View Full Version : Welcome home, honey!!!

02-18-2004, 04:50 PM
I had been away on a long trip, traveling across the country, promoting my buisness. I think I had been gone a week and a half. It seems like about ten years, with all the places I have been to. Each night, I make sure to call my honey, at home. She misses me as much as I miss her. We share some fantasies whilt we are on the phone. shit, I think I paid for the phone company's lady new building, but I don't care!!!

On my way home, I called my lady. I told her I was about an hour out from her and that I couldn't wait to get home. She asked if I was hungry and I said I had not eaten all day!!! "Well, I have something waiting for you!!"

My lady is 5' 4'', she has long blonde hair, down to her lucious ass!!! Her measurements are 44c-38- 40. She has got these legs that are soft and powerful. I love touching every part of her body!!! Shit, thinking about her just gets me hard!!! One of the nice things for me is that she loves to wear the lingerie that is very sexy and very fun to play with and remove, or have fun while it is still on!!!

I got in the door and was expecting her to greet me and take me into the kitchen,for a snack. When, all of a sudden, I hear her voice from upstairs. "Hi sweetie, come on up!!"

When I got to the bedroom door, there she was. She had her black stocking on sexy legs, but there was something else. she had articles of food carefully positioned on her body!!! There was some whipped cream on her neck, some cherries in the syrup under her chin, chocolate on her nipples, on her stomach, there was a combination of these, trailing off bewteen her legs!!! I have never gotten a erction that quick before!!! my clothes were on the floor immediately!!!

I crawled on the bed and gave her some kisses on her lips. Oh, yes, she had candy flavored lipstick on too. She said, "welcome home, you muct be straved!!" i think it is time that you ate!!!"

My kisses slowly worked down into the whipped cream on her neck. I licked every bit of it off, while occassionally going back and sharing some with my lady. I did the same with the cherries and the syrup, noly this was much more erotic to me. I kind of burried my face in it as I also licked it. when I went back to kiss her, she would lick it off my face!!! On her ample breats, i LET MY HANDS GET INT OT THE FUN HERE. I smeared the chocolate all over her breasts and then carefully licked every inch, while also niblbing her nipples!!!

Once I ogt to her tummy, I licked, I kissed, I just had lots of fun. I crawled between her legs and worked my way down to her slit, where she had a couple of chrries waiting. I ate those qucikly, so i could enjoy her more!!! My tongue lick her and my fingers probed. I would lick my fingers and I had all kinds of flavors on them!!! I kept eating untill my lady came with a fountain of jiuces!!! my face was covered!!!

I laid down next to her, as she recovered. She reached down to edge of the bed and grabbed somethng. it was can od ready whip. She sprayed some onto my dick and dove in on my "banana split", as she called it!!! she licked and stroked me and got me going so good, I shot my load qucikly!!! She said "Welcome home, honey!!"