View Full Version : MY First Time

07-10-2003, 11:33 PM
I was about 18 years. Me and my cousin were going to spend the night at my uncle's house. The ride seemed like it took forever. we finally got there and it was great. My uncle came outside and told us to follow him. We went to one of his upstairs rooms and put away our stuff, then we went down to the creek for a little swim. It was hot as ever and I couldn't help but stare at my cousin's body, it was shining in the sunlight and I quickly noticed myself gettin hard. He didn't seem to notice so I just went on and thought nothing else about it.

We stayed there for a couple hours and headed back to the house. along the way we stopped off at the barn to feed the horses, and put some hay up. I caught myself lookin at my cousin's body and his dick was hard as a rock. I looked up and he was starting at my now hard dick. He turned his head as not to let me know he was lookin but i knew he was and I said it's ok.

We decied to sit down and cool off for a while and thats when it started. My cousin was athletic about 5'9" and about 125 lbs. I asked him had he ever been with a girl and he said a couple of times and I couldn't help but look down at his hard dick and right then he jumped up and said lets go skinny dippin at the creek. I was like ok. So we got there and he undressed as did I.

His dick had to have been 10 inches compared to my 7 inches and he jumped in followed by me. We stayed there for a while and he got out and sat on a rock to dry off. i swam up to him and I saw he was lookin down toward my dick and he was getting hard. So was I just thinking about it. Before I knew it, he asked me if I had ever touched anyone before and I said no kinda hesitantly. He asked if anyone ever touched me before. A million thoughts ran through my head and I said no and as soon as I said that he grabbed my dick and began to rub it.

I couldn't stop my self, I grabbed him and began to jack him off. Then he layed me back and took all of my dick into his mouth and began to suck me off. It felt so good. Then i took him into my mouth and tryed to swallow every inch. What i now know as 69.

It was great. It seemed to last forever. Then i felt my balls begin to tighten and he just sucked harder. I blew my first warm creamy load all in his mouth and on his chest. Right after he blew his sweet man juice all in my mouth, then he started licking my balls and went down to my ass. I felt his tougue go over my ass and then i felt it deep inside of me. It felt so good.

He asked if I had ever done anything like this and I replied no. Thats when I felt all 10 inches going into my ass. It hurt like hell, but then it was pure heaven. I felt him fuckin my ass like there was no tommorow. and I was jackin off too. I felt him blow a big load all in and on my ass and then I came all over his stomach. He licked dick and we layed there kissin deeply for a while then we got dressed and went home.

We had many more experiences like that. Even that night. I love my cousin.