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Colorado Mid-Winter 1864

With each sting of the whip on his back, Two Wolves tightened his grip on the rope binding his hands to the post. He looked straight ahead at the Union solider, never flinching, never crying out, and fought the urge to pass out. All around him, he could hear the cries of his people; the women as they were be used by the soliders before being killed and the men as they gave their last war cry before dying a Cheyenne warriors death. He could feel the blood trickling down his back and into his moccasins. With each crack of the whip, he could feel another chunk of flesh being taken from his back. He heard the soldiers talking, but didn't understand their words. He watched as the one in front of him moved away. It was then that he noticed that the whip no longer touched his body. He heard the soldiers mount their horses and then watched them as they left, leaving him there to die. Around him, the camp was quiet, all but for the sound of the burning teepees. Once the sound of the horses were no longer heard, he allowed himself to black out.

In his mind, Two Wolves drifted back to days of his adolescences. Days of when he and some of the other young braves would sneak down to the river and watch the young maids as they bathed. He concentrated on the eldest of the maids, Little Doe. Her mother was a Cheyenne maid that had married a white man. They spent every summer with the tribe and then winters in a cabin up in the mountains, where her father hunted and trapped for them. Little Doe was beautiful with her long hair; the color unlike any he had ever seen. It was a browish/black color like her mother's, but with red tints like that of her father's. Her eyes were the color of turquoise, like the beads she wore around her neck.

Even back then, she was shorter than him, but he could easily rest his chin on her head. It had been a few summers since they had visited, but her body was starting to fill out nicely. Now as a grown brave, with a teepee of his own and his father pushing him to take a wife, it was Little Doe that he wanted. He was waiting for her to return so that he could ask her to marry. She would be old enough now; old enough not only by their Cheyenne law, but by the white law that her father also lived by.

Two Wolves could feel his body moving, but it was not him moving it. He felt the sting of his back as his body moved and that only sent him deeper into unconscienceness. He felt himself being laid down on his stomach, the pain in his back easing up some. He felt his arms drop to his side and the weight of them eased up as well. From somewhere, he could hear Little Doe's voice. She was almost crying as she asked, "Is he alive?". If only he could feel her touch once more. He then heard both her father and her mother as they answered her. "No," Little Bird said. "He'll live," said Charles Andrews, "but only if we get him to the cabin." It was then that he knew that he was going to be okay and allowed himself to black out completely.

Little Doe cried as they had found the bodies of all she knew and loved. But what had hurt her the most was the sight of Two Wolves tied up to the post, the blood flowing from his back. The snow on the ground around him was solid red, as were his pants and moccasins. She knew that had they not gotten there sooner, he would have either bleed or froze to death. She would have lost him then; never having the chance to tell him how she felt about him.

The stretcher that Charles made was just big enough for one person, so Little Doe rode her horse next to the one that carried Two Wolves. It took them until nightfall to reach the base of the mountains; her father wanting to go as slow as possible for the young braves shake. They camped there that night, with her lying next to him, keeping him warm with her body heat. By the next evening, they had reached their mountain cabin. He had slept the whole way in a fevered state. She helped her father bring him into the cabin and place him on the large bed, in her small room, where she slept alone. She smiled at the sight of him there, but knew that it would only be for a short time.

She noticed her mother enter the room with the healing herbs that she always used. Her father, leaving the women to their work, walked to the doorway and stopped. He talked to her mother, but never once looked at her. "He's going to need warmth again," he sighed. "We all know the best way for him to receive it." He paused long enough to take in a deep sigh. "I'm going to check the traps. I'll be back in a little while. Be sure that she is as close to him as possible without hurting him" Before he could walk out the door, her mother said, "But Cheyenne law." Still facing away from them, he answered, "I know. She lays with him that way and he can claim her as his wife. Maybe..., just maybe, he won't remember it." With that, he walked out of her room.

Not a word was spoken between mother and daughter as they placed the herbs on the wounded braves back. Little Bird smiled at her daughter before leaving her alone with Two Wolves. Little Dow deeply sighed before undressing and laying next to him under the covers of her bed. She placed her body next to him; laying her leg over his and placing her arms between them. Soon, she felt not only herself, but his body warming. She then listened in horror as he talked in his sleep about the things that had happened at the village.

Three days passed since Little Doe had laid next to Two Wolves, leaving his side only to releave herself and wash off. Both were done in the same room, so that she was never far from him. She would do all of this quietly, so as not to disturb him. But on the third day, when she turned to get back to him, she saw his eyes open, watching her. She looked down at her nakedness and then back to him. She felt her cheeks flush as she laid back down next to him, getting her body as close to him as possible. "MMMM," he moaned. She could tell that was from pleasure and not pain. "You're mine," he softly said. "You're mine because you're willingly laying your naked body next to mine. You're father will not be able to refuse. He knows the Cheyenne law and that you're now mine." All she could do was smile and snuggle closer to him.

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Chapter One

Thanks to time, and the loving care given by Little Doe, Two Wolves' back healed, but with great scaring. By early spring, he was able to get out of bed and move about, but with some soreness. By early summer, his strength too had returned and he was able to start helping her father hunt and provide for the family. He looked forward to the day that he could provide for Little Doe alone and in their own home. But what had pleased him the most was that she remained in the same bed with him, even after the need of her body warmth was no longer needed. Her father had tried only once to stop her from going to him each night, but when Two Wolves had reminded him that he had taken Little Bird with Cheyenne law, and wasn't even Cheyenne, the arguement was ended. And when his body finally allowed him to make her his own, he found that he couldn't get enough of her. For that following week, he made love to her as often as he could; having her not only in her bed at night, but in the woods, in the barn, at the creek, everywhere they could at least once a day and a few times twice a day.

As time passed, Two Wolves grew accustomed to the log cabin that he was staying in and decided that he and Little Doe should go together to look for a place to build one of their own. He liked the way the four walls and roof provided a better shelter against the elements than his teepee had. The morning light was just breaking over the mountains when they headed out. The morning air was still a little cool, but that didn't stop him from wearing only his buckskins and moccasins. His long brownish/black was in two braids, one hanging over each shoulder. Wanting her as close to him as possible, he had sat her in front of him, side saddle at first, but once out of sight of the cabin, he turned her so that she straddled the horse. The hand swen Cheyenne style dress that her mother had made her slid up to her waist, allowing him to see her upper legs.

His brown eyes took in her soft brown skin. He let the reins rest on the horses neck as he began to rub her legs and softly kiss her neck. Her moans encouraged him and he slipped his finger inside of her. Undoing the straps that held the top together, he pushed the soft deer hide that made her dress down; revealing for him her handful size breasts. He continued to kiss her neck as his hands massage her breasts, bringing her nipples to hard nubs that he toyed with. "Two Wolves," she moaned as he coaxed her body to the readiness that he was already feeling. His manhood pushed against her back; letting her know his need for her. "Shouldn't we... get off... the horse... first," she panted as his finger slipped inside of her. "I don't why we should," he whispered into her ear, "when I can have you on it."

Little Dove didn't ask how that was possible because as soon as Two Wolves said it, he turned her around to face him and her arms instantly wrapped around his neck. She felt him push the buckskin flap that covered his hardened manhood away and lifted her onto him. She felt the gait of the horse pick up just enough to bounce her sligtly on him; making her efforts in riding him little to none. She pressed her breasts against his chest and let the horse do the work. "Two Wolves," she gasped as she felt her first climax peak. "Little Doe," he moaned as he kissed his way down her neck. His masuclan sweet filled her nostrals. She gasped even harder as the horse made a slight leap over a fallen log, causeing her be impaled even harder on him.

Little Dove gave a shrilled scream, letting her pleasure known. Two Wolves' deep throated rumble sounded just moments before she felt his release in her. She felt his knees come in just enough to stop the horse; allowing not only the horse, but them as well to catch their breathe. She felt his lips graze her ear as he asked, "Did you see any reason as to why we needed to dismount?" "No," she laughed as she sat on him, holding him even tighter than before. "But I'll never look at riding a horse the same way again." "MMM," he moaned, "Neither will I."

After several more scouting trips into the mountain, they finally found the perfect place to build their cabin. By the next summer, they were ready to move into it.

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Chapter Two

Late Fall 1869

Two months after the completion of their cabin, Little Doe blessed their home with a son. Two Wolves had never been more happier. The fall nights were becoming cooler and the use of a warm fire in the fireplace was nice to have. It was the middle of the night and the warmth of the fire was slowly dying, but the air felt nice. He heard the first whimpers of his son and felt Little Doe leave the bed to tend to him. "SSSHHH," he heard her say as she soothed his son.

Rolling over, he watch by the fires dying embers as her naked body, now heavily burdened with his second child, walked the few steps to his craddle before picking him up and cuddleing him to her. "SSSHHH," she again said. "What's mama's little boy, fusing about." He smiled as he watched her with their son. "Let's get your bottom changed and then we'll get you feed." He loved watching her with their son; holding him, changing him, and espically as she gave him the loving, nurturing milk from her breasts.

Two Wolves rolled over onto his side and propped himself up to watch them better. Her long black/brown hair looked darker; the flickering flames brought out red high lights in it. She sat in the rocker that her father had made her, rocking his son as he suckled from her breast. He smiled at how she had to rest him on her swollen belly just to let him eat. She was beautiful. Damn was she ever beautiful. He just thought that her first pregnancy had made his need for her strong, but this second one made it even worse. He smiled as she stood and placed him back in his small bed before arching her back. She stood sideways to him and he saw the outline of her beautiful body; her breasts full and her stomach huge with his child. He felt his need throbbing painfully as he watched her.

Placing her hands on her hips, Little Doe stretched her aching back before waddeling back to the bed. She was pleased that he had allowed her to keep it. He only had because his back no longer could tolerate the hardness of the ground or wooden floor. She crawled back into bed and laid on her side so that the her swollen stomach was supported by the bed. She was instantly wrapped in his strong arms. "MMMM," she moaned as he softly kissed her neck. "You were watching again, weren't you?" "Maybe," he teased her as he pushed his body against her and she felt his need against her back. "You know what watching you feed our son does to me," he whispered into her ear.

She felt his hand roam her body before landing on her swollen belly. "How do you feel," he asked as he rubbed it. She knew what he was wanting to know. "Good," she cooed as she teasingly wiggled her bottom on his hardness, causing him to moan. She felt his hand slip between her legs and to her sensitive spot. She moaned as rubbed the delicate nub with his finger. She felt his lips on her neck and she leaned back onto him just enough to allow him easy access to her mouth. His tongue slipped into her mouth and began a mating dance with hers. She moaned again as he brought her to climax. She saw him smile from the knowledge that he could easily ready her body, even in her current condition.

She felt him kissing down her neck, then her shoulders, and finally stopping at her breasts. She felt his tongue tease the harden nipple before he suckled from the same breasts that moments before had feed their son; and soon would there second child. She maoned as he again played with her swollen womanhood. Her breathes came in small gasps as he once again brought her body to pure pleasure.

Two Wolves rubbed his hand along her leg before lifting it up just enough. He slipped his hardness into the moisture between her legs and heard her moan with pleasure. She always felt tighter in this position, especially the closer she got to delivery; and that would be the end of winter, first of spring. Not wanting to hurt her or the baby, he slowly and gently moved in her; which caused her as much, if not more, pleasure. He heard her soft gasps as she moved in rythem with him. "Two Wolves," she softly called.

He moved a little faster, but not any deeper, in her. Her gasps where now full blown pants. "Little Doe," he softly called as he ran his fingers through her hair. "You still feel wonderful to me." His hand ran down the length of body. Cupping her upper thigh, he pulled it upwards until it touched her swollen stomach. He heard her moan at how just the slightest change had caused her again to release her wetness onto him. He too released himself with a satisified low groan.

Craddleing her body to his, he held her gently as their heartbeats slowly returned to normal. "Mine," he softly whispered as he stroked her hair. "You always have been and you always will be," he said as he softly kissed her neck. "Have I ever thanked you for saving me?" "Yes," she lowly answered. "Have I ever thanked you for our son?" "Yes," she again replied. He rubbed her swollen belly as he asked, "Have I ever thanked you for this child?" He smiled as her eyes met his and she replied, "You just did." He kissed her long and soft before laying back down behind her and fell asleep with her in his arms.