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Chapter One

Thirty-two year old Maddie Pearson looked over the Wednesday morning paper as she sat at the table in her penthouse suite. Her long auburn hair clung to her shoulders. She took a bite of her toast and then picked up her coffee mug as her hazel eyes skimmed the social page of The Passion Creek Gazette to see what the latest gossip was. Not that she herself was a gossip, but it was always good to look through this section to make sure that you, or your family, wasn't mentioned in it. She read the ususal stuff of who's marrying who, who's divorcing who, and of course, who's cheating on who. It was also the place to see who was planning to take and/or was returning from trips. There was also the ususal obituaries of Passions Creeks upper crust. It was there in the gossip section that she saw a picure of a man she hadn't seen, or heard of, since she was twenty: Robert Cain.

Maddie's mind drifted back to the night of her senior prom when she and Robert, or Bobbie as he preferred, had been caught by the police in one of his lawyer dad's many Cadillacs out on Mill Pond Road. They were only kissing at the time, but if the police hadn't showed up, she knew that it would have went much further than that. At the time, Maddie was a month away from her eighteenth birthday and Bobbie was going on twenty-one. Since she was still legally a minor, her father, Judge Brian Pearson, made sure that Bobbie was sent away despit the efforts of his lawyer father.

Maddie had pleaded and begged the judge over-seeing the case that Bobbie hadn't done anything to her that she didn't want him too. Even though the judge was best friends with her father, she hoped beyond hope that her pleading would somehow make a difference, but it didn't. It wasn't until after she had turned twenty did she learn that Bobbie, then twenty-three, was being released from the correctional center that he had been sentenced too. That was the last she had heard of him until today, but that didn't mean that she hadn't thought of him at least once a day for nearly the past fifteen years. In fact, she couldn't, and wouldn't, forget him.

Looking back down at the paper, she read that he had bought back the old Cain mansion. His parents had sold the mansion when they divorced three years ago. "MMM," she moaned, "now he's back in town for good." Thoughts of picking up where they had left off all those years ago ran through her head. This time though, it wouldn't be in his dad's Caddy, but in a bed.

"I'm thirty-two now," she said out loud to herself as she looked at the picture of him, "and Bobbie is still as good looking as ever. Better now I'd say since he's bulked up some." The grandfather clock in the hallway chimmed eight in the morning, bringing her out of her dream state of mind. "Damn," she sighed. Refilling her coffee mug, she headed for her bathroom to prepare for work. She was the boss, so who would say anything to her if she was late.

Shortly after nine she reached her high-rise office in downtown Passion Creek. "Good morning, Ms. Pearson," her too cheerful in the mornings personal assistant, Gina, said. Maddie noticed that this morning though, Gina looked as if she pitted Maddie. Before she had a chance to ask her what was wrong, Gina handed her a handful of messages and then softly contiuned, "Your father's lawyer is waiting in your office and your two o'clock meeting with the county commissioner has been pushed back to a week from Friday." "Damn it!," Maddie exclaimed. "That makes the third time it's been pushed back. I swear that man is dead set on seeing this project fail."

Maddie walked into her office to find a grim looking, middle-aged man looking at the pictures of her parents hanging on the wall. He had been her father's best friend since law school and he looked as if he had been crying for hours. "Good morning, Mr. Tagert," she said as she looked through the messages in her hand. Several of them in fact were from close personal friends of hers or her parents. "To what pleasure do I owe this visit," she asked the somber looking man.

Mr. Tagert turned away from Maddie before speaking. "I take it then that you haven't heard about your parents?" Half way laughing she said, "There in Paris for their anniversary. They'll be back in a week." The man turned and looked at her; tears streaming down his cheeks. "Oh God! No," she whispered as she dropped the messages onto her desk. "No," she said shaking her head, "they can't be." "I'm afraid they are," he said soberly. "They called me last night about nine when they couldn't reach you and said that they had decided to head home. Your father had some urgent business. I got a call from the French police about three this morning saying that their plane had went down and that there were no survivors. A piece of paper with my number was the only thing they could find that wasn't charred beyond recognition. Arrangements to have their bodies flown back to Passion Creek has already been made."

Maddie fell back into her swivel chair. "I know that this is a shock for you, but there are somethings that must be taken care of and now. Since you are an only child, your parents left you everything, Maddie. That now makes you the richest woman in the state and the fifth in the U.S. I thought it best that you hear about it from me because once news of your parents death reaches the paper, you'll be hounded by reporters and money hungry men looking to get there hands on your fortune. Why don't you take the week off Maddie. Gina can handle things from here and if there's any problems, she can call you at home." Mr. Tagert finally turned around to face her. "Besides," he continued, "you'll have the funeral and such to deal with."

Maddie agreed and arrangements were made for Gina to take over for the next week. Against her wishes, Mr. Tagert arranged for around the clock guards to watch over Maddie until things settled down. He just knew that she would be too distraught to do much for herself. She kept instisting though that she could handle the men. Hell, she was already use to money hungry men trying to get into her pants. She could handle them. It was the reporters that she didn't want to deal with. It was for that reason she agreed to the guards. It was also arranged for her to have a personal guard with her 24/7. You know, just in case.

Chapter Two

Thirty-five year old Bobbie Cain sat at a private table in the bar of the Passion Creek Country Club, reading the Wednesday evenings new as he sipped on his after dinner brandy. His brown eyes scanned the social page of The Passion Creek Gazette as he tried to catch up on nearly fifteen years of gossip. Flipping the page to the obituaries, he saw the picture of Judge Brian Pearson and his wife. Stunned, he read the obit and learned of their deaths.

His mind raced back to the passion that he and their darling daughter, Maddie, had shared in his dad's Caddy all those years ago. He could still smell her sweet fragrance..., taste her pouty lips..., fell her tender skin. Bobbie was brought back to reality as two men began talking behind him.

"Did you see the paper about Judge Pearson and his wife," one said.

"Yeah," the other said, "And I also heard that their daughter, Maddie, inherited everything."


"Everything. That makes her the richest woman in the state."

"Whewwww," the first sighed.

"Just think," the second said, pausing for a moment before continuing, "the man who marries Maddie will become an instant millionaire."

"Yeah," the first said, "I bet that she's worth at least fifty million now that her parents are dead. I mean, she inherited his cattle business, bank accountants and investments, both off and on shore. Plus she has her own investment company and is doing extremely well for herself."

"Don't forget the oil wells Judge Pearson owned in Texas, Alaska, and Oklahoma. Oh, oh, and the diamond mine in Arkansas."

There was a long silence before either one of the mystery men spoke again. "Yeah," the second one finally said, "but a true gentleman would allow her grieving time before he made a move on her."

"True. True," the first agreed. "She'll need some grieving time before she's ready to be bedded."

Sitting their empty glasses down on the bar, the two men left. Bobbie's blood boiled at the thought of these men scheming to get Maddie's money. Turning around, he was too late to see who they were, but if he had, he would have given them the verbal thrashing of their life.

He had not forgotten how she had begged and pleaded with the judge to have him set free. Maddie was someone that he had never gotten over and didn't ever plan too either. If anyone was going to "bed" her, it was going to be him and it would be because HE LOVED HER and not her money. He had made enough of his own, in wise investments and trading over the years, and was now worth twice what she's worth now in fact, and he was damn sure going to make sure that no one else tried to take hers. Paying the tab, he headed home to the Cain mansion.

It was only a few days, but it seemed like years, before the double funeral took place. Bobbie sat in the back row of the massive church as the service took place. He watched as Maddie broke down several times and had to be consoled by her aunts; sisters of both of her parents. Bobbie wished, no disired, that it was his arms that were wrapped around her fragile, shaking body; his lips that kissed her forehead and told her that everything would be alright; his hands that stroked her face and back.

"For the love of God, man," he yelled at himself in his mind, "you sound as bad as the men in the bar the other night." It was then that he noticed the tingling in his loins that announced that Mr. Happy was trying to come alive. "Down boy," he thought to himself. "This is neither the time nor the place for that."

The rest of the service seemed to drag on until at last those that had came to pay their respects where allowed to walk past the caskets, and then past Maddie herself, as they exited the church. Being in the last row, Bobbie was one of the first to be ushered from his seat. As he walked past the two caskets, he couldn't help but fell a little bit of anger towards the people who lay in them. If it hadn't been for them, he would've already introduced Maddie to Mr. Happy along time ago.

His attitude changed though when he walked towards Maddie. He could have sworn that she smiled at him as he shook her hand. "I'm sorry about your parents," he said half truthfully. "If you need anything, please let me know." He released her hand to move on, but she held it firm between hers. "Please come by my penthouse around seven tonight, Bobbie," she said whispering lowly. "I would like to see you." She gave him the name of her building before releasing his hand.

Chapter Three

Bobbie arrived shortly before seven. When he asked to see Ms. Pearson, he was told that she had just arrived, but was expecting him. The clerk made a motion to one of the security guards and he was then escorted to her penthouse. Once inside, the guard announced Bobbie's presence to Maddie and then left once she acknowledged them.

Laying the jacket to his business suit on the back of the chair closest to him, he watched her as she came into the room. She no longer wore the mournful black dress, hat, and shoes from ealier. Instead she had on a pair of faded blue jeans, a tight spaghetti strap shirt, which showed off her tan, flat mid-riff and ample breast beautifully, and no shoes or socks. He could tell that she was braless. Damn was she ever beautiful. Her long auburn hair was coming out of it's tightly wrapped bun and her sparkling hazel eyes were puffy from crying, but he didn't care. He was alone with her after all these years.

Maddie walked past him, offering him a drink as she did. Oh, how her sweet smell arroused his senses. He had to fight off the urge to pull her to him and ravage her body right there. He thought back to the men in the bar and how they talked about bedding her. "Calm down," he told himself, "you're better than them. Just calm down." Taking a deep breath, he answered "brandy" to her "want a drink" question. He smiled as she poured two of them, handing him one and sipping on the other. Bobbie removed his tie and tossed it onto his jacket.

After a few moments of silence, Maddie finally spoke. "Thank you for coming. I was afraid that you wouldn't. I mean, after all, it was my fault that you were sent away all those years ago." She turned away from him, fearing that she would again start to cry. "No," he quickly said, "you did everything you could to keep it from happening and I've never forgotten that." Bobbie sat his drink down and walked to her. Turning her around, he then sat her glass down too before taking her into his arms.

Bobbie breathed her smell in deeply. She was right were he wanted her; in HIS arms. At five foot ten, he was able to rest his chin on her head. Maddie began to weep uncontrolably; clutching the front of his shirt tighter and tighter in her fists as she did. Holding her tighter to him, he let her cry. Several minutes passed before she was able to control herself. "I'm sorry," she hoarsly said, as she looked up at him. Her hazel eyes meeting his brown ones. "I didn't mean to break down in front of you. That's not why I asked you here. In fact, I'm not sure why I asked you here."

He knew it was wrong to act on his impulse, but he did. Bending down, he pressed his lips to hers. Pulling away from her, he looked back down at her, ready to apologize for his forcefullness. "Oh, Bobbie," she moaned, sounding desperate as she did, "don't stop." That was all he needed to hear. Bending back down he again kissed her lips, this time parting them slowly. Their tongues twirled around each others as they passionately kissed. He could fell his manhood hardening as they did. He just knew that she too could feel it pressed against her stomach. She wanted him. HIM. Bobbie Cain. And at this point, that was all that mattered.

Chapter Four

Maddie's head swam with emotions. Just a few short hours ago she had buried her parents and now she stood in her penthouse, passionately kissing the boy, no... the man that she had been wanting between her legs ever since her senior prom. Oh, sure, she'd been with a few guys in the past fifteen years, almost married one, but not even the man that she was to marry had burned a fire in her like Bobbie Cain did.

She could fell his manhood hardening against her stomach. The question now was this; would he use it on her? Oh God did she ever want him to use it on her. In a bold move, Maddie released her grip on his shirt and begain to pull his shirt from his suit before she franticly work on the buttons of his shirt. Releasing her from their kiss, he stood up and allowed her to push the shirt off of his chiseled chest and then his broad shoulders.

"Oh Bobbie," she moaned as she ran her fingers over his chest, "I've wondered for fifteen years what it would have been like if that cop hadn't stopped us all those years ago."

"You're not the only one," he said, reaching for the bottom of her shirt, "but I have a feeling we're about to find out."

Maddie raised her arms as Bobbie pulled the tight shirt off of her, causing her ample breast to pop out of their restraint. She saw the look of lust and desire in his eyes. The same look that she too knew that was in her own. Reaching down to her own jeans, she slowly undone them and pushed them down her curvy hips. "Oh God, Maddie," Bobbie moaned when she revealed the small patch of auburn just above her love mound.

Bobbie took her lead and removed his own pants and underwear. He liked the way she smiled when she saw his thick, hard seven inches. Once they both were fully unclothed, he pulled her close to him. He knew that she could for sure feel his desire for her. Her rock hard nipples stuck out at him, showing him just how much she wanted him.

In one swift move, he picked her up in his well muscled arms and carried her to her bed. It was there that he planned to, he had to give a small chuckle at the thought, "bed" her. It was he, Bobbie Cain, that would be bedding Maddie Pearson tonight, and if everything went as he hoped, every night for the rest of their lives.

Gently laying her on the bed, he then moved on top of her. His mouth forcefully pushed onto hers as his hand rubbed and teased her breast. "MMM," she moaned as he did, bucking underneath him. He had been with a few woman in the past, but none had felt as good or responded as eagerly as Maddie did.

Bobbie then kissed his way down her neck and too those perfect breast, taking each one in turn into his mouth. Maddie's hands ran through his hair as she pulled him closer to her. Damn was she ever hot. He then continue to kiss his way down her falt, tanned tummy as he made his made to her love mound. "Oh Bobbie," she screamed as his tongue pushed into her wet hole. Oh did she taste good. Sweet as honey straight from the hive. Placing his large hands on her ample breast, he rubbed them as he continued to lick at her swollen clit until he felt her shutter with pleasure.

Maddie screamed out with pleasure as she came from the assault that Bobbie had just given her pussy. Her whole body shook from the intense orgasim she'd just had. Never had she been eaten out so good. She smiled with pleasure as Bobbie kissed his way back up her stomach, stopping at each breast, before passionately kissing her again.

"My turn," she said as she rolled him over onto his back. She now kissed her way town his chiseled chest, his washboard stomach, and to his waiting cock. "Oh Maddie," he moaned as she took his full length into her hot, wet mouth. He again moaned with pleasure as slowly moved her mouth on him. Never had she wanted suck a man's cock as bad as she did his. If fact, the thought had always seem demoralizing to her, but not now. The thought of having his cock in her mouth only turned her on more. Her pace quicken and soon she tasted his salty load in her mouth as he groaned, "OH GOD YEAH!"

Chapter Five

Once Maddie had completely swallowed his cum, Bobbie rolled off the bed and stood up. Grabbing her by the hand he pulled her to him. "Wrap your legs around me," he panted into her ear as he lifted her up. With her dainty arms around his neck, her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as his muscled arms lifted her onto his manhood. "Oh God," they both moaned as her womanhood slipped over him like a tight glove fitting onto a hand that was almost to big to fit it.

Walking them over to the wall, Bobbie pressed her body up against it. Slowly he moved in the woman he had wanted for fifteen years now. He smiled as she panted heavily with each up thurst he gave into her. Her hazel eyes rolled back into her head as she beggingly gasped, "Oh Bobbie. Bobbie. Oh God, Bobbie, don't stop." Her breast heaved with each gasp. He could feel her pussy contract and then slowly release as came on him. He again smiled. He knew that it was his cock that was causing her the great pleasure and he planned to contiue to keep doing it.

Maddie's whole body shook as she climaxed again, this time because of his cock and not his tongue. She pushed her mouth onto his and passionately kissed him as he moved in her. Right then, she knew... knew that she had always loved him and forever would. Her tongue contiuned to swirl around his as she felt her body tense up and release again. "MMM," she moaned deeply through their kiss.

She felt his pace increase as he thrusted harder and deeper into her. She again began to weep uncontrolably as came yet again. "I'm sorry," he whispered as he slowed down, thinking he was hurting her. "Keep going," she wept, "it feels good... so right." Knowing now that he wasn't hurting her, but her expression of prue ecstacy, he continued his forceful thrust. Soon she felt his body shake as he again let out a groan. She could feel his hot seed spilling over into her womanness. A few more hard thust and his body pinned her completely against the wall.

For several minutes, Bobbie kept her there as they kissed deeply and passionately. He finally walked them back to her bed and carefully laid them down. On their sides, and with him still in her and her in his arms, they fell asleep.

More to follow.

02-10-2006, 12:08 PM

Maddie woke the next mornig to find her bed empty. Looking around she saw no sign of Bobbie any where and decided that it had all been a dream. The best sex she'd ever had, and with the man of her dreams, had only been just that; a dream. Throwing the covers back over her naked body, she got up and started her day.

Leaving her bedroom, she walked into the living room of her penthouse. "Oh my," she exclaimed. Looking around the room, it looked as if a flower shop had exploded. Roses, tulips, daisies, carnations, iris', lilies; every flower imaginable set in vases all around. Taking a card from one of the closest vases she smiled as she read it: To my sweetest Maddie. Thank you for last night and I look forward tonight. I love you. Love, Bobbie

Slumping into the nearest chair, she smelled the tulips sitting next to her. Looking back at the card in her hand, she heaved a sigh and said aloud to herself, "It wasn't a dream after all. He was here. And he loves me! He loves me!"

Bobbie sat in his meeting at the Passion Creek Country Club, not really paying any attention to what was going on around him. His mind was on Maddie and the sweet love they had made last night. He knew that sending all the flowers had been very impulsive, but damn it, she was well worth it.

"So Mr. Cain," a voice said, "what do you think of the proposal?" "HHMM, What," Bobbie asked as he came back to reality. The other men at the table laughed at him. "His mind is not here, boys," said one of the other men, "it's back at Maddie Pearson's penthouse." Bobbie had to lower is head to keep from showing his embaressment. "Get out of her, boy," another said, "you've got a fire cracker waiting on you. Don't disappoint her either." Bobbie looked up at the men. "Thanks, guys," he said as he stood to leave. "Oh, by the way, my vote is 'yes' on the proposed plan." With that, Bobbie left the room and headed towards Maddie's.

"Why Bobbie Cain," Maddie exclaimed as he stepped into the shower with her. "I thought you were gone to work for the day." "I was," he said, "but I put in my vote and left." Pulling her naked body close to his, he continued, "I had more important..." he pulled her closer, "more pressing things to do." Leaning down her forcefully kissed her. Their tongues expolreing each others.

Quickly they showered. Their bodies still wet, he carried her into her bedroom. "Take me, Bobbie," she begged. "Ravage my body." "Oh, Maddie," he said as he placed her on her knees before him. Getting behind her, he pushed himself into her wet womanhood. "MMM," she moaned as he pushed in. "Damn," he thought, "she's just as tight as ever." He rocked his hips forcefully as he slipped in and out of her.

"Oh, Bobbie," Maddie moaned. Damn did he fell good in her. She loved his forcefulness, it turned her on even more. His hard animalistic thrust felt wonderful. She began to shake uncontrolably as she came. Shortly afterwards, she too felt his release.

Pulling out and laying next to her, he smilingly said, "It may have been quick, but damn did it feel good. I promise that next time, I'll go more slowly." "MMM," she moaned as she cuddled into his arms, "I look forward to each and everytime we make love."

Two days later, Maddie and Bobbie married. They are now expecting their first child.