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10-07-2005, 07:28 AM
Paul Hatfield sat on his backwoods Ozarkian porch and watched as his daughter, Ellie, scrub clothes on the old fashion wash board. Twenty years ago, he moved his wife, Elaine, to his backwoods home to start a family. After two years of marriage, they had Ellie. Then, four years ago, when Ellie was fourteen, Elaine died from a spider bite. Since then Ellie has done all the house chores.

Paul was one of those "hillbillies" that you see on postcards. You know the ones; all the men folk laying around while the women folk did all the work. Well, that's him. The most work he does is working his corn crop and that's so he can have corn to make corn whiskey to drink and sell. (For all those uneducated folks, corn whiskey and moonshine is the same thing.)

As Paul watched his eighteen year old daughter scrub the wash, he noticed how tattered and worn her dress was. She was knelt down with her back to him. He was able to see that she had no panties. Paul felt that fimiliar stiring in his dick as he watched her. He had never touch her, but the thought of having his virgin daughter had always turned him on. Thinking back, he could remember watching his own father having sex with his sister. This only turned him on more. Laundry now done, he watched as Ellie came into the house. Not being able to stand it any longer, he followed her into the house.

"Want me to start supper, paw," Ellie asked as she put the wash basket away.

"Come here, Ellie," he said patting his lap as he sat down next to the home made kitchen table. Ellie walked over to her dad and sat down on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Paul wrapped his arms around his daughter's waist and said, "I think it's time that I showed you something."

"What's that, paw?"

"I need to show you how to make love to a man. That way when you do marry, you will know how to make love to your husband."

"Oh, paw. I don't want to get married. I want to stay here with you."

Even as she was saying this, Paul was unbuttoning her dress. "Well, if that's the way you want it, then you need to know how I want you to do it." Paul had finished unbuttoning Ellie's dress and was pushing the top down. "Turn around here so your paw can see your pretty titties."

Ellie stood up. Raising her dress up, she then straddeled her dad. "How's this, paw," she asked, placing her C cup tits into his face.

"Perfect," he said as he rubbed and squeezed them. "MMM Just perfect." Paul then sucked his daughter's left tit, teasing the nipple as he did. Her giggles of pleasure filled their small cabin.

"Oh, paw, that's feels good," she cooed.

Paul moved to her right one, sucking and teasing it. Again a giggle of pleasure filled the cabin. Slapping his daughter on the bottom, he instructed her to finish removing her dress. Paul stood up and undone the snaps on his overalls and dropped them to the floor around his bare feet, kicking them out of the way. Like Ellie, he didn't either have on any underwear. Ellie, now naked, stood looking at her naked father's erect eight inch dick. Taking her by the hand, he sat back down in the chair and indicated for her to kneel down between his legs.

"What you want me to do, paw," she asked, her beautiful brown eyes staring up at him.

"I want you to put it in your mouth and suck on it," he said, smiling back at her with his brown ones.

Eager to please her dad, Ellie did just that. Taking him into her warm mouth, she began to suck him. Her long brown hair tickled the insides of his legs as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. Paul gathered her hair and held it behind her head. Ellie looked up at her dad who smiled as her pleasingly.

"That's it, Ellie," he said incourageingly. "Just keep doing what your doing."

Soon Ellie was moaning with pleasure as she licked up one side of her father's cock and then down the other before sucking on him some more. Paul let his daughter suck him for several more minutes before telling her to sit up on the table. Staying in his chair, he spread her legs and inserted a finger into her tight and very wet virgin cunt.

"Oh, paw," Ellie cooed. Paul smiled at his daughter, glad that she was enjoying herself. He licked at her swollen clit as he fingered his daughter for several minutes. Soon she was coming and now her cunt was dripping wet. Standing up, he placed the head of his thick eight inches to her wet, natural pussy and pushed.

"OOOOOHHHHH," he moaned as he slid in about four inches in, touching her hyman. "Oh, Ellie. Ellie. Your tight pussy feels so wonderful."

Ellie too had gave out a moan of pleasure. Pulling out about two inches, Paul then pushed the remaining four inches into his daughter, causing her to gasped as her innocence was shattered. Soon though, she was moaning from the fucking that her father was giving her. After Ellie's mulitply orgasisms, Paul sat her up. Picking her up, he sat back down into the chair and helped Ellie to start a good rythem of riding him.

"Oh, paw. Paw. Paw," she yelled as she rode him, her breasts bouncing in front of his face. Paul held her tight to him and sucked on them as his daughter continued to fuck him. With his hands still behind her, he reached up and grabbed her shoulders, holding her still on him. "OH SHIT," he yelled out as he came in his beautiful daughter.

"What did you do in me, paw," Ellie asked curiously.

"I came in you, honey. I put in you the same seed that I put into maw when she became pregant with you."

"I like making love to you, paw. Do you think that we can do it again sometime?"

"Defiantely, Ellie. Defiantely."

10-10-2005, 07:11 AM
A few days had passed since Paul had first fucked his daughter. He sat on the porch in his home made rocking chair. Through the screen door he watched Ellie's ass wiggle around as she scrub the cabin floor. She had on a different dress today, but it to was worn thin and tattered. It was one of her older ones. It was so short that when she was standing, it would barely covered her bare ass. And now that she was on all fours, the bottom of her dress covered about half of it. Paul had a perfect view of his little girl's pussy. Underneath his overalls, his eight inches was beginning to come alive. Standing up, he undone the straps, letting them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, he grabbed his hard cock and headed for his daughter.

"MMM Ellie," he moaned as he got down onto his knees behind her. Ellie looked over her shoulder as she continued to scrub. Paul pushed what little material there was on her bare ass up before spreading his daugther's legs just enough. Ellie gasped with delight as her father's hard eight inches pushed into her.

"MMM Paw," she moaned. Paul pulled slowly out until the head was all that was in her. Then just as slowly, he pushed back in. A few more slow strokes and she was completely wet. His dick now covered in his daughter's juices, he began to increase his pace, moaning as he did.

"MMM Ellie, baby. Your paw shore does like your pussy."

"Oh, paw. I just love the way you feel in me."

Leaning over his daughter as he slowly fucked her, Paul reached up and grabbed her beautiful C cup breasts. Ellie moaned and bucked as her paw massaged her tits. She could hear him breathing heavily in her ear.

"Oh, paw. Paw. MMM Oh, yeah."

"Lay on your back," he told her as pulled out. Ellie obeyed and rolled over onto her back. Paul placed each one of Ellie's legs over his shoulder and once again pushed his erect eight inches into his daughter.

"Oh, Ellie," he moaned as he slid in. Paul's pace increased just a little.

"Paw. Paw. Paw," she kept screaming over and over as she orgaismed several times.

"You like your paw's dick inside you, don't you, baby?"

"Yes, paw. Yes," she moaned.

"I want to hear you say 'Fuck me, Paw. Fuck me.' as I fuck you."

"Fuck me, Paw. Fuck me. Fuck me," she yelled.

Hearing his little girl say what he had told her to say made Paul fuck her harder and deeper. Soon he was pounding away at her. Ellie kept screaming "Fuck me, Paw!" over and over as he did. In no time, Paul gave out a loud groan as he unload his balls into his daughter. After milking his balls with a few short stokes, Paul let Ellie's legs down so he could lay on top of her. Ellie wrapped her legs around her paw's waist, pushing him in deeper.

"Oh, paw," she moaned. "I want you to fuck me every day. Will you please?"

Breathlessly he answered, "I promise, baby. I promise to fuck you at least once a day, every day." Smiling down at her he then said, "Maybe even four or five times a day. Would you like that?"

"MMM Yes, paw. Yes," she said smiling. "I shorely would."