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05-19-2003, 04:26 PM
When I entered the dance floor listening to the familiar hip hop songs
that are usually played at many frat parties these days, I saw a lot of
positively hot women dancing and grinding their gorgeous asses into
the rhythmically impaired frat boys. Being a good dancer I had to find
a suitable dance partner to be able to keep up with my gyrations and
be able to entice and excite me.

I was in the mood for a girl with a nice thick ass and nice round breasts,
a short girl, a flirty girl. And so I walked up to any. I knew her from before
as she was in a sorority that hosted many social events with my fraternity. She was
a nice thick girl that many other guys would have resisted but I was in
the mood for some fat ass; as the thicker they are, the better they dance.
She was about 5í2 and was wearing a tight tube top, barely keeping in her
large soft breasts and a tight skirt, accentuating her lovely round ass
and thighs.

I came unto her and grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me while
slipping my arm behind her waist, I could tell that she was slightly drunk
as she had a smile on her face and looseness in her attitude.
As I pulled her closer to me, my pelvis touched her stomach, and I could
feel the softness of her body and the fragrance of her hair and I had
a smile on my face. I slipped my knee between her legs and proceeded
to dance to the slow but sensual beat of a hip hop song. While dancing,
we went down until we were almost sitting on the floor and came back up with
the music. The second time we went down, I slipped my knee between her legs
and as we went down she was almost sitting on my leg and gyrating to the
music, I felt her sweet pussy on my knee and saw her close her eyes
with a pleasure filled look on her face, I knew I had my girl.

I then turned her around and pulled her ass to my crotch and grabbed
her sexy stomach and began dancing in an even sexier way.
To confirm that I had her, I slipped one hand on her breast and she didnít stop me.
I knew I had this sweet fat chick tonight.

We stopped dancing and I took her back to my room, where I proceeded
to seduce her. I took of my shirt and showed her my perfectly carved
stomach and chest and my strong arms and biceps. I saw her bite her lips
awaiting but not giving her horniness away.
I turned the TV on and asked her to sit on my lap to which she readily
agreed excited at the prospect of touching my carved chest and running her
hands across my abs.

she sat on my lap I smelled her hair again and that drove me wild.
I slipped my hand under her and caressed her ass through her skirt,
gently squeezing her thick juicy fat ass, umm. She moaned. I then stood
up and pulled her close to me and kissed her fat lips and her neck as
she squirmed in pleasure. So I took off her tube top and I saw before me
two gorgeous breasts popping out of her bra and her sexy fat stomach waiting
to be kissed and sucked. I undid her bra, and squeezed those juicy tits.
Her nipples were huge, at least two inches long and pink, I fed hungrily on
them and she moaned and tried to push me back as she was overly
sensitive in that area. Then she pushed me away on the bed and started to unbuckle
my trousers.

She brought out my 7Ē thick dick and her eyes widened when she saw
my bulging head. She started to suck and deep throat me like
only a fat girl can and I was in heaven watching her head bob
up and down with her eyes looking at me in delight.
I took my dick out of her mouth and she looked at me and said that
she hadnít had sex in years and she would like it as rough as possible.
So I pushed her on the bed and started sucking at her juicy white
thighs, I was sucking so hard that her creamy thighs were becoming
beet red. I slowly worked my way unto her pussy, with its large
pink lips and huge fat clit. I started sucking on her clit while she
moaned in pleasure and buckled like a mare in heat, with her
huge tits bouncing up and down.

I got up and turned her around so she was on her hands and knees with
her thick ass up in the air with her nice tits hanging down. Her cunt
was wet and ready to be pounded, I slipped my thick dick in and she screamed
with pleasure and a little pain. I started slowly and with every thrust,
her ass was jiggling like a bowl of jelly and her tits would sway
violently. Then I pulled out almost all the way, stopped for a second
and thrust in with all my might creating loud slapping sound as
my balls and pelvis hit her ass and she screamed in pleasure.
I then increased my pace and after an hour of fucking and three orgasms
later, I pulled out of her and drove my dick into her waiting mouth
and shot my load into her throat which she swallowed up real quick.

I then rested my head on her large soft breasts and fell asleep, wondering
what mood I would be in at our next party. This time I think ill go
for a really skinny chick to bounce around on my lap. Yumm, I love being
a stud.