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Old 02-04-2007, 09:27 AM
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Volleyball Team Inititation

Heather worked harder than she ever worked in her life in the next two weeks and finally made the team. On the night before the start of the season, the team had a huge keg party. All the girls were drinking and smoking weed, having an amazing time. Julia, the team captain who gave Heather her “special” lessons, took Heather aside.
“Sweety, you did a great job making the team but there’s still the initiation you have to pass,” explained Julia.
Heather asked, “Initiation?”
“Yes, here take a few shots of Tequila with me hun – you’re gonna need it.”
Heather tossed the hard liquor down with a swallow and felt her body getting numb and carefree.
Heather looked up at Julia and said, “All right – I’m ready for anything.”
Julia blindfolded Heather and led her into a back room.
“Kneel down Heather,” said a senior.
Heather couldn’t see anything but she heard a lot of voices in the room with her.
Julia went on saying, “You will keep your blindfold on. Any non-freshman on the team who wants it will spread their legs in front of you for oral. They usually form a line and it gets pretty rowdy. Do you want to do it?”
Heather smiled behind her blindfold saying, “I’m in!”
Heather heard shorts go down in front of her and reached out and felt two knees in the air. Heather opened her mouth and reached forward finding a warm pussy a few inches in front of her. People were hootin and hollerin in the background wrestling to get a good view. Heather secretly loved the experience of tasting big, small, shaved, hairy pussies in a row. Her face was slippery with her future teammate’s cum and pussy juice. Heather fingered some girl’s vagina who she thought was Julia. She had so many different clits to explore and really learned a lot about the female anatomy having this crash course. Heather realized she was also wet and soaking through her panties. Julia was heard saying, “Hey how about someone eat our Heather’s pussy?” Within a few seconds, two sophomore players were lifting Heather’s mini-skirt and slipping fingers under Heather’s thong. Heather was getting finger-fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time and it was causing Heather to start moaning loudly. The team cheered as the sophomores caused Heather to scream in orgasm, her abdomen and hips shaking uncontrollably. Julia removed Heather’s blindfold and her entire team was bottomless or in g-strings or thongs. Many were rubbing themselves. Julia tongue kissed Heather and got covered with the team’s hot juices as well. Julia said, “Welcome to the team Heather – you’re one of us now.” The room cheered again. Julia whispered, “Our other tradition is that we have a massive team orgy night before the season opener a team that fucks together wins together!”

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