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Old 08-05-2007, 05:27 PM
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How about a massage 2

How about a true massage? I mean naked. You lying face down on the bed of your choice. Me straddling you, softly massaging your arm shoulders I move down along your back massaging your perfect round ass. Then I kiss the nape of your neck gently kissing down your back continually kissing your round ass. I move on down each thigh. I probe around your anus, then to that special place in between your anus and cunt. You’re not sure what I am doing but you know it feel good and naughty. You hike up your hips to give me better access with my tongue. You feel my tongue thrust deep inside you from behind. I feel you kind of squirm and you let out a moan. Then I roll you over and start sucking on your now swollen clit, rolling it around in my mouth with my tongue. You moan again knowing what’s coming. You can also feel my tongue thrusting deep inside you. You are now breathing heavy. Your cunt muscles contract around my tongue. Your clit is now engorged and being sucked on. You can feel my cock stiff against your leg. You say “Fuck me now!” I move up till my cock is just in between the lips of your cunt. I swipe it up and down making sure my cock does a loop around your clit which is now more swollen than ever. You want me inside you now more than ever. The look in your eyes tells me so. I ease my cock into your wet willing pussy slowly at first, in and out, and then faster. You arch your back to increase the pleasure for both of us. Before we know it we are moving as one. My cock deep in your pussy, your pussy is squeezing my cock. You can feel my cock pulsing. You know it won't be long until I spill my seed inside you. You grab my ass with both hands and pull me even closer. You can feel my balls slap against your ass. Before we know it we cum together, my seed pumping into you as you squeeze my cock with your cunt. We lazily fall asleep with my head on your chest as I nibble on your nipples.
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