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07-16-2006, 04:12 PM
Please be kind to me this is my first story and i would really like some feedback. This is first chapter of a series that i'm working on so parts will come every now and then i'm working on part 2 now. so please any and all feedback will be welcome. i'm warning you now though this is going to start out a little slow but it will pick up durring the second chapter.

It was a long flight from Virginia to Florida 17 year old Sydneye thought while sitting in her window seat on the plane. She thought to her self, “After all this time were finally going to meet.” Her mind drifted back three years to when they first talked. Mark was his name and just thinking about him sent chills through her spine. She had been fourteen and deeply in love, she was 5’5 with brown hair eyes and brown skin a 42C chest and a nice round ass and only weighing about 180 pounds. Mark at the time was 22 and didn’t know of her age. One day Sydneye couldn’t take it any more and she had to tell Mark that she was 14, and when she did she thought her whole word would crashing down. It didn’t, Mark said he still loved her and he would wait until she was 18. Sydneye was now 17 her body only changed a little her chest changed to a 42D and she grew to a height of 5’7 her ass was still firm. Mark was 26 but the next day was her birthday and she would be turning eighteen so everything would be okay. The sound of the pilot telling all passengers to put their chairs in an upright position brought Sydneye back from daydreaming. Putting her chair into the proper position she thought, “Oh my god were here I’m finally going to see him!”

Mark was pacing the airport lobby with excitement, before coming to the air port he cleaned his house showered, changed, and bought Sydneye a dozen red tulips her favorite flower. Mark thought to him self, “I can’t believe she is finally going to be here with me.” It had been 3 long years waiting for her but it would be well worth it. She was going to be a virgin with a tight pussy which is every guys dream. And she was going to be all his after a day. That was the only bad thing, she was still seventeen and he didn’t think he could control him self long enough but the next day was her birthday and he would give her the ultimate gift. Becoming a woman and the ring he planned to propose with the night of her birthday while they were at dinner. It was all set he had already made reservations all he had to do was pick up the ring and a few other things. Still thinking about plans he heard the number 615 over the intercom and his heart jumped, “She’s here” was his only thought.

As Sydneye descended the ramp leading to the lobby she saw a blonde blue eyed 5’11 man dressed in jeans and a black tee shirt and was holding a bouquet of tulips. “My favorite” Sydneye thought “It has to be him.” Taking her time and swinging her hips Sydneye knew that the short jean skirt and the tight red halter top that she was wearing was one of her best outfits. She saw his eyes glued to her every move and smiled. She crossed the lobby extended her hand and asked, “Are you Mark?” being dazed by the woman in front of him he just stared then answered,
“Yes I’m mark and you must be Sydneye.”
“I am.”
“Here these are for you” he said handing her the tulips.

Sydneye smiled and took her flowers “MMM thanks.”
Marks only reply was to wrap his arm around her pull her close and press his lips to hers. Her lips parted as his tongue slipped between them. "MMM," she moaned as their tongues wound around each other. Mark’s hand pulled her tighter to him as their kiss escalated. She could feel him place his other hand on the back of her neck. "MMM," he too moaned as he pressed his mouth harder to hers. She wanted to melt as his hands rubbed her back and ass. She had completely forgotten that they were in an airport. She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach. She had to take a deep breathe when they finally pulled away from each other. She smiled as he too drew in a deep breathe.

“We better get your luggage.” He said a little out of breath
“Yea good idea and remember you can’t have me till tomorrow.” She said with a smirk.

Mark groaned at the thought, “Damn I hate waiting” he thought as they walked to the baggage claim. He grabbed her bags and they headed out the door to his car. When they reached his Nissan Sienna Sydneye gasped. Mark wielded dropping her suit case afraid something was wrong. “What’s wrong baby?’

“Nothing it’s just I’ve always liked them.” She said sheepishly
“Oh well it’s ours now” he said kissing her cheek and opening the car door for her. Sydneye slid into the front seat as he closed the door. Mark finished putting the luggage in the trunk and went around to the drivers side opened the door and got in. Mark started the car and headed for his house thinking about the next day when he heard Sydneye ask, “So you’re sleeping on the sofa right?” She said with a little laugh

“Now why would I do that?” mark asked confused.
“So I can sleep in your room and you won’t be tempted to take me.”
“Oh, I guess your right.” Mark groaned he wanted to sleep with her, the woman he loved. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold off from touching her, it was getting harder and harder every second not to just pull over and take her, he knew she would let him she just wanted to tease and she was doing a hell of a job. After a few minutes of driving and in Sydneye’s case day dreaming she heard mark say, “Ok baby were here.” He said stopping the car and getting out and to open her door. Once she was out he went to the trunk to get her luggage, Sydneye having nothing to do closed her door and the trunk for him. As they walked to the front door Sydneye realized how nice his house looked on the outside and she couldn’t wait to see the inside. He opened the door and Sydneye rushed inside. Mark followed set her luggage down and closed and locked the door. Mark walked towards Sydneye stood behind her wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. Sydneye turned around in his arms and rested her head on his shoulder. Mark started sliding his hands down her back and they came to rest on her ass and he gave a little squeeze. Sydneye let out a little moan and forced her self to pull away from him. “We can’t, not yet. You can last 3 more hours can’t you?”
Mark let out a frustrated groan, “yea I guess so but I want you now. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

“It will be ok baby you can wait. And I think I’m going to unpack, take a shower read some and go to bed okay?” Sydneye said kissing him on the cheek and flouncing off to his room to unpack her clothes. He left me drawer space she thought putting her underwear, shirts, shorts and skirts. “ok all done I just have to grab my night gown and a towel” she thought out loud finding her night gown and a towel she stripped down wrapped the towel around her self and headed to the bathroom passing mark on the way and winking at him. She looked down and saw that his cock wanted out of his pants and giggled to her self as she walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

Mark heard the water start and sat down on the sofa and turned the channel to ESPN to watch a Yankees game, hoping it would take his mind off the sexy woman that was in his bathroom naked and soaking wet. It took a while but the game did take his mind off of her he didn’t even hear her leave the bathroom and go back into his room. The next thing he knew there was a beautiful woman in a navy blue teddy sitting next to him with a book in hand. “Did I miss any thing?” She said stretching her legs and pulling them to her chest. Mark just stared he couldn’t find his voice.

“Uh no, you didn’t miss anything.” he stammered still staring.
“Ok good. The two things I love you and the Yankees.” She said out loud
“That’s just what I was thinking. He said with a smile and a wink. There was silence for a little while she was reading and he was watching the game. It was like they had been together for a long time. They just felt so comfortable around each other no shyness just unrepressed love. The Sydneye heard mark call her. “Hey baby?” he asked quietly
“Yea?” she answered
“Will you please come here and sit on my lap and read instead of sitting on the sofa? It’s something we’ve wanted to do forever.” his voice was so begging she felt like she had to and he was right they had wanted to do that forever.
“Ok I’ll sit on your lap and read but not for too long I don’t want anything poking me.” She said with a laugh as she got up and made her way on to his lap and settled her self in. As soon as she was settled in his arms went around her waist and pulled her closer to him. After about twenty minutes of reading for her and watching the game for him Sydneye started to feel something poking her in the ass. She smiled to her self and got up kissed mark on the cheek and said good night.

“Hey baby wait.” He called after her.
“Yea?” she answered sticking her head out of his bedroom door.
“I have to be to work early and I wont be home till around 3 so if you wake up and I’m not here I already left.” He said thinking about his dinner plans.
“Ok thanks for telling me, good night baby, I love you.”
“Good night and I love you too you tease.” They both laughed and she closed and locked the door and in a matter of minutes she was asleep.

Mark turned back around and said out loud, “I’ll show you just how much I love you tomorrow night.” He said with a bit of lust in his voice. Mark flopped down on the sofa thinking about what he had to do to set everything up for the next evening. First he had to buy her dress and shoes and make sure she was out of the house when he got home so he could leave them on the bed for her to find with a bouquet of red tulips and a note. Then he had to be out of the house when she came back so it would be a total surprise and while he was out the second time he would pick up the ring then come back home and wait for her to get ready. Some were in the thought process mark fell asleep.