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05-19-2003, 05:55 AM
Well, I notice this category is pretty lonely. How about I put something in. This crosses several categories, as it's about a MFF 3some, includes some bisexual activity, includes some light B&D, and some anal.

For anyone's information, I am a BBW myself.

The phone rang. It was J, a guy I'd split up with months before. He explained he had an interesting situation on his hands, and wondered if I'd find it interesting. He had a new g/f. His new g/f was bi-curious, it turned out. He knew I was bi, so he wondered if I'd want to come play with her or them.

Sure. I agreed upon a time, and got directions. I arrived, and found him there with G, a woman significantly larger than me. She knew, evidently from him, that I too was bi. She wanted to talk to me, and get to know me some. She'd made dinner for the 3 of us, knowing what sorts of things I like. She got to know who I was, then a little later what other sorts of things I'm into. She found out that I'm a B&D top. She smiled, because she was too. Sheepishly, the guy admitted he was a B&D bottom. ALL RIGHT! This has potential! She then wanted to know about everything I could tell her about the realities of making love to another woman. I told her to just start by doing things she liked, and modify it from there depending on what sorts of sounds or words you get from the other woman.

We cleared the table, and then got comfortable. We were all necking and petting, with her in the middle. I went to kiss her, and she said, "I've never done this before." "Of course you have! It's the same to kiss either a man or a woman." I proceeded to show her what I meant. That went well, and pretty soon she and I are completely wrapped up in one another. J was just enjoying the scenery - he had around 500 lbs. of women enjoying one another. Her DD breasts fit in nicely with my DDD breasts. Her soft skin and soft body felt wonderful against my also soft skin and more muscular body. Meanwhile, I'm moving my hands down and caressing her ass. She smiled a devilish grin at me and said, "Do you think we should invite him in to join us now?" I replied, "If you want. Or, we can just make him watch." She smiled and said, "Let me get up and get something."

She got up and returned in a minute with a clothesline rope and a scissors. She cut it into pieces. She gave me some of them, and we proceeded to tie him to the furniture, on his back. As she was tying his right arm up, one of her big tits dropped into his face. He tried to get it in his mouth to suck. She pulled it away and said, "Not now. You've got to prove to me that you deserve it!" I gave him a safeword to use, and we were all set. He'd gotten very excited watching this bigger-than-life display of feminine passion. He got even more excited as we tied him up, and he got to watch our tits dangle, sometimes in his face. He got to look at us on our hands and knees, and got to look into our cunts and asses.

By now, he was fully erect. She said, "Oh, heck, why don't we just go into the bedroom and leave him here?" I said, "No, we've got to be here to untie him if he needs us to. Besides, it'll be more fun if we make him watch or make him participate." "That's true. He does have *one* thing that we don't have", as she gently batted his hard cock. I took her on the side and I resumed kissing her, and gently kneading her breasts with my hands. She did likewise with my even larger breasts. She reached down to suck my tits. I moaned, as she did this, and kept my hands on hers.

I pushed her down on her back. I looked at J and told him, "Watch carefully! There will be a test later!" With that, I crawled down with my mouth at her wet cunt. I breathed on it several times with my warm, wet breath. I could listen to her moans, and hear that I was driving her wild with this. "Do you want me, Baby?" "YES!!!" With that, I took her clit into my mouth and thrust 3 of my fingers at once into her pussy. She squealed, and I could feel that she'd cum immediately. "DON'T STOP!!!" I did as I was asked, and kept licking, sucking, and finger-fucking her. Meanwhile, J was watching and listening to all of this intently. I'd somehow repositioned so that I had a foot near his head. He turned, and began sucking my toes, as he could reach them. I didn't stop or complain, but rather just moaned in pleasure, as I was pleasuring G.

After awhile, she indicated that she wanted a break from this. So, she and I cuddled for a bit. I got to run my hands over her large belly, and affectionately squeezing it. She had her hand on my ass, and was squeezing that. "Would you like me to eat you now?" "Definitely" "Allright", said G hesitantly, "but you've got to realize that I've never done this before. How do I do it?" There's nothing like learning by doing, so I had her get her face between my legs. I told her, "I'm sensitive in the same places you are. The amount and type may vary. Some things you like I may find too intense or vice-versa, or I may like some different things. The easy one is my clitoris. ALL women like having that sucked. There are differnet ways to do it, but the 2 I like to start with are to flick it side to side with my tongue, or to seal my lips over it and suck on it. You can lick anywhere "down there", and see what happens. Also, you can put your fingers or hand into me. I like that. So, she began breathing on my cunt as she moved forward, slowly. This was her first time for eating another woman. She began by flicking my clit side. I moaned. She sucked on my clit as I'd told her and I moaned louder. She combined them, and flicked my clit as she sucked on it. I moaned *still* louder. She had one hand on my belly, lightly sinking her hands into my fat and us both enjoying it. She had the other on my huge tit. Of course I came multiple times from this. In a bit, she pulled away, and said, "I think I'd like to finger-fuck you now. How can I do that?" I told her that she could use any number of fingers she liked, and showed her the best ways I'd found to configure them. I told her that then, she could either wiggle her fingers inside of me, or she could thrust me in and out with her arm muscles. She returned to sucking my clit for a minute, as she slid 1 finger into me hesitantly. "OOOOOH", I moaned. "Like that?" "MMMMHMMMM!!!" Want more? "MMMMMHMMM!" She took the 1 finger out, and put in not 2, not 3, but 4 of her fingers. "AAAAAAAAH!!!" I exclaimed as she filled me completely. She continued to flick my clit back and forth, and lick all of the pink areas inside my labia. As time went on, I became more excited as well as more relaxed, and she kept sliding more and more of her hand into me. I was almost screaming with pleasure as she fisted my hot pussy! I was having multiple orgasms, and enjoying the tongue action on my clit as well.

After awhile, she got tired. I smiled and said, "Damn, you're good woman!" She smiled and said, "Do you really think so?" About then, J looked at us and whined, "Don't forget about me." I told him, "You'll get your turn. I said there was going to be a test." She said, "Let's get started and give this skinny thing his turn."

She sat her huge body on top of his hard cock. I sat my big ass on his face. I told him that it was *his turn* to eat me, and I would be the one to judge which of them was better. As we were facing one another, sitting on his little skinny body, probably nearly crushing him, we kept paying attention to each other. We kissed, we continued with breast play, we continued to admire one another's bodies. He quickly came inside of her, but as he didn't go soft, we continued fucking, and me demanding that he keep eating me. He kept eating me, but I wouldn't cum... not in about 10 minutes. So, we got off of him and decided what to do next.

We sat by, and I declared her by FAR the best cunilinguist between them. This isn't even taking into consideration this was her first time. We started talking about him more, and decided that he didn't even *try* to please us. He needs to be shown his place! We then untied him, and I bent him over my knee and spanked him until his ass was red for not even trying. I told him it was a GOOD THING both women were bi, or there'd have been no chance for sexual satisfaction of anybody!

Meanwhile, she came back from the bedroom. In her hand was a large butt plug. She applied some lube. I held him there and I told him he was about to find out what it's liked to be fucked. G slid the but plug into him. He moaned, and then groaned, then said "OWWW!", then said his safe word. We gathered it was too much about then, so she pulled it out a little. He said, "That feels good there." She began gently fucking him with it, as I held him down. In awhile, she got it completely inside of him, where he'd hold it in place. Then, she began rubbing his prostate from the outside, and gave him enough additional anal stimulation that it kept things quite interesting. J kept moaning. Finally, I pulled the butt plug out some, and I started fucking his ass with it as G worked on his prostate. It didn't take too long for us to get some good moans. We kept it up until J shot his jism across the room.

"Now, eat that stuff out of me.", G ordered, as she sat on his face with her huge body. "Yes Ma'am!" He ate it out of her, and fingered her pussy. She came. She made a second judgment on his pussy-eating skills. Mine were superior.