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Old 12-02-2002, 04:46 PM
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Harry Potter Sex Fest

FuckFest at Hogwarts
It’s been five years since Harry and his class have graduated from Hogwarts. Hedwig, the owl, finally catches up to Harry and delivers him this scroll.

Dear Harry,
It is of utmost importance that you come to Hogwarts at once. We are under siege by an evil power that we never thought possible. Please come at once!
Yours in wizardry,
Albus Dumbledoor

Harry arrived at Hogwarts eighteen minutes after receiving the letter. He walked through the main entrance and was shocked to see a reflection of himself . He was dressed in black leather fuck me chaps and a cowboy hat. He looked down and saw that he was wearing a red g-string.
“Holy crikies!”, Harry yelled out as he looked at himself in disbelief.
Albus had come up behind Harry and said, “Harry!”
“What in the devil is going on here Albus? Asked Harry.
“Voldemort and his henchmen have cast a spell on our school. Unless we can find the platinum key we will be suffering their curse for the next five hundred years.” Explained Albus.
“What curse?” quipped Harry.
“I’m afraid Voldemort has turned our fine school of magic and wizardry into a sex palace!” responded Albus.
Harry just noticed that Albus had on a domination black leather outfit.
“Oh my,” murmered Harry.
Albus got close to Harry’s ear and whispered in a frail voice, “We must find that platinum key and find the door it unlocks to break the curse.

Harry explored his old school and heard what he thought was Hermione’s voice. He rushed into the room and saw Hermione laying on a huge bed. She was wearing a red dominatrix outfit. Red corset top with tight laces down her spine. Her breasts were completely exposed. Her nipples were slightly brownish and perky. She wore a black g-string. She was laying on her back with her legs spread. Harry noticed how hot her ass looked from underneath.
“Hermione,” Harry gasped, “Is that you?”
“Harry! I’m so glad you made it. I’ve been dreaming about your hard cock being in my mouth for two days.” whispered Hermione.
Suddenly, Hermione tossed magical dust in Harry’s face and he instantly got a raging hard-on and never felt so turned on.
“I’ve had dreams about you too Hermione,” replied a now trance-like Harry.
Harry lifted his knee and got up on the bed. He pressed his lean, muscular body on top of Hermione’s. She moaned with ultimate ecstacy.
Hermione got to Harry’s ear and whispered, Fuck me like the dirty whore I am.”
Harry flipped Hermione over onto her belly and grabbed her long brown silky hair.
“Oh, you want some magic cock do you?” teased Harry.
“Oh yeah baby – I’ve always wanted you Harry. I used to masturbate alone in my bed here at Hogwarts thinking about your cock inside me”, purred Hermione.
Harry yanked her hair and entered her sweet virgin pussy with full force. Hermione screamed very loud.
“Yeaaaaaaaah!” yelled Hermione.
Harry squeezed his butt cheeks to get his full length all the way inside Hermione. He noticed how warm and wet it was inside her pussy. His hands reached around and began pinching her elongated nipples very hard.
“MMMMMMMM” purred Hermione.
Harry held tightly onto her hair with his left hand while he pulled the strings of her corset to drive Hernione’s petite body further onto his engorged wand.
Harry pounded harder and harder. The bed’s frame cracked and they both flew onto the floor. Hermione was still pussy-locked onto Harry’s wizardhood. Harry continued to pump harder and harder until Hermione screamed, “I’m fucking cumming Harry!”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK Harrrrrrrrrry!!!!” bellowed a sopping wet Hermione.
Just then Harry pulled out his huge shaft and started pouring dollops of hot blue cum all over Hermione’s back. It was as hot as scorching candle wax. Hermione felt Harry’s wizard cum sizzle on her bare back. Hermione turned and positioned her mouth under Harry’s meaty balls and cock to drink his manjuice. She must’ve swallowed two quarts of dark blue sperm. She had to time her swallowing. She let Harry spurt four times then she’d swallow. But while she swallowed two more squirts came and piled up on her neck and chin. After twenty minutes of cumming Harry collapsed onto Hermione. Suddenly they broke out of their trances and screamed at the realization of what they had just done.
“Harry?” Hermione asked in shock.
“Hermione, oh my” responded Harry in utter disbelief.
“We were under Voldemort’s evil sex spells! Let’s clean up so we can solve this mystery,” Harry answered.
They cleaned up and but they couldn’t change their clothes. Each time they tried to put on other clothes a new erotic outfit would appear on them.
“Part of the spell,” Harry explained.
They walked out of the room and began their way up the stairs.
Hermione leaned over to whisper, “Your cock IS incredible just the same.”
Harry smiled and said, “Your pussy is even more beautiful than I imagined all these years.”
“Thank you sweety,” answered Hermione.
“Now. Let’s make sure that Voldemort gets fucked too,” quipped Harry.
Hermione giggled and held Harry’s hand as they headed to Professor Mcgonnagle office.
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Old 12-02-2002, 04:47 PM
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Someone care to take the next episode??
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Old 12-03-2002, 09:33 PM
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No not really...but thank you ne wayz.
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Old 12-07-2002, 02:51 PM
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i would, but i can't right that well
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Old 12-12-2002, 05:31 AM
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Harry and Hermione walked carefully through the darkened corridors of the school. They knew this school backwards and forewards, but it looked different now. The corridors were dark and they heard the occasional scream of a man or a woman. They made their way up to the second floor of the school and headed towards Professor McGonagalls office.

"No! No! No! Please! No more! Please!" They heard clearly as they passed one office.

"Who's office is that?" Harry asked, his eyes slowly being drawn down to Hermione's naked tits.

"It's an empty room." Hermione responded not even realizing that her small hand was slowly jerking off Harry's still hard cock. "Should we?"

"I think we have too. Someone may need our help." Harry said. He straightened up and moved to the door drawing out his wand.

Hermione drew her wand also and pointed it at the door. "Alohamora!" She shouted and the door burst in on itself. Normally the spell simply unlocked a door but she was now such a powerful witch and her blood was already up, the power behind it splintered the wooden door. Harry smiled at Hermione and went in. Wand drawn.

"No More! Please! I can't take it!" They heard a young woman begging.

"Lumos!" Harry and Hermione spoke simultaneously. The tips of both wands lit up and there, in the middle of the room were Padma and Parvati Patil, the twin sisters Harry and Hermione had gone to school with. Beneath the two girls was Severus Snape, the schools potion master. Padma on his face and Parvati on his cock begging him not to put anymore of his magically engorged cock inside her.

"I can't! Oh God! I Need it! More! More!" She suddenly began riding Snapes huge cock, impaling herself onto the foot long, six inch wide cock. "Oh YES!" Parvati screamed. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her toes curled.

Harry watched this fascinated and aroused. He paid no attention as Hermione kneeled on the floor, got on all fours and began crawling towards the small group.

Harry Finally noticed Hermione when she reached the group and slowly reached out her hand and cupped Padma's small breast. "I want it." Hermione whispered and then took the nipple into her mouth. Harry couldn't help but notice that Parvati was still slamming down onto the professors cock and Harry realized he wanted to join in. He moved over behind Parvati, kneeled behind her and moved up against her as she went up he slid his hard cock underneath her. When Parvati came down again, his cock, still wet from his time with Hermione, buried itself deep into her asshole. Parvati screamed louder.

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Old 12-12-2002, 11:14 AM
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Good one Doffy - thx.
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Old 12-12-2002, 12:00 PM
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70-year old pussy delight

Just as Harry lodged his erect wand into Parvati’s tight young brown eye he found himself transported onto a luxurious bed inside a palatial bedroom. Next to him was his former teacher the old and wise Professor Minerva McGonagall in a beige latex jumpsuit. Her huge red nipples and bushy brown pussy were fully exposed.
“Oh my Gosh!” Harry blurted.
“You are turning me on so much Professor!” Harry cried.
“Harry, you must fight it – never has a Hogwarts student had intimate relations with a staff person at Hogwarts,” explained Prof. McGonagall matter-of-factly.
“Yes, Mam,” responded Harry.
“Harry went further, “But your fucking pussy is looking soooo delicious – I need to taste it – I MUST taste…”
Harry buried his entire face into the dark 70-year old muff. She tasted wonderful. He zeroed in on her meaty clitoris and sucked it hard for at least 20 minutes. Prof. McGonagall reached over Harry’s back and slid her wrinkly hand inside Harry’s pants and squeezed his tiny bare ass.
“Whoa!” yelled Harry out of sheer surprise as he explored the professor’s feminine folds and her vagina oozed sweet secretions that dribbled down Harry’s chin.
‘Ohhhh yeahhhh baby,” crooned Prof. McGonagall, as she grasped the back of Harry’s head and shoved his face inside her even deeper.
Harry inserted three fingers inside her warm vagina and drove inside very deeply. Harry finger fucked her quickly while he massaged her swollen granny clit with the tip of his young tongue. McGonagall felt the first wave of orgasm shudder through her lower abdomen and she felt compelled to wet her right index finger and poke it full tilt into Harry’s butthole.
“MMMMMMMMM! Harry yelled with ecstacy.
Soon they matched rhythms and each time Harry inserted his fingers inside her she finger fucked his ass.
“Oh my Lord – I haven’t been this excited since 1926 on my honeymoon,” explained McGonagall.
McGonagall’s fast finger fucking of Harry’s anus proved to be too much and he started cumming full tilt in his pants.
“Ohh shitt,” cried Harry.
“You’re making me cum and I can’t stop!”
Harry continued to ejaculate full force for over five minutes!
McGonagall smiled and said, “That’s because I caused you to have a prostate orgasm – Hogwarts style! You will continue to cum until you give ten blowjobs in a row. You must swallow every drop of sperm. When you complete that task, you will be able to stop ejaculating. I will call in the senior class of students right away.
“Why thank you Prof. McGonagall – thank you SO MUCH!” Harry conveyed.
“Oh, do call me Minerva my dear – I will be collecting my payment for helping you out of this predicament.,” she cooed slyly while peering down at the front of his jeans that were seeping with cum.
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Old 12-31-2002, 03:39 PM
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oh nasty poor harry but you made me cum hehehehhehe
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Old 12-31-2002, 04:47 PM
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I'll never think of Harry Potter the same again! lol
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Old 01-01-2003, 07:38 PM
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Prof. McGonagall sprinted down the hallway of the left-wing of the Hogwarts School. This brought her to the physical education department. Without a moment of hesitation, she burst through the backdoor of the boys’ locker room. She peered into the shower area and yelled, “All of you boys must put your sweatpants on now and follow me – this is a Hogwarts emergency!”
Ten boys climbed into their sweats and went with Prof. McGonagall without hesitation. The boys looked at one another in an utter state of confusion as they leaped up the stairs to keep up with Prof. McGonagall.
When they arrived outside Harry’s room, Prof. McGonagall explained, “Boys, Harry Potter has been the target of a terrible spell. He must perform oral sex on each of you to reverse the curse. You must all – ah – umm e-jac-u-late into Harry’s ah – ahem - mouth at precisely the same time to save him. Mind you, whatever takes place behind this door will be kept strictly confidential.”
Harry looked up at Prof. McGonagall and the boys and felt deeply thankful seeing them. The boys quickly formed a circle around Harry then…
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Old 01-11-2003, 06:13 PM
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jerked off quickly into Harry's mouth.
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Old 01-12-2003, 10:24 AM
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wow that was fuckin excellent
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Old 01-20-2003, 11:06 AM
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Harry finally quit coming and went in seach of Hermione. He found her with the twins but Snapes was gone. They had their tongues buried in each others pussies. Even though Harry had just recently cum, he couldn't help but be turned on by the sight. His cock swelled in his pants. Hermione looked over at Harry and with lust in her eyes said, "I want you in my ass." Harry went over to Hermione and shoved his tongue in her asshole. As he was getting her ready he noticed the twins looking at him and Hermione. They started shouting at him,"Lick her asshole Harry, shove it deep inside." After a couple of minutes of this Harry couldn't wait any longer. He put Hermione on all fours and rammed his cock inside of her ass. Hermione just screamed with pleasure. "Fuck me Harry. Harder! Deeper! The twins sat and watched becoming hornier by the minute. Each stuck three fingers in their pussies and started fucking their little holes. Harry felt the urge again. He just had to cum. He let forth a yell and plunged his cock in as deep as he could inside of Hermione's asshole and started cumming again. He kept creaming until he had no more. He was completely exhausted. He backed out of Hermione's asshole and lay on the floor. Her asshole started leaking Harry's cum and upon seeing this, the twins jumped up behind her and started licking up all of Harry's cum.

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Old 01-20-2003, 01:02 PM
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Harry decided to take a break and enjoy the view of the twins so sweetly cleaning his bursts of cum from Hermione. Silky trickles of after cum were seeping from his slit and trickling down his shaft. The spell began to wrap him in it's magic once more as the sight of Parvati's wanton folds were moving closer and closer to him as she bent over to lap the cum from Hermione's thigh. Harry leaned over to lick the miosture from her swollen lips. Just as he felt her warmth reaching for him he heard a whimper at the door.
Harry turned to see a girl he didn't know standing in the doorway. What a sight she was! Her milky white skin had a glow that compelled him. His cock became rock hard as his eyes scanned this creatures form and saw her sroking her clit at a feverish pace. Long soft curles cascaded down her back. a whisp of a curl cupped her erect , soft pink nipple. Her head thrown back in pure delight. Her eyes shut and mouth so moist and slightly parted.
Harry felt a sudden need for her he hadn't known he possesed....he had to touch her....ever inch of her needed his hands, his tongue, his swollen cock. Just as he started to move towards her her eyes fluttered open. She was startled! Harry heard her gasp as she withdrew her hand and darted from the doorway.
In one swift intant Harry was on his feet and down the hall after her. He had to catch her.....had to touch feel and kiss give her the release she needed and the one he craved.

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Old 01-22-2003, 02:49 PM
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Through the darkened hallways and down a stone spiral staircase, he was gaining on the young girl. At the bottom of the stairs, the young girl darted beyond a large figure, into a small room and closed to door. Harry bumped into this large figure that turned around towards him.
"Harry! Its you!" said Hagred.
"Oh no! You're not under the spell are you? Harry choked
"No, of course not. Now where are you running off to?"

Coming down the stairs, Hermione (out of breath) exclaims "Harry! Did you catch her? Where did she go?"

"Oh so thats what this is about. I saw her pretty little body a moment ago. I'd like to show her Fluffy. You know, my three headed dog?"

"Yes, Hagred we..."

Just then, Hagred pulled down his trousers and sure enough, there was a three headed 'dog.' "come here Harry." Hagred's eyes turned a possessed red with desire for Harry.

"Noooo!" cried Harry.

Harry and Hermione ran to the nearest door and closed it behind them and locked it. Candles lit the warm dark room slightly. Out of the shadows came the little girl Harry had never seen before. She was without pants and only wore a shirt that cut off above her bellybutton. She had a hand over her closed legs, hiding a small bush.

"Whats wrong with you? Are you ok" asked Hermione.

"They're all under the spell. Twice, I was almost raped. I'm not ready to have sex. I want all of this to end."

"here let me help you," Hermione offered. "I can get you some clothes." The girl collapsed into Hermione's arms and so she laid her on the bed.

Harry watched as the girl fell to the bed. Her long black hair reflected shimmers of candlelight. Her bald pussy lips shined and mirrored in Harry's desiring eyes.
"What are we going to do about this spell, Harry?" Hermione pondered.

Harry didn't seem to hear as he inched his way closer to the young girl lying on the bed. As Harry parted his lips and took a breath at the sight of this beautiful sight, a magical wind swept through the room. It was a cool breeze that perked the nipples on the girl. The shirt had disappeared. Harry couldn't believe his eyes, and his cock semi-hardened. It almost hurt him to get an erection from so much sex in so little time.
Hermoine looked at Harry. "Harry! Don't. You're under the spell. Its just..." Then she looked at the girl lying there with candle light dancing on her skin.

It was too late. Hermione and Harry both were under this mad sex spell.

On the bed, Harry laid next to the girl as Hermione laid on the other side of him. Trapped between two naked and very beautiful girls, Harry's erection was almost complete. Hermione sensed Harry's need for help. She took his mid size member (larger than most boys their age) between her hands, and let her tongue circle around the head. Her hand began to stroke his shaft as she began to bob her head. First her lips kissed the tip of the head. Gradually, she let more and more of his cock slip between her lips. At that time the girl on the other side of Harry, turned to look and see what was going on. She thought she was dreaming. Hermione's lips came upward around the head, and together as she smiled at the girl. The girl in a dazed state, rolled over on top of Harry's legs as she began to kiss his balls. Hermione giggled as she took her hands away and let all of Harry's cock in her mouth. Seeing Harry quiver with pleasure, the little girl opened her mouth as wide as it could be opened and let Harry's sack and balls drop into her warm mouth. It almost looked like Hermoine and the little girl were kissing. The little girl moaned and hummmed so that Harry could feel his balls vibrating. He rolled his head back in extreme pleasure and as he looked down at the sight of Hermione's head pushing down again and again, deep throating him, and the sweet innocent girl giving his whole sack a ball massage with her tongue, he began to notice a clear drop appear between the girl's pussy lips. In synchronization, Hermione stucked hard at Harry's wet cock, and the girl gentle sucked Harry's balls and gave a high pitch "hmmmmm" to vibrate them. Harry shouted out loud "OHHH Fuu-fu-fuuu FUUUUUUUCK!!" Instantly, Hermione stopped sucking and grabbed the base of Harry's pulsating member. "Not yet, Harry. Lets save that for her."
Harry looked desperately at the young girl whose pussy was now glistening with slippery wetness. Harry could feel a suspended orgasm as Hermione was holding him tight. Harry begged to be released.
Submitted by Go0seET _____lets see what happens. :-D
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