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Lady Mary Kidnapped

It was a wet and miserable day, and the wind blew her long blond hair into her eyes. The Hon. Mary Victoria Sanderson was walking down the quarter of a mile long drive that led to her home Sanderson House.

She saw it looming up in front of her as she approached; although it had been her family’s home for hundreds of years she had hardly spent any of her life there.
As soon as she was old enough she had been sent away to a private girls school where she had stayed until she was eighteen. She had only come home at the holidays, and consequently had very little deep emotional ties to her family or the house.

Her mother was a widow, as her father had died years ago. Mary had been deliberately kept away from the male sex all her life and apart from the stories that the girls told each other, her only experience of sex had been kissing and fondling the other girls in her dorm at night.

She was a tiny young girl who still didn’t look eighteen even though her breasts were the biggest in her class, and she was secretly mortified to realise that she would have to show ID if she wanted to obtain any of the things that her bigger taller friends could get easily.

Even her breasts had been an embarrassment at school as although she was an excellent horsewoman all the judges noticed were her big bouncy breasts, which her sports bra did little to conceal or control.

She had just started university and the sight of so many boys rushing around had quite overwhelmed her.
She was distracted from her daydream by a man’s voice coming from an old car approaching her down the drive. She recognised the man as the grounds-man, Vince something or other and waited until it pulled up beside her.
After a short conversation she got into the car and it drove off.

After about ten minutes the car pulled into a driveway of a bungalow just on the outskirts of the town.

Everything was going to plan, Vince was shaking with excitement at the thought of pleasures to come, and the stupid young cow had fallen for his story about her mother taking his wife, who worked as a cook at the house, to Hospital.

As her mother’s grounds-man Mary took his story at face value when he said he had offered her mother that he would pick her up and take her to meet her at the Casualty Department.
Even when he had turned into the driveway she had accepted the excuse that he was just dropping off a tool he had borrowed from the owner.

Only when the automatic garage doors had opened as his car approached them had she queried his actions and by then they were inside the garage and the doors had closed behind them.

At last he could drop the pretence and drag her out of the car into the playroom he had prepared for her.
She struggled furiously as he handcuffed her to the steel bed.

He had watched the stuck up little whore on her rare visits home, and when she noticed him at all she would usually say something to him in that posh public school voice of hers that made it obvious that she thought she was better than he was.

With the aid of a ladder had often watched her through her bedroom window at night. She always had a bath every night and would walk about in her bedroom stark naked.

He was amazed at the size of her tits compared to the rest of her body, she was a tiny girl with a lovely tight little arse. He had even managed to take a few pictures of her for his private collection. However being up a ladder looking through a window was not the same as having his hands on her.

He believed that Mary would wriggle her tight arse at him as she walked past his house in the grounds, and once he was sure that she had pretended to drop something on the ground just so she could bend over and show him her white knickers.

She took after her mother, Lady Patricia who was also a tiny woman with large breasts.
He had seen her mother sunbathing in her enclosed private garden through a knothole in the fence.

Thinking she was unobserved she had taken her bikini off and he had seen her heavy breasts with the big rubbery nipples as she rubbed oil into them. When she rolled onto her back he had a good view of her hairy cunt, he had wanked until he’d come over the fence.

Vince looked down at the girl as she struggled on the bed, he had gagged her before taking off her jacket and slapped her to stop her annoying pleading and crying, and the sight of her totally helpless turned him on in a big way.
‘Shut up you fucking little tart, you are going to get what you have asked for and no mistake, you won’t be found until I’m ready for you to be found’ he threatened, producing a sharp knife and sawing through her skirt belt which he threw across the room with her skirt.

She was now to frightened to move and just lay there in her white cotton bra and knickers.
Vince picked up a Polaroid Camera and took a snap of her.

He wanted very much to strip her naked and rape her there and then but he had promised himself that he would make this last and he wanted her far more frightened of him than she was at the moment.

He had planned this for months, renting a bungalow under an assumed name and buying an old car without registering it then as a final safety precaution fitting false numberplates to it. This house and car couldn’t be traced back to him just in case someone had noticed her getting into his car.

It was also a good address for getting his sex supplies and kiddy porn off the Internet, as even if it were traced the trail would end here.
All in all he felt safe here and had planned the abduction of the girl for the last three months, and when he had completely finished with her he had other little whores on his list to sample.

He sat on the side of the bed and stroked her lovely smooth legs relishing her cringing away from his touch. ‘Don’t worry he whispered to her you will soon be begging me to touch you nicely like this after a few days in this playroom’.

She was secured so that her legs were wide apart with her feet cuffed to the sides of the iron footboard.

He leant over her and putting his head between her legs sniffed at the crotch of her panties, she smelt nice, and her panties were pulled up so tightly against her pubes that he could see the outline of her cunt lips.

Vince licked her crotch slowly feeling the cotton material dampen with his saliva, the more he licked her the clearer he could see her cunt lips and the harder his erection became.

This was better than a wet t-shirt show he thought and continued to lick her through her knickers.
‘Do you like it when I lick your cunt?’ he asked her.
Mary’s face had gone scarlet with embarrassment, as every time she tried to move her fanny away from his mouth she only seemed to rub it harder against him.

He rubbed his hand over her pubes and squeezed them then he fondled her soft warm breasts and felt her small nipples through her bra.
She had big tits for a young girl, soft and warm he thought as he handled them.

He slipped her breasts out of the bra cups and flicked her nipples with his tongue, sucking each of them until they stood up erect.
‘You like the feel of that don’t you’ he whispered to her.

He decided to fuck her after all and using the knife slowly cut off her bra exposing her naked young breasts and then cutting through the crotch of her knickers bringing her little blond haired cunt into view.

His hand slipped up her legs until his fingers entered her tight little cunt, he thrust them into her and watched her squirming about. His other hand was squeezing her tits and pinching her erect nipples.

He took another picture of her then said ‘I’m going to fuck you little Miss High and Mighty’ and stripped off his clothes. His cock was rampant and he rubbed it over her face and mouth.

He climbed on top of her and stuck his cock between her legs, but she was laying too flat for him to enter her cunt properly.

Vince gave up on fucking her for the moment and straddled her so his naked arse was sitting on her belly, he stuck his cock between her breasts. He started to wank his cock in front of her eyes to give her a good look at what she was
going to get later.

Mary stared at his throbbing cock, it was the first one she had ever seen. Other girlfriends had described them to her when they were boasting about their boyfriends, but she was frightened at how thick and long it was.

He gently slapped her face with his cock and rubbed the shiny knob over her face and lips until she was covered in his juices. He took her gag off so that he could see her expressions clearly.

Vince threatened to slap her if she didn’t smile for him and when she did he took another picture for his collection.

In order to get his cock into her cunt he would have to release her legs so he could lift them up. He decided to move her over to the wooden stocks that he had obtained from a sado-masochist website, they had been set low so that anyone in them would have there heads lower than their backsides for maximum debasement. He locked her into
them and studied the effect.

She was now kneeling on the floor with her head and hands locked into the stocks; her large breasts were dangling, and her naked arse was exposed to view.

He couldn’t resist giving her naked bum a whack with his cane, and warned her to smile when he took her picture or he would hit her again even harder.
He took another picture of this ensuring she was looking up at him with a tremulous smile on her face.

Vince then knelt down behind her and put his hands on her tight little arse, it was just as soft and warm as her breasts. Slowly he pulled her bum cheeks wide apart so he could see her cunt and arsehole clearly.

Her cunt had a thick covering of blonde hair on it but her small pink arsehole was smooth and tight.

Mary couldn’t believe she was here, kneeling on the floor with her mother’s grounds-man looking at her naked bum, and actually pulling her bum open so he could see everything.

She had often seen him looking at her as she had to walk past his house in the morning but being a young girl she was more interested in what the latest boy band were up to in the music charts.

She hadn’t worried at all when he picked her up, as his story seemed to make sense, it was only when they went into the garage that she started to worry and by then it was too late.
She knew that tonight her mother would be visiting her new boyfriend Lord Stanley Orpington, and wouldn’t miss her until she got back at midnight.

Vince pushed his face between Mary’s bum cheeks and stuck his tongue into her anus licking around the rim of her arse and then pushing his tongue into her vagina.

Putting the lens of the camera as close as he could he took a picture of her naked cunt and arse.
He couldn’t wait to get his big cock into them both.

Next to the stocks he had placed a jar of Lubricant and he took a liberal portion onto his fingers and stuck one finger up her cunt feeling it grip his finger tightly as he began rubbing the grease into her cunt lips.

Mary wriggled about trying to avoid his fingers but she only succeeded in turning him on more as he watched her bum moving in front of his face.

He then turned his attention to greasing her tight bum hole, if anything this was even tighter than her little cunt, and he could feel it gripping his finger as he moved it in and out until both holes were well greased.

‘You have big tits are you still a virgin?’ he asked her.
‘Yes’ she sobbed, ‘ how dare you do this to me?’
‘You haven’t sucked a young lads cock, or let him feel your tits?’
‘No I’m not like that’ she replied indignantly, ‘let me go now’.

‘Well your going to suck my cock, after your cunt and arse have been well fucked’ he chortled.
‘I don’t want to, I want to go home’ Mary sobbed.
‘If you do as I say I’ll let you go afterwards’
‘You promise?’ she said hopefully

‘Of course ‘ he replied, ‘now hold still while I stretch your arsehole a little bit for later on’ he selected a slim vibrator and switching it on he worked it up into her bottom, it was a very tight fit and the girl moaned as it went up her arse.

‘Ow! that hurts my bottom’ she complained sulkily.
‘Don’t be a baby’ he chided’ it’s only a bit uncomfortable that’s all. ‘In fact you can show me how good you are at cock sucking now’.

Leaving the vibrator sticking out of her bum, he moved around to the front of the stocks and knelt down in front of her face. She was a beautiful girl and he had fantasised this scene a hundred times.

‘Open your mouth wide’ he ordered, and when she had complied he pushed his cock into her mouth, ‘Suck me like a big lollipop’ he told her as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

Her long blond hair dangled down over her face and obscured his view of his cock sticking out of her mouth, He lifted her hair away from her face and threw it back over the wooden beam of the stocks, it was so long it lay across her back.

Mary had a job getting her mouth to open wide enough to suck his cock, she had to breath through her nose as he kept pushing it in and out of her mouth, it tasted salty and she didn’t like it.

The feel of her hot mouth on his knob was absolutely fantastic and being new to sucking cock she was sucking him harder than she needed to, which just felt even better.

When she had sucked his cock for a while he told her to look up at him and took another photo, she had a beautiful heart shaped face and the sight of his cock sticking out of the Hon. Miss Sanderson’s mouth almost made him come there and then.

Vince pulled his cock out of her mouth and went around to her back.
He pulled the slim vibrator out of her bum and replaced it with a slightly thicker one, again she moaned when he pushed it completely into her, he didn’t want it sticking out of her bum and interfering with his fucking.

‘Time to fuck your tight little cunt’ he stated, and positioned himself between her legs. His cock was in just the right position to enter her from behind and he put his knob between her small cunt lips and thrust firmly into her hole.

He felt the resistance as he broke through her hymen causing her to squeal with the sudden pain, and then he was into her cunt all the way.

His big hairy balls slapped up against her naked arse and he fucked her tight hairy cunt for a good few minutes. It was fantastic, just as good and tight as he had imagined, but he didn’t want to come just yet so he pulled out of her cunt with a lovely squelching sound and took the dildo out of her bum hole.

Mary was crying with shock and shame as she felt his cock going up into her fanny, it hurt and the feeling of being stretched was unpleasant. As he rammed it into her she was pushed against the wooden stocks, which hurt her shoulders. She was relieved when he pulled his thing out of her, and then pulled the other thing out of her bum.

‘I’m now going to fuck you up the arse’ he told her so hold still and relax your bum hole.

He pushed his greasy finger up her bum hole and wiggled it around to make it as wide as he could and then inserted the end of his cock into her bum and pushed hard.

The girl screamed as his cock thrust up her little arse hole, the grease and stretching had helped prepare her hole but it was still small and tight. Luckily her bum didn’t tear but it still hurt a lot and she started to cry.

The sound of her crying excited him and he fucked her bum harder, her arse gripped his cock so tightly he was nearly coming so he pulled his cock out of her bum with an audible pop and thrust it back into her cunt.

It was hot wet and tight and with a gasp he came deep into her womb, filling it with his hot come until his cock went slack and slipped out of her cunt.

He fell back on the floor in happy exhaustion, while she sobbed in the stocks, her naked throbbing bum in the air and with his come dribbling out of her violated cunt.

He took another picture of her as he lay there, making sure her tearstained face wasn’t in the frame.

At last he had got off her, Mary couldn’t believe what he had been doing to her.

She had never imagined anyone wanting to stick anything up someone’s bum let alone hers, the feeling of his fingers in her bum hole made her feel sick and she would be glad to get out of here and tell the police all about him.

She could still feel him inside her and both her holes were sore and throbbing.

He sat in front of her when he had recovered and laid out the pictures on the floor so she could see them.
‘How would you like your Mother Lady ‘S’ and friends to see these?

The way you are smiling it looks as if you are enjoying every moment of it.’ Vince asked her.

To her dismay the photos certainly seemed to show her enjoying her experience. Vince was never shown in the picture, just Mary with her face covered in cock juice, one of her with a vibrator sticking out of her bum, and one of her sucking a mans cock and smiling up at him as she did it.

The thought of her upright Mother seeing her like that brought her to tears.
‘Please don’t show anyone’ she sobbed.

‘Well that depends he said if you are a good girl and do as I say then this can be our secret.
All you have to do is keep quite about what we do and come and see me when my wife is out otherwise I’ll post copies of these photos to your family and friends’.

Mary was so scared at what people would think of her that she agreed to his demands.
Vince unlocked her from the stocks and dressed her in her jacket, blouse and skirt.
‘They shouldn’t notice that you don’t have a bra or knickers on’

Vince took her out to the car and drove her home; he dropped her off at the end of the drive so she wouldn’t be seen getting out of his car.

The whole abduction and rape had only taken two hours so her mother wouldn’t know she had been missing.

Nobody noticed anything amiss and during the next few days the events seemed to become unreal.

Every Saturday her mother went to the Woman’s Institute with the next-door grounds-man’s wife, and a few minutes after they left Mary heard a knock at the main door and when she opened it Vince was standing there.

He had a packet of photos in his hand and before she could say anything he walked in to the house and went into the living room.

‘What do you want? Mother has gone out with your wife’
‘I know’ he smiled ‘I’ve come to fuck you again unless you want her to see these, do you want me to show her?’
‘No, please don’t’ she begged ‘I’ll do anything you ask’

‘That’s a good girl’ he said ‘ come here’
He made her kneel down in front of him and take his cock out of his zipper he pushed his knob against her mouth and she dutifully opened it and sucked him in.

She sucked on his cock for a while and didn’t object when Vince stood her up and reaching up under her skirt pulled down her panties.
Once he had given her a good fingering he told her to strip completely naked for him.

‘Bend over that chair’ he ordered and when she was positioned to his satisfaction he thrust his cock up into her still tight cunt.
She held on tight to the chair as he thrust into her over and over, her vagina had recovered over the past few days but it was still a bit tender and she moaned at the continuing impacts.

She expected him to continue until he squirted his cum into her, and was surprised when he stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out of her throbbing cunt.

‘As I intend to fuck you on a regular basis I can’t have you getting pregnant, so I’ll teach you about condoms’
‘I know what a condom is ‘ she said.
‘Have you ever put one on a boys dick?’
‘No, of course not’ she replied indignantly.

Vince got a condom out of his pocket and described how she should unroll it over his cock, she had it halfway over his hard cock when the flash of his Polariod made her look up in surprise.

‘I’ve now got a photo of you putting a condom on a mans dick ‘ Vince chuckled, ‘just in case you feel like blabbing to anyone’
‘I wont tell anyone’ she said in a resigned voice.

‘Make sure you don’t, I hear you are good at riding so now I’m going to lie on the floor and you are going to lower your little cunt onto my dick and ride me like a horsey.’

Vince got on the floor and made Mary lower herself on his cock; he made her rock back and forth on his cock while he watched her in delight.
As she rode his cock her large breasts bounced about in front of his face, making his cock even more rigid than it was before.

He couldn’t believe how well things had turned out, he now had his own little sex slave, and he could fuck her any time he wanted to.

He didn’t have time now to fuck her up the arse but there would be other times and he was enjoying the feel of her juicy cunt slipping up and down his cock.

It was time to go home, but before he left he made Mary kneel down in front of him with her mouth open while he wanked until he squirted his come into her mouth, he watched while she swallowed it all.

‘There’s a good girl your mother would be so ashamed of you if she knew, I’ll see you soon’

Mary knelt on the carpet as he let himself out, her cunt was burning and her mouth tasted of salty fish, she decided to have a bath and went upstairs.

It soon became a routine thing for Vince to come over on a Saturday when the women were at the meetings and have sex with her.

The next time he came to see her he took her upstairs to her mothers bedroom and stripped her naked.
He made her lie on her belly on the bed while he opened her bum cheeks again and greased her arsehole.
He then climbed on top of her and locating his knob into her bum hole he pushed his cock all the way up her arse until his bollocks were crushed against her bum.

She gave a muffled scream as her face was pressed into the pillow, he held her down while he pounded his big cock into her arse.
He kept on fucking her bum until he shot his load right up her arse.
He laid on top of her as his cock jerked in her bum, only when every drop of come had been squeezed out of his cock did he pull his cock out of her.

She was crying uncontrollably because her bum hurt so much, she was making so much fuss that Vince decided he would have to stretch her arsehole a lot more before he buggered her again.

The next time he turned up he brought a buttplug. It was designed to be inserted into the anus as far as it would go and be kept in there all day as the person went about their everyday tasks.
Over a period of time it would stretch their anus to whatever size was required.

After fucking her cunt he inserted it into her bum and told her to keep it in her bum until he visited her next week.
‘What about going to the loo?’ she asked.
‘Then you take it out and replace it afterwards’ he ordered, ‘Make sure you do it properly and it wont hurt the next time I bugger you’

‘It feels strange having this up my bottom’ she complained.
‘Just put up with it and shut up’
All that week at University she wore the stretcher, she had to take it out before she went in the showers with the other girls, but she re-inserted it afterwards as ordered.

Over the next few weeks Vince didn’t fuck her up the arse, but he certainly made up for it with her mouth and cunt.

He also didn’t like her having hairs on her pubes, and one visit he spent most of the time soaping and shaving her pubic hair until her cunt was as smooth as her bum.

Once it was smooth enough for him he spent the rest of the time licking her pubes and then turning her over so he could lick her arse.

Despite herself she secretly enjoyed having her cunt licked, she didn’t mind too much being fucked, but she still didn’t like taking his cock up her bottom.

When the day came to try out her bum hole she was very nervous, Vince removed the device from her bum and noticed that it had gone in all the way.

After greasing her anus as usual he was able to slide his cock all the way up her bum with ease, as he was fucking her bum she suddenly felt a wave of sensation explode from her genitals as she experienced her first orgasm.

Hot juices splashed out of her cunt and wet the sheets of her mother’s four-poster bed as she spasmed in pleasure.

‘I knew you were a whore all along’ Vince accused her ‘ only a whore would come her cunt when she was being buggered.’
Mary was embarrassed at the mess she had made and thought that perhaps she was a whore for enjoying being fucked.

After Vince left she quickly remade the bed and had a long bath.

One Saturday after fucking her, Vince told her that his wife was going to London for the day on Tuesday, and she was to pretend to go to school, but was to go round to his house instead. He had a surprise for her he said.


On the Tuesday she duly left for University as usual but as soon as she was out of sight of her house she cut through the fence that separated the grounds-man’s cottage from the main house and into Vince’s garden, she entered his house through the patio doors and heard him upstairs in his bedroom.

As she walked into his bedroom she was stunned to see another man talking to Vince, he was a big black man and he watched her as she walked across the room.

She was still in her University uniform and her big breasts pushed against the material of her white blouse as she moved.

‘You were right Vince’ he said in awe ‘she is a stunner, and you say she is trained?’
‘Wait and watch’ Vince replied.

He introduced the man as Uncle Bob and told her she was to do as he told her because he owed Bob a favour and had decided to let him try her out.

Bob stood up and stood beside Mary, he took off her jacket and ran his hands over her body; he felt the weight of her breasts and slipped his hand under her skirt to feel her cunt.
She looked at Vince but he just told her to do as Bob said.

‘Now Mary, Vince tells me you have a lovely tight little bum, is that true?’ ‘ Probably due to all that horse riding’
Mary just nodded she was to embarrassed to speak to the strange man.

Bob asked her to bend over and touch her toes for him, when she had done so he knelt behind her and ran his hand up between her legs until it was just brushing her crotch.
‘Open your legs ’ he whispered to her.

She did so and Bob slipped his fingers under her knickers and pulled them down to her knees.
He lifted up her skirt and draped it over her back so he could see her firm naked bum clearly.

Bob gripped her bum cheeks in both hands and pulled them apart as far as he could.
Mary was red with embarrassment as the man studied her naked bum, she jumped when he inserted his finger into her anus and moved it about.

‘You have been well buggered haven’t you Mary’ he said as he stood up, well done Vince all you said is true.
Vince was pleased and told Mary to strip naked and get on his bed.

After she has done this he offered the first fuck to Bob.
Mary watched as Bob stripped off in front of her, she had never seen a black man naked, and was astonished at the size and length of his cock, it was twice as big as Vince’s and Bob made her rub it until it grew even bigger and thicker.

She couldn’t get his knob in her mouth so she just had to lick it all over.
Bob positioned her on her hands and knees and knelt on the bed behind her.

He put his fingers into her cunt and started to wank her until her cunt became soft and juicy, when he was ready he withdrew his fingers and pushed his big cock into her cunt, she felt her cunt walls stretching as he fucked her.

While her cunt was full of his cock he thrust a finger up her bum and wanked her arse as he fucked her cunt, suddenly she felt the same lovely sensation start to sweep over her and the combination of being fucked with a big cock and having her bum fingered made her come over his balls.

Bob was surprised when she suddenly squealed and he felt her cunt juice pour down his shaft and run into his hairy balls.

The tightening of her cunt as she came almost made him shoot his load before he was ready and he popped his cock out of her cunt to cool down a bit.

‘Fuck me Vince she is hot, I didn’t expect her to come over my balls like that, you got yourself a natural one here.’

Vince asked Bob to lay on his back on the bed and made Mary lower her cunt over Bob’s big cock, after she had fucked Bob’s cock for a while Vince got on the bed and stood above Mary’s bum, he had stripped also and his cock hung down and brushed her arse.

He reached down and pushed Mary’s cunt as far onto Bob’s cock as she could take, he then inserted his cock into her anus and laid on top of her, as she raised up to ease the pressure off her cunt from Bob’s cock, she pushed Vince’s cock deeper into her arsehole.

Bob and Vince double fucked her for a good few minutes and she came over Bob’s cock again.
The tightening of her arse as she came forced Vince to come deep into her arse, and the sensation of hot cunt juice squirting over his balls made Bob come into her cunt at the same time.

Afterwards both the men declared they had never had such a good fuck in their lives.

Bob still wanted to fuck her up the arse, and as they had all day both the men laid on their backs while she sucked both their cocks back into life again.

While they were recovering Vince put some blue movies on, Mary had never seen a blue movie before although she had been told about them. She was amazed at what the women were doing, she saw them sucking cock, being fucked in their cunts and arses, licking other women’s cunts, and even peeing on each other.

Mary didn’t feel so bad about what she was doing compared to them, one woman even had a rubber cock strapped to her and she was fucking men and women up the bum with it.
‘I’d like to try that ‘she remarked visualising herself fucking Vince up the arse.

Mary had had a bad day on Monday, the class bitch Alison Hardcastle, the Mayor’s daughter had been picking on her again and she wanted to get back at her somehow.
‘How would you like another girl to fuck? She asked the men as she sucked at their knobs, whist gently wanking them both.

Vince told her to explain and she told them about Alison. She described her as a stuck up cow with bigger tits than hers, who was always boasting that she could have any boy in the University if she wanted.
‘I’d like to see you both fucking the bitch’ she said.

The problem was getting Alison alone in a spot where they could grab her; once they had her they could take her to Bob’s house which was miles away. Bob lived in the country and had no neighbours.

‘I could always pass her a her a note from a boy she fancies telling her to meet him in the lane behind the University, when she gets there you can grab her if you like.’

They were impressed with her plan and decided to put it into operation as soon as they could.

In the meantime Bob’s cock was hard again and he wanted Mary’s arsehole badly.

They laid her on her back and gave her a tub of lubricant, they made her rub the grease into her cunt and arsehole while they held her legs open wide and watched.

Bob showed Mary how she could make herself come with her fingers and watched as she rubbed her clitoris until she felt herself coming for them.

They were both surprised at the amount of cunt juice that squirted out of her cunt onto the bed, as she bucked and shuddered during her orgasm.

They decided that Bob would fuck her up the arse while she sucked Vince’s cock, so she got on her knees and wriggled her bum into position for Bob’s cock to enter it.

Mary gasped as he thrust it firmly into her arsehole she felt her bum stretch uncomfortably but it wasn’t as bad as she had imagined and after a few strokes she became comfortable with it.

Vince meanwhile knelt in front of her and put his cock into her mouth. ‘Were going to try some deep throating’ he said to her ‘I’m going to push my cock right down your throat, you may feel like gagging but you have to fight the urge and try and swallow my cock, it helps if you breath through your nose.’

Mary took a deep breath as Vince pushed his cock into her mouth, when it reached the back of her throat he thrust it right into her, she felt like being sick but as she hadn’t had any breakfast that morning she fought down the impulse and breathed through her nose as he held his cock still to allow her time to adjust.

‘Are you OK?’ he asked, she nodded as best she could so he started to gently fuck her mouth, pushing his cock so far in that she could feel his bollock hair against her lips.
Bob had stopped fucking her arse while Vince got started, but when he saw Mary was coping he began fucking her arse again.

With both men’s cocks in her Mary suddenly pictured Alison in this position, but with Mary standing over her head and pissing all over her face as she was being mouth and arse fucked.

The erotic thought triggered off another orgasm and the involuntary tightening of her arse again made Bob come before he had expected to.

The sight of the young girl coming whilst he had his cock deep in her throat also made Vince shoot his load deep into her throat and with a gasp both men pulled their cocks out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Mary lay on her side with her throat and arse feeling a bit sore and asked for a drink. Vince got up and got them all a glass of wine, they sat and watched more movies, these were known as Wives and Girlfriends, and Vince explained that they were ordinary women, wives, mothers and girl next door types that had taken amateur movies of themselves wanking or being fucked in different places.

Some were taken outside in fields and one had been taken in a schoolroom, during a break.

Again Mary was amazed at what was going on in the world that she had known nothing about until she had met Vince.

After a while she shyly asked if she could try out a strap on cock, and to her surprise Bob was all for it.

He was bi sexual and Vince explained that it meant he liked having sex with men as well as women.
The thought of being fucked up the arse by a young girl really excited him and he couldn’t wait to try her out.

Vince fitted the strap on cock to her; it had two cocks on it. One went up the wearer’s cunt when it was strapped to her and the other was for fucking others.

Bob lay on his back on the bed and got Mary to grease his arsehole well, she then positioned herself so the rubber cock was pressing against it and with a forward thrust of her hips she plunged the cock up into Bobs bum.

As she fucked his arse as hard as she could to get him back for fucking hers, she was being fucked by the same device at every stroke. Bob was holding his legs in the air and his cock was erect and bouncing about between his legs.

‘Wank my cock as you fuck my arse’ he panted, and Mary got a good grip of his shaft and wanked it furiously.
Vince had gotten so worked up by watching this that he stood behind Mary as she was fucking Bob and stuck his cock up her arse.

As Mary thrust forward into Bobs bum the rubber cock in her cunt fucked her, as she pulled back for another thrust into Bob she rammed her arse onto Vince’s cock.

Looking at Bob lying there while she wanked his big cock she felt powerful for a change and suddenly imagined herself fucking Alison.
Again such an erotic thought made her come, fortunately the ferocious fucking she had given Bobs arse had made him come and his cock was squirting his hot cum all over his belly.
She bent over Bob, leaving her rubber cock up his arse and licked up all his cum from his belly whilst Vince finished fucking her up the arse.

She finally felt his cock jerk inside her bum as he squirted his cum into her arse and pulled out of her.
‘I think that’s enough for one day’ Vince stated tiredly, ‘I couldn’t get hard again for love or money. ‘
‘Nor me ‘ agreed Bob ‘she has fucked me dry.’

They all got dressed and after making arrangements for the abduction of Alison next week Bob and Mary went home.


The next week soon came and her plan worked perfectly. She left the note taped to Alison’s locker door. This kept her out of it and when the stupid cow went behind the building to the meeting place Vince and Bob grabbed her put a sack over her head and threw her in the boot of Bob’s car.

On the way to Bob’s house they picked up Mary and soon arrived at his place in the country.

At Mary’s suggestion the men wore stocking masks when they grabbed Alison, making it hard for her to identify them, apart from the fact that one was white and the other was black, but when they had tied her up, they simply put a blindfold on her.

Bob’s basement had been kitted out like a torture chamber as he was also into S&M they chained Alison to a wall and let Mary strip her naked for them.
She kept demanding that they let her go or her dad would prosecute them so Mary put a gag in her mouth to shut her up for a bit.

Vince and Bob both stood next to her and took turns fondling her large soft white breasts, cunt and arse.
When she felt their hands on her she became quiet and stood still.
‘You have been a bad girl Alison’ said Vince ‘ and we are going to punish you’.

Alison begged them not to hurt her, but Mary walked over to her and gripping both her nipples she twisted them until Alison screamed in pain.

‘Shut up you bitch’ she hissed ‘ we are all going to fuck you until you can’t walk, so get used to it’ she finished by slapping her face hard.

The men dragged the sobbing Alison over to a contraption in the middle of the room and secured her to it with leather straps.

Vince explained to Alison for Mary’s benefit that this framework allowed them to place Alison into any position they desired so they could fuck her cunt, arse or mouth with ease.

Mary couldn’t wait to see it work and watched as Bob arranged Alison so she was spread eagled in midair with her arms and legs spread wide.

They let Mary start on her, so she walked between Alison’s legs and roughly pulled apart her cunt lips until she squirmed in pain, Mary then took a large vibrator from the selection available and thrust it up Alison’s cunt.
She screamed in shock as she felt her private place violated so suddenly.
‘Your obviously not a virgin are you slut’ Mary said as she stirred the vibrator around her cunt. ‘How about your arse? Have you been fucked up there as well’.

She picked up another vibrator and leaving the first one up Alison’s cunt, pulled her bum cheeks apart and thrust this one up her arse.

Mary stood back and looked at the girl suspended in the straps with the two vibrators sticking out of her and smiled.
She took Vince’s Polaroid Camera and snapped a shot of Alison hanging there.

‘I think it’s time you started fucking her’ she said to the men, ‘I’ll just watch this time around’
Vince readjusted the straps so Alison was sitting in midair with her legs up as high as possible, giving easy access to her cunt and arse.

Vince stood in front of her and thrust his cock up her cunt, whilst Bob stood behind her and entered her arse from behind, they both started to fuck her hard whilst she cried and begged them to stop.

Mary crawled under Alison and looking up at her she could see both cocks ramming into her cunt and bum, she lay on her back and took another photo.

Mary laid the camera down and began to rub her cunt as she watched the pair of cocks thrusting in and out of Alison.

The men stopped hammering at Alison and pulled their cocks out of her, neither men had come, as they wanted to fuck her a lot more than they had so far, but they needed a drink.

While they were resting Mary managed to adjust the straps so Alison was kneeling on the floor with her bum in the air, she was tired of hearing her screaming so she gagged her to keep her quiet.

Mary strapped on the rubber cock as the men watched. She slid the internal cock up her own cunt and tied the straps tightly.
She knelt down in front of Allison and said ‘It’s my turn now you cunt, I’m going to fuck your slack cunt for a while and then I’ll try out your skinny arse.

Mary knelt behind Alison and thrust her fingers up the girl’s cunt, the rubber cock was fine but she couldn’t feel with it and she liked to feel Alison’s hot drippy cunt.
She kept adding to the number of fingers in her cunt thrusting them into her until she had her whole hand deep inside Alison’s cunt.

‘Fuck me, when I said you had a slack cunt I was right wasn’t I you whore.’
Alison was sobbing but Mary got behind her and opening her bum cheeks inserted the end of the cock into her anus and then pushed the rubber cock right up Alison’s arse.

Alison gasped as her bum was penetrated again, and started to cry as Mary fucked her bum as hard as she could.
‘Take it up the arse you cunt, being the Mayors daughter doesn’t stop your bum hurting does it bitch’.

As Mary fucked Alison up the arse she was remembering all the bitchy things the girl had said and done to her, revenge was sweet.
She pulled the rubber cock out of the sobbing girl’s bum and walked over to the men.

‘I enjoyed that, while she’s on her knees how about me underneath with her riding my cock, while Vince fucks her arse and Bob fucks her mouth.

They were both ready for another go but they got Mary to wank and suck their cocks for a bit to make them as big and hard as possible.

Vince lifted Alison up so Mary could lie under her and pushed Alison’s cunt down onto Mary’s rubber cock. Vince then inserted his cock up Alison’s arse hole and waited for Bob to stick his cock into Alison’s mouth.

When they were all positioned Mary said go, and they all started to fuck Alison.

Mary held onto Alison’s tits and pulled down hard on her nipples as Vince hammered his cock into her arse forcing her cunt down onto Mary’s cock. Alison couldn’t cry out because Bob’s cock was filling her mouth.

Eventually they all came, Vince came first filling Alison’s arse with his cum, then Mary whose cunt was being fucked as she was fucking Alison’s, felt herself coming and relaxed as her cunt filled with hot juices.

Bob then came in Alison’s mouth, filling it with his hot cum and making her choke and cough as she tried to breathe.

They all pulled out of Alison and staggered over to the sofa at the side of the room.

When she had recovered Mary took more photos of Alison kneeling naked on the floor, her big breasts red from Mary’s attentions and with come dribbling out of her arse and mouth.

The men had both had enough of Alison and decided to drop her off somewhere in the country so she would have to walk home.

Before they released her Mary went over to her and told her that they had photos of her being fucked and buggered and if she told anyone about what had happened to her the pictures would be sent to her dad and her friends.

‘Do you understand bitch? Hissed Mary
‘Yes’ sobbed Alison ‘ I wont tell anyone I promise’
Mary smiled and said ‘Just before I let you go I want to give you a reminder of your time with us’

She picked up the cane and standing behind Alison, swung it down hard onto her naked bum four times at different angles.
When she had finished Alison was crying in pain and Mary was looking at her naked arse where a large red ‘M’ was written in welts.

To finish her business with Alison, Mary arranged her straps so that she was kneeling with her breasts dangling facing Vince and his camera, Bob turned out the lights as Mary straddled Alison and reaching down, pulled her head up by the hair so she was looking up at Mary’s naked cunt.

Mary took the blindfold off Alison so she could be clearly recognised.
Although the blindfold was off Alison still couldn’t see anyone as it was so dark, and her head was being held up by her hair.

Suddenly warm water was pouring down over her upturned face and running into her eyes and mouth, she closed her eyes tightly and tried to turn her face away from the flow.

Mary held her head still however and Alison had to endure the feel of it running down her body. Some of it ran across her naked breasts and dripped off her sore nipples, whilst the remainder continued down her body and poured off her pubes.

Alison felt like she was peeing herself, that was the moment she realised what was happening to her, someone was peeing on her.

Just then bright flashes dazzled her eyes although they were still closed, someone was taking photographs of her being peed on.

Alison opened her mouth to scream in indignation, but as soon as it was open whoever was pissing on her directed the flow of urine into her mouth.
She coughed and spluttered and burst into tears when the flow finally stopped.

‘Did you enjoy your shower, bitch? Mary asked sweetly as she replaced the blindfold on Alison, you will be pleased to know it was recorded for posterity on film.

We now have photos of you with a big cock up your cunt, one of you with a big cock up your arse, one of you sucking a big cock, and one of you being pissed on.
Not to mention the others where you are being fucked by us all at once.

Remember if we hear a peep out of you about this we will pin them to the notice board and send a set to your dad, we know he’s a racist pig and the thought of his little girls cunt being filled with a black mans cum will really make him think well of you.’

Vince and Bob dressed Alison and drove her a few miles out into the country where they threw her out into a ditch, and then Bob drove Vince and Mary home.

Before they let her out of the car she had to suck them both until they came in her mouth, they made her swallow their cum.

Lord Stanley

A few nights later Mary was lying in her bed thinking about Alison and gently rubbing her cunt, she was remembering fucking the cow up her arse and enjoying every minute of the experience.

She was disturbed by the noise coming from her mother’s room next door, the bed was squeaking and so was her mum.

Mary got out of bed and crept down the hall to her mother’s door. They were old-fashioned doors and still had the old locks in them.

Mary knelt down and looked through the keyhole. The first thing she saw was her mum’s naked arse bobbing up and down on Stanley’s cock.
She saw her mum climb off Stanley’s cock and turn so she was facing the door, she bent over and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck it whilst he was licking her cunt at the other end of the bed.

Mary watched while her mum sucked away at his knob, she had a good view of it. She hadn’t realised how big a cock Stanley had until now and the sight of it made her cunt even juicer.

They changed position again and while her mum knelt facing the door with her head against the bed he knelt behind her and fucked her from behind.

Mary realised that Stanley was looking straight at her and remembered the gap under the door where it was too short. The landing light behind her was casting a shadow under the door and he could see that someone was there.
As she was the only other person in the house he knew it was Mary and he was grinning at her as he fucked her mother.

As she had already been discovered she thought she might as well stay for a while and see how good Lord Stanley was in bed.

He must have realised this so he made sure she got a good show. He put her mother into various positions making sure she couldn’t see Mary’s shadow and fucked her hard.

Mary watched as her mother came over and over before Stanley asked if he could fuck her up her arse. At first she refused but as he had given her so many orgasms and he promised to be gentle she finally agreed.
He positioned her mother so Mary could have a good view, and using a tube of KY jelly he gently greased her mothers bum hole, pushing his greasy finger deep into her bum.

Rubbing the jelly over his cock he knelt behind her and opened her bum cheeks as wide as possible, to give him and Mary a good view of her mothers bum hole.

Her mother had a lot of hair around her anus and her cunt hairs went down onto her inner thighs.

He carefully inserted his knob up her mums arse. Stan took his time gently pushing his cock in a bit at a time, stretching her mums arse hole wider and wider until she had taken his entire length up her bum.

When she agreed she was ready he looked at Mary and winked, then he started to fuck her mums arse gently but firmly for quite a few minutes, Mary was surprised to notice that her mother had another orgasm and her cunt juice ran down her hairy inner thighs and made a big wet patch on the bed.

Stan carried on fucking her arse until he started to come. He then pulled his cock out of her mums bum and turning towards Mary wanked his cock until it squirted his cum all over the door.

Despite herself Mary jerked back from the door as Stanley’s cum splattered against the other side. She felt she had pushed her luck enough for one night and crept back to her own bed, where after a good satisfying fingering whilst she visualised Stanley’s big cock thrusting up her little bum hole she came all over her fingers and then she fell asleep.

Mary had a crush on a boy at University called Dave, she watched him at PE and fancied his bum in his football shorts, she was having a dream where Dave was licking her cunt and making her juices flow over his face.

She wriggled around on the bed and opened her legs wider for him, his tongue slipped in and out of her cunt lips and flicked over her arse hole tantalisingly.

To stop him teasing her she reached down between her legs and grabbed his hair to push his mouth closer to her cunt. With a sense of shock she realised that she really did have a hold of someone’s hair and waking up fully she saw Stanley’s face between her legs.

‘What are you doing? She whispered indignantly ‘ where’s mother?
‘Shhhhh ‘he whispered back, ‘she’s asleep so I thought I’d visit you and thank you for turning me on earlier.’

‘I knew you had seen me, I’m surprised you didn’t tell mother, she would have gone ballistic’
‘You owe me then don’t you’ he smiled at her.

’I suppose so’ she admitted ‘so what’
‘So you let me lick your beautiful little cunt’
‘And then what?’

‘Whatever you like’ he whispered.
‘OK then just for a bit’

Mary lay back and opened her legs for him as he gave her the best cunt licking she had ever had, by the time he had finished licking her she was lifting her cunt up to his mouth and grinding her cunt over his face.
As she lifted her hips up to him he slipped his fingers into her cunt and arse hole, gently fingering both her holes until she was moaning in pleasure.

‘Do you like this? He whispered.
‘Oh yes’
‘How about this’

Stan pushed his long tongue up into her bum hole and licked it
She writhed in pleasure and turned onto her face sticking her naked bum into his face.

‘I love you licking my bum hole’ she admitted quietly
‘I love to lick it’

‘Fuck my cunt’ she said urgently.
‘Are you sure?’

She wriggled her naked bottom at him in answer so he knelt up behind her and gently slipped his big cock up into her dripping wet cunt from behind.

She closed her eyes in pleasure as he fucked her in a pleasing rhythm, his hands slid under her body to cup her large gently swaying breasts and rub her hard nipples.

‘Fuck me harder’ she gasped.
Stan increased the force of his strokes until her breasts were slapping against her knees

‘Don’t come yet, I want your big cock up my bum’ she ordered.

Stan eased off fucking her cunt and repositioned his cock for her bum hole; he gently pulled her bum cheeks apart widening her hole and pushed his cock into her bum.

He was surprised when he almost fell in her arse hole it was so big
‘I’m not the first to fuck you up the arse am I?

‘No, but you’re the latest, shut up and fuck my arse hole till you start to come, then let me suck you off.

Stan needed to hear no more and started to seriously fuck the young girls arse until her bum cheeks were bouncing with every stroke of his big hard cock.

Although looser than he had expected she still had a tight arse and he soon knew he was ready to shoot his come out.

As ordered he pulled his cock out of her arse with a juicy plop and waited while she turned around on the bed and grasped his throbbing cock in her hands.

‘Come in my mouth’ she said.
She started to wank his cock while running her tongue over his swollen knob, soon he started to moan and she clamped her mouth over his knob and sucked as hard as she could.

He realised he had just fucked his lovers daughter up the bum and the thought was so erotic that with a muffled gasp he shot all his hot come into her mouth, she felt it fill her mouth and frantically swallowed it as fast as he pumped it into her.

Soon he was empty and fell onto his side with her mouth still on his cock’
‘You can let go now ‘ he whispered.
‘Don’t want to’ she replied sleepily.
‘That was the best fuck I’ve ever had’ Stan whispered
‘Same here,’ she said and went to sleep with his cock in her mouth.

Stan got out of her bed and tucked her in, then went next door and slipped back into bed with her mother, he lay there for a while thinking about Mary, then went to sleep with empty bollocks and a smile on his face.

Alison wasn’t at University for the rest of the week, and when she did return she was very quiet and kept herself to herself.
All in all thought Mary things have worked out pretty well.

Miss Simpson

Mary was exercising in the gym, she had been daydreaming about Stan and the crotch of her leotards was very damp, she hadn’t been with him since that night and there was a good chance that she would never be with him alone again.

He had stuck in her mind because he had been so gentle with her compared to the other men she had known.

Miss Simpson was in charge of the gym that night, she was about Thirty years old, blond, blue eyed and beautiful. She was the PE teacher and had little patience with lazy girls, and Mary was alone in the gym with her as she was the only girl exercising that night.

Miss Simpson was dressed in her usual gym skirt and tee shirt, and Mary noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her big nipples clearly showed through the thin material.
As she walked past Mary she dropped her papers and bending from the waist to pick them up her gym skirt rose above her crotch.

Mary had a clear view of her arse and naked cunt lips; she wasn’t wearing any knickers under her gymslip. As her legs were spread for balance Mary could see every detail of Miss Simpson’s cunt, it was clean-shaven and her inner lips protruded slightly beyond her pubes.

Mary was already wet from thinking about Stanley, and she realised that no one would take that long to pick up a few papers from the floor, she must have been showing me her cunt on purpose.

As she was already bored with exercise Mary took a chance, she approached Miss Simpson and asking if she could help her pick up the papers, she gently placed her hand on her firm naked arse.

Miss Simpson looked up at her and smiled, ‘That’s nice of you Mary dear, but I can do it, perhaps you can hold me tightly in case I fall over.’

‘Certainly Miss, I’d love to’ Mary said and reaching around to her front slid her left hand under the woman’s tee shirt and took hold of her left breast firmly holding her large nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulling on it gently whilst her right hand slid down between Miss Simpson’s cool firm bum cheeks until it could cup her hot juicy cunt firmly.

‘Is this all right Miss? Mary asked, squeezing both breast and cunt gently.
‘Oh yes dear that is really nice, I feel a lot better now.’
Miss Simpson swayed her naked arse from side to side until Mary slipped her fingers up into her hot cunt, it felt very hot and was dripping wet and Mary’s fingers entered it easily.

Miss Simpson gasped and pushed her cunt back onto Mary’s hand swallowing it even deeper.
The woman ran her hand up the inside of Mary’s leg until her fingers brushed Mary’s crotch, her leotard was soaking wet by now and the touch of Miss Simpson’s hand made her gasp in pleasure, and rub her hot wet cunt against the exploring hand.

Mary was so turned on by this that she withdrew one of her fingers from Miss Simpson’s cunt and thrust it gently into the teachers tight arse hole.
Pleasure flooded through the woman’s body and she groaned loudly as Mary gently fingered her cunt and arse.

Miss Simpson stood up slowly to allow Mary to slide her fingers out of her cunt, ‘I’ll just lock the door Mary, so we wont be disturbed, is that alright with you dear?
‘Yes Miss I’d really like that’ she replied.

Miss Simpson locked the gymnasium door and turned off the lights, as she walked back to Mary she pulled her tee shirt over her head revealing her large heavy breasts, with her big dark nipples already erect.

Standing before Mary she pulled down her gymslip and kicked off her shoes.
She was now completely naked and Mary could see even in the dim light from the window that her body was beautiful. She had swimmers shoulders, large firm breasts, and a firm tight arse, consequences of being a PE teacher Mary assumed.
‘Let me see you naked dear,’ she asked Mary, and watched as the young girl stripped off her leotard until she stood naked before her.

To Mary’s surprise Miss Simpson took her in her arms and kissed her on the mouth, it was a long sensual kiss and her tongue slipped into Mary’s mouth.

Mary had never been kissed by a woman before and decided to go with the flow, she kissed her back and their tongues teased each other’s.

They were both the same height so their breasts with their erect nipples, rubbed against each other’s, as did their bellies.

‘I want to lay you on the vaulting horse dear.’ whispered Miss Simpson into Mary’s ear, and taking her by the hand lead her to the leather-topped device at the side of the room.
She helped Mary up onto the Horse and arranged her so she was laying on her back at one end of the horse with her bottom almost hanging off it.

‘Don’t worry dear I’ll hold you safe’ she assured Mary, and lifting her legs up in the air exposed Mary’s naked cunt and arse.

‘Hold your legs like this for me ‘ she asked Mary, ‘so I can concentrate on your pussy.

As Mary held on to her own legs to keep them up in the air, Miss Simpson gently opened Mary’s vagina with her fingers and kissed it. ‘You have a beautiful little pussy Mary, I like shaven pussies they are so nice to lick, let me lick yours for you’.
She ran the tip of her tongue between Mary’s cunt lips, and then started to lick her cunt, every now and then she would kiss and suck on her cunt lips, she loved thrusting her tongue deep into Mary’s hole like a small penis.

‘Do you like this Mary?
‘Oh yes Miss, it’s lovely’ she groaned in pleasure.
Miss Simpson then slipped her fingers into Mary’s sopping pussy, gently wanking her until she writhed on the horse in pleasure, every so often she would insert another finger until she had all four fingers deep inside Mary, stretching her cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before.

She gently pulled them out of her cunt and began to lick Mary’s arse hole, her tongue rubbed around the rim of her bum, and pushed itself up her bottom until her bum hole was soaking wet and ready for her fingers to slip up inside.

Again she started out with one finger and slowly added additional fingers until she had three fingers up Mary’s bum, stretching her arse and giving her exquisite pleasure as they rubbed against her G-spot.

She withdrew her fingers and began licking Mary’s cunt again, the pleasure became too much for her and with a scream of pleasure Mary came over Miss Simpson’s face.

Miss Simpson sucked at Mary’s cunt as her juices splashed out and ran down over her arse hole.
She kept licking and sucking until Mary’s cunt and arse were clean of juice.

Mary lay on the vaulting horse with her legs dangling over the sides; she was shuddering with pleasure and responded passionately when Miss Simpson deep kissed her again.
‘Please let me do something for you Miss’ she begged.
‘That’s very thoughtful of you my dear’ she said. ‘I’d like you to start by sucking my breasts, I have sensitive nipples and really enjoy them being sucked.’

Miss Simpson climbed onto the horse and kneeled over Mary so her big breasts dangled over her mouth. Mary put her lips over one of the rubbery nipples and gently started to suck Miss Simpson’s breasts.

She squeezed and kneaded the PE teacher’s big heavy breasts as she sucked them and heard Miss Simpson groan in pleasure as she sucked on her nipples. After a few minutes of this Miss Simpson pulled her nipple out of Mary’s mouth and turned around on the horse so her shaven cunt was positioned over Mary’s mouth.

‘Could you lick my cunt and arse please dear? She whispered, before putting her mouth between Mary’s legs and sucking on her clitoris.

Mary was only to pleased to comply and stuck her tongue deep into the waiting cunt hole. Miss Simpson had a large clitoris and Mary ran her tongue around it for a while before pulling it into her mouth and sucking it hard.

She had been sucking and nibbling at Miss Simpson’s clitoris for a few minutes when she decided to thrust her fingers up into Miss Simpson’s cunt and arse holes simultaneously.

Suddenly with a muffled scream Miss Simpson came in a gush of hot cunt juice that soaked Mary’s face and filled her mouth.
She swallowed and licked as fast as she could until Miss Simpson’s shaven pussy and arse hole were clean and shiny.
‘Thank you my dear,’ she gasped, ‘ that was lovely, I really needed a good orgasm, and the students have been driving me mad all day.’

‘It was my pleasure Miss, I really enjoyed it, but how did you know I would do it with you?’
‘I didn’t my dear but I sensed a kindred spirit and took a chance that even if you didn’t respond, you wouldn’t report me.’

‘You surprised me when you came so fast.’ said Mary.
‘That’s because you stuck your finger up my bottom, it’s very sensitive and pushed me over the edge quicker than I anticipated.’

As they were getting dressed Mary asked Miss Simpson if she could see her again.
‘Certainly my dear, here is my phone number, give me a ring when you want to come and see me, I have lots of toys we can play with.’

Mary took the piece of paper and with a final deep passionate kiss said goodbye to Miss Simpson and went home.

Mary’s relationship with Miss Simpson helped to counteract her relationship with Vince, whereas he still liked to rape her and bugger her roughly, Miss Simpson was a thoughtful and gentle lover and Mary enjoyed going round to visit her in the evenings when it was mutually convenient.

She simply told her mother that she was going to see her PE teacher to join in a fitness class that she ran for girls after studies.
The first time she visited, Miss Simpson asked her to address her as just Miss, as it pleased her to be addressed like that. Mary didn’t mind this and was only too happy to comply.

Miss had a comprehensive collection of sex toys, and allowed her to examine them. If Mary had any queries on their use Miss was only too happy to explain their use to her, or indeed demonstrate their use on her.

Miss had a big old house with an open coal fire, in front of which was a big soft rug. She would gently strip Mary naked and lay her down on the rug before making love to her.

Miss particularly loved Mary fucking her up the arse with the rubber cock, she liked the gentle way Mary fucked her. After they had made love they would lie together in front of the fire and talk.

Miss explained that she was a lesbian, and preferred sex with women rather than men. When asked why she just said that she had very bad memories of her childhood involving men.

Mary was very happy with Miss as she was always very gentle with her, and loved to kiss and cuddle her at every opportunity.

Dave. One

Unbeknownst to Mary, her crush on Dave, who sat two desks down from her in class, was reciprocated by him.
He fancied her like mad but was too shy to approach her and ask her out on a date.

One evening he determined to go to her house and ask her to the pictures, however as he approached her house he saw her walking down the road away from him. He decided to follow her in the hopes of talking to her but she soon turned into a driveway leading to the home of Miss Simpson.

Dave had heard rumours about Miss Simpson liking girls too much, so he determined to check that Mary was all right. He crept up the driveway to the house and seeing a light in a downstairs room went up to the window and through a gap in the curtains saw Mary chatting to Miss Simpson.

Suddenly Mary began to take off her clothes and hang them over a chair, Miss Simpson had left the room but when she returned she showed no surprise to see Mary lying naked on her rug.

Dave didn’t know what to think, no one had made Mary take her clothes off, and she had done it of her own free will.

The sight of the girl he fancied naked, gave Dave a massive hard on, as he could see Mary clearly. She had nice tits and arse and her nipples were small and pink, he could also see between her legs and her fanny was smooth and hairless.

To his further shock Miss Simpson started to take off her clothes at the side of the room closest to the curtains so he had a very good view of her body as she stripped naked.

As she removed her bra, her big naked breasts bounced into view, her rubbery nipples prominent.
As she pulled down her knickers he could see her cunt clearly, it like Mary’s was smooth and hairless.

By this time his cock was so big and throbbing that he had to get it out of his trousers into the fresh air to cool down.

Dave was so close to the window that he could hear what they were saying, Miss Simpson suggested to Mary that they started off slowly with a bit of 69’ing so she knelt over Mary with her shaven cunt above her face, the young girl opened her legs so the woman could have easy access to her clitoris.

They both commenced to licking each others cunts, and Dave was transfixed by the sight of his loves most private parts being on view to him, whilst being licked by one of his teachers.

The woman lifted her face from between the girl’s legs, and inserted two fingers into Mary’s cunt, she gently fucked her with her fingers until Mary was squirming on the rug in pleasure.

Dave then watched as Miss Simpson pulled her fingers out of Mary’s wet cunt and thrust them up her arse hole. She proceeded to fuck Mary’s arse with her fingers until the girl screamed in ecstasy and orgasmed.

Miss Simpson helped Mary put something on out of his sight and the next thing he saw was that Mary had a big cock sticking out from between her legs, very much the same as his now was.

Miss Simpson knelt down in front of the fire and he saw Mary kneeling down behind her, they were sideways to him so he could see what Mary was doing clearly.
Her cock was strapped on around her waist and it looked like it was made of rubber.

She put her face between Miss Simpson’s bum cheeks and started to lick her, Dave grabbed his cock and started to rub it as he watched Mary lick the woman’s arse and cunt.

She then rubbed something from a jar between Miss Simpson’s legs, and then inserted her big rubber cock into Miss Simpson’s arse and started to fuck her.

As Mary thrust into her bum, both her breasts, and Miss Simpson’s, were bouncing about wildly.
Dave wished he had brought his camera as no one would believe him if he told them about this.

Suddenly Miss Simpson gave a small cry and he realised she had come, the sight of his PE teacher coming in front of him pushed him over the edge and his cock shot a stream of cum all over the window.

He decided to call it a day and go home to think about what if anything he should do about this.

After Miss came for her Mary removed the strap on cock and lay down beside her, Miss pulled her head between her breasts and held her tightly.

‘That was lovely Mary, I really enjoyed that,’ she whispered kissing her neck.

Mary started to suck her nipple but then began to cry bitterly, her tears soon ran down Miss’s breasts and dripped into the rug.

Miss was devastated to see her young lover so sad, ‘is it something I’ve done Mary? Please tell me and I’ll make it right I promise, please tell me what’s troubling you my dear.’

Between sobs, Mary told her all about Vince and Bob and what they had done and were still doing to her most weekends, she told her everything except about Alison and Stanley.

Miss listened quietly holding Mary tightly to her breasts, and rocked her gently to and fro to calm her.

Mary explained about the photos and the fact that Vince was blackmailing her with them.

When Mary had calmed down they both got dressed and went into the kitchen and had a cup of tea.

‘I think I can help you Mary’ said Miss, ‘I have a friend called Charlie who is very good at these sort of things.
Miss wrote down all the details Mary could remember about Vince and Bob and then told her to carry on as usual and leave it all to her.

Mary went home that evening feeling a lot better; it was nice to be able to share a problem with someone who cared about you.


That very night Miss contacted Charlie and explained the problem. ‘Leave it to me,’ said Charlie; ‘I love talking to people like Vince and Bob. I love you,’
‘I love you too Charlie’ she said fondly.
Bob was watching a blue movie at his bungalow that night when the doorbell rang. Vince was due, soon so he thought it could be him a bit early, they had enjoyed Alison so much that they were planning to abduct another girl that Bob knew of.

She was also a slimly built girl and would be nice and tight; until she met them of course he sniggered to himself.

He opened the door and a fist in a black leather glove smashed into his chin, hurling him back into the house unconscious.

Charlie walked into the house.
Charlie was a professional heavyweight female wrestler, she weighed twenty stone, and it was all muscle, she was a lesbian from choice because nature had given her too much testosterone to be a girley type girl.

She had found a role in a world of female wrestling. She also helped out battered wives, and punished rapists as a sort of hobby.

When police found perverts battered and bleeding they never considered looking for a woman.

Charlie had met Miss Simpson at a lesbian party and had fallen madly in love with her; she would do anything she asked her to despite where she happened to be at the time.

Fortunately she was working only fifty miles or so away when Miss asked for her help, so she stood aside to let a substitute take her place in the ring and drove straight there.

She wore leather gloves for this type of work, as she hated to damage her knuckles when she hit someone.

She dragged Bob down into his basement chaining him face to the wall and blindfolding him.
While he was still unconscious she searched the house until she found the Polaroid photos of Mary and also some of another girl who from Miss’s description couldn’t be her, still she pocketed them as well.

She was also very pleased to find a large quantity of cash hidden under Bob’s bed, and appropriated it for the cause’s funds.

Her mission was nearly done and she knew that Miss would be pleased with her if she did nothing else.
However Miss was a gentle soul and didn’t realise that animals like Bob only understood one language.

Charlie was back in the basement when the doorbell rang, Bob like most of his kind was paranoid about security, probably because he had so much to hide.

He had recently had a camera and speaker fitted to his front door so he could screen his callers.
Unfortunately for him he had chosen to access it from his basement as he had become tired of running up the stairs just to tell people to piss off.

Charlie saw a man waiting at the door, this must be Vince she thought and buzzed him in.

Vince’s mind was full of visions of naked young girls as he ran down the stairs into the darkened basement, and straight into a forearm smash to his stomach that sent him reeling across the floor to crash into the wall and collapse on the floor.

Charlie dragged him to the nearest wall and chained him there, not only facing the wall, but blindfolding him as well.

A search of Bob produced a set of photos of a young girl walking along various streets, Bob had written notes on the backs of these photos, which clearly showed he was planning to kidnap this girl at one of the locations pictured.

Charlie laid these photos out on a desk so the police when they came couldn’t fail to see them.
She also switched on his computer and called up the worst of the kiddie porn pictures he had downloaded from the web.

She used his printer to make copies of this filth and pinned them around the room as evidence of the type of men these were.

Oh, one last task before I go on my merry way, she thought as she pulled down both the men’s trousers and strapping on the biggest rubber cock in Vince’s collection, proceeded to fuck them both up the arse without benefit of lubricant.

By the time she had finished they were both screaming in pain and there bums felt as if they were on fire.

Charlie regarded the men writhing in their chains with an air of dissatisfaction, she knew the law could be fickle and for all she knew they may be out on bail tomorrow.

She couldn’t have that, so she picked up a baseball bat that had been propped against a type of whipping post.
She pitched her voice, which was naturally deep, even deeper, so that the men assumed that she was a man.
She explained that ‘he’ was a cop who was tired of men like them and had decided to take the law into ‘his’ own hands and punish them.

Vince started to bluster and protest his rights, until Charlie broke his legs with the bat; the pain was so great that he barely noticed when she broke his arms as well.

Just to keep things tidy she broke Bob’s arms and legs as well and leaving them in the basement went upstairs to call the police, giving them in her man’s voice a general idea of what they would find in the basement.

Mission over she let herself out and drove back to the wrestling venue, just in time to compete in the Royal Rumble at the end of the evening.

The next day Mary’s mother was full of the news about their grounds-man, and all the police cars and the ambulance that lit up the neighbourhood with their blue flashing lights.

Mary wasn’t sure what to think about it until during the lunch break Miss Simpson handed her a packet of photos and told her she need never go to Vince again as he would certainly end up in prison for a long time.

Miss Simpson had also recognised Alison in the other photos and left them with an anonymous note in Alison’s desk, explaining that the men were under arrest and she was free of the threat of blackmail.

Miss Simpson thought it a job well done; now all she had to do was thank Charlie properly tonight. Which would no doubt mean she would have a tender pussy and bottom tomorrow.

Still sacrifices had to be made sometimes, and to be honest she did so enjoy it up her arse, especially when it was Mary fucking her, she was much more gentle than Charlie, and almost always gave her multiple orgasms.

Dave Two

Mary was a happy girl, her bogeymen had gone and she had a good friend in Miss Simpson, she hoped her life could get back to normal now. She noticed that Dave was being very attentive and nursed a hope that something might happen between them soon.

Old men and women were one thing, but every young girl needed a steady boyfriend if only for the status it gave her amongst her peers.

Dave was a good catch as all her Uni. friends fancied him, and if she could land him her cred would increase dramatically.

Therefore when he shyly asked her to meet him after lessons in the park she agreed and met him by the side of the duck pond that evening.

After a bit of light chat he finally confessed that he had seen her with Miss Simpson the previous night, and he needed to know what was going on.

‘Why do you care what’s going on? She snapped at him, ‘I hate peeping toms, and I can’t believe that you are one.’
‘I’m not a peeping tom, I was just worried about you and wanted to make sure no one was hurting you.

From what I saw you didn’t seem forced to do those things, but perhaps you were’ he blurted out.
‘What if I was being forced to do it? She asked him.
‘Then I would report Miss Simpson to the University governors and get her sacked’ he said firmly.

‘Why would you bother?
‘Because I like you very much, and I couldn’t bear to see you hurt’ he admitted sheepishly.

Mary was taken aback at his sincerity, ‘You like me?’
‘Of course I like you, I think you are the most beautiful girl in the class’ he stated quietly.

‘Well I like you too,’ she admitted, ‘but I don’t know you well enough yet to tell you all my secrets.’
‘If you were my girlfriend you could get to know me better,’ he suggested tentatively.

Mary smiled up at him, ‘Why not.’
They walked off together hand in hand.

That night Mary lay in her bed and thought about her situation, she was getting on fine with Dave, but she had a problem.

She had never had a normal relationship with a boy before and was in the same position as every other young girl with her first steady boyfriend.

In her case however the normal course of events had been destroyed by Vince, Bob, Stan and even Miss. They had all introduced her to adult sex far too early.
Most girls would be worrying whether or not to let their boyfriends feel their tits or not, they might even look forward to seeing a boy’s cock for the first time and wonder what it felt like.

Mary’s problem was that she knew very well what a cock looked like, tasted like and felt like when it was thrust up her cunt and her bum.
No girl should have learned those things the way she had.

Dave was a normal boy, she had discovered by subtle questioning that he was still a virgin, although like most young lads he was just a cock on legs as puberties hormones raged through his body.

He had the advantage that he had seen her naked and having adult sex with her teacher, this obviously coloured his view of her and she knew that he was holding himself back from asking her to have sex with him too.

Although he didn’t know about all the men in her life he guessed that she wasn’t a virgin although he had only seen Miss Simpson fingering her cunt until she came.

Another big problem was that had she been left alone until she was ready she would probably have discovered that she was highly sexed.

Even as she thought about this she was rubbing herself between her legs and getting her fingers juicy, she believed she had been sexual anyway and the adults had just made her face her nature sooner.

She was aware that it had been a while since someone had fucked her, and she was afraid that she was missing the sensations associated with being fucked.
She had seen Miss at school running about in her gymslip and tee shirt. And knowing what her breasts felt like, how smooth her cunt and how tight her arse hole was, made her wet just remembering what they had done to each other.

She admitted to herself that she needed sex, right or wrong and given a choice she would rather be in control of it than be controlled by those who wanted to fuck her.

Mary felt that given the right circumstances she could control sex with Dave, and she was going to try having a normal sexual relationship with him.

The next weekend she arranged to go for a walk with him in the nearby hills, they packed a picnic and set off early in the morning with her mums blessing. Her mum liked Dave and was pleased that Mary had made a friend at last.

By lunchtime they were deep in the hills and out of sight of anyone, Mary set up the picnic by a small lake in a spot sheltered by a weeping willow.

‘Fancy a swim? She said to Dave, ‘I’m really hot’. Without waiting for an answer she ran behind the tree and stripped naked. She threw a stone to one side of the camp, and as Dave looked away she ran into the water squealing as the cold made her nipples stick out like small strawberries.

Dave stood on the side of the lake and watched her splashing about, her breasts bobbed about sexily as she beckoned him to join her.

He said he hadn’t got anything to wear, but she just laughed and told him not to be a coward and get in.
No boy likes to be thought a coward by his love, so he went behind the tree and when naked told her to turn around while he got in.

He didn’t want her to see his throbbing hard on gained from watching her breasts bobbing about.
She dutifully turned around, and he ran into the water, but she had caught a glimpse of his hard cock and smiled a secret smile to herself.

The sun was beating down and she was getting cold in the water, she suggested that they both get out together, he was afraid she would see him naked, so she suggested that they both close their eyes as they walked out of the lake.

He agreed but realised that they would have to hold on to each other in case they fell over, Mary put her arm around his waist and they waded towards to shore.

With her arm around his waist, she was close enough to him for her breast to rub his side as they waded. The feel of her soft warm breast made him hard again and he put his arm around her for mutual support.

When they got to the camp they crawled about on their knees until they both had a towel wrapped around them.

Mary lay on her front and asked him to rub sun oil on her back and legs. He was eager to do so and was soon rubbing the oil on her neck and shoulders. She asked him to do her back and pulled off the towel so that she was lying naked on her belly.

The sight of her naked bum made his cock stick out of his towel and when he started to rub the oil into her back she told him to rub it all over her in case she got burnt. As he rubbed the oil onto her bottom she slowly opened her legs so he could oil her inner thighs.

He moved around her to rub from various angles so that he was able to look between her legs and see her shaven cunt lips, he rubbed oil into her inner thighs slowly moving upwards until his hand was lightly brushing her cunt lips.

Mary couldn’t stand anymore and turned over onto her back.
‘Carry on as you are’ she ordered him, ‘I don’t want sore boobs from sunburn, do I?’

He needed no further encouragement and poured oil on her and rubbed it all over her soft breasts.
As he rubbed her tits her nipples grew as hard as his cock was, he dribbled some oil on her belly and spread it down onto her smooth pubes.

She couldn’t help herself and bringing her knees up let her legs spread as wide as she could exposing all her cunt to his eyes.

‘Rub it everywhere’ she whispered.
Dave slid his hand down between her legs and finally felt the heat and softness of her naked cunt; she seemed slipperier than the oil could account for.

‘Your making me juicy’ she murmured sleepily’ I’m going to sleep for a few minutes, you carry on oiling me’
She appeared to go to sleep while he rubbed her fanny, he found that by opening her legs a bit more he could see her small bum hole and rubbed some oil over that as well.

Mary of course wasn’t asleep at all, in fact her cunt was burning with need and her nipples hurt from being so erect. She was enjoying Dave’s ministrations so far but it looked as if he had lost his bottle and if she wanted his fingers up her cunt she would have to encourage him a bit more.

Mary moaned to herself and moved her arms as if still asleep, by accident her hand fell onto Dave’s throbbing cock as it stuck out of his towel.

He froze as her hand gripped his hot shaft, she still appeared to be asleep so he thought it best to carry on oiling her breasts and fanny and see what happened.

What happened was that her hand tightened onto his cock and started to gently rub it, her hand pulled on his cock until it almost reached the end of his knob, and then it pulled it towards his body until his foreskin was back as far as it could go exposing his swollen knob end.

Her hand then repeated the action he moaned aloud in pleasure as waves of sensation radiated out from his cock. He couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and gently inserted his finger between her cunt lips and pushed it deep into her cunt.

It was the first time he had ever had his finger in a girl’s cunt and he was amazed that it felt so wonderful.
It was hot and slippery and gripped his finger softly yet firmly, he loved the sensation of penetrating her cunt so much that he had to withdraw his finger only to thrust it back in again.

He noticed that in her sleep Mary thrust her cunt towards his finger as he pushed it into her cunt. He also realised that the faster he fingered her the faster she wanked his cock, as he had been ready to come for the past ten minutes he was eager to come for her.
Dave started to finger her cunt furiously feeling her hand speed up to suit, suddenly Mary moaned out loud and lifting up her cunt came over his finger.

When he heard and felt her cunt spasm around his finger his balls finally exploded and jets of hot come squirted out of the end of his cock and splashed all over Mary’s pubes.

He was young and virile and had plenty of cum in his balls, by the time he had finished her pubes and belly were covered in it and it was running between her legs and trickling between her bum cheeks.

Such was the force of his ejaculation that there was even splashes of his cum on her breasts and face.

Mary pretended to wake up, she smiled at Dave and told him she felt wonderful.’ What have you been up to while I was sleeping? She asked mischievously.

He just blushed and said nothing, she pretended to just notice the state of her body.
‘Oh I’m all sticky, what is all this splashed all over me Dave?

He had gone scarlet with embarrassment, so she decided to tease him’
‘Why Dave, you haven’t come all over me have you?

‘I’m sorry’ he stuttered, ‘I couldn’t help it you are so sexy my cock just went bang.’
‘Don’t worry Dave, it’s as much my fault as yours, and whatever you were doing it felt wonderful, I even felt it in my sleep.’

‘I enjoyed it too much as you can see.’
‘Yes you will have to clean me up before we go home’.
She handed him a tea towel and told him to wipe off all his cum from her body, she then lay back and opened her legs wide for him.

‘Don’t forget my bum, it feels all sticky between my cheeks’, she ordered.

Even though he had only just come the action of wiping his come off her naked body started to make his cock twitch again.

He wiped his cum off her face, tits, belly and pubes easily enough but in order to wipe between her bum cheeks he had to ask her to get on her knees for him.

Mary just smiled and did so; she opened her legs as wide as she could to help him get the cloth into all her private places.

By the time Dave had cleaned his cum out of her cunt and bum his cock was once again rigid with desire.
‘Oh dear did I do that Dave?’ she said as she saw the state of his cock, ’Let me sort you out, as you have cleaned me up so gently’.

She laid him on his back so his cock stood up like a telegraph pole, and taking a firm grip of it lowered her mouth onto his cock.
The feel of her hot mouth on his cock made Dave groan in ecstasy.

That was wonderful enough, but then she started to suck his cock and lick his shaft to remove all the splashes of cum that he had missed.
He raised his hips to push his cock deeper into her mouth, and seeing this she decided to give him a treat.
She moved around until her cunt was over his face, this put his cock in the perfect position for deep throat.

Taking a deep breath she started to push her mouth down over his cock, each time she took more into her mouth until suddenly her lips were up against his hairy balls and his cock was thrust completely down her throat.

The combination of her throat gripping his shaft, her lips touching his balls and the sight of her wet naked cunt just above his face caused Dave to shoot the last dregs of his semen into Mary’s throat. She gave his shrinking cock a final suck and lick before kissing it.

‘You have a lovely big cock’ she told him as she got dressed, ‘ I really enjoyed playing with it.’
Dave just lay on the ground exhausted he had never had such a good time in his life.’ I love you Mary, I really do’ he whispered.

‘You are a dear’ she said as she helped him get dressed, ‘next time you come over me you can lick it off, OK?
‘OK’ he agreed, pleased that she had said that there would be a next time.

Miss Simpson Two

During the next week at University she told Dave to behave himself, she couldn’t stand being mauled in public. The sight of boys feeling their girlfriend’s tits and bums in public annoyed her immensely.

If they were alone for a few minutes she would let him feel her tits and kiss her, and she delighted in getting him hard by whispering in his ear what she was planning to do on the weekend.

Once after such teasing she had felt his cock to see how hard he was when the touch of her hand made him come in his pants, but in public although they had told everyone they were an item they behaved with decorum.

The weekend finally came and once again they walked to their picnic place. After a kissing session, during which she let him feel her breasts and firm arse, she told him to strip off so she could play with him as promised.

In a few seconds he was completely naked and lying on his back, his cock was rigid and sticking up in the air. She explained to him that as she had never seen someone come as much as him she wanted to know exactly how much semen he squirted out when he came.

She was going to tease his cock, then stop and let him play with her for a bit while his cock cooled down, then she was going to tease him again until he was desperate to come.

Mary pulled a large test tube out of her bag that she had borrowed from the science class, ‘We will see how much you squirt out’ she told him.

To start with she stripped for him, very slowly, with lots of tit shaking and bum wiggling until she was naked. She then knelt over him as before with her cunt over his face, telling him that he could look but not touch her cunt while she played with his cock.

Dave was quite happy to look at her shaven cunt as long as she wanted him to, but he found it hard to concentrate on her pussy as she started to play with his throbbing cock.
She didn’t want him to come until she said so, therefore she was careful not to suck his cock until later.

Mary contented herself with feeling his big hairy balls, she hefted them in her hands to feel their weight and firmness, she found it amazing how much semen these things could produce.

She then licked his shaft from his balls to his knob, over and over until it was wet with her saliva; she then blew on his knob to cool it down. She was also fascinated by the hole in the end of his cock; she stuck the end of her tongue into it and saw a bead of seminal fluid ooze out of his cock hole.

‘How are you doing back there? She asked Dave over her shoulder.
‘If you keep on I’ll come over your face’ he threatened.

She got off him and lay on her back, she told him to tease her now, to give his cock a chance to cool down a bit.
‘What do you want me to do? He asked.

She told him as long as he didn’t come, and didn’t put his cock in her cunt, he could do what he liked with her.

He thought for a moment and then asked her to open her legs for him, after she did so he lay on his belly between her legs with his face inches away from her naked cunt?

He then asked her to get hold of her cunt lips and pull them open for him. Mary put her hands between her legs and gripping hold of her cunt lips with her fingers she slowly pulled them apart as wide as they could go.
He studied her cunt intently memorising every feature of it for his wanking fantasies later that night. Dave then lent forward and started to lick her shaven little cunt, it tasted lovely and he really enjoyed licking her cunt lips and all around her pubes.

‘Do you see a little knob thing at the top of my cunt Dave? She asked.
‘Yes, what about it?
‘It’s my clitoris, it’s like a small cock, and if you suck it I’ll probably come for you’. She explained.

He really wanted to make her come for him, so he put his mouth over the mysterious knob and started to lick and suck it.

Waves of pleasure started to wash over Mary as her clitoris became more and more erect and swollen, she started to moan loudly.

This encouraged Dave to increase his efforts until suddenly she let go of her cunt lips and thrusting her cunt into his face she came with a loud scream that would have startled him if his head hadn’t been clamped between her legs.

Her hot cunt juice splashed all over his face and soaked his hair. She finally stopped jerking and shaking and relaxed her legs so he could lift his head up to see her.

‘Fuck me, ‘ she panted, ‘that’s what I call a come.’
‘When can I fuck you? He asked urgently.
She assured him that it wouldn’t be long before she let him fuck her, but she wanted to try everything else first.

Mary you know I love you don’t you, it wouldn’t matter to me if you weren’t, but I’d like to know if you are a virgin’ he said sincerely.

She reached down between her legs and drew him up to her face, he lay on top of her naked body as she explained that when Miss Simpson asked her to fuck her up the arse, Mary wore a special rubber cock that fitted inside her own cunt as she fucked Miss Simpson.

This device had broken her hymen and stretched her cunt a bit, but she assured him that she had never had any other boys cock in her, and she wanted him to be the first boy to fuck her when she was ready.

She consoled herself by rationalising the fact that although she had been well fucked, it had been by grown men and not boys.

He believed her totally and only loved her more than ever, he was so proud that she had chosen him to be the first boy to know her cunt.

‘When you fuck my cunt you will have to wear a condom, but if you want to fuck me without one I’ll let you fuck my bum if you promise to be gentle.’ She said as a reward.
She felt his cock harden against her belly in answer.

‘I’ll have to grease your cock, and you will have to grease my bum hole,’ she said fishing out a jar of KY jelly from her bag.
She put some jelly on her hands and gently rubbed it all over his stiff thick cock.

Mary then gave the jar to Dave and turned around until she was on her knees with her bottom towards him. ‘Put some on your finger and slip it up my bum hole, it needs to be rubbed all around my arse so it doesn’t hurt me when your cock goes in.

Don’t forget, I don’t want you coming in my bum today, I want to measure it. So when you are about to shoot your cum up my bum pull your cock out and I’ll catch it in the test tube’.

‘Yes Maam whatever you say’ Dave said distractedly staring at her small pink bum hole.

He put a load of jelly on his finger and gently pushed it into her tight little anus, it gripped his finger tightly as he rubbed the lubricant all around her bum hole. When he had done this he knelt between her legs and placed his knob against her bum hole.

‘Now what do I do?’
‘Pull my bum cheeks as far apart as they will go to help open up my arse hole, then gently lean forward so your knob slips into my arse hole, be gentle as it will have to stretch a lot to fit your thick cock’ she instructed him.

He took a deep breath and carefully leant forward, his weight pushed his knob between her bum cheeks and into her anus.

She gasped as she felt her arse ring stretching; he stopped for a second to give her bum time to adjust.
‘I’m OK ‘she gasped, ‘carry on as you are’.

Fuck me she thought to herself, has he got a thick cock or what.
He continued to push his cock gently between her bum cheeks and into her arse until his big hairy balls touched her bum hole.

‘It’s all in’
‘I know for fucks sake, it’s my arse its in you know’
‘Sorry, now what?’

‘Give me a second to get used to the size of your cock, then start to fuck me gently.’

Dave waited, feeling the fantastic heat and tightness of her arse gripping his entire length of cock. Then as ordered he started to withdraw until he was almost out of her bum, before he pushed his cock back up into her arse hole.

He slowly speeded up until he was fucking her arse, he had fantasised about fucking her cunt but he had never dreamed that she would let him fuck her up the arse.
Every time he thrust his cock up her bum she made a small grunting sound as his balls hit her ring.

The problem was that her bum was so tight it gripped his cock hard when he tried to pull it out and he felt his come rising from his balls to his knob quicker than planned.

‘I’m going to come.’
‘Pull out and hold on’
He pulled his cock out of her bum hole with an audible pop and waited until she grabbed the test tube and slipped it over his cock.

‘OK you can come now’ she panted.
At last he could relax his self-control and allowed his cock free rein to squirt his cum into the test tube.
Mary gave him a deep tongued kiss and gently kneaded his balls as he pumped his semen out for her, when he stopped jerking she pulled the tube off his cock and using her hand squeezed every last drop of semen out of his penis.

‘Good boy, well done I’m proud of you she said.
Mary held up the tube and saw that there was a good inch of semen in it.
She put a stopper on it and placed it carefully into her bag.

‘What are you going to do with that?
‘Taking it home to measure properly of course’ she said.
They got dressed and went home, both had had a good day.
After she had kissed Dave goodnight, Mary walked over to Miss Simpson’s house.
The door opened at her knock and she went in.

Mary had always liked Miss Simpson; she had never forced Mary to do anything, and had always been gentle with her. Miss was a lesbian because she couldn’t trust men, her brothers, and her stepfather had abused her when she was a child and it had twisted her view of the world.

Mary knew however that Miss had a lot of love in her, and she desperately wanted to have a baby.
The problem was she couldn’t bear the thought of a man’s cock in her, and all the men who may have supplied sperm for her were gay.

She didn’t want to risk any chance of giving a child born from her womb any sexual disease, especially aids.

She had confided her problem to Mary and she had come up with an idea that might work, Mary had confided to Miss Simpson that Dave was a virgin, so his semen would be young, strong, and clean. Mary promised to try and get a specimen for Miss as soon as possible.

‘I’ve got it’ Mary said, holding up a thermos flask of hot water, in which was the test tube containing Dave’s sperm. Mary had transferred the tube into the flask as soon as Dave wasn’t looking to keep the sperm nice and warm.

Miss took it from her gently, and held it to her breast. ‘Thank you my dear, it means a lot to me’
Mary kissed her and turned to go.

She was surprised when Miss asked her for a favour before she left.
The sperm had to be transferred again from the tube into a Turkey Baster so it could be squirted up into Miss Simpson’s womb.

She said that she couldn’t do it herself and that Mary was the only one she trusted to get her pregnant.
Mary was touched and realised that as it was her boyfriend’s semen, it was only fitting that she should be the one who squirted it up into Miss Simpson’s womb.

They went into the bedroom where they had made love many times in the past and Miss Simpson got undressed. She knelt on the bed with her naked bum in the air and tried to relax while Mary filled the Baster with Dave’s semen.

Mary knelt behind her and tried to insert the Baster into the woman’s cunt, but Miss was so tense that it wouldn’t go in properly.

‘I have to be relaxed and juicy so it will go right up into my womb, and I’m so nervous I’ve gone dry.’ Miss said sadly.
Mary put the Baster on the bedside table. ‘Leave it to me, love, I’ll soon get you ready for my man’s cum.’ She said gently.

Mary stripped naked and climbed into bed with Miss, they kissed and fondled each other until Mary felt Miss start to relax. She put her head between Miss’s legs and started to lick her smooth cunt, as she did so she slipped her finger up Miss’s bum hole the way she liked it.

Miss started to moan and her cunt began to get soft and juicy, Mary continued fingering Miss Simpson’s arse hole until she sensed she was about to come.
She picked up the Baster and carried on fingering Miss’s arse until with a scream of pleasure she came over Mary’s hand.

While Miss was still wide open from her orgasm, Mary thrust the Baster deep into her cunt, she pushed it all the way into her, and squeezed the bulb full of Dave’s warm semen so that it squirted his cum deep into Miss Simpson’s womb.

Mary suddenly burst into tears; Miss crawled over to her and held her to her breasts.
‘Why are you crying Mary?’
‘I’ve never done anything so positive as that before,’ she sobbed,’ It’s like creating life, I really hope it works for you Miss.’

‘It’s the right time of the month, and Dave’s given me millions of sperms to try and get me pregnant, we will just have to wait and see. Thank you Mary, you know I love you don’t you.’
‘Yes Miss, and I love you too, I really want to get you pregnant, I’d be a good Daddy’, Mary said and they both giggled like schoolgirls.

Amazingly the very next week the girls were doing their PE as usual when one of them came out of the girl’s loo to report that Miss Simpson was being sick in the showers.

The rumours soon started and swept through the College all day, Mary heard about it at break time, she squealed in delight and ran to find Dave.

He was in the Canteen with his mates discussing who the father could be when Mary came running in, and in front of all his friends gave him the most passionate deep tongued kiss he had ever received from her. ‘Have you heard the news? she asked them, ‘Miss Simpson is pregnant.’

Dave’s friends had all believed she was a lesbian, and they agreed that if she was indeed pregnant they must have been wrong all along.

‘Who do you think the father is Mary’ Dave asked.
‘I believe he is young, strong, virile and handsome’ she answered, and whispering in his ear so his friends couldn’t hear she said ‘ I’m going to let you fuck me properly next time we are at our special place, because you are such a good boy.’

Dave’s friends couldn’t hear what she was saying but they could see the affect it had on him clearly.
Look everybody; they yelled Dave’s got a stiffy.

Dave was too happy to care, but before he let Mary go back to her class he asked her about his cum, ‘ How much was there after all?
‘Oh there was plenty Dave, more than enough, thank you darling so very much’ and she kissed him passionately again before running off to class.

Dave Three

Today was the day, and Dave had been getting more and more nervous about his coming performance.
What if he couldn’t perform when the time came, and his cock just dangled uselessly between his legs, she would dump him and tell all his friends he was a queer of something.

He said nothing to her about it as they walked into the hills towards their special place; she was chatting away about Miss Simpson and other current events and didn’t really notice how quiet he was.

Sure enough his self-doubts had done their damage, and when they both stripped off his cock was soft and small.

Mary was surprised when she saw it like that, because in all her experience with men their cocks were always rigid and throbbing at the thought of fucking her, she wondered if Dave was going off her.

‘Are you all right love? She asked.
‘I’m sorry Mary, I’m so nervous about this that my cocks not working’ he admitted sheepishly.

‘Oh is that all,’ she said with relief, ‘don’t worry, getting you ready is my responsibility.’

She made him lie down beside her and hold her to him, after a little while she asked him to suck her tits while she spoke quietly to him.

She reminded him of the first time he had touched her fanny, and how he had made her come for him. She told him how nice it was to feel his young firm cock in her mouth when she had made him come deep into her throat.

As she spoke of these things she felt him relax, and she started to gently stroke his cock.

She told him that he had been the first boy she had let fuck her up the arse, and how her little bum hole had stretched to take the thickness of his enormous cock.
She hadn’t realised just how big and thick his cock was until he had pushed it right up her arse.

Her bum had been tender for days she told him, but she liked his cock up her arse too much to say anything to him. She told him how proud she was of the amount of cum he produced and how hot and tasty it was when she swallowed it down into her belly.

Talking about his cum made her want to taste it again and could she please suck his big cock for a little while before he stuck it up her.

Her erotic talk had done its healing work and Dave had forgotten his fears as his cock grew harder every minute.

She laid him on his back and again knelt over him with her cunt over his face, she asked him to lick and suck her cunt while she sucked his big cock and tasted his lovely cum.
As Mary sucked gently on Dave’s hard cock she gently ground her cunt over his face, he stuck his tongue into her cunt hole and licked it as fast as he could.

Seeing her little pink bum hole right in front of his eyes prompted him to slip a finger up her bum and gently finger her arse. Mary was happy with the state of Dave’s cock and decided to move on to the main event.

She climbed off him and asked him to stand up whilst she knelt in front of him naked.

She had read most of the erotic books in Vince’s collection and they had warned that the process of putting on a condom could take the steam out of the moment and cause the man to droop.

Their suggestion was for the female to put the condom on the man, using her lips and teeth to unroll it up his shaft to his balls.

This was where her deep throat techniques came into their own as Mary started the condom off by putting it over his knob end and then put her mouth onto his cock.

Dave watched in amazement as his naked girlfriend knelt in front of him and after putting the condom on his knob seemed to be holding it on with her mouth.

He felt her mouth moving along his cock and could just detect the sensation of her teeth unrolling the rubber over his shaft.

His knob touched the back of her throat and he felt her throat muscles start to swallow his cock while she was still unrolling the rubber towards his balls.
Finally his cock was thrust deep into her throat and her lips were pressed up hard against his balls and the condom was firmly gripping his entire length of cock.

Holding the condom on his cock she slowly withdrew his cock from down her throat and as it emerged from her mouth she kissed the end of his cock.
‘You have such a beautiful, big thick cock Dave’ she said, ‘I’m so lucky that you fancy me.’

‘Hey,’ he said, lifting her face up so he could see her properly, ‘I don’t just fancy you, I love you, and don’t you forget it.’

She smiled up at him, ‘I’m glad you love me, because I love you and I have been dreaming about today. I can’t wait to open my legs for you and feel your big hot cock filling my cunt from my lips to my womb.’

She lay on her back and drew him down on top of her; she held his cock and guided it into her hot wet cunt.
When his knob was safely located between her cunt lips, she looked into his eyes and said, ‘It’s time my man fucked his woman’s cunt,’ she kissed him passionately as he thrust his
cock deep into her waiting cunt.

At last, he thought I’m fucking her beautiful hot wet cunt, as he pounded his cock deep inside her.

Mary hung on to his shoulders as he rammed his cock into her over and over, her tits were bouncing against his chest, and she could feel his heavy hairy balls slapping against her arse hole.

She lifted her legs high enough so she could grab her ankles and pull her feet up beside her ears, giving him total access to her cunt. Seeing his girl totally exposing herself to him drove Dave to new heights of effort as his cum demanded release.

Suddenly he let out a scream of triumph and shot his hot cum deep into her womb. After the first three giant squirts, he collapsed onto her naked body.

She held him in her arms tightly as he jerked and shuddered as the rest of his semen dribbled out of his cock into her throbbing cunt.

Mary wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed him tightly so he couldn’t withdraw his cock from her cunt.

Dave was done, empty, drained of cum and energy, he just wanted to go to sleep in her arms.

‘Hey lover, I haven’t finished with you yet,’ she whispered in his ear, unwrapping her legs and arms from his limp body. She rolled him off her and as he lay supine on the blanket she searched through her bag and brought out a small bottle of champagne and two glasses.

‘Fancy a drink while we wait for your cock to recover? She chirped happily.
He burst out laughing as he lay on his back in the sun with his cock limp against his belly, ‘For fucks sake woman, haven’t you had enough cock yet? He said smiling at her’

‘Oh no, as this is my first proper fuck and I intend to remember every detail of it’ she replied saucily.
She poured out two glasses of champagne and passed one to Dave.
‘To the best fuck a girl ever had’ she said, lifting her glass to him in salute.
‘To the one I love’ he replied simply.
They both drank their drinks, and a few others until they were giggling and there was only enough champagne for one glass left in the bottle.

‘Now what, who gets the last drink? Dave asked.
‘My man does of course’, she said firmly, ‘but we wont be needing these anymore’ and she put the two glasses back into her bag.

Dave watched in fascination as she lay on her back and lifting her legs up into the air grasped hold of her legs and pulled them right back until her knees were next to her ears.

She then stunned Dave by putting her arms in front of her legs so that she was leaning against the backs of her legs looking at her own cunt that was totally exposed to the world.

‘How can you do that?’ He asked in startled surprise, ‘I’ve only ever seen that done by a contortionist on telly.’
‘It’s easy if your supple’ she replied, ‘now come over here and help me do this.’

She handed him the bottle of bubbly and reaching down between her legs inserted two fingers of each hand deep into her cunt and pulled it wide open.
She held her cunt open and told him to fill it with the champagne.

Placing the neck of the bottle between her cunt lips he carefully poured some champagne into her cunt.
‘Have a drink on me.’ She offered.
Dave placed his mouth over her brimming cunt and noisily slurped up the bubbly until her cunt was empty, he poured some more into it and again sucked it into his mouth.

‘All done? She asked.
‘There’s only a dribble left’

She unfolded herself and took the bottle off him, she told him to lie on his back and when he was comfortable she dribbled the champagne over his cock and balls.

He gasped as the cold liquid soaked his ball hair, but groaned in pleasure as she commenced to lick and suck it from his cock. She kept dribbling it on and sucking it off until it was all gone and his cock was rigid again.

‘Now its my turn she said, you have fucked my cunt as long and hard as you could, I’m going to fuck your cock as long and hard as I can ok?’ she said.

She put another condom on his swollen cock, and knelt over him with her cunt above his knob. ‘Hold on tight ‘ she warned him, and slammed her cunt down onto his cock, he held onto her shoulders as she fucked him as hard as she could.

After a few minutes of this she stopped and turned herself around while keeping his cock deep inside her.
She ended up with her bottom toward his face, and when she was happy with her position she started to bounce her fanny on his cock again.

He lay there just looking at her beautiful bum bouncing up and down and enjoying every minute of it.
Eventually she tired and slipped off his cock’
‘All done? He asked.
‘Nope, if you think I’m going home without your cum in me your mistaken, I daren’t risk it in my cunt so I’ll have to take it in my bum again, if you don’t mind of course.’

Dave didn’t mind in the least, in fact the sight of her naked arse bouncing on him had made him ready to come again, given the chance.
‘How do you want it?

Mary pulled off the condom from Dave’s cock and kneeled down in front of him with her bum towards him.
She told him to stand straddling her bottom and to just bend his knees until his cock was in the right position to enter her anus.

‘Why cant I just kneel between your legs like last time?’ he queried.
‘Because I haven’t finished with the Champagne bottle yet, and I need some room back there. So shut up and do as your told,’ she ordered.

‘No need to be rude.’
‘Sorry love, but I haven’t tried this before and I don’t know if it will work. Please stick your big cock up my arse’

Dave did as he was told, and rammed his cock right up her arse, perhaps a bit harder than he needed to, to teach her a lesson.

Mary gasped as her bum was stretched wide again, and she felt his cock filling her arse.
She picked up the Champagne bottle that was near to hand and told him to start fucking her until he came up her bum.

Dave balanced himself by holding onto her hips and started to fuck her bum gently, building up his speed as he became more confident.

While he was busy, Mary took the small Champagne bottle and inserted the neck into her cunt. It was thicker than Dave’s cock but not so thick it wouldn’t fit up her.

After the hammering her cunt had just taken it was at its widest and juiciest, and Dave watched in surprise as the bottle with a bit of wiggling disappeared up Mary’s cunt.

Soon only six inches of bottle stuck out of her cunt and she held it there while Dave fucked away at her arse.
He could actually feel it expanding her cunt as it went in, making her bum hole even tighter than it usually was.

Mary had seen this being done in a blue movie, although in the movie the girl had the bottle up her arse instead of her cunt.

Mary knew from making love to Miss Simpson that after a long fucking session, the woman could sometimes insert her entire hand up Mary’s cunt.

The feel of her cunt being stretched to the limit, at the same time as her bum hole was also being filled to capacity, brought about Mary’s first multiple orgasm.

As the waves of ecstasy washed over her they built upon each other until she was screaming her head off in Rapture.

One second Dave was fucking his girl up the arse, then all of a sudden she turned into a screaming bucking bronco, after three loud screams Mary’s cunt spasmed so much that the Champagne bottle was squeezed out of her cunt so powerfully that it shot into the lake.

At the same time her arse muscles contracted onto Dave’s cock so hard that he lost control and with a loud yell of his own rammed his swollen battered cock as far up her arse as he could and let his cum jet out in long thick squirts until it was forced back along the outside of his shaft to run down between her legs.

With a last ecstatic scream as the last orgasm raged through her, Mary collapsed onto her belly and lay there in a state of complete exhaustion.

As she collapsed her arse was clamped so tightly around Dave’s cock that he was dragged down with her, and laid sprawled across her naked back.
He made a small effort to pull his cock out of her bum, but it was gripped too tightly so he just lay there and closed his eyes for a second to get his breath back.

Dave woke up to feel a cool breeze blowing across his shoulders, he was still lying on top of Mary who was fast asleep with his cock still stuck up her bum.

His cum had dried on her arse where it had spurted out of her bum hole and run down between her legs, and his ball hairs were matted with it. He took his weight off her and slowly pulled his now soft cock out of her bum.

She moaned as she felt it slip out of her arse, but then went back to sleep.

Dave looked at his watch and discovered that they had been asleep for two hours, he left her sleeping and taking a towel from her bag walked to the lake and wetting it rubbed the dry cum from between his legs and his belly.

He wet the towel again and kneeling down beside Mary, gently washed his cum off her bum cheeks, and carefully parting them, washed her little pink anus.

As he gently turned her over onto her back she opened her eyes and then opened her legs for him. He washed her cunt and belly, and dabbed her dry with a fresh towel.

She looked at him for a while saying nothing, and then said ‘Well, what did you think of that?

He thought for a moment, ‘You realise that for the rest of my life I will think of today every time I see a Champagne bottle, and when I think of today I will think of you and how wonderful you made my change from a boy to a man.

Thank you Mary, I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now.’ He bent over her and kissed her long and lovingly.

‘I love you too Dave, and you were a man before today in my eyes, I believe it’s important that we make such occasions special just so we remember them in years to come.

I wanted to be able to remember the first time I was fucked by you, and I’m only sorry that we are not old enough for me to let you fill my womb with your cum.

One day perhaps we will be ready for that step, but not for a while. I would like to say that I have never ever come like that in my entire life, I had heard about multiple orgasms but to experience one the first time my man fucked me is amazing and I’ll certainly remember today for the rest of my life too’.

They got dressed slowly and packed everything away neatly, as they walked back to town Dave said ‘My cock is a bit sore.’

‘Your cock’s a bit sore? My cunt and arse feel like their on fire, and my legs are all wobbly, you are such a wuss Dave.’

‘Yes, but I’m your Wuss,’ he said and arm in arm they walked home.

Nine months later Miss Simpson gave birth to a lovely baby girl.

She named her Mary, after its father.