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Old 07-26-2005, 01:12 PM
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Chapter One – The Capture

Lydia and Paul were nearing their twenty-fifth anniversary. They had three children: Catherine - a twenty-three year old law student, Chad - nineteen year old sophomore at UCLA and Jillian, six years old. Lydia got the surprise of her life when at age forty she realized she was pregnant again. However, having Jillian was like an amazing renewal for their relationship. Lydia and Paul felt like they were twenty years old again

Jillian hopped into bed with her parents awakening them squealing, “Lazy buns, Lazy buns.” Paul brought Jillian to her soccer practice then an exhibition game afterwards. Lydia expected them home for around one o’clock in time for a late lunch of homemade chili and burgers on the grill. One o’clock came and went and Lydia gave Paul a call on his cell – no answer. At three-thirty, Lydia’s phone rang.
She heard a monstrous computer-generated voice and at first she thought it was a joke.
“If you want to see your hubby and Jillian again you will listen very carefully.”
Her heart felt as if it dissolved into an ooze of sludge within her chest.
“Just to show you I am not kidding, I will allow you to speak with Paul for a few seconds.”
“Paul?” she screamed in a panic that was building beyond control.
“Honey, this fucking psycho drugged me and Jillian. He brought us and the stole mini-van to this place,” his voice shaking uncontrollably.
Lydia heard real fear in his voice for the first time.
She heard Paul get punched. She heard the loud smack of flesh and bone.
“Oh my Godddd!” she screamed.
The kidnapper got back on the line.
“If you want to see them alive, you need to listen to the rules very carefully.”
“I’ll do anything you want – please don’t hurt my family!” she heard Jillian crying in the background.
“My baby!”
“Shut up and listen or I’m going to mail your family back to you in pieces. Don’t think I don’t know about handsome Chad and sweet Catherine. I can turn your whole world inside out bitch.”
“The rules are as follows:
Do not contact the police or your hubby and child are dead. Your phones are tapped and there are surveillance cameras in your house. Touch any of them and a signal goes to me and they are dead.
Do not tell anyone about this or your family dies.
Your actions will be monitored at all times. When you got out of your home, you will be monitored as well.
If you fail to do any of the twelve assignments I give you – DEAD.
Do you understand – yes or no?
“Yes, yes I do – please…”
“Shut up,” the killer said curtly cutting her off in mid-sentence.
You will not need to speak to me from now on – only listen. If you say a single word on the phone to me from now on I will cut off your family’s hands starting with your husband. When I ask you if you understand you will press the #1 on your phone. That is all I want to hear from you. Let’s try it out. Do you understand?
When you answer the phone, you should only press #1 on your phone. Do you understand?
Your first assignment is to show that you can be a voyeur. This evening you will open the windows on the East side of your house. Your neighbor, Mr. Timpson will be home alone tonight. He appears to have quite a crush on you. I see how he looks at you when you walk to the car every morning. I suppose Mrs. Timpson isn’t ringing his bell like she used to. You are going to give him a show tonight.
Lydia begins to sob quietly.
You will open the curtain wide and entertain him. You may watch him in the reflection of your bathroom mirror but do not look at him directly. Mr. Timpson knows nothing about this but you will give him a show he will not forget. If you fail to cause him to masturbate to completion while watching you over the course of the evening, your family will be killed. You need to do whatever you need to do to get him to masturbate as he watches you. I will be here will your husband watching the live video feed. Remember if you tamper with any of the cameras – deal off. Now, let’s practice. Do you understand what you are to do tonight?
After a long pause - Beep.

Chapter Two – Voyeur

Lydia cried aloud and paced her home for hours. She must’ve reached for the phone ten times but quickly recalled the killer’s demands of not calling anyone. She was alone in her terror. Her husband and daughter were out their somewhere with a lunatic. Her mind raced in circles for a solution but nothing came. She flopped onto the couch and caught the tiny red beam of light coming from a miniscule video camera up in the corner of the room. She shivered as she wondered when this psycho got into her home to plant a camera in every room.

As it became dark, she began focusing on what she had to do. She went up to the bedroom and peered out the bottom of the window’s shade and saw Mr. Timpson sitting in his lazy boy chair reading his paper. He often forgot to pull his shades down when it became and his wife usually took care of it when she returned home from playing cards every – Wednesday night – yes today is Wednesday. That fucker knew Mrs. Timpson would be out all night tonight and he knew Mr.Timpson would be home alone, and damned well knew that Mr. Timpson is attracted to me.

Lydia crouched in a corner of her and Paul’s master bedroom and felt like she had been gutted from the inside. The flicker of the red light beneath yet another camera flicked steadily at her from three angle in her room. She replayed Paul’s voice and the whimpering sounds of poor Jillian and decided she must save them. She began thinking about Mr. Timpson seeing her body and began exploding in tears once again. And Oh God the killer and my husband would be watching the entire time!

She peeked out from between her blinds again and saw Mr. Timpson returning to his chair with a ginger ale. She stood and opened her blinds completely. She sat at her vanity desk and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see Mr. Timpson clearly in the reflection. At this angle she was sure Mr. Timpson wouldn’t be able to see her looking at him. She began brushing her hair in the mirror. Suddenly, she noticed that Mr. Timpson had caught glimpse of her in the window. She saw him alternating between looking at her and looking around to make sure his wife wasn’t going to see him looking. He knew he was alone until after ten o’clock. He held his paper in front of him but left enough room for him to watch Lydia.

Lydia knew she had his full attention. She placed her comb on the bureau and stood. She gained the courage to pull her turtle neck sweater of her head. She felt so alone standing near her window with only a white bra and jeans. She saw a glimpse of Mr. Timpson and he had put his newspaper down and was leaning forward slightly in fascination. She reached up slowly and cupped her breasts. She massaged the sides of them tenderly. She put her head up to the ceiling and grimaced with phony pleasure. Her throat felt like it was lined with acid as she held back tears and tried to focus on her “assignment.” Mr. Timpson looked on with amazement expecting the impromptu show to end any moment when she realized she left the blinds open but the show continued. She saw Mr. Timpson reach down and massage his groin. She began to cry but hid it well. She used the burst of emotion to propel her acting job. She gripped at her breast and built up more excitement. She reached back to unhitch her bra strap and Mr. Timpson gasped as he nearly fell forward off his chair. The bra was released and she slowly pulled the straps over her shoulders. She clenched the front of her bra as she thought again about her daughter. Lydia turned towards the window boldly and released the bra from her chest. She dropped the bra to the floor and stood with her near perfect breasts hanging naturally in front of the window. She secretly hoped that Mr. Timpson would start masturbating already so she could get this over with and get back her family safely. She noticed he had removed his hand from his zipper. She began fondling her boobs again. She moved directly in front of the window and unzipped her jeans slowly. Mr. Timpson gasped aloud as he saw her pink panties becoming unveiled. He felt like he was a junior in high school again as he felt his sixty year old prick began to harden and stir within his corduroys. She slipped the front of her jeans down to mid-thigh level and at that point she was strangelt relieved to see him unzipping his pants again. She continued on as she knew this was it. She couldn’t afford to lose his attention now. She stepped out of her jeans and strutted about topless with her pink Victoria Secret panties. She remembered how Paul had gotten them for her last Valentine’s Day. She saw Mr. Timpson’s erect cock next door. She felt so strange as she knew she had to have him masturbate but she refused to remove her panties for the old man next door. She continued to rub her tits and stomach hoping this ordeal would be over soon. However, she glanced into the mirror to see that Mr. Timpson had begun to tuck his penis back into his pants. She whispered, “Fuck” to herself and knew she had to do more to complete the task. She stood directly in from of the window now and reached her middle finger down and layed it lightly on the front outside of her panties. She let her finger fill in the groove that her pusy lips made. She was both shocked and deeply embaressed to notice that she had started to become moist beneath her Victoria Secrets! She looked up at the nearest video camera with the most hopeless expression and slipped her right hand beneath the front of her panties. She noticed a sudden increase in Mr. Timspn’s rate of masturbation. Mr. Timpson could see the outline of her hand in her underwear as he experienced the greatest day of his life. Lydia slid her panties down to her knees in front of the window. A tear trickled down her cheek as she buried her first two fingers inside her vagina. Her fingers were warm and completely wet. She built up a rhythm of finger fucking herself. Her knees began to dip slightly so she could insert her fingers deep enough. She couldn’t help closing her eyes and sobbing but did not slow her rate of finger fucking. Finally, she saw Mr. Timpson’s head dip back as he spurted a load of cum that had been resting dormantly in his balls for what seemed to him to be 10,000 years. After seeing him release, she decreased her own masturbating and gently pulled her fingers out from inside her. She shut the blinds, got dressed, and sobbed loudly.
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