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05-19-2003, 04:00 PM
I'm too fat for most guys, but I have a married guy that comes by for "dates" late at night when he has time. People tell me I have a pretty face but then bring up how good Weight Watchers can be when they see my 44D-30-44 figure.

He usually comes out to my apartment around 2:15AM after telling his wife he'll be out very late with the boys. He rings my doorbell, knowing I'll be waiting in the living room. I answer the door in wearing a black underwired bra, panties, black nylons and garter belt that he told me to wear. He likes me to wear them so tight that they dig into my big soft body. I cover my breasts with my hand and glance around, hoping my neighbors are asleep.
I feel like a whore standing there with my heavy black eyeliner and lipstick, but I can't help feeling excited at the same time. He comes in, pushes the door shut and starts squeezing my tits hard right away and telling me how "hot" I look and how he has to "have" me tonight. Before he even kisses me he's already pulled my tits out of my black bra so they are pushed out and up like two jiggly blimps. It pinches a little but they look SO big like this ..and it makes me look so slutty.

He's very aggresive and one night he yanked me by my arm over to the sofa and pushed me down onto the carpet- I'm clumsy and I stumble on my high heels and fall hard against the sofa. My hair is all over my face and my nylons are ripped. I look up from the floor and see him taking his pants off . Then he stood over me, one leg on either side of my big hips and knelt down on top of me, straddling my chest. He smeared a big gob of vaseline onto my breasts and rubbed it between them. He squeezed my tits SO hard it maked me gasp~ then he crammed his fat hard cock into my lubed cleavage grunting with pleasure. His knees are on top of my arms, painfully holding me down and in place. He likes it when I squirm under him and beg him to be gentle. It just makes him more turned on. Now he's tit-fucking me like an animal, ramming his cock in and out savagely.. He's SO rough it scares me and I start to whimper..

His face had a mean look and he asked me if I like it like this. I didn't answer right away and he slapped my face over and over until I said what he wanted " I WANT it like this.. Yes! I want it! I WANT IT!!"

Now he's bucking wildly and calling me a dirty slut while he watches my face, waiting for the right moment. Then he wiped vaseline rom my tits and smeared it all over my mouth while I grimaced. He climbed over me, put his knees on my shoulders and straddled my face. He stuffed his cock between my lips and forced it deep into my mouth, pushing it ALL THE WAY down my THROAT! My eyes widened with panic and I look up to see his face tighten up in excrutiating ecstacy, his back arching, his whole body tensing up.. and he blow his wad, sperm gushing from his cock like a firehose.... Oh My God!!.. I never knew a man could cum so much!.. so much sperm shot out his cock that I can feel the hot globs backing up in my throat..he stuffed so much cock down my throat that I could barely breathe...my gag reflex was going crazy!...but he held my head tight while he pumped gobs of thick gooey cum into my helpless gullet. I felt the sperm spurting each time his body jerked, pouring sticky sperm into my belly like I'm a semen toilet. ..I felt my belly filling up with what felt like a quart of semen and I started to feel sick. The salty taste is SO strong... I felt my face turning beet red and sweat running down my face. I kicked my plump legs helplessly, panicking because I couldn't breathe!

He finally emptied his cock and squeezed the last glob into my used mouth. My hair was stuck to my face and cum was running down my chin and cheeks.. the carpet under my face was soaked with sperm and smelled like a urinal. I was still panting and out of breath when he got up and wiped his cock off on my nightgown then went into the kitchen and took out a beer.

He bent down towards me, to finally kiss me I guessed. I opened my mouth and heard him make a snorting sound then he spit a gob of warm phelgm into my mouth. He zipped up his pants and grunted "fuckin fat slut.. " before he walked out.

I heard his car drive away and I laid there for a minute then got up, my legs still shaky and walked wobbily into my bathroom and looked at myself- mascara running down my cheeks, my bra ripped, lipstick smeared and semen trails running down from my mouth and lips to my chin and neck. I lean over the sink, holding the sides for support, my arms trembling. I feel nauseous and can't keep from gagging..

I spit up into the sink - three big mouthfuls of thick salty semen mixed with the wine I drank while I waited for him. I crawl back into my bed and drift to sleep, thinking about when he'll decide to use me again...


11-17-2003, 01:08 PM
a pet piglet on a leash who i can use just any which way is a cherished wish...