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11-02-2007, 09:02 PM
this is my first story....

My girlfriend and I have remarkable sex. We have both been married before, and have had several partners each, but we've never had sex with others that compares to the sex we have with each other.

She gets so wet. And there's nothing I love more than scooping up a big taste of her on my tongue. Likewise, she loves the taste of my cum. She ALWAYS swallows and sucks and licks me clean. That's where the dilemma comes in, though...she loves me to cum inside her, but she also loves to taste and swallow my cum...so is there a way to do both?

The other night was just like any other weeknight. We got cleaned-up and hopped in bed early to watch some TV. We started making out and it was hot, as always. I reached down to check the status of things and, as usual, she was pretty wet. I decided I had to get a little of that, so I pulled her over to the side of the bed and started munching away at her. She came almost immediately. "Oh please" she said...."please stop". Yeah, right. That means "bury your tongue deeper inside me" in our language. She came a couple more times before I rolled over on top of her.

At first I and went slow - she likes it slow sometimes. I always work with her, thrusting as she fucks against me. She came almost instantly...I knew it would be a good night. We rested for a minute...I gently sucked on each of her HUGE nipples - OH MAMA! That really gets her going. We started moving again...slower, then faster. Then I knew it was going to happen - THE BIG ONE! She got louder, her breathing faster...she thrusted faster, then slower, then faster...until I could feel her pussy spasming..once, twice...3....all the way to 7 times!

This isn't unusual, she always has multiples, and most of the time she has one of these "HUGE" orgasms I can feel...and it feels SO GOOD!

I continue on top for a while longer and she has 5-6 more small to medium sized orgasms. Then she tells me she wants on top....

She is AWESOME on top - really knows how to move her hips! She's up, she'd down...cowgirl, the whole works. But the best part? Her juices run all over my balls and legs and drip on the bed. She is SO good! So again, she cums another 5-6 times.

We like to count her orgasms...it's kind of fun, you know? In the last 2 years we're reached 10-15 several times. In fact, an average, run of the mill romp yields 5 or so. I'm not kidding!

So an hour passes and she's cum 20 times...and I'm thinking about my turn. I ask her how she's like it and she says she doesn't know. She wants to feel me, but also would like to taste me. That's when it hit me...a VERY erotic idea....but I'm not sure she'll go for it. I say to her, "how about I fill you up, then use a spoon to catch my cum as it runs out of you...then you can taste it?"

She shivered with interest with a horny grin on her face and instantly agreed. Of course we didn't have a spoon in the bedroom, so I had to streak out to the kitchen and grab one quick! Needless to say, I stayed hard!

I got back, spun her to the side of the bed and buried my cock deep inside her as I sucked on her big nipples. It was cool in the house that night, so her nipples were at there "peak", no pun intended! I fucked her for a few minutes, but when she said "fill me up" I couldn't hold out anymore. I buried my cock deep inside her and pumped a huge load of my hot cum. Her hips bucked fiercely as she came for the 21st time! Yeah, that's a record for us!

When I stopped spasming and caught my breath, I asked her if she was ready for a taste. Again, she giggled with a horny grin, so I grabbed the spoon and slowly eased my cock out of her. Crouched down on my knees, I carefully placed the spoon under her pussy and waited patiently. She is SO tight, it took a little while for my load to start oozing out of her. A little at a time, with the spoon positioned perfectly, it began to fill with my hot, sticky cum. I waited patiently until it was overflowing and raised it to her hungry mouth. She took it with a pleasure-filled "mmmmmm" sound, swished it around a couple times and then down the hatch!

WOW! After more than an hour,21 orgasms and a warm, salty desert, we were both exhausted. I gave her a big kiss, we snuggled under the covers, rolled over and went to sleep. Not before she snored a little...but that's a story for another time!

So? What do you think?