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Little ten year old Kendra Durriken squirmed on the seat of the vardo, or gypsy wagon, between her father, Gustof, and her much older brother, Vincent. Her mother, Aleera, and her much older sister-in-law, Atalaya, rode inside of the vardo itself. Atalaya was heavy with child and needed as much as possible. "Sit still little one," Vincent said smiling at her, "there is no need for all of that squirming." "But look, Vincent," she delightfully squilled, "look at all the vardos. Have you ever seen so many in one place?" The little girl then turned to her father with the "all-knowing" look that they had come to know so well over her young years, and said, "He's here, papa." "Who's that," Gustof asked with a nervous look. "The one who will pay my bride price, of course," she said smiling. Her father looked at his son. Vincent just shrugged his shoulders as he said, "You know, as well as I, that all of her predictions have come true so far. Why not this one?" Gustof brought the vardo to a halt next to one of the many others. "Alright," he said to his children, "let's get camp ready."

The bride price was the price set on a female by her father, or eldest male member of her family. Those that had special gifts, such a foresight, or could read palms, cards, or the crystal ball, would bring a much higher price because their talents would bring in more money for the family. Others whom didn't have such talents, and wished to do so, would make money by laying with strangers. Those were the ones who usually didn't have their bride price met until they were in their early twenties. The man who did pay it was usually an older man whom had never married or was widowed. They usually didn't care about the woman not being virginal. But those with a high price were always guaranteed to be virginal. It was not only expected, but an unspoken demanded. And Kendra knew that her bride price was high; five hundred gold pieces to be exact. It was a lot more than most of the richer gypsies carried with them. And it was why Gustof was so sure that his daughter's price would never be met. He would keep the price that high until his daughter's gift had made him rich, or his death, which ever came first. And then he would turn charge of her over to her brother Vincent. It would then be he that had to deal with prospective husbands.

Once camp was set, and supper was started, Kendra got permission to explore. She knew that with a gathering this large, some of her friends would be here. It took only a few minutes for her to find her best friend, Verona Nantan. Together they wandered in and out of the vardos and tents. Pulling her friend to a halt, she said, "Look Verona, there he is." Her friend followed her finger to the teenage boy she was pointing at. Verona didn't have to ask who "he" was; she knew all too well. Like her family, her friend knew of her ability to foresee the furture. "Do you see mine anywhere," Verona asked. She looked around the crowd. "Not yet," she answered, "but he will be soon. Maybe not until tonight or tomorrow, but soon." She listened to her friend squill with delight as she stared ahead.

Kendra watched from a distance as the boy helped to unload his parents vardo. She guessed him to be a few years older her, but no more than thirteen. Even at his young age he was tall with signs of muscles starting to form. His shoulders were broader than most boys his age, making him look older than he was. She could tell that his hair was a very dark brown; possibly even black. She smiled and blushed when he looked her way and then waved. She quickly ducked behind the nearest vardo, pulling Verona with her. She looked back around to see that he was again helping his father. She and Verona headed back to their own vardo's for supper. They would explore again later.

It was night time when Phelan Lensar sat down with his father, Silvanus, around the large burning fire. Many of the men from the other Gypsy tribes were gathered there as well. He held the bag of gold coins next to him under his vest, but out of view of the other men. He had scrimped and saved every gold piece he could since he was able to walk. Many of them he found after the strangers that visited their camp would get so drunk that they didn't even know they had lost any coins. Others had come from selling left over items left behind by other tribes when they moved on. A long time he had saved his money. He wanted to be sure that he could meet the bride price of any female that he wished to make his bride. He knew that he had well over five hundred gold pieces, but didn't know exactly how many. He only knew that this was his guarantee.

Phelan had seen the girl that he wished to purchase as his bride earlier that day. He had waved at her and she had waved back. He hoped beyond hope that her bride price had not yet been meet, and that she would be his. He didn't know how he knew that she was to be his; he just did. Her smile had been pleasant, and even though she was still young, around ten at the most, she was very pretty.

Phelan listen to the other men around him as they haggled and bargined for the female of their choice, or that of their sons choice. "When papa," he asked his father. "When do I find out who she belongs too?" "We'll have to ask," his father told him. Then, with a chuckle he added, "Just be patient. If she's as young as you, then more likely as not she hasn't been paid for yet." But before he could ask another question of his father, the girl in question walked to the circle and sat in the lap of one of the men on the other side of the fire. "Her papa, her," he said, elbowing his father in the ribs. "The one that just sat down," his father asked. "Yes, papa," he said excitedly. "The one with the long black braid and wearing the white blouse and teal skirt with the light blue stripe." "I see her. I see her," his father chuckled. But before either could rise to ask, a gentleman called out to the man on whom's lap she sat.

Phelan watched as the middle aged man called out, "Gustof, when will you be setting the bride price for the one on your lap?" "I already have, Jal," the girl's father said smiling, "but it is more than you can afford. She has the gift of foresight. Not once has any of her predictions been wrong." "So what is it," another called out. "Maybe one of us can pay her price," said another. He watched as the eligible men gathered all started grumbling. His heart began to race. Fear of not being able to pay the price, or not being the first to do so, took over. "Five hundred gold pieces," her father called out. "I'm sorry, Phelan," his father said, "but I do not have that kind of money. I doubt any man here does."

Phelan jumped to his feet and called out, "I will meet her bride price." A roar of laughter went up around him as all the men present laughed at him. He felt his father's arm tugging him as he hissed, "What are you doing boy? I told you, I don't have that kind of money." "You may not, papa," he said smiling, "but I do." He walked around the burning fire and threw down the bag of gold coins he had had hidden under his vest at the man's feet. "Five hundred gold coins," he said to the father of the unboughten bride. "You are very amuseing, boy," the older man said, "but only real offers will be accepted." He smiled when the young girl in question said, "He is the one, papa." He watched as the girl picked up the bag. She handed it to her father. "There is more than that in here," she said. "I told you that my price would be meet at this gathering."

Phelan smiled as Kendra sat next to him as the elders of the gathered tribes counted the coins in his bag. "There is over eight hundred pieces here," one said in an atonished voice. They handed the five hundred required coins to Gustof and the rest back to him. "She is paid for," Gustof said, holding out his hand to him. "She will go with you when your family leaves. But I do ask one favor of you young man. One that I must almost demand before I release your hand." "What is it," he asked. The older man leaned down to look him in the eyes and sternly said, "You will not take her until she has reached her eighteenth year. She is only ten years old. Like you, she is much too young to be thinking of such things." He sternly looked back as he answered, "I will wait until then." It was then that the two finished shaking hands. The next day, the tradition ceremony was held joining the two.

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Part One

Over the course of the next eight years, Kendra and Phelan got to know one another first as friends, and then as they got older, as someone that the other loved. Phelan stayed true to his promise to Gustof and never touched her in any inappropriate way. However, it did not stop him from learning the art of pleasureing a woman once HE turned of age. He wanted to make sure that his first time with Kendra was pleasurable not only for him, but especially for her. Each time he had been with the other women, he would then spend time with her. In the presence of either his family or the tribe, they would sit together before the fire. He would hold her in his arms and they would talk. More often than not, this would bring him once again to the point of needing her, but he never return to the "other woman" once he left her.

Kendra enjoyed living with Phelan and his family. She became close friends with his younger sister, Veda. More often than not, the two could be found together. But she was the happiest when the tribes where together again. She was able to visit not only with her family, but with her old friends as well. Then, their duo became a trio; Kendra, Veda, and Verona. When she was not with her friends, she was busy helping Marishka, her mother-in-law, and Veda cook, clean, and mend the clothes. She also took care of Phelan's vardo and his clothing as well. She wanted to be sure that she was the best wife she could be to him.

The eve of her eighteenth birthday came and once again Kendra could be found sitting by the fire in Phelan's lap. She usually wore her long black hari in a single braid, but tonight she had it down. He softly brushed it away from her ear and whispered, "I will be sleeping in my vardo tonight, Kendra. Next to me in my bed." "Phelan," she gasped, "I will not be eighteen until tomorrow. You cannot break your promise to my father after all these years." "I won't be," he husked. "You will be eighteen at the stroke of midnight. I plan to keep you up until then. Then, I will make you mine."

Kendra looked at Phelan with a startled look upon his face. "Phelan," she said with an almost look of horror, "You cannot do that. You have to wait for tomorrow night." "No I don't," he chuckled. "I have spoken with the elders. It was they who said that once midnight passed, and the day of your birth started, you were of age for me to take." He nuzzled her cheek before turning his voice sensual and saying, "I look forward to pleasureing you, Kendra. And to fully making you mine."

All those still awake when midnight came clapped and cheered as Phelan carried Kendra to his vardo. The lanterns had been lite by some of the women. Rose petals had been scattered on the floor and the bed. She slipped out of her soft shoes just as he deeply kissed her for the first time. He pulled her tightly to him, pressing her long lean body to his long, hard, muscular one. One hand slid into her hair, pushing her mouth harder onto his. His other, slid down her back and cupped her bottom, pulling her pelvis area onto his harden member. "MMM," she moaned as she felt his hardness for the first time. "I want you, Kendra," he groaned. "I want to bury myself deep inside of you. I want to show you pleasure that you've experience before." She again moaned as he spoke.

Kendra felt the buttons on her blouse being undone. Part of her wanted to stop Phelan. For so long she had had to deny him what he wanted the most of her. And now, she was able to give it to him. Finally the knowledge that he was allowed too took over and she moaned encouragement. She felt the soft material sliding off her shoulders. She felt his hands grasp her upper arms as he again kissed her. Her silky chemise soon slipped over her head, revealing her ample breasts. "Kendra," he groaned as he sat on the bed, pulling her too him, and resting his face between them. She again moaned as he smothered himself between them.

Kendra gasped as she felt her only remaining article of clothing, her skirt, leave her body. "My God," Phelan groaned, "your body is magnificent." She felt herself falling as he pulled her to the bed. She watched him quickly remove his own shirt. His muscles rippled as his body moved. The thick patch of black curly hair spread across his chest and ran down to the tight pants he wore. She smiled as he quickly removed his boots and pants. In the soft glow of the lantern light, she saw the man she was married too. His body was glorious. She smiled at him as he laid himself beside her.

Phelan laid next to Kendra's naked body for the first time. He slipped one arm under her neck. He took in the sight of her as he deeply breathed in her intoxicating scent. "Has anyone told you what to expect," he asked. "You mean the virginal pain," she blushed. "You're mother told me and your sister what to expect the first time we were with our husbands." He sighed with relief that she knew what to expect a s he smiled at her before kissing down her neck. His free hand explored her body. He heard her moan; her body arching into his hand. He suckled her breasts as his hand touched the soft curls between her legs. Her moan grew louder as his finger slipped into her tightness. His own moan matched hers as he found her very warm and wet. His finger move in and out of her sleekness as his thumb rub her swollen numb. He felt her gasping for air, her breasts rising and falling with each gasp, and the silkness of her juices flowing on his finger.

Phelan couldn't hold back anymore. He moved on top of his bride. With his knees, he parted Kendra's legs. She spread them wide for him. He noted the smile spreading across her face. Her cobolt eyes were filled with desire for him. The exotic slant of them slanted even more as he whispered his love for her. The tip of him slipped into her tightness. He smiled when her heard her gasp. Her eyes closed from the pain as he moved further in, touching the thin membrane as he did. He kissed her deeply as he broke the precious barrier. He felt her nails digging into his arms as embedded himself deep into her.

Phelan kissed Kendra's forehead as he moved in her. He showed her just how much pleasure there was when the pain was gone. Her cries of pain dissipated as moans of pleasure took over. Her warm juices exploded around him as she pulled him tighter to her. "Kendra," he moaned. "Oh Kendra." His need for her consumed him and he felt his own release. For some time, he laid there in her; kissing her face all over before resting his forehead on her shoulder. Together, they laid there in the after glow of their love making; simply enjoying the closeness of each other.

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Part Two

It had been mid-spring when Kendra had turned eighteen and had celebrated by making love to Phelan for the first time. It was now mid-summer, and the sickness that came with child bearing had finally started to pass. She awoke to the gentle swaying of the vardo as her husband drove. She smiled at the thought of how her clothes still hid the small bump indicating where his child grew in her; but naked, it was very obvious. She then thought of how he would stare at her naked body at every possible opportunity. The warmth and love in his eyes had deepen since learning of the child. And it deepened again when, as he called it, her "baby bump" had started showing. Each night he would kiss the area and say: "Good night my little one. Daddy loves you."

Kendra pushed the covers back from her naked body and stretched. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she ran her hands under her long coal black hair, raising it as her hands rose, and then letting it cascade down. "Phelan," she softly called out the small covered window at the front of the vardo and directly behind him as he sat in the drivers seat. "Good morning, my love," he called back. "You are up earlier this morning. Are you feeling alright, my love? Do you need me to get mother?" She giggled at his eagerness to get his mother. She was the midwife who helped the women in their tribe. "No," she called back. "I was just ready to get up."

Kendra smiled as the cover on the window moved back and bright sunlight streamed in. "MMM," she heard Phelan moan. She turned her front towards him, so that he could see her. "Who is driving while you are stareing at me," she asked. "The horses," he said lazily. She walked over to the window so that he could see her better. "I guess that I had better get dress so that I might join you, my love," she cooed as his hand reached in and lightly rubbed her harden nipples. "If you must," he sighed. "I wouldn't mind you sitting naked by me. But... I would have to kill any man that looked at you." He gave a long sigh before finishing, "So..., you had best put on your clothes. Tell me when your ready and I'll stop so that you may join me." She smiled as he licked his lips and sighed again as he stared at her body before closing the curtain back.

Phelan helped his pregnant wife onto the seat next to him. "Are you hunger," he asked. He smiled as Kendra placed her fingertips over her mouth and shook her head "no". "I think I'll wait until later," she said. "It's not too bad, but why chance it." He laughed as he placed his arm around her and held her close to him. "Antonio rode ahead this morning and found a river that we will be crossing. He said that there is a good sized flat spot next to it that we can camp at for the night." He turned back to her and smiled as he said, "I thought you might like to bathe tonight. I would be more than happy to help wash you." Her own bashful smile told him that she would indeed like to take advantage of the river with him.

Night settled in on the gypsy camp. Their vardo was one of ten traveling together. Four of the others included his parents, Silvanus and Marishka; his brother, Antonio and his wife; his younger sister, Veda and her husband; and her best friend, Verona and her husband. So, it would not be hard for them to slip away to the river. Phelan only hoped that he wasn't the only one with the idea. He was given a smile by his father when he seen them heading that way. The full moon above gave ample light for him to lead Kendra as they walked. Her small hand felt so nice in his large one. Quickly they stripped and waded into the water. Sitting down in the more shallower part, he moaned as the cooling waters came up barely to his shoulders. He pulled her to him, letting her settle on his lap with her back to him. His one hand rubbed over her "baby bump" as the other moved her long hair away from her neck. He softly kissed the curve of it and heard her moan.

"I love the way your body looks and feels against mine, Kendra," Phelan softly whispered. He felt her bottom wiggle against his manhood, causing it to stir. "And I love the way you feel in me," she moaned. He laid them back so that their heads went under the water, wetting their hair, and then sat back up. The wettness of it only darken her hair. He watched her as she lathered the soap in her hands and then turned to face him. Her breasts hovered directly in front of his face. He suckled at them as her fingers worked the soap through his hair, causing a thick lather to form. "Phelan," she moaned, "how am I suppose to bathe you if you distract me like that?" "How am I suppose to let you," he asked, "when your luscious body is in front of me, tempting me beyond my control." Her soft giggle filled his ears as he pulled her warm womanhood onto his hardness; burying himself deep inside.

Kendra moaned as Phelan's own hands ran soap through her hair as she rode him. He even managed to wash her breasts and the rest of her body as everything took place at once. She too even managed to rub soap over his muscular chest, back, and arms. And then once again, she felt herself being lowered into the water. She felt his hands running through her hair, removing the soap from it. She too found his own and returned the favor. In unison, they resurfaced and drew in deep breathes of air. She wiggled her hips around, moving her warmth in circles on his hardness. "Kendra," he groaned as he gripped her shoulders lightly and moved in her. "I can feel where my child rests," he said in a husky voice in her ear. "Wrap your arms and legs around me."

Kendra felt as if she was floating as Phelan used his hands and knees to crawl through the water up to the bank. He laid her upper half in the softer sand as the water continued to flow over them from the waist down. She released her legs from around him and raised them higher so that he had better excess to her womanhood. She felt him slide deeper into her and flinched as he spread her wider than he had in sometime. She gasped too as she felt an annoying pain in her abdomen. "The baby, Phelan" she softly gasped in his ear. "Becareful of the baby." She felt him ease back just enough. "Father said that I would soon have to watch how far I could go in you," he sorrowfully said. "But I will do what is necessary for our child."

Kendra felt Phelan carefully moving in her as he gave her breasts attention as well. He brought her to that euphoric state of pleasure and then pushed her over it. "Phelan," she softly yelled. She heard him chuckle once she did. "What," she gasped as he continued to pleasure them. "You want to yell," he chuckled, "but you know that the others will hear if you are too loud." She felt him nuzzled her cheek as he said, "I promise, sometime I will take you some place where you can get as loud as you want." She felt herself again approaching that blissful state of ecstacy as he kissed her deeply. She dug her nails into his upper arm and screamed a deeply pleasured scream into his mouth.

Phelan released Kendra from their kiss and moved his lips down her neck and shoulder. "Oh, Kendra," he moaned as her fingers slipped through his hair; pulling him every closer to her. He felt the muscles of her womanhood contracting around him as her womanly juices washed over his manhood yet again. She proved her shared desire and passion for him as she began to move in rythem with him. They each moaned the others name as they brought each other to the height of their bliss.

Phelan made a few more slow moves into Kendra. He felt himself being milked by her still contracting womanly muscles. With his knees and elbows, he hovered above her, yet still remained in her. He wasn't ready to be released from her warmth just yet, but did not want the weight of his body to hurt his child either. He was, after all, a rather large man and she was very dainty in size. Before they learned that she carried his child, he had nearly curshed her once, not meaning too. He softly kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, and everywhere else he could. She too kissed him where ever she could. Her hands softly carassed his neck, shoulders, and upper arms.

Phelan lead Kendra back to camp. He noted his father and Antonio's smiles as they did. He sat down beside them as his wife went to fix him a plate. They had not ate before going to the river, and had indeed worked up a healthy appetite. He thanked her and watched as she fixed her own before sitting down with his mother, sister, friend, and the other women of their tribe. "Haven't you had enough yet," his father asked him. Yet before he could answer, he shook his head and continued. "You have gotten her with child. It can not be done again until she births this one." He simply smiled at his father and said, "Ah, papa, but her body drives me crazy. I simply cannot keep my hands off of her..." He grabbed himself before finishing, "or my hardness out of her." He turned to look at his wife. "Even now, I want nothing more than to pull her into my vardo and make love to her again."

Phelan heard his father chuckle as he continued to stare at his wife. "Yes," he thought to himself, "I will let her feed my unborn child, and then I will make sweet love to her again." And later that night, he did just that. He pleasured her so throughly, she had to beg him for mercy before he came himself. He held her in his arms as she fell asleep. He listened to her breathing as she drifted off. Everything seemed so right. He place his free hand on the "baby bump" and said, "Good night, little one. Daddy loves you." True, by their Gypsy law, they had been married for some time now. But it had only been a few short months ago that he had finally made her his. He was not letting her go, and he was never going to get enough of her body.