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Old 10-01-2004, 09:02 PM
DaveL74 DaveL74 is offline
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I have an idea Jen said and she left the room and returned quickly with a glass. Mike looked puzzeled. As she entered the room she said, I want to watch him jack off and then drink his own cum.

Excellent Idea, let me get the camera said Chad. Jen sit the glass down by Mike.

"Now slave start jacking for us and shoot it all into this glass." Mike hesitated and Jen slapped him on the face. "NOW SLAVE"

Mike moved his hand to his cock and started to jack it to hardness. He was uncofortable but excited with the audience.

Chad was filming as Jen started to massage Sara's crotch. "Lets let him look at your pussy, Sara." Jen said. Jen slid down Sara's panties. Mike became rock hard and jacked quicker when he saw Sara's pussy.

"That's it slave, do well and you may get to lick it." said Jen as she slid a finger in Sara's pussy.

Mike could hold back no longer. Jen could tell he was close and said, "Catch it in the glass slave." and laughed.

Mike grabbed the glass and held it at an angle. He started to cum, spraying a huge load into the glass.

Sara came watching Mike as Jen inserted another finger. Mike milked his cock.

"Now drink it slave." Jen said

Mike drew the glass to his lip but could not bring himself to tip it. Jen got up and grabbed his hair in one hand and the glass in the other. She yanked back on his hair and tiped the glass forcing it into his mouth. "DRINK BITCH" she yelled.

Mike swallowed the salty liquid hearing Chad and Sara's laugh.

Mike finished the glass and put it down.

He felt a slap on his ass as Jen said, "Don't ever make me force you to do what I say again or you will regret it bitch, DO you understand."

Yes master, he responded.

Now put your hands behind your back. Mike did and felt handcuffs.

Now you can watch us have fun. Jen said as she walked over and put her face in Sara's pussy.
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Old 10-06-2004, 11:45 AM
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smoothballs smoothballs is offline
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Chad was sitting beside Sara on the sofa as jen lapped between her legs videoing his girl getting licked.
From where mike had been left kneeling in the middle of the floor hands behind his back, he had a good view of jen from behind, her mini skirt rising up as she lent over Sara, mike couldn't see probably in the dimmed light but it looked like jen had had a shave before coming over tonight too.
Watching Sara getting licked was getting too much for Chad and he put the video camera down and stripped off his shorts and t-shirt. His cock looked bigger than it had last night, mike thought.
Sara was now moaning like there was no tomorrow and had slid down the sofa so her checks where hanging of the cushion. Jen had moved slightly to one side so that she could now finger Sara as well as lick her, every now and again she removed her fingers and offered them up to Chad to have a lick. This was getting abit much for both mike and Chad
Mike wished he wasn't handcuffed, Chad on the other hand was not and had moved up a little positioning his cock right in saras face she was sucking him hugraly as jen lapped away.
Jen then knelt up and stripped of her top and stood up turning round to face mike and dropped her skirt, mike was right she was shaved not a brazilin but completely. " Like what you see mike " she purred
All mike could do was nod.
" Stop teasing the bitch" slurped Sara get back down here and lick my arse.
Jen dropped to her knees and lifted saras legs up so she could get to her tight brown hole and started to lap away, Sara started going ballistic, even more than when Chad was fucking her last night
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Old 10-06-2004, 08:54 PM
DaveL74 DaveL74 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Texas
Posts: 54
Mike was hard again watching Sara suck Chad's cock and Jen eating her ass.

Sara soon let out a loud cry and her body convulsed as she pulled Jen's head to her. Jen moved away from Sara and turned to Mike. She grabbed him by the cuffs and drug him to the couch. She sat back on the couch pussy directly in front of Mikes face. Mike could smell her, his eyes fixated on her pussy.

She grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her pussy. "Lick me and make me cum slave." Mike started licking her slit like a lollypop. He was uncomfortable but in heavan.

Sarah sucked on Chad's cock while he continued to film.
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Old 10-11-2004, 05:27 PM
smoothballs's Avatar
smoothballs smoothballs is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: uk
Posts: 43
as mike licked away at jen, chad had now put the camera down on the coffee table, mike could see it from the corner of his eye the red record light still flashing.
chad was now fucking sara's face as one hand was on sara's neck the other groping at her chest,
chad said he was about to cum so sara moved back a little so she could wank chad into her open mouth, chad let out a load moan mike looked up and saw a thick jet of cum spray into sara's mouth, jen slapped him on the back of the head "don't worry you'll get chads cum soon enough, get back to me slave"
chad moved from astride sara and she lent over to snog jen.
"right slave time for a change" moaned jen. sara's got a prezzie for you shes going to let you kiss her, mike couldn't belive he was going to get to kiss her.
jen pulled mikes head back by the hair and sara shuffled to the edge of the sofa and placed her mouth just above mikes "open wide" jen snapped tugging his hair. as he did so he saw sara open her mouth and what looked like saliva slip from her lips, as soon as it hit mikes tounge he knew it wasn't it was chads cum or at least what was left of it after jen had had her share,
"well slave your second load of cum tonight, you are a dirty little bitch"
jen purred in his ear. sara was tounging mikes mouth starring into his eyes.
"oi" chad pulled her back "no kissing him,"
"what happened to the toys you assembled for tonight"
"there in the bedroom, go get them if you want them" sara shot a glance at him
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Old 10-19-2004, 08:37 AM
DaveL74 DaveL74 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Texas
Posts: 54
Jen grabbed Mikes hair and pulled his head back to her crotch.

"Now lick slave"

Mike licked up and down the entire length of her slit. Savoring her aroma and taste. Stopping to dart his tounge inside her and to twirl his tounge on her clit on each stroke.

Sara leaned over and began to suck on Jens nipples, while Jen reached around and slipped a finger inside Sara.

Mike returned with a box. He sat it down and pulled out a tube of lubricant.
Jen smiled at Chad and shook her head yes.

"Are you ready to get reamed slave? We are all going to fuck you. Sara would you like to go first?" Jen said.

All Mike could do was moan. Chad put some lube on his finger and then slid it in Mike's ass. Mike jumped as Chad lubed his ass. Sara got up and pulled a strap on dildo from the box. She took the lube from Chad and lubed the dildo. Then moved behind Mike. Chad pulled out his finger and guided Sara''s rubber cock into Mikes ass.

Sara pushed hard into Mike. He let out a muffled moan as he sucked at Jen's pussy. Chad moved over and stuck his cock in Jen's mouth.
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Old 10-19-2004, 04:43 PM
smoothballs's Avatar
smoothballs smoothballs is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: uk
Posts: 43
As Sara thrust into mike, mikes face and tongue was pushed into Jens pussy, jen was trying to suck chads cock but could only manage a few stroke before pulling him out to catch her breath she was panting very deeply now and had lifted her legs so mike had full access to her,
“Now lick my arse slave” she panted at mike, he did as he was told and tongued at her arse she took a hand off Chad and started to rub her clit, she screamed and clamped her legs round mikes head, Sara was still pumping his arse and with the squeeze of Sara he felt his ears were going to come off.
“Is he ready for me now” Chad moved off the sofa and knelt down next to Sara and kissed her deeply.
Jen released her clamp from mikes head and also moved down next to Sara. She moved aside and let Chad take her place behind mike. Chad pushed mike forward so he was still on his knees but his chest on the sofa seat. His hand still cuffed behind his back.
He felt Chad rubbing his cock tip up and down his crack and then with one push thrust inside strangely it didn’t feel that much bigger than the strap on. He turned his head to see were jen and Sara where. Sara lent back against the sofa looking into mikes face jen laid down and started to lick at her though the hole in the harness whilst pulling the strap on up and down causing friction on her clit
“Please uncuff me” mike asked Sara, Sara looked at Chad and mike supposed he had agreed as she lent forward and took the keys from the table lent over and undid on of the cuffs, mikes hands shot to his own cock one hand wanking furiously the other tugging at his balls he could feel chads balls slap his own as he was now in him up to the hilt, “oh no” said Sara I have a much better idea and slid under mike so that she could get her hands and mouth on mike. Jen took the strap on off Sara and put in on her self and started to spread some more lube on it “you won’t need to lube that for Sara “Chad said “its not going up Sara” jen moved round to behind Chad and pushed him down on mikes back slapped a handful of lube on chads crack and started to rub the dildo up and down chads arse crease, Chad tried to complain but jen told him “if its good enough for mike and me its good enough for you “ mike felt Chad suddenly freeze inside him as he assumed jen was now fucking him, Sara still sucking his cock he could take it no more and shot a huge load into saras mouth. Sara took it all mike nearly collapsed with his orgasm but he didn’t feel Sara swallow any of it.
She wriggled out from underneath mike and kissed Sara. Then moved away “oh you are a dirty bitch” jen purred at Sara mike felt Sara straddle him and sit on his back
When he looked over his shoulder she was kissing Chad hard.
“Did I taste nice honey” Chad just groaned as jen continued to push more strap on in his arse with each thrust “ I should have done I still had some of mikes cum in my mouth”
“ I don’t care anymore,” groaned Chad “I’m in heaven
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Old 11-14-2004, 10:03 PM
DaveL74 DaveL74 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Texas
Posts: 54
Mike was numb having just cum in Sarahs mouth. The release felt so good. He grunted as Jen thrust into Chad forcing Chad into him. He heard Chad grunt and felt him grab his hips. "OHH SHIT" Chad yelled as he shot his load in Mikes ass.

They lay there still for a second then Jen pulled out of Chad and Chad eased out of Mike. Mike felt Chad's cum dripping down his leg.

Jen grabbed his hair and pulled his head to Chads crotch.

"Clean him slave."

Mike started to lick the cum off of Chad's cock.

"His balls too slave, taste your shit"

Mike licked Chad clean.

Then Jen pulled him to her rubber cock.

"Now lick Chads shit off my cock"

Mike licked Jen's rubber cock clean.

Now go draw me a bath slave she said as she slapped Mike's ass.

Mike walked to the bathroom and started the water.
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Old 11-17-2004, 03:50 PM
donkey x donkey x is offline
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Mike began to run the bath and as he did he had a long think about what had happened to him. Although he had been pleasured sexually now that the moment had passed he felt very ashamed. Although he had finally got a bit of action he had been deeply humilated in return and not only that but a tape of it exisited. Of him wanking, sucking a cokc and being fucked.
Mike prayed to God nobody would see that otherwise his humilation would be far from over...

Mike had finished running the bath and turned the taps of. When he turned Jen was standing at the doorway totlally naked.
"Step into the bath would you michael" she said sweetly. Mike noticed she was swinging a pair of hand cuffs on her finger.
"what what you going.." stuutered Mike
"Stand in the bath..or i'll get on the phone and tell a few of my friends what a small pathetic cock you have"
Mike looked down at his flacid pathetic penis and sighed. If only it was massive or at least average he reckoned he wouldnt have been the bitch in this game.
Mike stood in the bath water. Jen grabbed his arms and raised them above his head and then clicked the hand cuffs so he was bound to the pipe running overhead.
Once again mike was strung up at some sadist, horny females mercy.
Jen starred and smiled. She left the room and returned wiht her phone and sat on hte edge of the bath.
It was a camera phone mike noticed and before he could do anyhting Jen took a quick snap of his genitella.
"One for the record books...worldest samllest" she laughed.
Mike beemed red but it was to get worse. Jen slide inrto the hot water and began calling a number...
"shit answer machine..."she muttered "Hi , this is jen..guess what..have i got a story for you....and get know mike who lives wiht Sara..he has got the smallest cock you'll ever me later..byeeeeeeeee"
"fuck" thought mike
"ahh slave" continued jen "Nothing quite like a relaxing bath..i hope you dont get to turned on cos i would be have a raving erection and no means to releive yourself....wouldnt it?"
Mike remianed silent.
"You know mikey..i'm gonna ask oyu questions..and you're gonna answer me..or else"
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Old 12-27-2004, 12:18 PM
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Mike started to squirn and free himself from the cuffs but it was no good. He was her prisonier.

'give that up right now' she shouted.
'you'll only make me mad'.

mike began to cry.....
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Old 04-13-2005, 08:43 AM
weee eee
Posts: n/a
This made jen just laugh.

"oh dear, mikey" she laughed as she dipped her finger in the bath and swirled it around. "I really am going to enjoy this evening....."

Then she took hold of mike's cock between her fingers and smiled...

"but..i dont think you are..."
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Old 04-15-2005, 03:24 PM
DaveL74 DaveL74 is offline
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Mike fell asleep in this uncofortable position. He was awakened by laughter from the front room. He could hear voices but could not make out who was speaking or what they were saying. Then he heard Jen say, "He is in here, come look"

Mike looked and saw Jen standing in the doorway with an attractive woman who he did not know. She was brunette about 5'10 and appeared to be in her late fourties.

"Why Jen what are you going to do with him" the woman said.

"Well I have always wanted a slave and he has a good tounge but his dick is so small, come look"

Mike twisted his body to hide himself out of embarasment.

"Can't have that" the woman said as Mike felt her hand slap his ass hard.

He flinched, Jen grabbed his balls and turned him. "Mike do not defy me or you will be punished"

Mike turned and said OK.

The Woman grabbed and squezed his balls causing pain and said, "You will always address Jen properly, UNDERSTAND SLAVE!!!"

"Yes Mam" Mike almost yelled in pain.

"Oh my that is small" she said.

"Jen can I play with him?"
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Old 05-03-2005, 08:57 AM
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"Of course you can" said Jen with a wink in her eye...."I need to go do a few little things but i'll meet you back here in..ohhhh....about an hour or so. thik you can keep yourself busy til then?"

The woman looked at mike and sofly said "Oh im sure we can think of something to do....."

Jen laughed and left the room. The woman never took her eyes of mikes face. Slowly she brushed her hand along his leg, upalong his thigh and started to circle round his belly.

"Now, mikey...what could i possibly do to amuse myself...?"
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Old 09-30-2005, 06:07 PM
jack in da box
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this is hot :P
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Old 01-25-2006, 08:45 AM
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