things that we wanted to do as a bunch of guys that didn't need female intervention. We began to avoid her like the Plague. In fact, that's what we began calling her... "The Plague." Anyone who spotted her headed toward the dorm, would yell, "Here comes 'The Plague'", and you would begin to hear doors slamming and locking down every hallway. It got to be pretty funny, because she didn't have a clue.

Although when together as a group, everyone avoided her, when we were alone in our room or when she managed to escape our "early warning" system, we would be cordial and graciously accept one of her fine back-rubs. I was no exception. I must have been a horny bastard, because her back-rubs always turned me on. Her fingers were firm and the pressure from them was almost painful. It didn't help matters any that she would stick her tongue in my ear and whisper one of Bill Cosby's best comedic lines, "Just give it a little snaky lick." The combination of her touch and snaky tongue could send shivers down my spine and cause a perfect erection almost anytime she wanted, no matter who was present.

One day, I received a call from Ellen. She had joined a campus sorority. The sorority was having their annual dress-up social and she had been stood-up by the boy who said he would take her. She invited me to take her. I explained that I didn't have any dress clothes with me. (This was true, but I was also concerned what it might do to my reputation if I were to be seen with her.) She said that she understood and invited me over to her room. What could I say? I really felt sorry for her and after all, I was always taking advantage of her back-rubs.

I took a shower, shaved, and got dressed in the best clothes I had and began the short trek through the snow to her dorm room. When I got there, there was a note on the door that read "come in." I entered the room and could hear the water running in the shower. Unlike my room, which was uncomfortably warm, her room was a comfortable temperature. The radio was playing softly on the student-targeted FM rock station. Cat Stevens was playing. I made myself comfortable, sat on the bed that I guessed was hers, and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom.

When she emerged, her hair was still wet and she was wrapped in a white terrycloth robe. She looked more radiant than I had ever seen her. I could tell from the redness around her eyes that she had been crying. We smiled at each other and exchanged hellos. She stood up on her tippy-toes and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for coming. She lay down on the bed with her head on the pillow, using a white towel to dry her hair and asked me what I wanted to do. I didn't have a clue.

The seam of the robe lay draped open seductively exposing her leg. She was not a dark-skinned person, nor was she pale. Her skin looked perfect. She had just finished towel-drying her hair when the urge possessed me to lie down next to her and kiss her. I did. I kissed her softly. Her mouth opened gently to let my lips inside. She smelled fresh, like baby powder. I began kissing any part of her skin that was exposed. I became infatuated with her skin... its softness, its smell, its moist, its silkiness. I moved to kneel between her legs and reached down and opened her robe to expose her beautiful breasts.

Her nipples were cream colored and did not protrude. I stopped to admire them and then lay down on top of her, burying her petite body under mine. I kissed her face, her neck, and her shoulders. I moved down, kissing the nape of her neck, down the face of her chest until I reached her soft nipples. I kissed and sucked them. Harder and harder I sucked, desperately trying to make her nipple erect. It would not respond. However, the attention that I was devoting was not in vain. She had closed her eyes and had a gentle smile on her face.

I moved down and kissed the soft skin under her breasts. I kissed and licked her belly. Too nervous to go down on her, I kissed the soft skin inside her right hip and down her leg. I kissed inside her thigh and my hair brushed against her pussy. I continued to kiss down her leg to her knee. I moved down the small dorm bed and onto the floor. Kneeling there, I kissed her feet. Her toes were well manicured. I kissed them, one toe at a time. I began to suck on each toe one at a time. Her feet were tiny and I could take more than one toe at a time in my mouth.

A shiver came over her as I kissed the inside if her left ankle, working my way up her leg. I was gaining confidence and was becoming more confident that she would not resist any attempt on my part to kiss her pussy. I had never given much thought to women shaving that part of their anatomy, so I honestly don't know if she shaved, or if her soft, thin, tuft of hair was naturally as short as it was. I climbed back on the bed with my legs hanging off and kissed the part of her belly under her navel. Slowly, I kissed lower and lower. My kisses would alternate with licks. When my mouth reached her tuft of hair, I kissed it and pressed my face into it. She smelled wonderfully fresh. Perhaps she had placed perfume between her legs. Perhaps she had powdered or used a feminine deodorant spray. Whatever it was, it was enticing.

I breathed deeply, inhaling her scent and moved down, my tongue finding the seam where her lips began. I moved my arms under her legs, causing them to bend at the knee and wrapped my arms around her, placing my hands on her breasts. With short up and down strokes, my tongue painted a wet spot against the already moist skin. I began alternating the up and down strokes of my tongue with left to right ones, sometime throwing in circular motions. Periodically, I could feel her legs close around me. When I did, I would come up for air and kiss the skin on her belly, looking up at her lovely breasts in my hands.

I would knead her breasts, firmly engulfing her entire breasts in each hand. I slid further down the bed so that my tongue was close enough to her entrance to enter her. I licked the skin between her hole and the puffy mound of her clit. I slid my hands down onto her belly and she responded by arching her back, exposing more of her pussy. My tongue penetrated her. A feeling of accomplishment came over me. I felt tender, I felt secure. I felt as though I was meant to do this. It felt natural and I felt warm and complete.

She repositioned her feet on my back and pressed her pussy into my face. I was licking and twisting my tongue. I would lick up the face of her pussy and find her engorged clit. I loved sucking it into my mouth. She had a large piece of flesh that would lengthen and stretch into my mouth to the point where I could roll my tongue along its length. Most of the time, her hands were above her head, clutching the pillow and bedpost, but now, her hands moved and gently ran through my hair. Her only noises where whimpers.

As her hands stopped moving through my hair, I could see and feel her tummy start to expand in and out with non-rhythmic breathing. Faster and faster her breathing continued as my tongue assaulted her, penetrating and licking around the opening, then back to her clit and that wonderful piece of skin. All the while I was thinking of how good she smelled. Shorter and shorter were the times between the heaving in her tummy. Her hands clenched my hair as the final blast of orgasm overtook her.

She lifted my head and smiled sat me. She released my head and I softly kissed the wet patch of hair and kissed up her belly, across her breasts and up to her face, a face now flush with color, a face that no longer showed visible signs of tears. A face smiling with contentment. I kissed her for a couple of minutes and she warned me of the impending arrival of her roommate. She sat up on the bed and tied her robe around her waist, covering the beautiful skin that had taken over my senses. I never avoided Ellen after that and felt a bond with her that I still feel today. A few weeks later, she disappeared from sight and was rumored to have quit school. I will always remember my first taste of oral sex and Ellen.