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12-31-2002, 01:57 AM
Beginning of another day, body still screaming for what I desire …. I've tried to alleviate the need with toys, fingers, vegetables … find release eventually, but the release only seems to make the underlying need greater … I need the feel of a man touching me, stroking me, thrusting into me ….and nothing I have tried seems to fill the need. But currently there is no man in my life to turn to in order to fill this need.

Stacks of books are everywhere in front of me, the natural effect of working in a Library. Library helpers will be here in a few hours and will return books to their proper shelves. My job is more administrative …. Sometimes helping people in their research projects or writer's working on a book... find great fulfillment in that. I am scheduled to help a young man from the University today … he is due anytime.

Sinking into the chair behind my desk in my small office …like almost everywhere else in this building, it is filled with books, but my desk is clear of all clutter … I need open space to think, a personality quirk. A soft knock at my open door alerts me and I stand to greet the young man. Surprisingly he isn’t quite as young as I had expected. Tall, a bit lanky and broad shouldered, he has that wholesome boy-next door kind of look to him and I groan softly to myself … this does not help matters one little bit …. It is a look that always seems to grab my attention and with my body feeling such longings and lust already …well, now I have a man for those longings to attach themselves to. Ughhhhhh, I wonder, how am I going to get through this???

“Hi, I’m Tim, I believe we have an appointment for you to help me with some research I need to do.” He pushes his hand in front of me to shake, I take it automatically and feel the texture of his skin, his hands have obviously done some hard work in the past. Smiling ... wish I could be somewhere else, anywhere else …fearful that I am going to make an idiot of myself before too much more time passes.

Eyes follow me as I move to lean against my desk and begin to ask questions of him about his topic and what he wants to say in his paper. Conversation is interesting, more interesting than I had thought it would be, ... a good topic, one with some bite to it and he doesn’t appear to be afraid of exploring the possibilities. I am amazed to learn that so much time has passed and it is rapidly approaching my usual lunch time.

Tim also notices the time, partly because of the grumbling in his stomach I suspect … he gives me a kind of silly grin and asks if I would be willing to continue discussing the topic over lunch. I agree and we set out for one of the fast food places within a block of the library. Lunch is just as interesting and amusing and we return to my office afterwards still discussing his topic.

As I go to sit at my desk I notice Tim is shifting uncomfortably in his chair, then I notice why. His cock is fully erect and he is doing his best to deal with it without drawing attention, but it is too late, I stare at his glorious erection .... pants unable to disguise it. Thinking how much I want to feel him inside me, want to feel his hands on my body, his mouth on my breasts and clit and anywhere else. Beathing becomes shallow and his eyes widen a bit as he sees how deeply I am affected by his desire.

Moving toward him almost in a trance, need to be closer, need to feel the heat emanating from his body, need to feel him! His eyes follow my movements, they question me ….

“Don’t be embarrassed, you can’t hide desire like that, women can hide it easily, ... don’t want to hide my desire Tim ….dripping wet ... to feel you thrusting inside of me ….” There, I’ve said it, I wait for him to politely and hastily make his departure, but he doesn’t. Waits for my next move…..

Cannot help myself any longer, standing right in front of him, I reach out to stroke his hard cock …. He inhales suddenly at my touch and then I see sweat break out above his upper lip. He continues to watch me and wait for my next move. I almost trip as I move rapidly to the door, I slip out and let my two afternoon helpers know that I am not to be disturbed for the next hour or so, that I am helping on a research project and we need to be able to concentrate deeply …. thinking I need something deep!

Back in my office, I close the door and lock it …. The walls are thick and I know with the door closed no one will hear us … unless we started screaming or something and I count on Tim’s discretion to not get too loud in what will follow.

Returning to stand in front of time, I hitch up my long loose skirt and show Tim that not only am I dripping wet, but I am not wearing any panties, my fingers push open my pussy lips and he leans slightly forward to focus on the shiny wetness there, he moans from deep in his throat as my fingers lightly push down the length of my throbbing clig .... I shiver at the sound. His fingers cannot stay still any longer and he reaches forward to place his index and middle finger inside me as his thumb rubs against my red swollen clit. It is my turn to moan. Pulling my top off, it is loose fitting and heavy material and so I skipped wearing a bra as well … with my shirt off my breasts are open to his gaze, they feel heavy from my desire and the nipples immediately have hardened and lengthened and I feel a throb in each as he looks before leaning forward to take first one and then the other into his hot wet mouth, sucking and licking at them and then doing what I have been longing for him to do ... nipping at them with his teeth, using the slightly rough edge to raze at them … ahhhhh, I breath my appreciation outward, thrusting my chest forward in a silent plea for further attention.

He smiles and stands, takes my lips with his own and kisses me deeply before rapidly spinning me around to face the desk, pushing my torso down hard on the desk and using his knee to spread my legs wide. He holds me down with one hand while he releases his cock from his pants with the other and then I feel him pushing into me, taking no time to be gentle or hesitant…he pushes deep into me, thrusting hard and pulling almost free before thrusting hard and deep again … ohhhh it feels so good, just what I have needed, just what I have wanted, just what my body has ached for – for what feels like forever now!

He fucks me hard and deep, I cum two, three even four times as he continues to thrust hard and deep - relentlessly - only then do I feel the cum building up and moving from his balls into his driving penis and shooting hard, hot and deep inside me. Only then does he slow the pace, but he does not pull free from me for a few minutes, instead his body covers mine on the desktop, his hands move under me to pinch and squeeze my breasts. Shuddering at the slightly rough treatment of my sensitized nipples, as I feel the light nipping bites at the back and side of my neck. I realize then he is preparing me for another frenzied fuck that will not be long in coming. Oh, the glory of researching a topic thoroughly!

01-01-2003, 03:57 PM
Oh to be your book worm. You always write such hot and sexy stories. Please more.

01-02-2003, 10:26 PM
thanks kleclere .... it's always good to hear your positive comments! - I appreciate it!

01-12-2003, 04:11 AM
Mmmmm.....that's hot :)

01-12-2003, 04:13 AM
Ooops, that above reply was me...forgot to login.

01-12-2003, 02:11 PM
Fzzy you write very hot stories. Hope you continue with this very exciting one. Oh to be able to help in the making of one.

01-12-2003, 06:02 PM
thanks belial .... I'm glad you enjoyed the story!!!

thanks again kleclere ... I hadn't actually intended to tell any more in the story, but since you asked so nicely .....

01-12-2003, 06:25 PM
Breathing barely having returned to normal, I feel Tim slip out of me, his hands still working my nipples, his mouth now kissing and licking at the side of my neck just below my ear ... I shiver from the feelling, loving how I feel. His hands slip from my nipples and wrap around me, then I feel him turning me around, moving me to sit on my desk top and lifing my legs so my knees are up and my feet rest on the edge of the desk - he moves them wide apart then turns to pull his chair very close to the desk.

Hands resting on the inside of my thighs, his thumbs hook in the outer lips and pull me open to his gaze .... then I feel his mouth against me, his tongue licking up one lip and down the other. Lips close around my still sensitive button and gently suck and lick at me ... oh my!!!!!!! Feeling the power of his mouth as he remains gentle, know he could absolutely shut me down at this moment of great senstivity, instead goes softly and slowly and I am stunned with the feelings that begin to build again.

Patient and sweet in his efforts until I am almost overcome and grab his head, lace my fingers in his hair and give a quick gentle push into me, not trying to hurt or control him, but I need him to pick up the pace again now!!! He sucks hard at me, fingers move and three push hard and fast into me, I quiver, I quake .... I try to push closer to the source of such pleasure, his nose now butting up against my clit as his tongue pushes into me, joining his fingers ..... tongue is so capable, long ... hard... thrusting, then lapping softly .... thrusting again ....

Seeing sparks and feeling the closeness of my orgasm, I want so much to feel his cock buried deep inside me, but understand it takes time .... then I feel him pull away, just long enough to adjust his position as he pushes deep into me. Leveraging with my feet, I push up into him hard with each of his thrusts, hear the kind of squelchy sound that would probably make me giggle at any other time, but now it is just one more turn-on!

Pulling and pinching at my nipples, I moan with the pleasure/pain and long for more, he gives it to me, pinching hard, pulling at them, twisting them and then doing it all again, each time a bit harder, I feel the orgasm building, I feel the rush of wetness cover my walls, his cock and then moving to slide down into my butt ... the shaking and quaking of my body continues longer than I had imagined possible as he thrusts hard and deep.

Orgasm complete I feel him slow and them pull from me, still fully erect and then the gentle push against my anus, using my cum to lubricate his entrance, he pushes gently, but continuously until he has moved past the opening and going deeper into me, he rocks gently against me until he is fully encased and then pulls back ever so slightly to thrust the short distance into me. Over and over again he does this move, each time with a bit more distance and thrust ... my legs are draped over his shoulders as he fucks my ass, his thumb moves to stroke my clit again.

Feel yet another orgasm coming on as I also feel his cum rising in his cock ... he pushes me to reach my full rocking orgasm just as he shoots hard streaming jets inside of me .....

Legs slowly sink off his shoulders and down, he pulls free .... pulls his clothes on and then helps me from the desk, putting my clothes back on me as I barely manage to stand, feeling dazed and amazed!!! He helps me back to my chair behind the desk and then gathers his notes and such. Moving to the door, he asks if he might come again tomorrow to continue our discussion. He smiles and I nod and then he is gone.

Sea Chelle
01-12-2003, 11:05 PM
Now aren't we all lucky that you were inspired to write the second half of that one. I'm a good research assistant, maybe I'll go find a sexy grad student that needs a little *help*.

As always you weave an amazingly clear and passionate scene. Bet those assistants know what was gong on though. *grin*

01-13-2003, 06:41 PM
Fzzy thank you for continueing. Very sexy you write like it is experience you have enjoyed. I'll say it again you have a talent. Hope to read others from you.

01-14-2003, 02:30 AM
Chelle - it's been my experience that the assistants always are in the know!!!! :) thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement!

Kleclere -- You're welcome for continuing .... thanks for the suggestion and the nice things you express ... I appreciate you taking the time to do so!!!!!

01-14-2003, 04:26 AM
Lovely story, Fzzy. My fantasy for the day is going to be going to the library and finding a nice, oh-so-proper librarian there, wearing her respectable long skirt and businesslike shirt, but knowing that her skin is naked underneath and her pussy is moist as she wonders which of her visitors she might fuck today...

01-16-2003, 01:54 AM
Thanks GusAspar for your kind words, glad you can take a fantasy with you! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!! :)

01-16-2003, 03:25 PM
So anything new coming from that lovely imagination of yours. My imagination is waiting for another hot story from you. Thank you.

01-16-2003, 03:52 PM
That was a thing of beauty...........................................what more can I say.

01-17-2003, 04:39 AM
thanks kleclere - I always appreciate hearing from you! Yes, there is a story going through my head, I just have to sit down and write it out .... that's usually the hardest part of the process for me!

Davidmnc .... thanks for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed the story .... welcome to Pixies!!!!

01-20-2003, 05:46 PM
Another very hot story .... especially enjoyed the add-on!

01-20-2003, 09:38 PM
Thanks Staar - so glad you enjoyed it!

01-21-2003, 12:13 PM
Wow, very nice. Your writting style looks familar. P.M. me if I should know why.

01-22-2003, 12:02 AM
thanks me_carl ... I appreciate the compliment and am glad you liked the story!!!

02-03-2003, 07:36 PM
Great story and continuation...
I've got to start reading more of your stories.
THANX for the story!

02-04-2003, 02:50 AM
shyabusa -- thanks! hope you enjoy my other stories when you get the time to read them as well! thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed this one!

02-04-2003, 05:45 PM
You are very welcome!

02-05-2003, 03:16 AM
:) :) :)

02-06-2003, 10:21 PM
I just have to say that I am amazed at how popular this story seems to be ... when I wrote it (the first part) I wasn't sure it was quite sexual/sensual enough to really draw much attention .... I guess it just goes to show that it's hard to have any objectivity when writing a story!!!! LOL

Been thinking about that lustful librarian and her new friend Tim and thought some of you might enjoy another visit to the Library! (I'm a big believer in reading books!!!!) :)


Life happens and it has ended up being several days since Tim first came to visit, but he is scheduled to return today .... could hardly sleep during the night with all the sexual and sensual thoughts running through my head and having a strong effect on my body! I ended up bringing myself to orgasm a couple of times, but it didn't really seem to be what I was wanting!!

Today I'm dressed a little less conservatively .... not slutty, mind you, just a bit more in keeping with the knowledge that I'm going to be seeing a man who I want to fuck my brains out ....and to do so as quickly as possible!!! :)

My loose top is much lighter weight and the sexy bra I wear beneath it is almost visible, my nipples are out of control ... they rub against the lacy fabric of my bra and it only seems to make them more sensitive and more erect. My skirt today is shorter, falling a few inches above my knees and it is kind of founcy in its fullness. I'm wearing bobby socks and saddle shoes to complete the outfit....the little kids at the library love it when I wear this outfit, they seem to feel I'm more a part of their group and ready to play ... hoping Tim sees it and knows I'm ready to play as well.

This time when he knocks lightly on my open door I step from behind my desk and meet him half way, once again shaking hands and smiling as we say hello. I let go of his hand reluctantly and go to my door, letting the helpers know that I will be working with Tim on his research assignment and to please not disturb us for the moment. I shut the door and lock it.

As I start to walk by Tim he grabs me and pulls me to sit on his lap. "Little girl, it looks to me like you have been naughty and may just require a bit of discipline." His hand slides up between my thighs and pushes under the crotch of my panties, fingers delving in to test my wetness .... he rubs me there and pushes inward a few times before removing his hand and placing his fingers in his mouth to suck in my juices. I moan as his tongue flicks out to make sure he got every last drop from his fingers.

"Have you been a naughty girl?" I know he is allowing me to set the terms of this game..... "Oh yes sir, I'm so sorry, but I have been very bad!" He smiles, pulls me close to kiss me deeply and then pulls back and tells me I must assume the position to receive my spankings, but that I will have to remove my panties first.

I stand and slowly roll my panties down my legs, making sure to touch my body as I go, finally I step free of them, leaning on his shoulder for balance as I keep hold of the panties and then as I rise I bring them up with me, pushing them into his shirt pocket. He does his best to look stern as he waits for me to lay across his knees, making sure my bottom is high and my thighs are spread as much as possible without falling off his lap. I feel the hard hit of his hand several times against my butt, the stinging slaps are somewhat painful, but I feel the wetness start to roll down my clit and out of my pussy lips, he spanks me probably 10 times total and then helps me stand. Pulls me to stand in front of him between his spread legs.

"Little one, I hate to punish you, want you to know that you are cared about ... have a special treat for you to let you know just how much you are cared about, but only if you want it." I nod, my eyes cast downward in an effort to look sorry for my bad behavior ... I see the large bulge in his pants and my tongue wets my lips in unconscious response.

"Would you like to feel a warm hug from outside and inside?" I nod again. He took my hand in his, I expected him to then cover his cock with them, but he didn't, instead he moved both to my pussy and guided my fingers to touch myself, his hand applying additional pressure. His smile large as he felt the increased wetness there. His other hand went to the fastenings of his levis and I almost forgot to breathe as I waited for him to release his glorious throbbing reddish purple cock .... it sprang free and stood tall and I wanted to lunge throwing my pussing onto it and ride him hard, but his hand at my pussy kept me at a certain distance. He stood and with both of our hands still in my pussy he stepped free of his levis and led me to the couch (which I had cleared of books and magazines). He laid me down and then positioned himself between my legs. Then and only then did he move to thrust inside me, but he didn't, this time he teased me with his cock, pushing the tip between my pussy lips and running in up and down across my engorged clit .... Oh my!!!!! the throbbing in my clit doubled at the marvelous feeling of his cock tip tracing against it.

My nipples ached with a longing to be pinched and I moved my hand to free my breasts, pulling my top and bra off in one movement - a bit of an awkward movement, but one movement nonetheless. I started pinching and pulling at my nipples, bucking up against his cock, he continued to lightly stroke me with its tip and only its tip.

Finally I felt the tip at my entrance and sucked in my breath as he pushed in, but again, he only pushed the tip in, did a kind of figure eight with it and then pulled free ... then did it again and again and again. Thought I was going to die with the longing I felt! Begged him to fuck me. He smiled and continued with what he was doing.

Finally he pushed half way in, but pulled free quickly, then the tip only in again and the figure eight move .... oh my!!! Thrashing around on the couch now, desperate to feel him buried to the hilt and fucking me hard, I pushed upward, wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to pull him in, he resisted ..... for a few seconds and them began a deep down pounding fuck, I came so hard and so fast, he worked my clit to prolong my orgasm as long as possible and then he worked me again to bring me to another orgasm as he also came deep inside me .... felt the heated spurts hit my vaginal walls and thought that this indeed was a warm hug from the outside and on the inside.

02-07-2003, 02:13 AM
Delicious, Fzzy! I look forward to further chapters...

02-07-2003, 02:51 PM
Thanks Gus .... glad you liked the latest addition to this thread! :)

02-09-2003, 03:22 PM
"I wasn't sure it was quite sexual/sensual enough to really draw much attention " Fzzy you writting doesn't have to be either to draw attention. You write with feeling. And such heat in all your words, hope you continue and wait in great anticipation for all your works.

02-09-2003, 11:38 PM
thanks kleclere --- like I've said before ... you always say the nicest things!!!! :)

02-17-2003, 07:05 PM
Tim called to say he had gotten a great reaction to his paper from his professor and would it be ok if he dropped by with a picnic lunch to say thank you for the help! Smiling I accepted, but wished I was wearing something a bit more alluring instead of the plain dark blue button-up-the front long shirt-dress.

Undid a few of the bottom buttons and one more on top, that might at least help matters. The tap on my open door a short time later alerted me to his presence and I looked up to smile into his eyes, stood to meet him and let the staff know I was on my lunch and not to be disturbed ... was pretty sure they had long since figured out that my happy mood after Tim left every time wasn't just about doing research!

Locked the door and turned to him, smiling. He set the picnic basket on the floor near my couch and waited for me to return to his side. Pulling me hard into his body, lips like heat seeking missile to my lips, tongue driving deep immediately .... my breathing coming in shallow gasps and I felt the hot liquid break out near the button of my clit and begin to roll downward, hips pushing into him trying to get closer.

Pushing me to sit in the middle of the couch, pulling my dress upward to rest around my waist and immediately freeing me of my white cotton t-back panties, pushing my knees wide apart and diving in head first to lick and suck at my clit, pulling my hips forward and wrapping arms under and around my thighs, driving his tongue deep and then reaching into the basket and pulling out a cucumber that was obviously picked for its long thick size .... no preliminaries, rubbing it against my dripping wet clit for a brief moment and then pushing it deep into my pussy ... resuming the licking and sucking at my clit. Oh my!!!

One of his hands moving to plunge it in and pull it nearly free still licking and slurping at my clit, the cum was rolling freely from me, hardly able to breathe the intensity of feeling so full and deep. Body tensed and shaking from the orgasm going on and on! Hands wrapped into Tim's hair, holding on for dear life as he sucks and fucks me with that cucumber.

Finally he allows me to catch my breath as he explains the picnic basket has several goodies for my pleasure but since I'm wet and still leaking my cum and the cucumber is wet .... well there is a place he wants to put it ... no further warning before I feel him pushing the cum-slicked cucumber against my anal opening. I moan, forcing myself to relax the muscles .... the cucumber is thick and takes some work at getting it in, leaving several inches of its length outside so it can be pulled free when he is done, pulling my hips further forward, on his knees in front of me, moving my legs to rest over his upper arms, pushing his cock deep into my pussy and telling me how he loves the full tight feeling, that he feels the cucumber through the thin vaginal wall and wants to drill me relentlessly, so turned on by the sight and thought.

Fingers pinch and pull at my nipples through the fabric of my dress and bra, applying extra pressure to make sure I get the full effect, my body begins to quiver once again and he slams his cock deep into me over and over again and then just when I think I can't take anymore, fingers touch my clit, rub it hard a few times and then catch it between thumb and index finger and pull at me there a bit, pinch a bit .. lightly .... my body goes into overdrive ... intense orgasm, don't know where to push against ... he again pinches and pulls my nipples and I shake and shiver .... muscles tense and arched hard into his driving cock, feel the cum moving up his penis and know that his seed will come shooting into me with driving force .... hot spurts drive against me over and over and I feel the powerful effect of his climax bursting from him filling me, my body still not fully able to relax with the cucumber in me, I try to pull it free, but Tim does it for me instead.

I go limp, nearly slide off the couch onto the floor, he pushes me backward and then change the angle I am at so I am laying on the couch face up. Lick me, sucking away my juices and then proceed to feed me from the picnic basket, every now and then stopping for a moment to push fingers into my pussy again or to pinch and pull at my nipples ... I shiver and moan from his touch every time. He is a superb lover!

02-17-2003, 07:24 PM
Who ever thought the library could be so fun. Fzzy another hot and sexy addition. Hope it continues still like to find out how much further it well go. Said it before and say it again you have a talent Fzzy.

02-17-2003, 09:02 PM
LOL kleclere!!! time will tell if there is more to this story. :) thanks for your wonderful ongoing support! x's fzzy

p.s. - did you see I wrote a new one the other night called "Bellydancer"? :)

02-25-2003, 10:31 AM
Well, I work in a library and it's never like that. But I can confirm that library worker's sometimes lust after their patrons. :o) This was a really hot story and just kept getting more so. Thanks, fzzy. :)

02-25-2003, 11:50 AM
Another delicious instalment, Fzzy - that reminds me, I meant to go to the library today. Wonder if the research assistant is as dirty as you?

02-25-2003, 12:00 PM
Aussiescribbler -- I've never worked in a Library, but well ... ummm ... the idea has been a fantasy of mine for ..... oh I don't know .... feels like forever .... :) .... sounds like it might be one you've had for awhile as well .... So glad you enjoyed my version of the fantasy!

Gus - thanks .... glad the story is still enjoyable for you! ... really though ... I'm very clean .... just lustful! LOL! thanks again.

02-28-2003, 01:50 PM
Love your stories, but then again I guess you know that. (WINK)

02-28-2003, 03:38 PM
ah shucks .... thanks me_carl ... so glad you take the time to let me know in this thoughtful way! x's

02-28-2003, 07:37 PM
You write well fzzy. Lots of feeling. Thanks for sharing

03-01-2003, 10:52 AM
Thank you Denny for dropping by and letting me know you enjoyed the story..... might just be about time for another visit to the Library ... LOL!

03-03-2003, 06:18 PM
Fzzy setting on the edge of my chair hoping for more from the library. Can never get enough education and that wonderful mind of yours.

03-03-2003, 08:49 PM
Scheduled for the late shift ... only librarian on duty for the last hour and then my responsibility to close up shop. Tim dropped by just after the other librarian left .... quiet night, but still some patrons in the building. Tim pulls a couple of books from the shelves and settles at a table a short distance from the check out desk ..... We have an unobstructed view of each other as I work ... do my best to bend low several times .... front and back view .... whenever no one else is close by that is.

Make an announcement with 10 minutes left before closing and again with 5 minutes left .... the place begins to clear out of the few remaining patrons .... Closing time and I ask Tim to shout if someone comes to the front .... heading off to do a quick walk through, turning off lights as I go .... make it to the front with the last patron ... chatting as we walk to the check out desk together. Get everything taken care of for her and send her on her way ... she looks back at the two of us and wishes us a fun rest of the evening .... grinning widely at me.

I wave goodbye and lock the doors securing them while I watch Jessie walk to her car .... start her car and then drive off .... turn off all the outside lights except the security ones. Then turn to walk back to Tim, but he is right behind me .... pulling me into his arms and kissing me long and deeply. I love kissing!!!

His hands slowly and softly carress me as we kiss ... feel the edge of his teeth as he gently scrapes them across the inside of my lower lip ... shiver ... feels so wonderful! I suck his bottom lip into my mouth and suck lightly, licking at his lip as I do so. His tongue pushes deep in my mouth and slowly touches me everywhere ... exploring and licking at me ... he is a great kisser!

His hands touch me everywhere, moving slowly from place to place, softly touching and massaging my body ... no overt sexual moves, but it is all so completely sexy ... feeling his need to touch me everywhere. His hands are strong but he touches me so gently, tracing against muscles. Fingertips barely touch the back of my legs from ankle to the back of my knee .... want to drop to the floor, but he holds me up and moves back up my body ... begins kissing me again. Flames races through my blood, need his touch, need his lips and tongue .... anywhere ... everywhere .... especially any of the places that throb (so hard right now) for his touch or tongue!

Almost forgot the security service has cameras that have turned on in the building, but then I see the blinking red light out of the corner of my eye and flush ... get just enough distance between us so I can speak and tell Tim that it may feel like we are alone ... but we are not.

Ducking into my office, grab my stuff and we leave the building quickly ... my legs shaking from the strain of not turning and jumping on him, legs tightly wrapping around his hips and pulling his cock into me ..... cameras are on the outside of the building as well afterall. He has parked his car next to mine, he helps me in and tells me to follow him .... we'll go back to his place. I nod

The drive is just about 10 blocks long ... but feels like forever ... my body still shaking from the desire Tim has built there ... I feel my body's natural lubrication as it rolls slowly down the button of my throbbing clit, squirm in my seat a bit trying to get it to move a bit more quickly .... this is too much of a sexual feeling and with both my hands involved in driving .... nothing I can do about it!

Pulling into one of the open parking places near his building, I sit ... still squirming a bit until Tim comes to open my door and help me out of the car ... such a gentleman. Arm drapes casually around my shoulders as we walk to his apartment.

Once through that door, he again pulls me close and kisses me ... moving so slowly, so sweetly and I am in the agony of wanting him sooo much. We kiss for long drawn out minutes, feel his fingers touching me, palm eventually covers on breast and then lightly squeezes me there ... I moan loadly trying to let him know I need him, need him to turn up the sexual heat .... try to touch him, hands on his butt cheeks and squeezing ... only he reaches down and moves my hands back up to his back ... he keeps kissing me ... torturing me with growing needs.

Spread my legs and push the juncture of my thighs against one of his legs ... need some relief from the wet throbbing ache in my clit ... know it is a humping kind of motion, but can't stop myself from seeking some relief! I feel him moving us through the apartment to get to the bedroom, but not to the bed ... he takes me to stand near a full length free standing mirror and then turns me around as he begins to remove my clothing slowly.

Eventually we both stand in front of the mirror naked ... then he moves behind me, both of us facing the mirror and he begins to play with my tits and then my pussy. Kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobes, then feel his mouth tracing up my spine .. shivers rush over my body, goose bumps pop and my nipples stand hard and very erect! Both his hands are between my legs, rubbing hard at the sensitive flesh at the inside top of my thighs and lifting me slightly off the ground to rub me hard against his throbbing erect cock ... It feels so good as he slowly positions it and slides into me .... ohhh does it feel good!!!

Hands cover my breasts and caress me there, occassionally squeezing and pulling the nipples. My eyelids drop down in the sensual haze I am feeling and I hear him whisper softly in my ear that he wants me to keep my eyes open ... watch the mirror as we fuck ... I nod, look into his eyes through the mirror and then look down to see his fingers pressed into my pussy, rubbing my clit and at the opening where his cock is thrusting into me ... such a turn on to see the way he is doing me .... to see the way my body arches to his touch and his kiss and then to see the look on his face as we both approach that climactic moment .... the skin stretched tightly across his cheekbones ... I stop thinking and just push back against him, feeling the fuck, wanting it, needing the building edginess in my body as the orgasm begins to overtake me ..... watching my face as I go over the edge and into that almost unconcious level of driving pleasure.

I go limp in his arms and he walks with me to the bed where we fall and find our way to lay wrapped in each other's arms.

03-03-2003, 09:10 PM
My Fzzy how do you seem to always top your previous ventures. Always hot and sexy. You can be in my dreams all the time. Please continue to write such wonderful stories and hopefully more of this one.

03-04-2003, 06:55 AM
Another great episode, Fzzy!

03-04-2003, 05:16 PM
Thanks kleclere ... glad you liked the add-on episode .... For a week or so I've been trying to decide if there was more to be said on this story .... just turns out there was .... :)

Gusaspar .... so glad you have enjoyed this story in its entirety! Thanks again to both you and kleclere for taking the time to let me know what you think about it ... it really means a lot to me!!!!

03-04-2003, 06:19 PM
I've been away for a while, but I return to find these wonderful continuations!! Must be my lucky day! You have such a wonderful passion in your writing and I am just glad that I get to be so fortunate as to experience it first hand.

Shyabusa :cool:

03-04-2003, 07:04 PM
shyabusa ... so glad you are back with the group ..... and glad you enjoyed the add-ons ... I've actually written a couple of other separate stories from this as well.... but this one continues to be very popular :) and well .... I kind of like the lusting librarian and her friend Tim as well!!! LOL ... thanks for your generous compliments!

03-07-2003, 05:19 PM
You're very welcome, but there's no need to thank me. I should be thanking you for putting this incredibly HOT!! story on here. I'm glad to be back with the group though, because I've missed your stories and their wonderful continuations.

It's no wonder that this story is so popular. It has all right elements to keep us cumming and the coming back for more. This story in particular is just incredibly erotic without losing any of the sensuality.

I'll have to catch up on the rest of your stories... Keep your eyes open for my comments on those ;)

Shyabusa :cool:

03-07-2003, 07:42 PM
Why ... thank you again Shyabusa ... always enjoy hearing such positive comments .. I'll look forward to any comments you make on any of my stories!!! :)

03-17-2003, 04:08 PM
Screw up my nerve and make the phone call .... ask Tim if he'd like to meet me for lunch at a nearby park one day this week ... he agrees and we arrange for the "date" for the next day .... leaving me plenty of time to get all worked up thinking of the possibilities, but there is one thing in particular that I've been thinking about, wanting to do when we are together, been so turned on by the thought for days, which is what finally brought me to make that nerve-wracking phone call .... never been much good at calling a man.

I stop for a medium pizza (which I ordered ahead of time) and drinks on my way to the park, Tim had volunteered to bring a dessert. I tried to tell him it wasn't necessary ... I already knew what I wanted for that, and he wouldn't need to bring anything other than himself to provide what I wanted!

He arrived, looking particularly scrumptious in a bright royal blue t-shirt and long denim walking shorts. I was wearing a lose pull over my head shift dress - very plain and very simple, but the way it was cut left it draping closely to my body, showing my ample breasts and other feminine curves, I knew it would be appreciated by Tim.

We sat at a picnic bench facing each other .... no other people in the area except for joggers out on the road that wound its way through the large hilly park ... there were plenty of people in the park, but there were also plenty of other eating areas and most people liked to have privacy in their lunches when possible. So we sat across from each other enjoying our pizza and drinks. The dessert sat in a bag nearby waiting for us to be ready. We chatted and laughed together, enjoying the company. Really liked this about Tim almost as much as the incredible sex we shared .... our interests were well alligned and he was a thoughtful and intelligent man with a great sense of humor ....

Once we finished lunch, he pulled the extra large serving of keylime cheesecake from the bag and I licked my lips in anticipation of the delicious treat ... one of my favorite desserts, he told me he remembered me saying so.... how incredibly thoughtful and romantic of him to think of it! We fed each other the treat using fingers instead of fork, kissing frequently when one or both of our mouths were full, sharing the taste between us and reveling in the touch of his lips to mine, his tongue swirling the sweet treat around in my mouth and drawing my tongue into his in hot pursuit.

When the cheesecake was finished, I asked if he would like to get out of the public view a bit more and join me in the back seat of my car .... which I had parked in the parking lot in a spot farthest from the road and shaded by several tall trees nearby.

I had placed several throw pillows in the back seat and moved the front passenger seat as far forward as possible ... knew this might be a bit awkward, but didn't care .... Tim got in the car and I follwed, pushing him so he was seated with one leg up and resting across the length of the seat ... his back to the side passenger window. I crawled in on hands and knees facing him and stopped well short of his torso, asking him to release his cock.

Once released I placed the shaft so it rested between the palms of my hands, not wrapping my fingers around it, but curving my palms so they totally covered the shaft area from side to side ... not entirely covering the length of his wonderful instrument ... my palms rested at the very base and moved upward with the slightest squeeze .... then released and repositioned at the base, repeating the movement over and over as my lips moved toward the cap, tongue extending to licked the precum from the slit .... tongue well extented from my lips to trace the slit over and over again....making sure he had a clear view of what I was doing ... feeling his breathing become shallower and kind of raspy sounding.

I played licking games with my toy for awhile before finally bringing the cap inside my mouth, sucking it in ... my tongue swirling over the tip and playing in the slit - repeatedly. Still making sure he had a clear view of me enjoying his cock ... my tongue snaking out now and then to lick a bit down the sides, hands now shifted so my right hand worked his shaft .... always in that upward .... kind of screwing motion ... left hand now playing with his balls, gentle squeezes and then easy massaging motions... cupping them and playing with them. After a good deal of time sucking and slurping and tongue playing with the tip, I began to work my way down his shaft, sucking against the bulging vein running up the bottom part of his cock, feeling the throb of his hammering heartbeat in the blood just under the surface .... such a sensual feeling!

Finally arriving at the base I sucked in one of his balls and sucking and licking it for long moments before moving to the other and then rapidly returning to the tip, but then pulling much of his hot hard throbbing cock deep in my mouth and sucking and licking it in a kind of frenzy, his fingers wrapped around the back of my head, intertwined in my hair ... but showing incredible restraint in not pulling me farther onto him .... I rewarded his thoughtfulness by sucking hard until I heard the kind of gutteral groan and beautiful words telling me he was cumming ... I could feel the cum moving up his cock where my tongue was wrapped tightly there, sucked even harder and heard his moan go even more gutteral in its sound before I tasted it as it burst from him, swallowing hard and fast trying to catch it all, getting most of it, but some escaped my lips and dripped down my chin ... worked his climax until all his cum had been spurted from his glorious cock, then gave a final hard lick against the tip of his penis, saw him shudder at the intensity of feeling he was experiencing in the tip after his climax. I gently licked him clean and then tucked him back into his levis, carefully zipping his pants and rising to look him in the eyes and smile deeply. "Been thinking about doing that for several days .... really needed that at this moment!"

He looked back with deep appreciation but also concern .... "You didn't cum though." I nodded and told him maybe he'd like to do something about that after dinner this evening.

03-17-2003, 05:54 PM
Fzzy another extremely hot addition to this wonderful story. How come can't I find librarians like this. All we have are old half dead ones.

03-17-2003, 08:38 PM
LOL kleclere ... I'm not sure I've ever told the age of the Lusting Librarian .... maybe she is just like the ones you have ... ROFL!!!!

Thanks for your swift and thoughtful comments on the stories I write ... I must admit that the Librarian thread is one of my favorites as well ... I'm often curious on what the two of them are going to be up to next. THANKS again!!!!!

03-19-2003, 05:20 PM
I think I'm gonna make a little trip over to the library...and then to the park...
If only every librarian could and sensuous and giving and yours.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have amazed me once again. The character development and the mutual sensuality of the characters is... Magnificent!!

Can't wait to read what that glorious mind of yours thinks up for them next.

03-19-2003, 05:47 PM
:) :) :D .... thank you so much shyabusa ... I love reading your comments .... so nice and complimentary!!!! x's

04-03-2003, 02:14 PM
Love the additions to this story .... very hot!!!

04-03-2003, 09:14 PM
Thanks Staar ... so glad you dropped by to read the additions .... I always enjoy writing them ... for me it feels kind of like visiting with friends once a story has been around awhile ... anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment .. I always like to hear from people on what they think about my stories!!! :)

04-11-2003, 11:54 AM
I have a problem...Every time I read one of your stories, I get a huge wet spot in my jeans! What are you going to do about that? (wink)

04-12-2003, 01:17 AM
LOL .... (frantically digging through my junk drawer) .... I know I have one of those little battery operated fans in there somewhere .... do you think that might help?!?!?!?! :) ROFL ... glad you dropped by to read the latest update on the story.... thanks me_carl for your always positive comments! x's

04-12-2003, 10:52 AM
Fzzy I know it is getting harder to add to this but am hoping to still see more. You have us captured in this story. Waiting patiently for another steamy addiction.

04-13-2003, 03:00 AM
LOL kleclere - thanks for your diligence....I'm sure there is more to tell, just been very busy lately and haven't had time or energy to think about Tim and the Librarian .... but I'm sure they are still playing in the back of my head somewhere!!! :) x's

05-01-2003, 01:42 AM
After spending the night with Tim he wanted to make sure I got to work safely. My turn to open the Library, which meant arriving a bit early. Left things too late to be able to stop by my place for a change of clothing, but the dark skirt was acceptable to wear again, then snatched one of Tim's colored t-shirts, it is right in style ... fitting VERY tightly across my chest. Certain that a few of the other staff will notice I'm wearing the same skirt, just hoping they won't comment on it!

Tim walks into the library with me and waits while I turn off all the alarms and security measures. Nobody usually shows up for another hour, but we are listed as being open for these hours, so someone has to open up .... we usually rotate the priviledge, just like we do about the 2 days we close late each week.

I man the front desk and then feel Tim slide up behind me, sliding my skirt upward and pushing my panties out of the way as he suddenly slides deep inside me and begins a hard slamming fuck into my wet and squelchy pussy. Hands squeezing my breasts hard, palms covering my nipples and long fingers extending to cover and "mash" my boobs .... it feels so painful and so sexual and turns me on even if he wasn't doing anything else, but the feel of his cock filling me completely as he stands behind me and his hands squeezing so hard, I am on the verge of orgasm almost immediately.

Lips and tongue playing at the side of my neck and ear, then switching to the other side .. licking, sucking, kissing, nipping at me ... I hear the sound of a car pulling into the parking lot and do my best to push the words from my mouth to get him to hurry so we are not caught.

He finishes hard and fast ... both of us excited by the need to rush, the possibility of getting caught and doing all we can so it doesn't happen. Pulling out of me, pulling down my skirt and dropping down just as the library patron enters and then popping up with the book. "Here you go, sorry I dropped it. I guess I'll be on my way now, thanks for the tips." As he walked behind the patron the last word came out of his mouth and he grabbed his chest, looked at mine and I nearly lost it, only just managing not to laugh as I realized he was thanking me for letting him grope my chest. He looks like the boy next door, but he can be very bad sometimes! LOL!

05-17-2003, 11:46 AM
If you'd like to comment on this story .... just hit the addy below ..... thanks ..... I love to hear what you have to say! :)


06-15-2003, 05:47 AM
Early morning opening the library also means I get to leave early, which works nicely since this is Tim's early class day. He picks me up from the library .... we stop at my place to grab some casual clothes, but I don't bother to change into them yet .... we head to his place.

Tim is feeling a bit frisky and begins kissing me deeply as soon as I stand up from the passenger seat of his car. His arm is around me as we walk and kiss our way across the parking lot to the stairway up to his place, it is just a few steps, but it takes a bit of time to climb them and by the time we get to his front door, my skirt is riding high up my hips we turn so my back is to his chest as he searches his pockets for his keys ... which seems to be taking him an awful long time, but he distracts me with kisses and his free hand working fingers between my pussy lips. I lean back against him for support as I feel a tingle building.

Finally he finds the keys and begins to insert it into the keyhole when the sound of a door opening half registers on my brain ... the door next to Tim's suddenly swings inward and Tim's neighbor Brian steps outside. There is no way to hide from him, no disguising anything, oh my gad!!!! There I stand with private parts on public display. Brian smiles slowly, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on. I feel Tim's grin against the side of my neck and know he is even more excited by this unexpected turn of events.

Brian takes the time to say hello to both of us and comment on what a beautiful day it is, a day when something wonderful should be happening!!! He grins broadly taking a moment to glance down at my dripping pussy and Tim's fingers holding it open for view. "Beautiful indeed!" and leaves whistling a nondistinct tune.

Tim pushes us through the front door, closes it, pushes me toward the couch and after pulling me in a very slouched seated position stands in front of me moving my legs to his shoulders and drives deep inside me. Like I said before, he may look like the boy next door, but he can be very bad sometimes!!! :)

05-08-2005, 03:18 PM
Things have been very hectic for both Tim and I lately, so we haven't been able to get together for WAY TOO long! I'm feeling very horny and feel that need building to a place that I'm just about ready to burst with it!

Doing some paperwork in my office, the door half open, I hear a light tapping, look up and am surprised and ..... grateful to see my favorite patron!

"Tim, soooo good to see you!" He smiled at me dragging out the word. I stood and walked a bit shakily to greet him with a quick hug and light kiss on the cheek.

I feel the rumble of his low pitched voice as his chest vibrates slightly against my own .... nipples immediately rise to this light friction. Could I be any more obvious in my wants!?! :) "So, I was wondering if you have an hour or so to discuss a research project I'm working on?" His voice carried out the door for anyone close by to hear. I nodded, proceeded to the door and whispered to one of the assistant librarians that I would be taking my lunch and not to be disturbed for the next hour or so. I closed the door, locked it and turned toward him, even started to walk past him, but he was having none of that.

Hand extending, he pulled me tight against his body, fingers fanning downward and pulling on my backside, lifting me slightly hard against him, feeling the heat and excitement of him. Somehow he half walked me, half carried me backward to the edge of my desk, clearing a spot quickly and lifting me up. Next my skirt was pulled off and he pushed my legs wide, standing between them and closing in on me. One hand pulling my top off and the other sliding my panties to the side, fingers pushing inward and diving deep while his palm pushed and rubbed hard against my clit. I felt his smile against my lips as he realized I was ready for any action he wanted to take next.

Lips moving downward, latching hard onto my right nipple and chewing vigorously there ..... one hand working my pussy hard, the other began to pull and twist on the other nipple and I was on the verge of orgasm almost immediately. Sensing this, he pulled back, took his time to remove his jeans, which were straining the zipper hard until he slowly released it. The boxer/briefs also strained a bit, outlining his size and shape nicely. I reached to touch him, but he pushed my hand away, letting me know that he was in control and was going to stay that way .... at least for the moment.

Once he had removed his jeans, he slowly removed the briefs and then his t-shirt, standing before me in all his beautiful masculine glory, I chewed softly at my bottom lip and waited for him to come back to me.

His cock tip was glistening with precum and his eyes were already getting that slightly glassy look that comes with intense desire, I could hardly wait to feel him pushing into me, stretching me, thrusting hard and deep, over and over again. Breathing becoming labored at the very idea and knowing it was coming soon.

Legs spread and wraping high around his hips, pulling him into me and feeling the tip of his penis as he first ran it several times up and down across my swollen clit, love the way that feels, the edgy tingling feeling, helping me build toward the intensity of the moments to come.

Smiling at the look he saw in my eyes, knowing that he could do this to me ... sometimes it is really good to get to know each other so well ... it can really spice up certain moments.

In position now, he pushed inward, stopping half way and doing a series of figure 8 type moves ... ahhhhhh ... babe that feels good! And then just as I was settling into the rythm of his movements, he thrust hard and deep, grabbing my hips and pulling me hard onto him. I nearly screamed from the pleasure of that moment, barely managing to stop myself, realeasing only a small whimper. He pulled my body close and kissed me deeply, plundering my mouth as he hammered deep in my pussy over and over, riding me hard.

I can't say how long it went on, only know the feeling of complete satiation and exhaustion that I felt when he lifted me from the desk, his cock slipped free of me as he kind of half fell into the chair, me still in his arms. Right hand wrapping around my breast and kneading it hard, letting me know that he was planning on more activity soon!

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