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Old 08-10-2007, 11:53 PM
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You Were Away

You were out of town for the week with the kids, visiting your family, leaving me at the house by myself. While I had work to distract me during the day, nights were lonely without you. I missed being close to you at night -- your presence relaxes me.

Day by day, the tension of missing you built up.

I drew a hot bath in our "retreat" master suite, adding bath salts to the water in our oversized tub. The perfume of the bath salts reminded me more of you and our baths together in the past. As I slowly lowered myself into the hot water, I closed my eyes and imagined you were with me, sharing the experience with your legs around mine and our hands resting on each other's thighs.

Even in the water, I could feel the warmth of your skin. I let my right hand wander, gently running my fingers on the outside of your thigh from just behind your knee up to that sweet spot at the side of your waist, teasing the little butterfly tattooed on your hip. I needed to touch you; to feel your stomach, legs, toes, shoulders, back and breasts as I slowly washed your body, making sure every inch of you was clean.

After the water cooled, I got out, dried off and stretched out on our bed, nude. As I lie on my back, I imagined that you joined me in bed. You reciprocated my caresses from the bath, running your hands over my chest and stomach.

Your touch had an immediate effect; my excitement evident as your fingers inched down to my legs. I watched as you touched my penis with your fingertips, then slowly caressed the length of my shaft with one finger on either side, retreating when you reached the super-sensitive area just below the head. You continued your attention, using one hand on my penis and the other on my balls. Occassionly, one of your fingers would circle my anus, sending chills through my body that belied the heat I was feeling from your touch. Watching you touch me, it appeared as if you were exploring something new and exciting, and I savored every sensation as you discovered areas that gave me pleasure.

My hands joined yours in their exploration, and I spread my legs slightly as I stroked the inside of my thighs. You drew a drop of precum from the tip of my penis with your finger and circled it, lubricating the head with your soft caress.
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