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12-21-2003, 04:23 PM
when I was 27, I wanted to get away, take a little vacation somewhere exotic and interesting. I settled on Australia. I had a week in the sun to look forward to. After a long flight, and a long drive from the airport in brisbane, I found myself in Cairns. A nice hotel, a shower and some sleep.

I spent much of my first real day there looking through porn shops to find leads to gay bars and hangouts. At one shop, the salesman told me about a cruise club in town that I might enjoy. I had been to bath houses before, I figured it would be a good place to meet some guys. I went back to my hotel and found the place on a map.

I should tell you a little about myself. I am a Bi man. 6 foot, 170 pounds, good looking, and smooth. I have brown hair and eyes. My penis is 7 1/2 inches long and I am uncut. I am not out at home, but I travel a lot with work which offers a few opportunities for me to let loose.

around 9 pm I walked to the cruise club. It was not too busy, so I had a chat with the owner. He told me that it picks up as the evening goes by. He told me about some of the rooms they have, which included a dark maze, some glory holes, a movie room a group activity room as well as the private rooms.

The place was different from the traditional bath house as there was no sauna or other bath like facilities. The guys also wore street clothes as opposed to just towels.

I toured the club and found a few men who looked hot. I followed one guy into the glory hole area where we got into ajoining booths. Soon his cock was poking through the hole. I put my mouth over it and started to suck. It was not too long, but thick eanough. after 5 minutes of sucking, I could feel him tense up and he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed every drop, and sat back to relax. His cock disappeared from the hole and I heard his door open as he left. A great way to start off my adventure here.

I left the booth and went back to the movie area. There was a gay porn playing on the screen and 3 guys sitting watching. They noticed me come in and sit down. They looked hot. I spent half my time watching the movie, the other half glancing at them, after a few minutes of this, one of them came over to chat. It turns out that they were rugby players on a visiting team. They were there for a match that day and now were out on the town looking for some action. As we were chatting, his hand went to my lap, giving me an indication that he wanted more than chat with me. I returned the favour and felt his leg and crotch area. he was semi hard and from what I could tell, very well hung. He fished his cock out of his pants and i started stroking it right there in front of his friends, who were coming over for a better look. He asked if I would join them in one of the rooms. I agreed and we headed to a medium size room with a bed in the middle.

we all stripped off. Hands were all over my body. I steped back to look at the guys, they were all well built and hung. One was average length, but with a very fat head on his cock. Another was about 8 inches long and very hairy. The final guy had to be packing 9 inches and had a nice oversized head. The guys all gathered around and i sucked on each one of them to get them good and hard. A tube of KY appeared and i could feel fingers applying the cold lubricant to my asshole.

I had been wanting to have group sex for some time, and I was eager to have these three big men bareback my ass. I got on all fours, and the first of the three got behind me and held my ass cheeks apart. I could feel the head of his cock at the opening to my ass. I relaxed as he popped the large head into my asshole. It hurt a little, but I got used to the feeling and fully relaxed as he went in deeper and deeper. The other two were perched at my mouth as I alternated each cock in my mouth. I could feel his cock tensing up before he shot his load deep into my ass. He grunted and held on for a second, then slid out. He was quickly replaced by and even bigger penis. I had never taken one this big before, but I wanted it. My ass was loosened up, so i pushed my ass back at him as he went in. It was hard to get it in. He pulled out and lubed his cock up a little more. Then he sank it home, one long long push into my ass. I could feel him bottom out in me, but i took the entire length. he lasted around five minutes in my ass, thrusting most of the way out, then all the way back in to me. I looked back at him and told him to shoot in me as deep as he could. That sent him over the edge and he tensed as he shot. I could feel pulses of his cum deep in my asshole. When he pulled out, cum was dribbling out my hole. My third lover was ready. he rolled me onto my back and held my legs, drawing my ass up off the bed. His cock poked at my hole, then sank in. I was in heaven, three big hard bare cocks in one night. Though he was not as big as the last one, it felt great in that position. He pumped in and out rapidly, causing me to shoot my load. The first guy was hard agian and stroked his cock near my face. Just as he came, he put it in my mouth and filled my mouth with a nice warm load. The cock in my ass started shooting as well, and boy did it shoot. He had the largest load I had ever seen. He pulled out and collapsed beside me on the bed. The guys wanted to look at thier work and positioned me on all fours agian and held my ass cheeks open to look at my exposed asshole. Cum was leaking out and my hole was red and sore. After i rested for a few minutes, I thanked the guys who were all smiles. I put my clothes back on and walked back to my hotel. I could feel thier cum leaking into my underwear as I walked. I had a nice bath and a satisfied nights sleep.

The rest of my vacation was good, though no more group on that trip. I did meet a few more hot hung aussie guys. I might write more about them later.

12-21-2003, 08:58 PM
Thanks for sharing the adventure. I hope to see more!