View Full Version : Fun in the sun!!!

02-17-2004, 11:09 AM
OK, I am on a cruise with my lady. We are somewhere in the south Pacific. The ship has docked for a night and my lady and I decide to go exploring the small island we are near. We rent a little row boat to get from the ship to this island.

As we come ashore, it is about 3:30 pm. We wander around the beach and walk down some of the trails that we see leading into inner part of the island.

Along one trail, we find a clearing. In this open spot is an abandonned hut with a hammock hanging between two palm trees, out in front. It is pretty clear that no one has been here for a long time. My lady and I get this idea to pretend that we are stranded. 'We are going to have some fun now'!

Well, my lady is a beautiful and sexy BBW. she is about 5'3'', she had medium length hair, brownish, her figure is 42DD, 38, 40. She is basically a goddess to me!!! (Too bad this is a story!!) I am 5'11'', with a few extra pounds. I am no body builder, but I don't want to be. My lady loves me and I am crazy about her too!!!

She is wearing her swimsuit. She has a skirt over it and her sandals on. I have on a tank top and my trunks, my sandals too. We got in the hut, and it is in poor shape. We do spend a little time straightening up. By the time we are finished, it could be our apartment on a bad day.

It is time to relax, now. We sit down on the couch. My lady slips her shoes off and throws her sexy legs on to my lap. I begin to caress them. I take the time to do this right. So, I gently glide my hands over her flesh and she gets chills!! "Oh honey, that feels great!!" This goes on for a while, but my lady is getting more and more exicited, so we get up and move towards the bed. We exchange kisses, as we get there.

I un-hook the belt on her shirt, which falls to the floor. I then slide the strap of her suit off her shoulder. This is where I plant the first kiss. She strokes my back as I move to other shoulder.

Once I have this done, I shift a bit. I see that her nipples are getting nice and hard, as they are visible through the suit. I slowly peel the suit off of one breast, then, the other. I am careful to gently caress her niples which again sends shivers down her spine!! I then use my tongue and hands and cover her chest with kisses and licks and squeezes!!!

I slide the rest of her suit off. It is a one piece. Then I sit her on the edge of the bed. I start kissing her passionately, as we lay down. we roll around a bit. She is sliding her hands into my suit. I start kissing her neck and shoulders and then move to her back. She is on her stomach and I kiss my way down. When I get to her "toush", I give this lots of kiss and licks, especially right on the crack. My fingers also find her vagina and begin to explore. she is taking this all very well and enjoying it throughly. I love to go slow and I love to please, so I am in no rush to finish!!

I kiss my way down her legs and then back up her back and shoulders. She turns over and gives me a big hug and lots of passionate kisses!!! "Now, it is your turn!"

She kisses my neck and chest. I am very sensitive and ticklish. So, as she is on my chest, my nipples are very sensitive!!! She gets down to my belly and below. My erection is like a pup ten in my trucks. She has me lift my hips as she slides my trunks off my my ass.

My dick is about ready to explode, but there is still fun to be had!!! she licks and sucks me and occasionally glances up at me to really make me hard. Then, She takes her breasts and puts them on either side of me. She cups my manhood with her breasts and starts tit-fucking me!!! Yee haw!!! She also whispers some sweet words which really get me flying!!!

It does not take that long for me to be at the point where I can't hold it back any longer. I erupt with a great orgasm!!!

After awhile, we go outside and lay in the hammock, naked and snuggle and relax, as we watch the sunset!! That ship could leave without us, as far as I am concerned!!! @