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07-17-2008, 11:11 PM
I woke up this morning; my body began to sing as my eyes opened fully to the morning. I stretched luxuriously, feeling everything stretch comfortably as my body began to wake up. I was listening to the birds outside of the partially open window and let a thought of you pass quietly through my mind.

It was not long after when I realized that my body was following a different melody of my thoughts of the coming day. My left foot had begun slowly and softly running up and down the other leg. My skin on my leg was very warm to the air-cooled bottom of my soft foot. I realized that my whole body was begging to be touched and so I slid further under my comforter and slipped out of my nightclothes. I looked up towards the ceiling as my hands began a loving self-exploration of my body beginning at my face and moving slowly downward. I closed my eyes as I reached my neck and you were there again. I could feel your warm breath on my neck as my own soft fingertips trailed ever so slowly up and down the sensitive sides, brushing softly over my collarbone...

I sigh gently as your breath trails along with my fingertips still, over and around the slopes of my full breasts watching beneath lowered lids as my nipples rise and almost painfully beg to be touched.

My fingers cause sparks of light to flash under my now closing eyelids as I imagine your fingers toying with my stiff peaks. At the same time my senses detect the sweet fragrance of mango, the coolness of the slice of dripping mango you are holding over my exposed breasts registers. I open my eyes at the same time as a light gasp emits from me. You are standing over me with a bowl. Your eyes say you are hungry, but your lips proclaim that you have brought me breakfast in bed...then whispering that I am breakfast in bed as you trail that juice laden slice of fruit over my lips, down my throat, over then around swells and peaks. Pulling the comforter back, you cover me with juice from mango slices, feeding me a slice and reapplying juice to my lips after I lick them. You have fed me almost the entire mango, as your mango juice'd left hand rubs a slice lower still. I can no longer think of your movements as our eyes meet and my body responds to your touch...

Time seems to stand still. There is a thrill through my body as your fingers and mouth simultaneously begins to manipulate my body. For my pleasure is yours, is mine. My mouth opens beneath yours, tongues dance to the quiet melody that you have wrought through your touch. You take my hands and return them to their travels upon my breasts again as your mouth works me. I am touching you, you are touching me...and now your mouth has begun a melody designed to set my body aflame, and keep my senses spinning constantly. My back arches as your tongue glides seductively from under my breasts down the center of my stomach. I feel my eyes roll back as you suck lightly as you move, teeth grazing my hip bone. The music gets louder inside of me somehow as your touch makes me melt. Heavy soft breathing fills my ears, sounding like waves that carry occasional moans and gasps. I realize that those sounds are coming from me when my world comes momentarily back into focus. I open my eyes only to look directly into yours as you lower yourself to the mango juiciness between my legs. You touch your fingers to the inside of my thighs, and they follow your silent command to open...falling open to accept your frame.
I feel now what I had missed earlier as there is something invading my secret space, comfortably so, but still, its presence is now felt. I yell out as your mouth lowers onto my heated center. Kissing and licking your way around me as I spiral beneath your mouth. My hips do a slow wind as you languidly take me where you want me to go. My hips rhythmically moving with your mouth as you lead my body on this dance, the tempo controlled by you alone. You choreograph and orchestrate each movement with ease...and I slide and dip, back arching, mouth opening to sing out my response to your tongue's sensual strokes. You set me down gently with your hands, spreading my legs farther apart to better claim what you came for. There is juice of mango mixed with my own, beginning to seep out rapidly, yet you miss not a drop. I watch you as your head dips almost in silent prayerful wonder to taste of me.
You groan and pull into me using my body, you fold into me it seems, unable to get close enough. I feel your hot breath, the tip of your nose directing its path as your tongue delves in and out of me repeatedly causing me to cry out as you claim your first slice of mango...and my first orgasm. While you await my trembling and shudders to subside, patiently wait for my breathing to return to normal, you quietly inform me with the hint of a grin and a twinkle in your eye that there are three more slices of mango hidden for you to take at your leisure, and for me to lean back and relax because breakfast in bed has only just begun...

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