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Old 12-10-2006, 10:25 AM
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Tha Dark Room

Word got around town that the local massage parlor had a very special room in the back. It wasn't advertised as you might guess. Pretty soon people were booking flights to participate in the dark room. Jack stumbled into the world of the dark room by accident. He received his massage, got dressed, and pushed on a door he thought was the exit. He found himself in a pitch dark room. He called out to see if anyone was in the room but there was no reply. Until he felt a hand on his shoulder and a girl whispered into his ear ever so quietly. She whispered faintly, "This is the dark room. There are four couples in here. They have been randomly selected and don't know who is in the room with them. They only know their partner. The rules are simple. You can do anything you want. If anyone says the safe word STOP, the session is over for everyone." Jack asked more of the girl but she cupped her hand over his mouth and whispered so close to his ear, he felt her lips on him - "Don't fucking talk anymore just enjoy all of the pleasures that are all around you." With that, Jack felt hands remove his clothes. He didn't hear anything but moans on the other side of the room. Jack was very much straight and began to worry that there were very possibly other men in the room. He was about to say STOP when his hand found a gorgeous breast. The girl was probably early twenties in his estimation which was extremely exciting for Jack who had recently celebrated his 45th birthday. His body melted into massaging her breast. He got on his knees and felt the girl's athletic body stand in front of him. He reached up and felt her neck and ran his hands down her front caressing every inch. He felt her hard abs and swallowed hard. He couldn't believe this was happening! He should be stopping for a latte one block from his house now but he was here. He closed his eyes at times but if he opened them wide he didn't see any more than when his eyes were shut. It was absolutely dark. It was a room of countless secrets. The moaning got louder all around him. He leaned forward and bumped into the girl's pussy. His eyes opened widely again. He felt the girl press her groin into his face and it cause his tongue to cup her warm lips. He found her perky clit with the tip of his tongue and started massaging it slowly. He felt juices running down the front of her amazing thighs. He was tasting and touching everything he could feel and it was all really fucking good. Within a few minutes, he heard her moaning and crying out in pleasure. He felt her hips shudder with orgasm and it was if he was coming alive again. His wife never had shuddering orgasms anymore. It awoken his spirit and he lifted the girl's tight body onto a bed. The dark room had beds! You had to find them though and sometimes they'd be empty and sometimes not. He pulled close thenů
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Old 05-23-2007, 06:25 PM
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in the darkness, I felt more free, I enjoyed being able to push my wet pussy towards the stranger and silently ask him to make me come. Still gasping from the orgasm his tounge had inflicted on me. I stumbled with him on to a bed and it was not vacant. From the sighs and moans I could hear there was definately at least three people engaged here and sure enough my wandering hands rested briefly on a smoothen female thigh and then onwards to more muscular manly features. The man from earlier was still here, he too exploring this new arena, a hand found my breast and I was alive again, my nipples instantly hard and my cunt melting once. A softer hand grasped my wrist and I found myself lay back down on the bed as the hidden caressers developed what they had started. A thrill ran through me as I realised I had no clue how many people stood around me and as I imagined their various stages of arousal...
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Old 06-08-2007, 08:09 AM
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Pressure of another pushed me deeper down into the mattress and the man that was nibbling on my thighs only drew closer to the satiny warmth that would treat him with a wet kiss ...Yet I was distracted as I moaned softly , I felt something warm and wet brush my cheek and I turned and now it brushed my lips, leaving a wet gloss shimmering on them, I knew that taste.. It was the wet tip of a Mans cock that teased me , and who was I to deny pleasure to any , for I too was in my own lil world of need. I licked at the jutting shaft , stroking its slitted tip with a quick lash of my tongue , then slower I shaped the mushroom tip , stroking it till a moan eminated from above me and slowly I suckled him it ... It was at that time I felt a tongue plunge deep into me , I bucked up and cried out only to have His cock pushed deeper between my lips , stroking under His thick cock , greedy and so very fucking wet .. I couldnt think , my clit was being sucked and licked and my mouth fucked by this beast above me ... I wondered what delicious torment could be next and then I felt it .....
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Old 08-07-2007, 05:25 AM
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...I could not help but explore her soft, supple body with my curious, wet tongue. Her entire crotch was open to my ministrations, and I took full advantage of it. Gently I spread her ass cheeks apart, finding the tight, pink bud of her anus. I touched it gently at first to see how sensitive she was to touch. Her hips thrust upwards, driving her hot, wet swollen slit into my face. Then I knew I had her. My tongue sought her anal bud which elicited a soft moan from her engorged mouth. I licked and sucked until she was writhing with pleasure. Then I forced my tongue as deep into her anus as I could, twirling it around inside her as I worked it in and out. Her muffled cries of passion begged me for more, and more I gave as I thrust a finger into her anus and into her hot love slit. As I worked my fingers in and out of her two lower holes, my mouth found her clit. I treated her clit as if it were a miniature cock, sucking it into my mouth while wrapping my tongue around it. She was past the point of no return, and I knew she could hold out no longer....
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