View Full Version : Patrick's visit

01-23-2007, 10:05 PM
It's been a while since I have been here, and while i was gone I met another married man named Patrick, he is 43 and Black, about 5'8 220 lbs. We met through AFF. He e-mailed me after seeing my profile, we e mailed back and forth a few times and then talked to each other on the phone. We finally decided to meet. We chose the local Barnes and Noble.

I told him what i would wear and he saw my photo, I sat drinking my coffee, when he came to my table and sat down and asked if I was Stan. I said I was he introduced himself. We chatted for a while, I found that like me he had been married for a long time. he had bi experiences before but was looking for a fuck buddy.

We left the store and went to his home, not to far from mine, we sat in the living room chatting a bit, he put in a porn DVD, and we watched it for a bit. he scooted closer to me on the couch and undid his pants and pushed them around his ankles. he started stroking his cock, it was good sized about 8.5 inches when it got hard. I did the same, started stroking my cock, then I slipped my hand on to his cock and started to squeeze and stroke it.

The pre-cum was dribbling out of both of our cocks, Finally I couldn't take it anymore and kneeled between his legs and pulled his pants off the rest of the way. I brought his cock close to my face looking at it. I could see his veins. and the pre cum oozing out. I licked the side of it, licking up the pre cum and brought my tongue to the head of his cock, swirling around it. My tongue darting inside the pee hole.

After I got all of the pre cum, I placed my mouth over it sucking just the head, holding his balls in my hand. I brought my head down as ar as I could taking about 5 inches into my mouth. I sucked on that for a few minutes, I know I can take it all, I bobbed on his cock. I could hear him groaning, and I could feel his hands on my head.

I kept sucking until I had my nose in his pubic hair, I brought my mouth to the head and swooped down on his cock again. His hips began to buck, and his hands held my head in place as he tried to fuck my mouth. I let him guide me. I sucked and boobed on his cock for about 10 miutes and I could feel it swell, and his ryhtym picked up and he was holding my head tight and would bring his hips up off the couch. He let out a loud groan and I felt his hot cum filling my mouth. 5, 6, 7 spurts and I was swallowing as fast as I could. My own cock was shooting on the carpet.

He held my head tightly to his crotch, still spurting into my mouth, after what seemed like a ton of cum was shot into my mouth his cock started to soften. His cum was warm and salty and just the desert I needed. I licked his cock clean.

When i looked up at him, he said my wife works till 6 tonight, lets go to the bedroom and do this right. I let him lift me and followed him .