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05-19-2003, 03:37 PM
Mrs. Smith was so happy that her daughter was bringing a guess for supper. She was a very large women weighing about 250lbs. She had a B cup, a little stomach but she had a big sixty-inch butt that was round like a beach ball. Even though she was knocking on 50, many of the young boys in the street would always check her out. Tight cut off Jeans were a no-no unless there was a triple XL tee shirt worn to cove her huge ass. Sad to say, she still found it hard to meet men. Most men looked happy to see her but when she turned around, things changed. Some got intimidated others got offended. They all had one thing in common; they wouldn't ask her out again. But Mrs. Smith wasn't concerning herself about that. She had a pot roast in the oven and Gloria was on her way.

Suddenly! The doorbell rang. Mrs. Smith straightened up her blouse and her tight skirt and answered the door.

" Hi Mom, this is Rick from my marketing class."

"I'm really glad to meet you," he stated.

"Hi Rick, I hope you are hungry?" Mrs. Smith added.

As she turned and walked back to the kitchen Rick could not help staring at her big butt. He immediately covered his growing member.

"Rick! Why don't you go into the kitchen with my mother while I put my books down."

" Okay." Rick said.

"Rick! Can I take your jacket?" Mrs. Smith said.

" Yes, please."

Mrs. Smith hung up the jacket and continued walking to the kitchen with Rick's staring at her ass.

" Oh let me check the roast." Mrs. Smith bent over to look into the stove giving Rick his third eyeful of her rear.

"It's so big and beautiful." he remarked reaching for a seat.

"What was that Rick?"

" Oh! I was talking about the roast."

Mrs. Smith looked puzzled then responded. "Why, the super market does give us good cuts of meat at times. I hope it tastes as good as it looks." Now fully staring at Mrs. Smith's ass Rick replied. "I hope so too."

Mrs. Smith was getting the feeling Rick was not talking about the roast, but how could she tell for sure? It had been a while since anything like this had happened. But this, good looking, kid was making her horny.

She decided to do a test to see if Rick was indeed staring at her ass. She started to announce her next task." Let me get the butter out of the fridge. I don't understand why it is always on the bottom shelf."

As she bent over to reach the butter, she looked between her legs and there was Rick, in plain view, squeezing his growing cock and looking at her butt. She reached up and put the butter on the table. Now she knew for sure.

"Let me see what's taking Gloria." As Mrs. Smith went to walk down the aisle, Rick could not help but look at her. When she turned the corner, she saw him staring. Gloria was still taking her time so Mrs. Smith decided to have some fun with Rick. As she walked into the kitchen she sat next to Rick.

"So Rick! what do you look for in a women?"

"Excuse me, Mrs. Smith?"

"You are a straight man, aren't you"

"Oh, Yes Ma'am!"

"So tell me what attracts you to a women?"

"Oh! I like her personality and her eyes"

"So it was my eyes you were looking at when I was walking down the hall?"

Feeling completely exposed, Rick retreated. "Oh I'm so sorry Mrs. Smith I did not mean to be so obvious."

"That's okay Rick. I actually did not mind it at all."

"Please don't tell your daughter. I don't want her to know that I..."

"That you like women?"

"No! That I like big beautiful women," he interrupted.

" I will say you are certainly more different than most of the college boys Gloria has brought over here."

"Well since you like honesty, Mrs. Smith, would you? No! I don't think I could."

"You could what? Go ahead, the answer might surprise you."


"Try me," she challenged.

"Would it be possible if I could squeeze your ass?"

"You are a bold one aren't you? Well, no you can't my little ass slave."

"Ass slave? You've got the wrong idea Mrs. Smith I just don't know about that."

"Just shut up!" Mrs. Smith said. "You want to deny that you don't want this ass?"

"I didn't say that."

"You don't want it own your face?" She continued.

"That wouldn't be bad."

"You don't want it in your hands?"

"Well, of course that would be nice."

"You don't want it grinding into your crotch."

"Oh My God! Yes I do!"

"This is how tonight's going to work slave. If you want to see this ass again you will end it with my daughter. By the way was there any intercourse?"

"No! Not yet," he added.

"I'm ready!" announced, Gloria. She bolted down the stairs.

"Well, let's eat!"

Rick was at the head of the table with the daughter on his right and the mother on his left. Gloria got up to get more drink Mrs. Smith pointed to his crotch and whispered" take it out."

Rick opened his fly and pulled out his semi-hard dick that was covered by the table cloth. Mrs. Smith pretended to drop her napkin, when she came up there was a big smile on her face. While her daughter droned on about how great college was Mrs. Smith had slipped her hand under the table and was gentle stroking Rick's cock. Rick could not believe what was happening. Here was his classmate's mother stroking his dick inches away her own daughter.

Sensing that he was about to cum. Mrs. Smith stated.

"Hey Gloria! Why don't you get your high school year book I'm sure Rick would love to see it."

"That old thing! Are you sure you would like to see it?"
Mrs. Smith removed her hand.

"Oh Yes! That would be fine," Rick agreed.

"Okay!" Brenda walked up the stairs to hunt for her yearbook.

"What are you insane?" Rick said quietly. Mrs. Smith gentle put one finger to her lips.

"I want to feel you cum, Rick."

Mrs. Smith tightly grabbed his cock and started working her hands up and down.

" You want me to cum at the table?" he stated nervously. " Who's going to clean the mess?"

" I will" Mrs. Smith added, without missing a stroke. "Isn't that what mother's are here for?" Rick now had both hands holding the table. He knew that his cum would be big. He could hear

Gloria looking through the boxes in her room. When Gloria proclaimed, "I found it!"

Rick said "Oh Yeah! Oh yeah!" Mrs. Smith was now milking him for every drop of sperm he had.

"Give it to me! Yeah! That's a good Rick." Gloria came running down the stairs Mrs. Smith thought fast and spilled some water on the floor as Rick fixed himself.

Gloria noticed her mother was wiping the floor. She asked "what happened?"

"Oh, a little water spilled but nothing to worry about."

Gloria started showing the book to Rick while Mrs. Smith got a cloth, bent over, and started to clean up the mess. Rick waited for the moments when Gloria was turning the pages to sneak a peak at her mother's juicy ass. When Gloria had finished showing the book, Rick stated that he had to leave. Gloria then went to get his jacket from the closet Mrs. Smith called Rick over to her with her finger. He went over and she slipped her tongue in his mouth.

" Gloria goes to school at 7:00am can you make it at 8:00am.

"Oh Yeah!" Rick said eagerly.

As Gloria walked into the room Mrs. Smith stated, "Well! It was certainly nice to meet you, Rick."

"Like wise" He added. Gloria walked Rick to the door.

"Well, I guess I will see you in class tomorrow, Rick"

"I don't think I will be there tomorrow"

"Why not?"

" I just remembered, I've got some thing to do."

"Well I'll see you Thursday then."

"Okay!" Rick stated sounding tired but satisfied.